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When the forces of the Daluo Territory entered the Thunder Magic Sect's territory, they were surprised to not be met with a counterattack. Also a surprise, was the fact that the cities along the way had lifted all of their defenses.

This unusual situation was also puzzling to both Nine Nether and Mu Chen. However, they soon realized that the Thunder Magic Sect was not retreating out of fear, but were contracting all of their forces, so that they could then converge them to create explosive power at critical moments, just like a thunderstorm!

"Looks like they intend to have the final battle with us at the foot of Thunder Magic Mountain." Nine Nether smiled nonchalantly, with no trace of fear in her eyes. She waved her hand gently, signaling the troops to continue advancing.

After half a day, the speed of the army's advance finally slowed down, because the plain ahead was beginning to come to an end. What lay ahead was only a dark sky, the mountains, and the rumbles of thunder that constantly resounded in the air.

The thunder did not come from the sky, but from the depths of the earth. As it rumbled, it caused the earth to shake constantly.

A towering black mountain stood like a giant in front of it. The dark hill had such strength, it seemed to be indestructible.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Behind where the Nine Nether Troop stood quietly, vast light and shadows swept in, forming the shape of a fan and fencing in the area. These were the vassal forces of the Daluo Territory.

Mu Chen stood before the Nine Nether Troop, his eyes squinting at the massive mountain. Although there was a violent thunderous force permeating the world, he could sense faintly that there were also countless powerful spiritual energy fluctuations present. After all, this was the headquarters of the Thunder Magic Sect!

Nine Nether lifted her gaze, as her crisp, cold voice rang out. "Since you have already hidden for so long, I think there's no point of you continuing to hide!"

"Haha, Lord Nine Nether is worthy indeed, and truly a heroine."

Just as Nine Nether finished speaking, there was a loud rumble of thunder that reverberated in the heavens and the earth, accompanied by a sudden burst of bright thunder sparks that exploded in Thunder Magic Mountain.

Thunder poured down. Finally, in the dazzling light, countless silhouettes flashed out from mid-air. The previously suppressed spiritual energy fluctuations burst out in a barrage, causing even the heaven and the earth to dim in comparison.

More than half of the figures in the sky were incongruous with the Thunder Magic Sect. Thus, it was clearly apparent that they were not members of the sect. Looking at the scene, the Thunder Magic Sect and Nine Nether had thought of similar strategies.

As Nine Nether was gathering other vassal forces to encircle and annihilate the Thunder Magic Sect, the Thunder Magic Sect was also gathering other forces to deal a fatal blow towards Nine Nether Palace! In the battlefield in the southwest arena, seven out of the ten forces had converged here, making for a line-up that is enough to start a massive scale war!

Mu Chen looked towards the center, where the power of thunder and lightning raged the most violently in heaven and earth, only to see a figure hovering in mid-air amid the sparks of lightning and thunder. He was a burly, armored man. His arms were folded around his chest, and the entire space surrounding him was shimmering with gray and black thunder, accompanied by a strong sense of oppression, which permeated and enveloped the heavens and the earth.

The figure was none other than the Clan Leader, Qin Tiangang! Who else would possess this magnitude of power?!

Many among the Daluo Territory forces were unsettled to see this massive figure, who so closely resembled a demon god! After all, the reputation of the Thunder Magic Sect's Qin Tiangang was quite renowned! In fact, to some extent, it had even surpassed that of Nine Nether.

"I have long heard that Lord Nine Nether was beautiful. Now that I have seen you today, you are certainly worthy of your reputation. However, battles are done by men, and with such a pretty face as yours, I couldn't bear to lay a hand on you." Qin Tiangang gazed at Nine Nether, as his boisterous laughter rumbled like thunder. 

Upon hearing his words, Nine Nether smiled faintly, before stepping forward slowly. With every step, a crisp cry rang in the air and terrifying waves of spiritual energy permeated the heavens and the earth.

Then, the sky behind her transformed into a massive obsidian black sparrow. The clear and crisp cry rang out again, causing Qin Tiangang's oppressive aura to dissipate.

"Nine Netherworld Bird?"

Countless gazes were directed towards the massive obsidian black sparrow. Although many knew that Nine Nether was a member of the Nine Netherbird Clan, they were not aware that she had successfully evolved into the form of a divine beast!

Qin Tiangang's pupils contracted at the sight of the huge obsidian sparrow, his expression turning solemn. He had greatly underestimated this woman!

Nine Nether was only a Fourth Grade Sovereign, and even with the power of the Divine Beast, a Fifth Grade Sovereign would still find such a feat difficult to tackle!

"Lord Nine Nether, do you intend to clash head-on with the Thunder Magic Sect?" Qin Tiangang asked gravely. "You should know that this battle would not give you many benefits. Also, even if we clashed, there are many more targets better than us."

"Why? Are you afraid now?" Nine Nether smiled mockingly. "If you don't want to fight, just surrender Thunder Magic Mountain, then I will let you leave."

