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The atmosphere of the Daluo Territory as it was preparing for war had been brewing to a critical point. Countless figures, lights, and shadows could be seen in the sky every day, and an overwhelming battle aura soared amid the sky.

In the Tianluo Continent, which was a land of strife, war was extremely common. From most perspectives in that land, there was no such thing as true justice or evil, which created an "eat or be eaten" mentality. Thus, that realm was known to operate largely according to the law of the jungle.

During the dormant period of the Daluo Territory, the Battle Territory had also waged war multiple times, even having dealt sneak attacks on the cities of the Daluo Territory, robbing and plundering wantonly. Now, the Daluo Territory was merely retaliating, an eye for an eye.

Nine Nether Palace.

In the great hall, the high-ranking members of Nine Nether Palace were gathered. As spiritual light coalesced atop the stone platform, it transformed into a massive and complicated spiritual energy map. 

"Now that the Lords of the Daluo Territory have taken action, the other vassal forces have also been gathering their men," Nine Nether said, staring at the complex map.

"There has been such a huge upheaval in the Daluo Territory. I believe the Battle Territory must have sensed something?" Mu Chen glanced at the map and commented.

Nine Nether nodded gently, commenting, "It's nothing. Even if they sense something, in a battle of such a scale, they cannot change anything by just realizing that something is wrong."

Mu Chen nodded. With the great power of the Daluo Territory, no matter what defense the other party had, the Daluo Territory could easily steamroll over them. In essence, any of their weakling strategies were mere furnishing objects in the face of the Daluo Territory's troops' absolute abilities.

"What about Nine Nether Palace's attack route?" Tang Bing asked.

Nine Nether narrowed her eyes and pointed to the southwest direction on the map with a slender finger, before stopping on a crimson red spot of light. Three striking blood red words were annotated beside the red spot: Thunder Magic Sect!

"Thunder Magic Sect?" Tang Bing and Tang Rou cried out in horror.

Then, Qiu Shan said carefully, "My Lord, the Thunder Magic Sect is rather reputable among the Battle Territory. Also, its clan leader, Qin Tiangang, has an ability of a Fifth Grade Sovereign. I don't think it would be prudent to target them."

Generally speaking, battles and conquests focus on conquering and plundering, so it is simple common sense that one should start with the easiest target. Clearly, the Thunder Magic Sect was far from being an easy target.

"You have to take risks to gain rewards." Nine Nether smiled and continued, "The Thunder Magic Sect has been so overbearing for many years, encroaching upon the Daluo Territory's dominion and seizing countless amounts of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. This time, we need to take what is rightfully ours. As for Qin Tiangang, I will deal with him personally."

Qiu Shan and the others looked at each other. They were at a loss for what to do, but seeing that Nine Nether had already made up her mind, they accepted her decision with respect.

Since Nine Nether was so confident, they decided that they had nothing to fear. What's more, the entire Daluo Territory would be taking action, so even the Thunder Magic Sect would not dare clash with them head-on.

"All of you go prepare! Tomorrow, we will set off officially!"

"Yes!" Qiu Shan and the others answered in chorus, before taking their leave. 

Mu Chen waited for everyone to leave, before glancing at Nine Nether and asking in bewilderment, "Why did you choose the Thunder Magic Sect?"

Although Nine Nether had given her rationale previously, he knew her better, so this reason was clearly not very legitimate to him. Nine Nether glanced at Mu Chen, then explained.

"That's only part of the reason. Within the Thunder Magic Sect, there is a Thunder Magic Abyss. Within the depths of that abyss, it is said that there is a lightning dipper that originated from the earth, called the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Where it converges, there is a possibility that a stronger lightning would manifest itself. And….we call that… the Netherworld Thunder Heart."

"Netherworld Thunder Heart?" Mu Chen was stunned.

"This is an extremely rare power of lightning and thunder. Its power is more terrifying than that of the divine black lightning. However, it requires very harsh and strict conditions in order to manifest. Thus, I am unable to guarantee if it really exists within the Thunder Magic Abyss," admitted Nine Nether.

"You intend to?" Mu Chen glanced at Nine Nether, seeming to be considering something.

"That's right, as you would require it for the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art that you are cultivating. The power of lightning you possess because of the Thunder God Physique is insufficient to sustain your complete cultivation of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. Thus, you still must integrate a unique power of lightning. The Netherworld Thunder Heart is the best choice, as it can resist the Unperishable Flame," Nine Nether said seriously. 

Mu Chen glanced at Nine Nether, dumbfounded. His eyes were full of touched emotion, as he did not think that Nine Nether would choose such a difficult opponent as the Thunder Magic Sect, just to help him.

