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Thunder rattled through the heavens and earth as Qin Tiangang's figure transformed into a thundering rainbow that soared towards the sky with wild and unparalleled spiritual energy fluctuations rippling in the world.

Nine Nether lifted her head, and a cold flash glinted in her narrowed eyes as she stared at the thundering rainbow. She turned to look at Mu Chen and said, "I will deal with Qin Tiangang and leave the Thunder Magic Congregation to you, then."

The only troop that had a chance of fighting head-on was the Nine Nether Troop, as the other forces were far inferior to the Thunder Magic Congregation.

"Leave it to me." Mu Chen nodded slightly. Despite the fact that Qin Ling's capability was at the level of a Third Grade Sovereign, fortunately, Mu Chen had advanced to the rank of Second Grade Sovereign. With regards to control over fighting spirit, Mu Chen was confident that he was not inferior to Qin Ling.

"I will take care of him as soon as possible." Nine Nether nodded and without any hesitation, she moved to the massive obsidian sparrow behind her. The sparrow let out a long cry before fanning its Cloud Wings and causing wild gales of wind to rattle the heavens and earth. Its massive silhouette transformed into a black beam of light and soared up into the skies.

Qin Tiangang stood high amid the skies at an altitude that was approximately tens of thousands of feet above the ground. Piercingly cold wind billowed around him. Only such powerful Sovereigns would dare to engage in an intense battle in that environment. 

He folded his arms in front of his chest as he glanced at the massive Netherworld Bird flapping its Cloud Wings. He then focused on the svelte figure atop the sparrow before smiling faintly and clenching his fists. Grayish-black sparks of lightning surfaced and slithered on his body like pythons.

Whoosh whoosh.

As sparks of lightning flickered, Qin Tiangang's body seemed to expand. Generally speaking, people who cultivated lightning-based divine techniques would have a stronger physique. Qin Tiangang was similar to Mu Chen, as both had cultivated their physique.

"Nine Nether Palace has chosen to target the Thunder Magic Sect. All I can say is that you all are blind." Qin Tiangang smirked coldly as he glanced at Nine Nether.

Upon hearing this, Nine Nether did not waste any time retorting. With a light move, the Netherworld Bird let out a long cry, and as it fluttered its wings, powerful spiritual energy surged out, transforming into black feathers that enveloped Qin Tiangang like torrential rain in a thunderstorm.

"Insignificant skill."

Qin Tiangang clenched his fists, and gray and black sparks of thunder and lightning burst out, forming a ring of lightning as a defensive barrier. As the black feathers came into contact with the barrier, they disintegrated into spots of light and dissipated.

"Is it?"

A smirk appeared on Nine Nether's red lips. Pointing her finger, a single feather surrounded by purple flames suddenly burst into the lightning barrier. Purple flames surged and surrounded the entwining gray and black lightning, burning it into ashes. The feathers were like the sharpest sword aimed straight towards a fatal point, the center of Qin Tiangang's forehead.

The sudden fierce attack caused Qin Tiangang's expression to twist, but he was a Fifth Grade Sovereign after all, and with a blow of his palm, thunderbolts and lightning emerged.


The auras of the blow and the purple flame feathers clashed together, and violent spiritual energy fluctuations spread and raged. In a flash, Qin Tiangang appeared hundreds of feet away. As he looked down to see his scorched black palm, his expression turned grave.

"Did you think that with just your little power of lightning, you could take on my Unperishable Flame?" Nine Nether scoffed in disdain.


Qin Tiangang snorted coldly. With a heavy stomp of his feet, gray and black lightning bolts burst out of him like an ocean, and in a few short moments, the clouds turned into dark thunderclouds. Even the crowd tens of thousands of feet below could clearly feel the terrible waves of spiritual energy fluctuations.

When a Fifth Grade Sovereign was truly enraged, their power was indeed enough to shake heaven and earth. 

With a flourish of Nine Nether's hand, black spiritual energy erupted from her body, and in the tumultuous black waves, purple flames surged, causing the space to distort and warp intensely. 

Two powerful and terrifying forces each occupied one side of the skies. The clash was like a meteorite collision.

Two cold gazes intertwined in the air, and in the next moment, the two silhouettes turned into shadows and suddenly swept out. Behind them was a barrage of powerful spiritual energy, flowing and colliding with each other like turbulent waves.


In the skies, a storm of spiritual energy raged in a frenzy as the piercing cold wind dissipated with its impact, and within a radius of hundreds of thousands of feet, spiritual energy from both parties permeated the atmosphere.

This battle was destined to be thrilling and nerve-wracking.

Below them, countless gazes stared in shock at the commotion in the skies. However, some of them divided their attention between the two competitors, as both Nine Nether and Qin Tiangang were extremely powerful, and it was difficult to determine who would emerge victorious in the battle.

Just as it was difficult to determine victory or defeat in the skies, the confrontation on the ground was also particularly important. The victory would also affect Nine Nether and Qin Tiangang because in that kind of duel, once a party was distracted, it was likely to expose their flaws.