Qin Tiangang's gaze was chilling, as he stated, "I'm kind enough to give you a chance to retreat, but you are audacious enough to reject it! Do you really think we are such pushovers?!"

"Pushovers or not, we'll have to fight to know that," Nine Nether replied nonchalantly.

"Looks like you are hell bent on seeking trouble with the Thunder Magic Sect. Oh well, if I annihilate Nine Nether Palace in this battle, that would strengthen the reputation of our sect!" Qin Tiangang scoffed coldly, an eerie chill flashing in his gaze.

He was well aware that, if they destroyed Nine Nether Palace, it would help increase their reputation. They would then be ranked equally with the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, the Demonic Corpse Sect, and the Sorrowful Sky, thus becoming the fourth top force in the Hundred Battle Territory!

It was this ambition that spurred him to gather the scattered forces in order to begin preparation for the final battle with the Nine Nether Palace at the foot of Thunder Magic Mountain.

"I'm afraid you won't have the fortune to enjoy that," Nine Nether stated calmly, as she stared at Qin Tiangang. "Since you have prepared for this for such a long time, regardless of whatever tricks you have up your sleeve for this battle, Nine Nether Palace will gladly take you on."

"Really?" Qin Tiangang scoffed coldly, then shifted his glance towards Mu Chen, who was standing behind Nine Nether. He smiled. "I heard that Nine Nether Palace had been stirring up a storm in the Daluo Territory recently. So, this chap must be the new Commander of Nine Nether Palace?"

"Heh heh, I'm Mu Chen, glad to meet you Clan Leader Qin." Mu Chen clasped his fists in greeting and smiled.

"I have heard that the Nine Nether Troop is rather renowned recently." Qin Tianggang smiled and stared at Mu Chen, as if he was a venomous snake spitting out its tongue. "In the past, I had heard that the Nine Nether Troop were just a bunch of useless good-for-nothings. So, I'm curious if the matters that y'all stirred up previously were true or false."

"What does Clan Leader Qin want to do then?" Mu Chen smiled and asked.

Qin Tiangang waved his hand, his expression cold.


Behind him, amid gray and black thunder sparks, a low rumble of thunder growled, before it quickly dissipated. A troop donned in gray and black armor appeared silently behind Qin Tiangang.

With the appearance of this troop, torrents of fluctuations emanated in a frenzy. They looked like the eyes of beasts as they flashed under the black armor.

"That's Thunder Magic Sect's Thunder Magic Congregation, an army that is also rather reputable." Tang Bing, who stood behind Mu Chen, explained solemnly.

Mu Chen nodded, as he had some understanding of the Thunder Magic Sect before he had arrived there. Thus, he naturally knew about the troop known as the Thunder Magic Congregation. This was an army that had been carefully trained by the Thunder Magic Sect. To a certain extent, their combat capabilities were no weaker than Nine Nether Troop.

Mu Chen stared at the Thunder Magic Congregation. His gaze then focused on a figure, who had just stepped out to stand right at the front.

The figure was donned in grey and black robes and his long hair was unkempt, giving him a wild and unrestrained aura. His features were handsome, but his thin lips looked as if they had been carved by knives.

"Heh heh, I'm Qin Ling, an elder of the Thunder Magic Sect." The figure smiled politely at Mu Chen.

However, Mu Chen's eyes narrowed upon hearing this name, as he had definitely heard of Qin Ling. It was said that he was one of the two great elders of the Thunder Magic Sect, and that his strength had already reached the level of a Third Grade Sovereign.

He was also the Commander of the Thunder Magic Congregation. Apparently, under his command over the years, they had plundered many cities within the Daluo Territory. Some of the vassal forces had even been destroyed by him. Indeed, he was considered to be a very vicious figure.

"Oh, I have heard of you. In fact, just hearing your name feels like thunder has pierced my eardrums." Mu Chen smiled through gritted teeth.

"Heh heh! Well, we have heard much about the majestic and impressive achievements of Commander Mu Chen. We, the Thunder Magic Congregation, have not eliminated such a famous opponent before, so it looks like we have to seize this opportunity." Qin Ling smiled, equally faking sincerity.

"I'm afraid the Thunder Magic Congregation will no longer exist in the Hundred Battle Territory anymore," Mu Chen smiled and replied.

Although both parties were smiling, they were exchanging barbs tit-for-tat, even to the point of being imbued with murderous intent! Upon hearing this interchange, even the many forces in the heavens and the earth trembled, as it seemed that this war was inevitable.

"Lord Nine Nether, let me witness today the power of your Nine Netherworld Bird!"

Qin Tiangang's boisterous laughter, as if it were thunderbolts, rattled the heavens and the earth. His gaze turned chilly.

Then, with a heavy step, he soared into the sky, shouting, "Qin Ling, annihilate this Nine Nether Troop!"

"Yes, Clan Leader!" Qin Ling smiled and clasped his fists, staring at Mu Chen, as if he were a cat staring at a mouse.

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