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The envelopment of the bloody fighting spirit began sweeping out, while the bright sky gradually turned dark and gloomy. A thick, pungent smell of blood seemed to be diffusing into the air.

Stern gazes were cast upon the Blood Hawk Troop, who was eluding fearsome fighting spirit. They looked like blood-sucking ferocious beasts who had just climbed out of a mountain filled with corpses and blood. Any enemies who appeared before them would surely be torn apart.

The Blood Hawk Troop was not the strongest among the armies in the Daluo Territory. But the killing desire they possessed was considered to be at the top of the list, and such killing desire was accumulated by the fresh blood they stockpiled.

In most previous wars, countless factions and sects had lost their lives under the blood spears of the Blood Hawk Troop. But now, the blood spears of the Blood Hawk Troop that were smeared with fresh blood were brought out once again. But this time, the tips of the spears were pointing toward the Nine Nether Troop, and no one knew if the Nine Nether Troop could protect themselves from such a strong opponent.

Numerous gazes were cast toward the direction of Nine Nether Troop. They were in rows of black, with their armors on their upright bodies. There was no fear, and no emotion except the will to fight, present in their eyes.

As the attention was all on them, both Mu Chen and Wu Tian stared at each other, with cold radiance swirling in their eyes. The vast spiritual energy was seeping out from their bodies, lifting them up in mid-air, before they then sat facing each other.

"Blood Hawk Fighting Spirit!" Wu Tian did not give Mu Chen any leeway. He gave a sneer and waved his hand, while his angry voice rang through the air.


The enveloping scarlet fighting spirit expanded its reach, spreading out like an ocean that was filled with blood. They suspended in mid-air, above the Blood Hawk Troop, releasing a blood-sucking aura.

"Let me see how you can command the fighting spirit, since you have just taken over the troop for only two to three months!" Wu Tian gave him a mocking smile, while pointing his finger in the air.

"Blood Shadow Fighting Spirit! Blood Spears Magic Formation!"

Weng Weng!

With a low scream from Wu Tian, countless red-glowing beams raised themselves into mid-air from the bloody pool of the fighting spirit, turning themselves into a flight of massive bloody spears above Wu Tian. These gigantic spears were formed by the fighting spirit, and they were razor-sharp. Even a Grade Three Sovereign top power would not dare underestimate such a level of attack, because such an attack was not activated by Wu Tian alone, but was supported by a troop of 5,000 warriors in the Blood Hawk Troop. 

However, although the Blood Spears Magic Formation was well-known for their formation, it was actually just a hoax. If Wu Tian could really convert the fighting spirit into a war formation, Mu Chen should have just conceded defeat.

Shoo! Shoo!

Countless blood spears were formed in the air. As Wu Tian shook his robe sleeves, a screeching wind-breaking sound could be heard. The blood spears were raining down on the Nine Nether Troops, like a rainstorm of blood, and they had nowhere to escape.

"Nine Nether Fighting Spirit!"

Mu Chen gazed at the bolting rainstorm with his sharp eyes. With the swing of his sleeves, the halberts in the hands of the Nine Nether Troop stomped the ground, excreting an ooze of ink-like fighting spirit into the sky, as if nightfall had just descended.

Mu Chen formed seals with both of his hands at lightning speed, before giving a slap forcefully.


The magnificent pitch-black fighting spirit swept across the space, like waves rushing in, transforming itself into a light screen of a thousand feet, then forming a gigantic sturdy black shield.

Sst sst..

The blood spears, which were now shooting from everywhere, landed on the light shield that was formed by the fighting spirit. Smoke was seen as they hit the shield. It was as though they were lava rocks landing in the sea, giving off sizzling sounds before turning into cold stones and falling off.

"Hmph, with only a mere thousand warriors in your Nine Nether Troop, you want to compete with my Blood Hawk Troop? Think on this, who has a more solid fighting spirit?" Wu Tian smirked at the side of his lips, as he pointed his finger into the air once again.

Weng! Weng!

More bloody long spears were formed behind him, shooting out non-stop, as it seemed like Wu Tian wanted to drain off the fighting spirit of Mu Chen and the Nine Nether Troop with his mighty fighting spirit. The spectators frowned, when they saw such a scene.

The Blood Hawk Troop had condensed and formed a fighting spirit stronger than the Nine Nether Troop, due to the numbers they had. Even though Wu Tian had not put up his full force for now, as time passed, the consumption would still be too much for Mu Chen and the Nine Nether Troop to defend against.

"The difference in the number of warriors between Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop is really too huge." Some of the spectators shook their heads, as they could tell that the Nine Nether Troop might not be able to hold out for too much longer. In their minds, the battle outcome was quite evident, right from the beginning.

Mu Chen did not have the time to be bothered by those gazes filled with sympathy. He watched the incoming waves of the rainstorm attack with calmness on his young face. While his sleeves swung, more fighting spirit was emitted, adding on to their defense.

