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The golden demonic pillar crushed the thunder magic hand and continued its descent. Eventually, under the countless shocked stares, it smashed hard onto the huge arms that were crossed in front of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body.


At the moment of collision, a loud sound erupted. The gigantic Thunder Magic Celestial Body immediately fell from the sky, its feet causing two mountains to collapse. Its ten thousand foot tall body sank into the ground, right up to its waist, and many large cracks spread out rapidly.

Upon seeing such a scene, everyone's eyes widened. In the sky, the Great Solar Undying Body stood in mid-air. Its dignified golden pupils stared at the Thunder Magic Celestial Body, which had been struck into the ground. Meanwhile, Mu Chen's thunder-like mocking sound spread throughout the space.

"It seems like someone else was displaying his skills in front of an expert."

In the Thunder Magic Celestial Body, Qin Ling's face darkened. Obviously, he did not expect the sovereign celestial body that had been cultivated by Mu Chen to be so strong. During the previous impact, even he felt somewhat frightened by the force that had been transmitted.

The sovereign celestial body that was cultivated by Mu Chen was definitely not ordinary. However, Qin Ling could not tell the exact origin of the Great Solar Undying Body.

"It's too early for you to be happy!"

No matter what, it was impossible for Qin Ling to admit defeat. So, he had immediately sneered, then sent the huge hands of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body smashing onto the ground. The impact was so fierce, it caused the ground to be crushed and many rocks to be shoot outward. Then, the Thunder Magic Celestial Body charged up into the sky.

The two enormous sovereign celestial bodies stood opposite each other once again. At the head of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body, the gloomy-looking Qin Ling flashed out. He stared coldly at the Great Solar Undying Body, which seemed to be like a Buddha and gritted his teeth uncontrollably.

"What exactly is this sovereign celestial body that was cultivated by this guy? He is only a grade two sovereign, but it is surprisingly difficult to deal with him with my Thunder Magic Celestial Body." Qin Ling's eyes sparkled.

"Qin Ling, can you not even win against a grade two sovereign?" While Qin Ling's eyes were sparkling, a deep, inquiring roar suddenly spread out from the sky above them.

The roar was filled with a slight tinge of anger. It came from Qin Tiangang, who was fighting fiercely with Nine Nether. Clearly, he had also noticed the battle happening below.

He was highly dissatisfied with the outcome of that battle. Hearing Qin Tiangang's angry roar, Qin Ling's expression also changed.

He stared gloomily at Mu Chen. Taking a deep breath, before his face gradually returned to calm.

Seeing his expression, Mu Chen frowned slightly. He then moved to also appear near the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, his black eyes locking with Qin Ling's.

"Mu Chen, since you can reach this extent as a mere grade two sovereign, you are indeed strong! It is no wonder that you are becoming famous in the Daluo Territory!" Qin Ling stared at Mu Chen, his low voice spreading out across the space.

"But... today's battle, it is one you will definitely lose!" Some coldness flashed across Qin Ling's eyes. "Because, we have the topographical advantage!"

Hearing this, Mu Chen's pupils contracted uncontrollably. Qin Ling's hands quickly formed a seal. Then, his palms suddenly pressed down in the air. When he did this, his low voice had already begun to spread throughout the sky.

"Place of the thunder magic, world-destroying thunder tribulation!"

When Qin Ling's deep voice filled the area, Mu Chen's body suddenly tightened and caution filled his eyes. He had never underestimated Qin Ling, especially when he knew that Qin Ling had the temporal and topographical advantages in this battle!

Boom! Boom!

Vaguely, the sound of thunder seemed to rolling in from the distance. Everyone lifted their heads in unison. They stared at the sky, trying to locate the origin of the thunder.

The ground also shook slightly at the moment, the vibration slowly becoming more and more violent. Mu Chen also stared at the sky. However, after a while, his expression changed suddenly and he lowered his head. His eyes were locked onto the ground below, because he had just realized that the sound of the thunder was actually coming from deep underground!

"Be careful!" he shouted at the forces from the Daluo Territory.


Just as he finished shouting, the ground was abruptly torn apart. Countless huge, gray-black columns of lightning charged out ferociously towards the sky like angry dragons.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just a few breaths' time, the gray-black lightning filled the entire region. The gray-black columns of lightning were so tall, they could even be clearly seen from a million feet away! The scene was extremely spectacular.

Qin Ling stood on the Thunder Magic Celestial Body. Surrounded by the countless gray-black columns of lightning, he looked like a terrifying, glowing demon!

His hand formed a seal again. Meanwhile, the huge palms of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body closed together.


When he finished doing this, the countless gray-black lightning in the sky zigzagged fiercely, before eventually converging between the hands of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body in a wild flash.


The terrifying lightning started to rage. Its zapping sound caused everyone's faces to turn solemn, because there seemed to be a destructive power emanating from the lightning.

