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The majestic Nine Nether Fighting Spirit roared in the heavens and the earth. Its degree of power was no weaker than than that of the Thunder Magic Congregate's in the slightest.

An ocean of fighting spirit swept around Mu Chen's body. From a distance, it looked like black sea water was surging forth from the spatial cracks, seeking to drown the entire world. Facing such a domineering fighting spirit, even a Third Grade Sovereign would not dare to clash head-on with its might.

Qin Ling stood in the air. As he looked at the majestic fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop, his pupils shrank. It seemed that it was precisely as he had been told: this boy named Mu Chen had a keen sense of control over the fighting spirit. If he didn't, it would have been absolutely impossible for him to have elevated the Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit to this degree.

A glint flashed in Qin Ling's eyes. With a stomp of his foot, the gray and black layers of thunderclouds condensed from the Thunder Magic Fighting Spirit that was stacked behind him. Raging thunder rattled through the heavens and earth, its raging momentum overwhelmingly strong. 

"Don't treat us, the Thunder Magic Congregation, as useless imbeciles from the Daluo Territory's Blood Hawk Troop!"

Qin Ling sneered. Immediately, his gaze turned chilly. Lifting both palms, the Thunder Magic Fighting Spirit burst out into a rumbling roar, as gray and black thunderbolts converged in a frenzy, transforming into a massive Lightning Spear amid the layers of thunderclouds.

Gray and black lightning snaked around the spear, like huge pythons. Its roar shook the heavens and the earth.

Qin Ling had no intention of testing Mu Chen's ability. His first attempt was to use powerful attacks, seeking to gain the upper hand at the fastest speed, in order to defeat the Nine Nether Troop.

"Lightning Magic Spear!"

Gripping the spear, Qin Ling hurled it down fiercely. The massive gray and black Lightning Spear suddenly burst out, shattering the space. In a flash, it appeared in the space above the Nine Nether Troop.

"Nine Nether Feathers!"

Mu Chen's seals changed. As the ocean rolled turbulently, a massive obsidian feather surged out, clashing head-on with the lightning spear.


A loud roar reverberated, as violent waves of fluctuations raged. Even though it churned like a storm with all its might, it could not dissipate the majestic fighting spirit from both parties.

Seeing that the first move failed, Qin Ling's gaze still remained composed. He then changed his seals in a flash, as swift as lightning. Magnificent fighting spirit raged violently, as many massive lightning spears coalesced into form, filling the sky in mere moments.

Many strong men were horrified, and their skin crawled at the sight. If it had been any other Third Grade Sovereign, who had dealt an attack of such intensity alone, it would have required an extreme expenditure of effort. However, Qin Ling seemed to do it effortlessly. This was the terrifying power of the fighting spirit!


With a flick of his fingers, the lightning spears charged forward. With his every action, mountains crumbled and the earth shattered. Even the heavens and the earth dimmed in comparison to his outstanding aura and impressive demeanor.

However, facing this barrage of attacks, Mu Chen showed no trace of fear. Although the Thunder Magic Congregation was stronger in numbers, he had the advantage of understanding and manipulating fighting spirit. Thus, if Qin Ling attempted to use fighting spirit to overwhelm and suppress him, it would be a fruitless attempt to defeat him.

Mu Chen immediately controlled the Nine Nether Fighting Spirit as it surged out, transforming into turbulent waves and colliding harshly with the countless lightning spears.

Boom! Boom!

The raging growls continued to ring in the sky. There, a hurricane raged, twisting and distorting the entire space.

Below them, countless strong men lifted their heads to look at the exploding sky. The duel between both sides was clearly a battle of fighting spirit.

Also, anyone could see that Qin Ling, who was launching a fierce barrage of attacks, was not gaining an edge in the slightest. In fact, every one of his attacks was blocked by Mu Chen, so he could not advance even an inch!

This scene caused many people to gasp in awe, as the reputation of the Thunder Magic Congregation had spread far and wide over the years, with countless forces having been annihilated by them. However, that ferocious power had finally been blocked and resisted today.

At this moment, even if the Nine Nether Troop could not destroy the Thunder Magic Congregation, they could at least encircle them. Thus, it looked like the new Commander of Nine Nether Palace was capable indeed!


In the sky, violent spiritual energy fluctuations raged for more than ten minutes, then finally stopped gradually. Qin Ling also stopped these senseless fierce attacks, because he knew that, if he continued them, it would only prolong the inevitable outcome. 

The key to winning any military battle of fighting spirit was to be precise and fast. If the number of troops was huge, one must win by quantity. If it was an encirclement and suppression campaign, the tactic would naturally be to trap the enemy. Regardless, when it comes to victory or defeat, armies must use the strongest means to defeat the other party for each situation, thus destroying their will to fight and attaining victory.

At the moment, the Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit was not much weaker than the Thunder Magic Congregation's. Hence, continuing to fight like this would only be an unnecessary waste of time. Clearly, this result was not what Qin Tiangang nor Qin Ling wanted.