"Oh please, don't give me that look. I meant what I said just now. One has to undergo risks to get rewards. If we can deal with the Thunder Magic Sect, our rewards will be far greater than what you can imagine. That is what Nine Nether Palace needs desperately now. If we want to strengthen the Nine Nether Troop, we will require large quantities of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid."

Nine Nether patted Mu Chen's shoulder and smiled, "If we don't take action first, I'm afraid it will never be our turn, as others would vie for it too."

Mu Chen nodded slightly, as this was not the time to refute. Also, he figure that, since it was good for Nine Nether Palace too, then he would be sure to do his best.

"In that case, let's use this Thunder Magic Sect to replenish Nine Nether Palace's expenses then!" He agreed with a smile. 

When the next day came, the battle aura that filled the sky of Daluotian, which had been growing for days, had finally reached the critical point. It was now ready to explode.

Silhouettes and figures could be seen flitting across the entire sky, as if they were a mass of dark clouds, continuously heading towards the Transfer Spiritual Arrays located in various places of Daluotian. The battle had clearly begun at this moment.

The various Lords had also taken action, as these battles of conquests were the best opportunities for them to plunder resources to strengthen themselves. Furthermore, the Dominator had said that any item plundered need not be offered as tribute, which only served to increase the competition between the Lords.

Just as countless figures flit across the sky in front of the great hall of Nine Nether Palace, Nine Nether was seen. She was wearing black armor and her long hair was tied up casually. Her whole being emanated a valiant charm and a thrilling sense of beauty.

Her eyes swept across the Nine Nether Troop, each of whom were clad in black, resembling thunderclouds. She gazed at them authoritatively, not saying anything for several moments. She then lifted a hand and with a single wave, commanded, "Nine Nether Troop, set out!"


A thunderous chorus rumbled in response, as Nine Nether, Mu Chen, and Tang Bing surged forward, transforming into streaks of light and soaring across the sky. Behind them, an imposing mass of dark clouds followed closely, burning with a pervasive battle aura.

Daluo Territory, Southwest Lands, Xiluo City.

Xiluo City was located outside the borders of the Daluo Territory. When Mu Chen led the Nine Nether Troop through the Transfer Spiritual Array and appeared before the city, chaos and riots immediately came into sight.

The city was full of smoke, as figures in the sky flit across the sky from time to time. The chaos caused the city to look more desolate than any of the bustling cities in the interior area. Some of the city guards spotted the arrival of the Nine Nether Troop, as a shadow soared over from within the city, materializing into a silhouette.

"Subordinate Ji Fan, Duke of Xiluo City, here to pay my respects to Lord Nine Nether!" The figure was a middle-aged man, announcing himself as he clasped his fists together in deference to Nine Nether. He had clearly seen many Daluo Territory troops rushing here, so was not fazed at all by the appearance of the Nine Nether Troop.

Nine Nether nodded at him, then asked, "What is the battle situation here?"

"The Battle Territory had been continuously sending their troops to attack, but after the Dominator ordered the start of the Battle of Conquests, they have since retreated. Now, we are counter-attacking, with both parties currently locked in battle within a radius of tens of thousand miles," Ji Fan answered respectfully. "However, a few thousand miles out of the Southwestern Lands lies the territory of the Thunder Magic Sect. Thus, our troops don't dare to intrude there." 

With the capability of the Thunder Magic Sect, they had sufficient power to resist the various Lords of the Daluo Territory. Thus, without the help of the various Lords, the vassal forces of the Daluo Territory would not dare offend the Thunder Magic Sect.

"Pass down my orders. Gather all the manpower in this arena and converge towards the Thunder Magic Sect," Nine Nether commanded nonchalantly.

Ji Fan was shocked, before asking cautiously, "My lord, are you intending to attack the Thunder Magic Sect? Qin Tiangang is not one to be trifled with."

"Go, I will deal with Qin Tiangang personally." Nine Nether waved with a flourish of her hand, her firm tone allowing for no argument.


Ji Fan did not dare say anything more, as he clasped his hands in agreement, before descending from the sky and entering the Duke's Estate. Once there, he spread the order using a unique communication channel.


Nine Nether moved swiftly, turning to charge towards the Southwestern direction without hesitation. The Nine Nether Troop followed her closely, filled with burning combat desire.

Within the city, countless gazes looked at the retreating figures of the Nine Nether Troop in astonishment. It certainly looked like Nine Nether Palace was indeed targeting the Thunder Magic Sect. This was sure to be a head-on clash that would truly be a match between two strong powers, almost as if it were a clash between divine thunder and earth fire!

However, it was still unknown if Nine Nether Palace, who had recently been gaining a rising reputation within the Daluo Territory, would be able to put up a proper fight against the Thunder Magic Sect, which had a famed reputation that shook even the Battle Territory. This battle would truly be one for the books!

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