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The golden lightning force field spread out in the sky and enveloped the entire region. Mu Chen stared at the lightning force field. Contrary to Qin Ling's expectations, not much panic could be seen on Mu Chen's young face.

"Interference of the fighting spirit..."

Mu Chen smiled. Lifting his head, his eyes locked onto Qin Ling, who was folding his arms, and coldness flashed across his eyes. To some extent, Qin Ling's action was actually to his liking.

Although Mu Chen could gain some advantages by relying on his control and comprehension of the fighting spirit, the Nine Nether Troop had a weak foundation after all, and the Thunder Magic Congregation was also far from ordinary. Therefore, if he were to rely solely on Nine Nether Troop's Fighting Spirit, he was actually not certain whether he could win. He could at most simply keep the battle going.

However, if both of them lost their fighting spirits, they could then only rely on their own powers. Maybe in the eyes of others this would be a terrible event for Mu Chen. After all, he was only a Grade Two Sovereign, while Qin Ling was Grade Three.

But for Mu Chen, the chance of winning started to actually increase when they lost their fighting spirits.

Mu Chen felt very troubled dealing with Qin Ling when he had the Thunder Magic Congregation, but now... without the Thunder Magic Congregation as his shield, Qin Ling actually became significantly less dangerous in Mu Chen's opinion.

"Seems like you are very calm."

Qin Ling stood in midair and folded his arms. Gray-black lightning flashed around him and behind him, and the space was rippling. It was as if a vast sea had appeared, and a terrifying spiritual energy pressure enveloped the sky.

"Thunder Magic Physique!"

Qin Ling smiled. Then his look suddenly turned cold, and his hands formed a seal. His body actually started to expand at a shocking speed, and his skin quickly turned an iron-like black. His veins wriggled like dragons under his skin. In only a dozen breaths' time, Qin Ling transformed into a black giant surrounded by gray lightning.

An invincible, powerful feeling spread out. Obviously, the Thunder Magic Physique cultivated by Qin Ling was also a very strong lightning-based, body-refining, divine technique!

"I can feel some power of thunder in your body. You have also cultivated a lightning-based divine technique, but... you are displaying your skills in front of an expert." Even Qin Ling's voice became violent. The roar caused everyone's ears to hurt.

"Thunder Magic Physique?" Mu Chen stared at Qin Ling's black body with some surprise. Then, he grinned uncontrollably and said, "Then today, I really want to see who is actually trying to display his skills in front of an expert!"

Mu Chen's hands formed a seal, and dazzling lightning also burst out abruptly from his body. In an instant, bright silver light filled his body. Clearly, he had activated the Thunder God Physique to its extreme to become that electrified.

Even though Mu Chen's body was still not as big as Qin Ling's after activating the Thunder God Physique, the deep roars of thunder actually exceeded the thunder pressure brought about by Qin Ling.


Looking at Mu Chen, who had been electrified, Qin Ling's look also became more serious. Previously, he had indeed felt the power of thunder within Mu Chen's body. However, he did not expect that after activation, the seemingly negligible thunder would actually burst out so powerfully.

But this alone obviously could not scare Qin Ling. He sneered and suddenly stomped his foot. His ghost-like body appeared directly in front of Mu Chen. His palm slapped forcefully towards Mu Chen's head.

The sound of wind and thunder spread throughout the place, and his attack was as quick as a bolt of lightning.


However, while his speed was fast, Mu Chen was even more swift and violent. Before Qin Ling could push his strength to the extreme, Mu Chen clenched his fist and punched at Qin Ling's palm directly with an overbearing strength. A terrible power burst out and shattered the wind blast formed by Qin Ling's palm.


Nonetheless, Qin Ling was not an easy opponent. After all, his battle experience far exceeded that of an ordinary person. Seeing that his attack was ineffective, his leg instantly turned into a beam of lightning and kicked towards Mu Chen's chest continuously, bringing about waves of afterimages and cracking the space apart.

Without any changes in his expression, Mu Chen similarly kicked out like lightning and collided with Qin Ling's attacks head-on.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attack speed of the two was so dazzlingly quick, ordinary people could only see all the lightning-like afterimages flashing across the sky. Violent roars of thunder spread wildly throughout the sky.

In merely ten breaths' time, the two had attacked over a hundred times. Moreover, they had both only relied on the powers of their physical bodies. Every impact was like two pieces of steel smashing into each other. The head-on collisions were so fierce, the eyelids of many observers started to twitch.


Thunder tore the sky apart. The two lightning-filled figures crossed each other again, and their fists collided hard with one another. Instantly, lightning burst out from their fists, and the two were both blown backwards.

Mu Chen was blown backwards a hundred steps, after which, his foot stomped on the ground as he stabilized his body. His arm trembled, and his sleeves turned into powder which fell from the sky.

On the other hand, Qin Ling only backed up dozens of steps. In any case, his power as a Grade Three Sovereign had a significant advantage in these kinds of head-on attacks.

