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In the vast, empty cave, Mandela's petite body was wrapped under the loose black robe. Her big golden eyes glanced calmly at Mu Chen, whose eyes flashed with excitement because of her words. "The Great Solar Undying Body is the foundation to cultivating the Primordial Immortal Body, and although it is not included within the ranks of the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, if it were included, it could at least be ranked within the top 30 positions."

"Top 30? That powerful?"

Mu Chen was surprised. He had never belittled the Great Solar Undying Body, but he had never thought it would be ranked among the top 30, as he was clear that the Sovereign Celestial Bodies who were ranked within the top 30 could be considered as a sect's key treasure among the primordial clans and superpowers. At least, such powerful ranks of Sovereign Celestial Bodies would not appear in Daluo Territory.

"You should know about the origins of the Primordial Immortal Body. As one of the rare Primitive Celestial Bodies, even if the Great Solar Undying Body is just its foundation, normal Sovereign Celestial Bodies could not match up to it," said Mandela.

Mu Chen nodded. After the primordial calamity, only five Primitive Celestial Bodies remained, and the Primordial Immortal Body was one of them.

The power that these five Primitive Celestial Bodies possessed was infinitely stronger than other Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

"Although you have successfully cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, you have never truly understood its true power." Mandela pursed her lips, as if ridiculing Mu Chen's waste of something so wondrous.

Embarrassment was written on Mu Chen's face. After all, he had just cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body not long ago, and it was natural that he had not yet explored its true mystery. Furthermore, he had obtained the art of cultivation from the Immortal Pages, and it had only revealed the methods of cultivating it. As for what it was capable of, there were many aspects left for him to explore on his own.

"I will have to ask Lord Mandela to guide me then." Since he needed someone to give him directions, Mu Chen could only humbly seek help.

"Do you know what Sovereign Super Power is?" Mandela asked calmly.

Mu Chen nodded slightly. The Sovereign Super Power was a unique method that only people who possessed a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body could utilize, but among those Sovereign Celestial Bodies he had seen before, he had never seen anyone who possessed the Sovereign Super Power.

"You mean, the Great Solar Undying Body also possesses a Sovereign Super Power?"

Mandela pursed her lips as she commented, "If even a Sovereign Celestial Body like the Great Solar Undying Body didn't possess a Sovereign Super Power, how many other Sovereign Celestial Bodies would be worthy of possessing it?

"The Sovereign Super Power, which the Great Solar Undying Body possesses, is also known as the Power of Nine Suns."

"The Power of Nine Suns?" Mu Chen was slightly stunned before he pondered this and asked, "Has it got to do with the Nine Suns Zoysia that was used to cultivate it?"

Mandela looked at Mu Chen in surprise before commenting, "Looks like you are not that stupid after all."

Mu Chen's mouth twitched.

"After the Nine Suns Zoysia has been cultivated, it transforms into nine Great Solar Crystals within the Great Solar Undying Body. If you can nurture and activate it, the Power of Nine Suns can easily help you defeat countless opponents," Mandela stated slowly.

"Great Solar Crystals?"

Mu Chen's brows knitted together as he closed his eyes, and a powerful spiritual energy burst out. As gold light surged, the Great Solar Undying Body appeared in a flash while he focused on sensing it. A moment later, he followed the flow of spiritual energy and realized that there were indeed nine spots which had fluctuations that were out of the ordinary.

The fluctuations were so minute that they were hidden under the spiritual energy, and if Mu Chen had not tried to find them intentionally, it would have been difficult to detect them.

Mu Chen focused his attentions more as he inspected these spots, and he discovered that there were indeed nine golden crystals that were spherical in shape in the depths where spiritual energy surged. A powerful fluctuation emanated subtly, yet surely.

"Are those the Great Solar Crystals?"

Understanding dawned on Mu Chen as he dissipated his Great Solar Undying Body. He opened his eyes and asked urgently, "How do I activate these Great Solar Crystals?"

He could feel the immense power embedded within the Great Solar Crystals, and if he could cultivate it, it would cause his abilities to grow stronger.

"That's simple. Just use your spiritual energy to activate them. If you have insufficient spiritual energy, then use Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to activate them. I think if you want to nurture and activate the first Great Solar Crystal, it would require 50,000 to 60,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid," Mandela remarked casually.

"Fifty to 60,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?"

Her casual statement almost caused Mu Chen to vomit blood. It had taken him only slightly more than 10,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to purchase one Void Great Solar Fruit. Now, just to activate one Great Solar Crystal, that would exceed more than 50,000 drops. Even if he sold himself he wouldn't be able to pay that much!

"Is that a lot? That's only for activating one Great Solar Crystal. You would need more Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as you progress."

Mu Chen blanched, and then his face turned green. So this supposed Power of Nine Suns was completely dependent on using Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to cultivate it!

