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The normally noisy Daluotian was unusually quiet. But everyone knew that there were countless eyes looking collectively toward the direction of Nine Nether Palace.

Everyone was waiting for Nine Nether Palace's reaction.

Time was passing little by little, and a number of people furrowed their brows. Was Nine Nether Palace really going to resort to their most disadvantageous plan, which was to avoid the battle?

But what was the point in avoiding it now? Lord Blood Hawk was precisely aiming to discredit Nine Nether Palace. If Nine Nether Palace faced this sort of situation by avoiding the battle, it would be practically worse than losing to Blood Hawk Palace.

Could it be that Nine Nether Palace was really going to resort to such a foolish idea?


Just when countless powerful people in Daluo Territory were having their suspicions, suddenly, a monstrous fighting spirit soared up into the sky from the direction of Nine Nether Palace. Everyone instantly shifted their attention to it.

They could only see dark clouds rising from the sky above Nine Nether Palace, and suspended in the sky was the Nine Nether Troop. There was a slender shadow standing straight at the forefront of the troop that was emitting a feeling of sharpness similar to that of a pike capable of piercing the sky.

"Blood Hawk Troop, we, the Nine Nether Troop, quietly await your presence at the battleground!" Beneath the presence of that vigorous and firm spiritual power, the young man's cool and bright laugh resounded throughout every corner of Daluotian.


The moment Mu Chen finished speaking, the Nine Nether Troop immediately turned into a dark cloud, swept across the horizon, and flew toward the direction of Daluotian's battleground.


The whole of Daluotian was in an uproar, for Nine Nether Palace had finally made a move. Furthermore, judging by their direct acceptance of Blood Hawk Palace's offensive, it looked like things were about to get lively!

Swish! Swish!

Thus, when the sound of streams of wind suddenly resounded throughout the horizon, they could only see countless shadows soaring up into the sky from every direction. They covered the sky and earth as they streaked toward the direction of the battleground.


In Blood Hawk Palace, Lord Blood Hawk originally had a joyous smile on his face, but when he heard Mu Chen's laughter, the metal balls in his hand were immediately turned into dust. An ominous glint swept over his blood-red eyes as his lips curved into a cruel smile.

"Wu Tian!"

Wu Tian was in the audience hall and immediately answered, "Yes, my Lord!"

"Lead the Blood Hawk Troop there. From today onwards, I do not wish to see that brat's face in Daluotian ever again," Lord Blood Hawk said indifferently with his eyes slightly drooped.

"Understood!" There was also a ray of ferocity emerging from Wu Tian's eyes. He grinned and with a shift in his stature, he immediately swept out of the audience hall. Soon after, he waved his palm, and a blood ray capable of covering the sky and earth soared up to the sky from Blood Hawk Palace.

Suddenly, the aura of death permeated the air.

The battleground was situated at Daluotian's northwest area, and it was different from other training grounds. This battleground was the most extensive piece of land in Daluotian due to the fact that those who would usually carry out their fights and swap pointers here would not do it alone but rather with a whole troop.

The many legions in Daluotian had also carried out quite a number of competitions and swapped pointers there. Thus, the area was actually arranged to look like a battlefield and was filled with a killing aura.

No doubt the battleground was certainly bustling with noise, and the reason for this liveliness was naturally due to the eventual crossing of swords between Nine Nether Troop and Blood Hawk Troop.


The sound of objects piercing the air overwhelmingly resounded through the sky before a dark cloud immediately made its descent. Finally, it fell like iron lances in a perfectly straight manner and stuck itself firmly in the ground. The earth was shaking, but they remained unmoving.

Mu Chen had also landed lightly in front of the Nine Nether Troop. When he saw that Nine Nether Troop's gazes were filled with fighting spirit, he nodded in mild satisfaction.

Although there was a flaw in the Nine Nether Troop's numbers, their vigor was not weak at all. This legion definitely had potential. If they were all able to promote themselves to the Sovereign-level, then it would even be possible for them to directly kill a Grade Five Sovereign.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

When Nine Nether Troop landed on the battlefield, there were also continuous streams of light and shadow streaming towards the same spot from afar. It looked like the fight this time had already captured the attention of everyone in Daluo Territory.

Moreover, everyone could see that the crowd actually included the physical presence of Daluo Territory's other princes. This showed how much interest the fight had created.

Nine Nether, Tang Bing, and Tang Rou had also rushed over promptly. They stood high up in the sky. Behind them, there were also quite a number of Nine Nether Palace's forces. This time, it was clear that Nine Nether Palace had turned out in full strength.

Boundless attention converged on them. There was a shift in their expressions as they turned their heads to look over in the other direction and could only see that blood-red sky.


That sort of blood-red was spreading toward them at a terrifying speed. Eventually, like a blood-red rainstorm, it covered the earth and sky as it descended on the battlefield. Finally, only a thudding sound could be heard before the earth began to shake and patches of blood-red color began to permeate the air.

Everyone's eyelids twitched. The Blood Hawk Troop had finally appeared.

In the sky, Lord Blood Hawk also appeared in a flash. He stood high up in the sky and glanced at the Nine Nether Troop with a shady expression. An awe-inspiring smile swept across his face. Soon after, he smiled at Nine Nether and said, "Nine Nether, if you lose this fight, then it looks like the Blood Hawk Palace will gain another King class affiliated force."

Nine Nether glanced at him coldly before she lightly said, "You would still have to have the good fortune to enjoy it. So you ought to prepare those hundred cities and Heavenly Pills first."