Qin Ling folded and twisted his hands, producing the clear sound of bones. He stared at Mu Chen with a dour look, and some surprise could be seen in the depths of his eyes. He did not expect that the young man in front of him could actually fight him just with his physical body.

He had trained his Thunder Magic Physique for dozens of years in the Thunder Magic Abyss to be able to have such achievements. However, the physique cultivated by the person before him was actually no weaker at all.

He was not pleased with this outcome.

He had set up the battle to deprive both parties of their fighting spirits, so he did not want both of them to be evenly matched again!

Some gloominess flashed across Qin Ling's eyes. He took a deep breath, and his hands suddenly formed a seal. Immediately, layers of thunderclouds emerged in the sky. Gray-black lightning rapidly converged around him and within a few breaths' time, an enormous lightning giant appeared around Qin Ling.

"Thunder Magic Celestial Body!"

When Qin Ling's low roar rang out, the lightning giant formed completely. The giant put his large palms together and pulled abruptly. With a zapping sound, a gray-black lightning whip 10,000 feet long condensed out. It tore across space with a vroom sound and wound towards Mu Chen like an angry dragon.

"Thunder Magic Whip!"

Mu Chen's body trembled. The huge lightning whip had already shot out from space and violently penetrated his body.

Having landed his attack, Qin Ling, however, was not delighted. Instead, he frowned because he saw Mu Chen's body vanishing slowly. It was only an afterimage.


Qin Ling's eyes sparkled. The lightning whip shot backwards suddenly and flew towards his back, creating a gorgeous arc in the sky.


The space behind him was torn apart, and a dragon-like figure flew out. Just then, a monstrous ominous aura gushed out. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar smashed forcefully towards the lightning giant, casting a patch of shadow on the ground.


The lightning whip was astonishingly fast. It quickly wound around and tied up the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The gray-black lightning started its corrosion with a zapping sound, trying to refine the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.


On the other hand, the ominous aura from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar also surged out and resisted the lightning that was trying to corrode it.

"This ominous artifact is not bad. I want it!" Qin Ling licked his lips and smiled darkly. The lightning whip suddenly increased in power and actually pulled the Great Meru Demonic Pillar towards him. The power was so strong, that even though Mu Chen had activated the Thunder God Physique to its extreme, he could not hold on. After all, Qin Ling had already summoned his Sovereign Celestial Body.

"You want my stuff? I'm afraid it will make your stomach burst!"

Mu Chen's face became icy. A golden light surged in his eyes, and dazzling golden rays burst out in all directions. In an instant, a huge celestial body that seemed to be built from gold appeared in the sky. A gigantic sun was floating behind its head, making it look extremely powerful.

It was the Great Solar Undying Body!

The huge hand of the Great Solar Undying Body grabbed the Great Meru Demonic Pillar directly and instantly offset the strong force. No matter how hard the Thunder Magic Celestial Body tried, it could not pull the pillar any further.

"You want it? Then I'll give it to you!"

Coldness flashed across Mu Chen's eyes. On the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, an appalling ominous aura suddenly spread out and actually forced the Thunder Magic Celestial Body's huge hand away. The Great Solar Undying Body stepped forward. As the golden light surged, even the sky seemed to be trembling.


Dazzling golden light gushed out like a liquid and turned the black Great Meru Demonic Pillar a glittering gold color, as if it were made from gold itself. Then, the golden demonic pillar, along with the powerful strength of the Great Solar Undying Body, crushed the layers of thunderclouds in the sky and smashed forcibly towards the Thunder Magic Celestial Body's head.

"Thunder Magic Mountain-raiser Hand!"

The terrifying power that suddenly enveloped the sky also caused Qin Ling's expression to change drastically. He could not understand why Mu Chen was so strong. However, he could not afford to hesitate. Immediately, his hands formed a seal, and the hands of the Thunder Magic Celestial Body punched forward. Sky-blotting gray-black lightning converged and turned into an enormous lightning palm. Its was as if the lightning palm were supporting the sky, and it was as majestic as a mountain.


Under countless stares, the golden demonic pillar smashed down hard. An earthshaking, frightening sound spread out.

An extremely violent spiritual energy storm raged in the sky.

The sound even caused the chaotic battlefield below to pause momentarily. Everyone stared at the sky uncontrollably.

There, the golden demonic pillar was slowly pressing down. The huge lightning palm that seemed to be able to support the sky was sinking bit by bit.

The fall was slow but inevitable.

Immediately, Qin Ling's face turned pale.


As Qin Ling's face turned ever more pale, a soft cracking sound was suddenly heard. Everyone's eyes narrowed. It was as if a subtle golden light bloomed out on the lightning palm. Then, the golden light suddenly became brighter.


The golden light poured down from the sky from all directions. The powerful lightning palm exploded!

Everyone gasped quietly in their minds.

Nobody had expected that after Qin Ling had summoned the Thunder Magic Celestial Body, he would instead be suppressed by Mu Chen, who was only a Grade Two Sovereign!

The scene was clearly not in the script that Qin Ling had planned!

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