The power was enough to instantly kill any grade three sovereign! Hence, this was an absolutely fatal attack!

Higher up in the sky, two figures came into contact, then immediately backed away from each other. Nine Nether emerged from the meeting, but her expression had changed suddenly. As she looked down from above, some coldness now surged on her already icy face.

"Haha, Lord Nine Nether, you think that it's so easy to take down my Thunder Magic Sect? This time, you will pay for your arrogance!" Qin Tiangang laughed.

"Seems like you really want to die." A terrifying coldness gushed out from Nine Nether's body. Her voice was so icy!

"Humph, although you have the power of a divine beast, you are but a grade four sovereign and can only match me evenly. Now, you can just watch that kid turn into ashes!" Qin Tiangang sneered.

Nine Nether took a deep breath of cold air. At the moment, there seemed to be a very dangerous look flashing in her long, narrow eyes. Her hands clenched slowly and her cold voice caused Qin Tiangang's laughter to stop abruptly.

"Who told you that I am still only a grade four sovereign?"

A faint light was glowing from Nine Nether's eyes. She stepped forward, and an extremely terrifying spiritual energy windstorm burst out wildly. The Nine Netherworld Bird shadow that was behind her also expanded rapidly at that exact moment.

Her body trembled slightly and a pair of giant, graceful wings extended from her back. Opening up the wings gently, she looked like a fallen angel from the Nine Netherworld.

"Grade five sovereign?!" Qin Tiangang's expression changed drastically. He did not expect Nine Nether to have been concealing her powers, only to release her true strength now!

Even though they were both of grade five, Nine Nether was never before able to match him evenly. However, at the moment, her powers had increased significantly. Hence, he was certainly no match for her!

"Even if you are also a grade five sovereign, don't even think about going and saving that kid now!" Some ferocity flashed wildly in Qin Tiangang's eyes. Then, he gave a brutal smile. Stomping his foot, a lightning giant that was thousands of feet large appeared beside him.

It was also a Thunder Magic Celestial Body. However, his Thunder Magic Celestial Body was clearly much more powerful than Qin Ling's.

Qin Tiangang also realized that Nine Nether seemed to value Mu Chen very much. After all, she was even willing to reveal her hidden powers for him!

At the moment, Qin Ling had already made his attack. As long as he could stop Nine Nether for a short while, Mu Chen would surely die! He was quite confident about his ability to stave off Nine Nether for at least a bit.

"I want you to watch that kid turn into ashes!" Qin Tiangang laughed ferociously. Then, the giant palm of the celestial body swept towards Nine Nether with great force.

Nine Nether's face was icy. She glanced down and gritted her teeth. Mu Chen… Hold on for a while, I am coming.

The wings behind her back flapped suddenly. At the same time, terrifying attacks also swept out like a storm.

Below this battle, Qin Ling also seemed to have felt something, causing him to look up. Then, he sneered towards Mu Chen and said, "Now, don't expect anyone to come and save you. This time, you will definitely die!"

Qin ling's look was cold and he suddenly formed a seal.

"Thunder Magic Art, Thunder Magic Tribulation!"


The sound of thunder burst out in the sky. A lightning sun ten thousand feet large rose gradually from the hands of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body. The spiritual energy in the entire place became extremely violent, its fluctuations causing everyone to feel frightened.


Qin Ling's face slowly turned pale. Then, his finger pointed in the air and his look was ruthless.


The sound of thunder erupted from the lightning sun. In the next instant, under the astonished stares of many, it tore across the sky and turned into a beam of gray-black light, flying directly towards Mu Chen.

Its incredible speed was unavoidable! From below, Tang Bing saw the scene, her face turning pale.


The violent thunder rumbled across the sky, its terrifying power causing Mu Chen's skin to hurt. However, he did not try to dodge it. Instead, he lifted his head, locking his black pupils' gaze onto the lightning sun.

Then, he glanced at the higher parts of the sky. He could feel that Nine Nether's breath was somewhat uneven and labored. He worried that it was because of her worrying over his current situation. 

Mu Chen clenched his fist slowly, then closed his lips firmly. Then, his eyes closed gradually.

Don't worry, Nine Nether, I will not be a hindrance to you.

Mu Chen sat cross-legged near the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, while his mind was focused on the center of the eyebrows of the Great Solar Undying Body. There, a Great Solar Crystal was enveloped within a strong power.


The Great Solar Crystal seemed to have noticed the activation from Mu Chen's mind, as tiny cracks appeared suddenly and silently. Just then, a dazzling golden light swept out from it wildly.


The Great Solar Crystal finally cracked open completely. Dazzling golden light that was so bright that it could tear darkness apart suddenly swept out from the center of the eyebrows of the Great Solar Undying Body. Then, everyone felt a shocking energy fluctuation burst out from the Great Solar Undying Body!

Mu Chen's eyes opened suddenly amid all the commotion!

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