Both the attack and the defense went into a stalemate, but as time passed, the sympathy gazes for the Nine Nether Troop had been substituted by ones of astonishment. They discovered that, even under such an aggressive attack, the defense of the Nine Nether Troop had shown no signs of crumpling or weakening.

"How could this have happened?" Some of the top powers from the Daluo Territory exclaimed.

Lord Asura's, Lord Mountain Cracker's, and the others' eyes flickered. They looked at that juvenile figure sitting on top of the Nine Nether Troop with deep thoughts in their mind, and they mumbled, "This is getting interesting."

Mu Chen lifted his head slowly under the astonishing gazes, as he smiled at Wu Tian, who was looking cold on his face now. "No more child's playing."

Wu Tian's lips twitched when he heard this. He smiled coldly. "It is no wonder you would take up this battle bet, as it seems like you have some reliance on your troop. My bad."

"Show us your true strength. If you are only up to this level, your Blood Hawk Troop will be quite wasted," Mu Chen said.

"You've got me fed up with your words. Those attacks previously were only just a test," Wu Tian said calmly, but killing desire and anger were swirling in his eyes.

"But, since you want to take a good look at the power of my Blood Hawk Troop, I don't mind showing it to you!"

Just as his voice ended, both of his eyes were turning scarlet. While he raised both his hands slowly, the Blood Hawk Troop gave a loud roar below.


Wu Tian formed a formation slowly, with both of his hands. As his formation changed, the enveloping bloody fighting spirit gave a deafening roar, and the waves of fighting spirit became even more tyrannical. Apparently, Wu Tian finally understood that Nine Nether Troop was not a troop which could be dealt with easily. Hence, he needed to power up his attack!

"Blood Hawk War Seal, All Suppression!"

Wu Tian paused a little with his formation. With blood rushing into his eyes, he raised his hand, and the bloody fighting spirit transformed into a bloody glowing palm, which was as huge as a mountain. Hideous-looking blood hawks seemed to be gliding on that glowing palm, looking down on the earth with sharp hawk eyes.

With the appearance of the bloody glowing palm, the spiritual energy from the heaven and earth started to rumble, and an indescribable pressure enveloped. Under this pressure, even Grade Three Sovereign top powers would not be able to keep their calmness.

Some of the top powers, who knew something about the Blood Hawk Troop, had stern expressions on their faces. In the past combat exchanges, numerous top powers had been squashed under this Blood Hawk Fighting Spirit.

Wu Tian had finally shown his true strength.

Mu Chen lifted his head, and the huge bloody glowing palm shadow was reflected in his serious eyes. Wu Tian was annoying, but he had to say that this fellow was not an ordinary character. The Blood Hawk Troop, under his lead, had displayed extraordinary strength.

If Mu Chen had not been here, such a compressing attack would cause a substantial setback to the Nine Nether Troop. However, in this world, there was no such thing as "if".

"I shall see what you have to say now!" Wu Tian looked down on Mu Chen and gave a hideous smile. As he slapped his palm down, the mountain-like bloody glowing palm went through the space, then appeared on the sky above Nine Nether Troop. As soon as it appeared, the palm suppressed the troop with great pressure.


The battlefield collapsed immediately, with a big crack in the middle, then spread itself rapidly.

Boom! Boom!

As the land kept collapsing, the robe on Mu Chen was sticking close to his body. He looked down on the Nine Nether Troop, who had been persevering, and smiled.

"Nine Nether Troop! We have been waiting for this day to come for many years. Today will be the day that we soar together. In the name of the Nine Nether Troop, we will make ourselves known in the Daluo Territory!"

The murmuring voice of Mu Chen rang in the heart of every Nine Nether warrior. Their eyes were sharpened, and a fire was burning within them all. After the wait of so many years, finally, the time had come to show their true strength.


Countless people witnessed in astonishment, as a huge black light pillar shot from the Nine Nether Troop. Within that pillar contained a shocking amount of fighting spirit.

Most of the top powers had their facial expressions changed slightly, as their eyes filled with surprise. How can the fighting spirit released from Nine Nether Troop be so domineering?

Mu Chen lifted his head, and as both of his hands opened up, he divided his attentions between the raging fighting spirit and the forming of a formation.


At the point where countless beams of fighting spirit intersected, the space was torn apart suddenly. A size of a thousand-feet pitch black glowing wings slowly formed, and the gale between the heaven and earth was blowing at maximum speed.

"Nine Nether Wing, Sky Slayer!"

At this moment, a sharp radiance was forming in Mu Chen's eyes, as he twisted both fingers and pointed out to the space in front of him, before striking forcefully.


A sound from a crying bird seemed to be heard at that instant, while a pitch black glowing wing turned into a sky sword, striking out with full force. The arc of the black-lighted sword collided with the suppressing bloody glowing palm gently.

The moment they collided, all breaths halted quietly.

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