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The surge of fighting spirit permeated the space between the sky and land. Mu Chen had his eyes tightly shut as he immersed himself in that sea of fighting spirit, floating and sinking along with it. Yet, every time he attempted to assimilate into that surge of fighting spirit, it would become quite difficult.

He could manipulate these fighting spirits, but it was extremely difficult to assimilate and truly fuse together with them. If he was unable to do so, then the so-called 'to control with heart' would merely be empty talk.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen did not feel dejected due to the continuous failures, as he understood the faintly discernible existence of the fighting spirit. Its birth depended on a person's willpower, while its strength depended on the merging of willpower and spiritual power. It was precisely the fact that every fighting spirit had a different willpower, which made it difficult to perfectly assimilate into them.

Mu Chen settled down, as a few of the dilapidated bamboo scroll's abstruse words continuously flashed through his mind. Then, he heightened his perception in an attempt to obtain clues from it.

Fighting spirit originated from the fusion of willpower and spiritual power. If a person wanted to control that fighting spirit, then he must ensure the obedience of the willpower within the fighting spirit. This was also the most basic requirement for a war troop dispatcher.

But, in a legion, there were thousands upon thousands of strong men with tough willpower, as they had all gone through the honing of blood and fire. If a person wanted to completely embolden the power of that kind of fighting spirit, then both parties must be able to achieve a form of trust and fusion, without reservation.

However, if one used strength to forcefully manipulate it, then it would be most disadvantageous to them. When Mu Chen opened his slightly closed eyes, there was a hint of indecisiveness in his gaze. After a long while, he suddenly stretched out his arms slowly to regain the spiritual power which was enveloping him back into his body.

At the same time, his willpower was also beginning to relax. He even gave up on his instinct to resist, allowing that surge of vast fighting spirit to violently surge toward him in a craze.

Normally, when a person was controlling the fighting spirit, no matter the number, they would always put their guard up. After all, fighting spirits were violent and overwhelming. The moment they exceeded their limitations of control, then there was a possibility that they would devour that person's consciousness. Thus, Mu Chen's behavior was undoubtedly what people would regard as being extremely reckless.


The surge of fighting spirit rushed into Mu Chen's body like a flood. He did not show any sign of resistance, but instead allowed the fighting spirit to rage freely. Along with the lapse of time, as expected, Mu Chen's consciousness was beginning to erode, due to that surge of fighting spirit. But luckily, he was able to strongly defend his sense of clarity, which allowed his consciousness to maintain the line between obscurity and clarity...

He did not know how long had it been since he had sustained this position. Mu Chen's willpower seemed as if it was beginning to slack a little. However, this was not the kind of slack which resembled a crushing defeat, but instead, it was an organized dispersion that was quietly coming into contact, little by little, with the willpower that was hidden within that surge of fighting spirit.

Roar! Roar!

What was similar to the growls of countless men, who were hungry for war, resounded through Mu Chen's heart. His willpower was also beginning its attempt to make contact with the willpower hidden within the many fighting spirit, little by little.

Although the current Mu Chen was someone, who could already receive the approval of the Nine Nether Troop, this type of approval was only enough to allow him to control the fighting spirit on its surface. So now, he must assimilate deeply into the fighting spirit in order to trigger its true power. Only through this way, would he then be able to become a true war troop dispatcher!

Hence, time started to elapse, and the short period of three days went by quietly. In these three days, news of the fight between Nine Nether Troop and Blood Hawk Troop had completely fermented within Daluo territory, due to the promotion of people with ulterior motives. Hence, everyone knew about this fight.

Of course, they also knew that once the Nine Nether Troop lost, Nine Nether Palace would have to surrender to Blood Hawk Palace. This kind of outcome would be undoubtedly shocking, because for so many years in the Daluo Territory, there had never been an occurrence, whereby a King class force surrendered to another King class force.

Thus, this action was practically pushing Nine Nether Palace to the edge of a cliff. Once they lost, their reputation would suffer a devastating decline. At that time, no matter how much support the Condor King provided, they would not be able to maintain their position as one of the nine lords.

A few people were secretly shaking their heads at this awareness. Lord Nine Nether was still too young, especially when compared to the bunch of sly old men, such as Lord Blood Hawk, she was still lacking maturity.

Nevertheless, no matter how much Daluo Territory had been boiling over, due to this battle, Nine Nether Palace still remained silent, with no news of their panic being spread. This surprised quite a number of people. Could it be that Nine Nether Palace was really not flustered at all by this incoming fight? Did they have that much faith in the Nine Nether Troop?

In the midst of all these suspicions, the period of three days passed.vOn the third day, the moment the bright morning light tore through the clouds to shine on the earth, the attention of almost everyone in Daluo Territory was fixated on Nine Nether Palace, which was still silent.

At the center of Daluo Territory, in front of a dark hall, Lord Asura was looking toward the direction of the Nine Nether Palace with a blank expression. Behind him, the leader of the four great commanders, Xu Qing, was also standing with his hands by his side.

"My Lord, is there still no activity among Nine Nether Palace?" After waiting for a while, Xu Qing couldn't help but ask.