Lord Blood Hawk chuckled. "As long as you all have the ability, Blood Hawk Palace would be more than willing to offer them," Lord Blood Hawk said with a smile. He waved his big hand and said, "Cut the crap and let's just start."

The moment he finished speaking, a heavy gale began to blow in the area where the fog of blood was permeating, and the blood ray was slowly dissipating. The streams of silhouettes wearing blood armor accompanied by the thick smell of blood lingering on their bodies were appearing one after another into everyone's line of sight between the sky and land.

The Blood Hawk Troop was all wearing identical blood armor. On the blood armor there was a Blood Shadow rune for tearing their prey, and an inauspicious air was seeping out from their bodies.

At the forefront of that Blood Hawk Troop, Wu Tian was also wearing blood armor while holding a bloody spear. He had an intensely cold smile on his face. His eyes were fixated on Mu Chen and the Nine Nether Troop, and had the look of a predator about to capture a mouse.

"Mu Chen, seeing how everyone here is from Daluo Territory, if you admit your defeat now, I can still show some mercy to avoid the outcome whereby Nine Nether Palace's heavy loss would prove to be an obstruction in Daluo Territory's incoming battles of conquest. What do you think?" Wu Tian said as he looked at Mu Chen with a smile.

Hearing this, Mu Chen smiled before saying, "Actually, you said the words I initially wanted to say to you."

"You're so stubborn," Wu Tian said with a faint smile. "Looks like you refuse to be convinced until you are faced with the grim reality. In that case, don't blame Blood Hawk Palace for not having any consideration for your feelings."

Mu Chen glanced at the size of the Blood Hawk Troop. He wanted to say something, but suddenly he paused when he saw a strange smile appear on Wu Tian's lips.

"Something is not right!" It seemed that Nine Nether had also become aware of something at that moment, as her pretty face looked toward the battlefield with a slight change in her expression. She discovered that the blood cloud behind Blood Hawk Troop had yet to actually dissipate.


The earth was shaking, and the sound of orderly footsteps could be heard. There was a slight change in the expressions of the people who were looking over at that rich blood cloud. The appearance of streams of silhouettes could be seen once again.

These silhouettes slowly stepped out of the blood cloud and appeared at the rear of the Blood Hawk Troop. Impressively, it was once again bulk upon bulk of Blood Hawk Troops!

Their numbers had doubled!


Suddenly, the sound of surprise resounded through the sky and land. This time, even Xu Qing and Zhou Yue's expressions changed slightly. Blood Hawk Palace actually dispatched all their Blood Hawk Troops!

But was Wu Tian truly able to control that amount of Blood Hawk Troops with his current capabilities? Was this fellow not afraid of being devoured by the fighting spirit?

Numerous whispers resounded through the sky and land. Clearly no one expected this move from Blood Hawk Palace.

"Looks like Blood Hawk Palace really did take out all of their capital," Mu Chen said while looking at the scene with slightly furrowed brows. 

Wu Tian chuckled. "It's too late to regret now." Wu Tian looked at Mu Chen with a smile as well as a ridiculing gaze.

"With your capabilities, are you not afraid of being devoured by the fighting spirit?" Mu Chen said.

Wu Tian smiled. Soon after, there was a flash of light between his two fingers, and a medicine pill flickering with Spiritual Light appeared. Then, he lightly stuffed it into his mouth. His smile became increasingly sinister.

"I can do it now."

"That is… the Ethereal Pill?! How despicable!" When Tang Bing and the rest saw this, the expressions on their faces changed immediately as they exclaimed while gritting their teeth. It looked like she knew the effects of the Ethereal Pill.

The expression on Nine Nether's beautiful face was becoming increasingly cold. It was clear that Blood Hawk Palace really wanted to win, by hook or by crook.

Lord Blood Hawk chuckled. "Nine Nether, we did not place a restriction on this in our provisions," Lord Blood Hawk said when he saw Nine Nether's cold expression. 

Nine Nether glanced at Lord Blood Hawk before clenching her pale hands.

When everyone else between the sky and land saw this scene, they, too, furrowed their brows. Clearly they were not fans of Blood Hawk Palace's usage of such tricks. After all, Blood Hawk Palace was already far stronger than Nine Nether Palace. Yet now they still wanted to use such tricks in order to win...

But it did not matter if they were fans of it or not, for they could not say anything about it. After all, it was true that there was no restriction on it in the fight this time. Now Nine Nether Palace's plight was getting further away from a good outcome.

Nine Nether did not pay attention to those pitiful looks but instead her pretty eyes were only focused on Mu Chen. As if he felt her gaze, Mu Chen also turned his head before smiling while nodding at her.

When she saw Mu Chen's response, Nine Nether also nodded. Her taut heart was slightly at ease.

Luckily, they did not come completely unprepared.

Mu Chen reached out his palm towards Wu Tian and said with a gentle smile, "Make your move. I hope such tricks will be of use to you."

"We are already at this point and yet you are still reluctant to admit your defeat…" Wu Tian sighed before saying with a sinister smile, "But believe me when I say, you will have no choice but to admit it very soon!"

The moment he finished speaking, he firmly stamped the the bloody spear in his hand.


Behind him, all the Blood Hawk Troops had also stamped the bloody spears in their hands. Immediately, the earth was shaking, and the blood-red fighting spirit engulfed the sky and land like the permeation of a bloody sea.

There was a solemn expression on the faces of countless people.

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