"Looking at your sorry state…" Mandela supported her cheek with one hand as she stared teasingly at Mu Chen's expression. She waved her hand lazily and said, "Seeing how you were nosy and helped me just now, I will help you to activate the first Great Solar Crystal then."

Upon hearing the first part of her statement, Mu Chen was exasperated but after hearing the next part, he immediately wiped off his exasperated expression and put two thumbs up saying, "You're a heroine indeed, to know how to repay your gratitude."

Mandela gave him the side-eye and commented, "No backbone at all."

"This is not the time to have a backbone." Mu Chen smiled.

"Summon the Great Solar Undying Body again," Mandela said with a wave of her hand.

Mu Chen immediately complied, and as he concentrated, the Great Solar Undying Body shimmering with gold light materialized within the huge mountain. Under the glow of golden light, it seemed to be made of gold.

Mandela stretched out her small hand as black light coalesced on her fingertips, transforming into a beam of light. The light surged out, entering the Great Solar Undying Body as fast as lightning before appearing in the center of its forehead.

A Great Solar Crystal rested there.

The beam of dim light enveloped the Great Solar Crystal, and Mu Chen could feel a powerful spiritual energy continuously surge into the Great Solar Crystal.

As the powerful spiritual energy surged, the Great Solar Crystal grew brighter, and a terrifying power fluctuated.

The dim light enshrouded it, but the Great Solar Crystal did not hatch and activate as Mu Chen had imagined. 

"What happened?" Mu Chen opened his eyes and glanced at Mandela in bewilderment.

The young girl rubbed her forehead gently, as if fatigued. She rolled her eyes and retorted, "Do you think this is as simple as a hen hatching eggs? I left a beam of spiritual energy to slowly nurture it. It needs some time to completely mature."

Understanding then dawned on Mu Chen as he smiled. "Then why don't you activate a few more?"

It was a casual move, but it was akin to the effectiveness of a few thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Such power was unimaginable.

"I could, but with your power now, I just need to activate three Great Solar Crystals, and your Great Solar Undying Body would fail to withstand that degree of terrifying power and explode with a boom…" An unsettling smirk appeared on Mandela's face as she reached out with her small hand, light dancing on her fingertips as she smiled. "Here, let me help you."

Mu Chen smiled sheepishly as he retreated two steps. "I'll do it myself, then."

Mandela casually retracted her hand as Mu Chen sat beside her, asking in rumination, "Why are you so familiar with the Great Solar Undying Body?"

He had had this query in his heart for a long time, as he realized that Mandela's understanding of the Great Solar Undying Body had far surpassed his expectations. Generally speaking, people who knew about the Great Solar Undying Body were few and far between.

Mandela froze, and she remained silent. After a moment, she replied, "You're not the only one who has cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body before in this world."

"You have cultivated it before?" Mu Chen asked in shock.

"No." Mandela shook her head before stating calmly, "But I have met people before… So don't think that you are the only one. I also must remind you, if you meet someone who also cultivates the Great Solar Undying Body one day, you better be careful."

"Why?" Mu Chen asked solemnly.

"What's your goal of cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body?" Mandela asked.

"The Primordial Immortal Body," Mu Chen said softly, before his expression changed. He might not be the only one cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body, but there could only be one person who would successfully cultivate the Primordial Immortal Body. Thus, if there was someone else who also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body, that person would be his competitor to a certain extent.

"The Primordial Immortal Body is one of the remaining Primitive Celestial Bodies left in this world, and if one wanted to truly attain it, naturally they would have to go through a cruel process of selection. Since you have succeeded in cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body, you have passed the first step. However, to see which point you can advance to, that will have to depend on your ability."

Mu Chen's expression was somber as thoughts flowed rampantly through his mind. Mandela's words had given him a wake-up call, and it looked like the Primordial Immortal Body had many hidden secrets he was not privy to.

"Are the other Primitive Celestial Bodies like this, too?" Mu Chen asked, glancing at Mandela.

"Perhaps." Mandela did not give a definite answer.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded slightly. "Thank you, I will be careful. Now that you have told me, my interest in the Primordial Immortal Body has grown stronger."

Mandela stared at Mu Chen in surprise. His eyes had a spark of fire in them. This fellow has a courageous spirit indeed.

"It's just something to repay you."

Mandela stood up as she turned to walk out the cave. "Let's go. Daluo Territory's Battle of Conquest will begin soon. You better do as you deem fit and don't get killed. Otherwise, the Great Solar Undying Body will go to waste."

Mu Chen smiled as he clenched his fist, his gaze flashing with determination. No matter how dangerous it was to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body, he would not give up, and one day, he would attain the Primordial Immortal Body!

That was a path he must take to continue his journey towards becoming a matchless Sovereign master!

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