Everyone started to look towards the two figures leading the Nine Nether Troop and Thunder Magic Congregation, respectively.

Amid the countless gazes, Qin Ling smiled at Mu Chen and said, "Since the Clan Leader has given the command, I can't let you off today."

He was clearly very confident, as the Thunder Magic Congregation outnumbered the Nine Nether Troop, and as for the Commanders, Qin Ling's capabilities surpassed Mu Chen's as a Third Grade Sovereign.

Combined with the dazzling battle record he had led the Thunder Magic Congregation to achieve over the years, he had every reason to despise the new Commander, who had just risen to fame in Daluo Territory.

"I'm afraid Commander Qin Ling would find the results disappointing." Mu Chen smiled calmly in the face of his confidence.

"Haha, you're bold." Qin Ling gave a thumbs up as he smirked coldly and said, "This is interesting. I hope you won't let me down later. I abhor people who are only talk!"


As he finished speaking, Qin Ling stomped his feet, his figure charged forward, and behind him, thunder rumbled in the heavens and earth as the Thunder Magic Congregation transformed into thunderbolts and lightning, and soared into the sky.

Mu Chen raised his palm upon seeing the scene before him.

"Be careful, Mu Chen." Tang Bing reminded him gently, as Qin Ling was already at the rank of a Third Grade Sovereign and was stronger than any of the Four Great Commanders of Daluo Territory. Although an individual's power was not the most important element when commanding a troop, it did have a significant influence.

"I'll leave things to you over here." Mu Chen nodded. The battlefield had been separated into three sections. Nine Nether and Qin Tiangang were in one section. The Nine Nether Troop and the Thunder Magic Congregation were about to engage in a final battle, so that section was the most chaotic, as various forces from both parties were attempting to suppress each other.

"Rest assured, they won't be able to interfere with you." Tang Bing smiled calmly. She had been in communication with many forces on Daluo Territory's side. Once the melee began, she would temporarily take control of the situation.

Mu Chen saw the girl's confident and calm smile and said no more. His raised palm suddenly fell, and his gaze turned fierce.

"Nine Nether Troop, set off!"


The sound of thunder chorused and reverberated as the Nine Nether Troop suddenly rose, transformed into a mass of dark clouds, and soared into the sky, finally appearing in front of the Thunder Magic Congregation. Majestic combat desire permeated the atmosphere.

In a flash, Mu Chen appeared directly above the Nine Nether Troop, and the majestic Nine Nether Fighting spirit converged and gathered like a black ocean around his body.

Qin Ling glanced at Mu Chen nonchalantly, raising his palm gently. His calm voice rang out, "Thunder Magic Fighting Spirit!"

Behind him, under the gray and black iron armor of the Thunder Magic Congregation, savage and wild gazes appeared in their eyes as roaring rumbles of thunder began to rattle.


Thunderbolts flickered between heaven and earth, as countless gray and black fighting spirits soared into the sky like thunder pythons and converged behind Qin Ling. The scene was spectacular and magnificent.

"I would like to see what is so great about the recent laudable Nine Nether Commander in Daluo Territory!" Qin Ling smiled and stretched out his fingers, pointing at Mu Chen, who was far away.


A vast thunderous fighting spirit hundreds of feet wide stormed out like a raging dragon. Flashes of dazzling bright light caused countless gazes to look towards the commotion.

The thunderous fighting spirit appeared before the Nine Nether Troop in a flash. However, just as it was about to land a brutal hit, an obsidian-black fighting spirit swept to counter it, transforming into a shield of feathers.


The violent clash between them resulted in a wild frenzy of fluctuations, but the seemingly weak shield of feathers never broke or gave way. It only gradually dissipated when the thunderous fighting spirit was fully expended. 

The scene caused countless strong men to focus their attention. Judging from scale and numbers, it was obvious that the Thunder Magic Congregation possessed more superiority, as their fighting spirit was more violent.

However, their attacks were easily resisted and blocked by the Nine Nether Troop.

"How formidable. I heard that Commander Mu Chen had defeated 5,000 men from the Blood Hawk Troop with 1,900 guards from the Nine Nether Troop. Today, it seems that the rumors are true."

"Looks like Commander Mu Chen's understanding and control of fighting spirit far surpass that of other Commanders."


On the side of Daluo Territory, many powerful men could not help but exclaim and immediately heave a sigh of relief. After all, they were also worried that if Mu Chen was defeated, it would distract Nine Nether, and if Nine Nether lost, then they were bound to suffer an utterly humiliating defeat.


In the sky, Mu Chen calmly looked at the thunderbolts dissipating in a flash. Immediately he looked up. His dark eyes stared at Qin Ling with a fierce look surging in their depths like a sharp knife.

"Today I will let you see exactly who would destroy the other!"

He conjured seals with both hands, and in the next instant, the majestic Nine Nether Fighting Spirit increased at an alarmingly swift rate. Within a few moments, the sky darkened, and even the wild rumbling sounds of thunder were suppressed entirely.

He had always been calm and composed, but now, he was finally beginning to reveal his malicious side.

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