Lord Asura said with a light tone, "Although Lord Nine Nether is still young, she is not a reckless person. Since she accepted this fight with Blood Hawk Palace, then it must be because she has a trump card. The fact that Nine Nether Palace chose to remain behind closed doors, must mean that they are in the midst of preparing something."

"It was said that the fight this time was accepted by their new commander, Mu Chen…" Xu Qing scowled and said, "Actually, he has a rather exaggerated opinion of his own abilities. How could Nine Nether allow him to fool around like this?"

There was an unusual fluctuation in his tone, because he noticed that the relationship between Nine Nether and Mu Chen was not merely a simple one between a master and subordinate. Otherwise, how could Nine Nether tolerate such actions from him?

King Asura looked at him, a smile appearing on his usually blank face. He said, "Why? Are you jealous?" 

Xu Qing's handsome face flushed red as he let out an embarrassed smile.

"Don't look down on that young man." King Asura shook his head. He looked toward the direction of Nine Nether Palace with slightly narrowed eyes and said, "I have a feeling that Blood Hawk Palace will regret having provoked him."

Xu Qing was surprised before going quiet shortly thereafter. This was actually the first time, after so many years, that he had heard King Asura give such an evaluation to a young man, who looked to be younger than him.

Blood Hawk Palace.

Lord Blood Hawk was seated on the throne. At this moment, there was a joyous smile on his usually gloomy face. He had two metal balls in his hands, which were being slowly spun around. His gaze was filled with satire, as he looked toward the direction of Nine Nether Palace.

It didn't matter if there would eventually be any activity among Nine Nether Palace, because the outcome would still be the same. When the moment comes, where he finally managed to suppress Nine Nether Palace, no one in Daluo Territory would dare offend them, the Blood Hawk Palace, ever again.

Moreover, when Nine Nether Palace finally lost their power and influence, he really wanted to see that prideful woman, Nine Nether. He wondered what sort of touching expression would be on that beautiful face, which was now only filled with uncouthness. When he thought of this, there was a blaze bubbling in Lord Blood Hawk's eyes.

While King Asura and Lord Blood Hawk were keeping their eyes on Nine Nether Palace, at different parts of Daluo Territory, the other prince forces were also focusing their attention on Nine Nether Palace. If Nine Nether Palace remained behind closed doors for the fight today, then they would surely make a fool out of themselves. That might also be what Lord Blood Hawk wanted to see.

In the deep mountains of Nine Nether Palace, Nine Nether stood silently at the summit. Today, she wore a dark green unlined garment and slim-fit pants, which wrapped around her slender and sexy legs until they were perfectly straight, mellow and full. Her fine black hair was swishing, and there was only tranquility on that cool, elegant, and pretty face of hers.

However, for the two sisters Tang Bing and Tang Rou, who were right behind her, their faces were filled with worry. This was because, in mid-air above that faraway place, there had been no activity from Mu Chen for the past three days.

But, now the fight was about to begin!

If there was still no activity from Nine Nether Palace, then they would truly have no face to have a foothold in Daluo Territory ever again. There were already people saying that Nine Nether Palace was afraid of war. This would be a fatal blow to their reputation.

"Elder sister Nine Nether," Tang Bing couldn't help but utter, "Why don't we forcefully wake Mu Chen up? Even if we fail in the end, it would still be better than being said to be a people who fear war."

When Nine Nether heard this, she only shook her head lightly before, opening her red lips slightly to say, "Wait."

Tang Bing forced a smile and could only nod at this. At the cliff of the other side, Mandela still looked heedless. After a long while, she finally stretched herself out lazily. That pair of big golden eyes was fixated on that area, which was wreathed with fighting spirit. A hint of imperceptible disappointment swept across her eyes.

In the end, was it still no good?

Mandela sat up and patted her hands together. Just when she was about to leave, she suddenly paused, and slowly turned her head to look over at that deep mountain forest. Over there, the members of Nine Nether Troop that were originally sitting cross-legged silently, abruptly opened their eyes fiercely.


Along with the moment they opened their eyes, the surge of fighting spirit, which was wreathed above them, actually roared like a flood, and the fighting spirit hissed into a tornado. That scene was extremely spectacular.

Nine Nether and the rest also looked over in astonishment. Then, they saw that slender shadow finally standing up slowly, after having been seated quietly in that surge of fighting spirit for the past three days. It was still the same shadow, but for some reason at this moment, there was an awe-inspiring fighting spirit permeating from his body.

"Looks like he succeeded." a hint of surprise swept through Mandela's huge golden eyes as she spoke with a smile.

When Tang Bing and Tang Rou heard this, they couldn't help but show how pleasantly surprised they were through their expressions. It was also at this moment that Nine Nether's pale hands, which were tightly clenched all along, began to slowly relax, as if she had been relieved from a huge burden.

From afar, Mu Chen's stature moved slightly, before appearing directly in front of Nine Nether and the rest. Soon after, a smile appeared on his handsome face. That smile was filled with a high-spirited fighting spirit, which was not there before.

"I am sorry to have kept you waiting. Now, we have to go and take back the plunder which belongs to us!"

When Nine Nether and the rest looked at that confident smile on the handsome face before them, their taut hearts were finally at ease. This young man had always been creating miracles that were unattainable by normal people. And this time, it would certainly be the same.

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