Qin Ling's gaze flickered, his thin lips appearing more malicious.

"What's the matter? Don't you want to continue?" Mu Chen smiled, seeing that Qin Ling had halted his attacks.

Qin Ling stared at him coldly, as he remarked nonchalantly, "Boy, I have to admit that you do have some talent in terms of fighting spirit, but… I have to say, you are still inexperienced."

As he finished speaking, an unsettling smirk unfurled on Qin Ling's lips. Seeing his smile, Mu Chen knit his eyebrows together and frowned, unease welling up in his heart.

At this moment, Qin Ling clenched his fist, and a glimmering gray and black lightning stone appeared in his hand. As he grasped it firmly, the thunderstone exploded in his grip.


The gray and black thunder burst out and permeated the atmosphere. Thunder and lightning spread wildly, but did not cause any harm.

However, Mu Chen's expression suddenly twisted abruptly. He had realized that the thunderbolts were acting as a massive forcefield. Within it, the fighting spirit that had converged around him dissipated swiftly.

"What's going on?"

Mu Chen stared at Qin Ling coldly, as he realized that the Thunder Magic Fighting Spirit that was converged around him was also vanishing quickly! Clearly, they were both being affected in the arena of thunderbolts.

What was this fellow up to?

"Heh heh, did you realize that you can no longer trigger your fighting spirit?" Qin Ling glanced mockingly at Mu Chen, then clapped gleefully. "This is the Thunder Magic Crystal, and with its connection to Thunder Magic Mountain, it can develop a lightning forcefield. In this arena, it can cause severe disturbances to fighting spirit. Thus, we can no longer trigger fighting spirit, at least as long as we are here."

Mu Chen knit his eyebrows and closed his eyes to detect fighting spirit. Indeed, he found that there was an invisible force interfering with him, and he was unable to shield himself from that disturbance with his present strength.

Commotion spread within the Nine Nether Troop. If Mu Chen was unable to trigger fighting spirit, then the Nine Nether Troop would be rendered useless! This was because Mu Chen was the soul of the Nine Nether Troop, the only one who could control fighting spirit! Once a troop lost its fighting spirit, they were akin to stragglers or disbanded soldiers!

"What's happening?"

Numerous strong men had discovered the scene, and many were voicing their doubts (some aloud, some only in their minds). What is Qin Ling doing? If he continues like this, he won't be able to mobilize the fighting spirit of the Thunder Magic Congregation to launch an attack! 

"Now, you have lost the Nine Nether Troop, and likewise, I have lost the Thunder Magic Congregation."

Qin Ling smiled at Mu Chen, before pointing at him, then at himself. "Now, there's only you and me left."

As he finished speaking, everyone finally understood his intentions. Mu Chen, who had lost the Nine Nether Troop, was only a Second Grade Sovereign, but Qin Ling was still a reputable Third Grade Sovereign!

Mu Chen was naturally able to fight on the same level with Qin Ling, as long as he had the backing of Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit. But now that he was deprived of it, Mu Chen's capabilities would return to their original form.

Whereas before, both parties were on the same starting line. However, with the loss of fighting spirit, that gap had been widened! This must have been Qin Ling's true motive all along!

"Despicable!" Tang Bing gnashed her teeth and snapped in a rage, before her gaze turned chilling. She ordered coldly, "Do it! Destroy Thunder Magic Congregation!"

Behind her, the Daluo Territory's various forces were raring to go. As they heard the command, they couldn't hold back any longer. As they sped forth, spiritual energy burst through the horizon and sounds of battle rang throughout the world. Countless streams of light swept across the sky, charging towards Thunder Magic Mountain, seeking to wipe them out.

"Block them!"

Seeing the advancing scene, the forces of the Hundred Battle Territory immediately charged forward. They all understood that, at this time, the two battles in the sky were closely linked, and that now that Qin Ling had set up a trap for Mu Chen, as long as they could stop the other party's offensive attacks, the victory of the war would tilt to their favor! At this point, retreat was not an option!

The terrible torrents converged in the sky, and the whole world began to tremble.

Boom! Boom!

This confrontation between both parties had resulted in a chaotic commotion. Countless battles between the sides caused powerful spiritual energy fluctuations, making the earth tremble constantly.

One mountain after another was reduced to powder in the onslaught of clashes between spiritual energy. A massive crack, as deep as an abyss, split on the ground.

In the sky, Qin Ling folded his arms across his chest, as he let the spiritual energy run rampant below. His gaze was cold and unsettling, as he locked eyes with Mu Chen, a malicious smile unfurling on his face.

"Now, what else can you do?"

Mu Chen stared at Qin Ling, his tightly knit eyebrows gradually relaxing. He smiled and nodded, then said, "Not using fighting spirit… Actually, that's exactly what I want."

Upon hearing his words, Qin Ling's pupils contracted and his gaze became ferocious. He couldn't believe that he was still defiant and retorting back! What an insolent brat!

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