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A terrifying collision suddenly burst out in the sky. The endless brightness and the scarlet-colored light each occupied half of the sky. The two fierce spiritual energies charged at each other wildly in an attempt to eliminate the other.

At the place of impact, the space kept cracking apart to form many fissures. Such a collision caused everyone to watch with a solemn look. Even the expressions of some of the powerful leaders from the other forces under the Daluo Territory changed.

Everyone gazed at the point of collision. They all knew that the collision should be enough to conclude the battle.

At the Nine Nether Palace zone, Tang Bing and Tang Rou widened their charming eyes in anxiousness. They also clenched their fists so hard that their hands turned somewhat pale. Mu Chen had already reached this point and was just one step away from victory. If he were to fail at this point, it would be extremely unfortunate.

Tang Rou kept praying quietly. Tang Bing also bit her lips gently and stared at the battle without blinking.

Under the countless stares, the terrifying collision still seemed to be in a stalemate in the sky. Seeing this, Cao Feng's face darkened.

He had already gone all out and actually still could not defeat Mu Chen easily.

"This b*st*rd!"

Cao Feng's eyes reddened. He was like a gambler who had lost everything. Staring at Mu Chen with a vicious look, he stomped his foot hard again, and all the spiritual energy in his body poured out completely, along with his remaining blood.

If one could see his body, which was hidden in the Sovereign Celestial Body at the moment, one would realize that Cao Feng looked absolutely horrible like a dry corpse.


After Cao Feng risked his life for such a counterattack, the blood-red light strengthened instantly. For a moment, it actually seemed to suppress the endless brightness.

Exclamations filled the sky.

Behind the endless brightness, the Great Solar Undying Body that Mu Chen had turned into looked at Cao Feng's desperate attack emotionlessly. Then, his hands started to form a seal.


In the bright palm print, it was as if a sun were expanding. Waves of dazzling light spread out, and the eye-catching flames of brightness soared up from the bright palm print.

"Great Solar Demon-Destroyer!"

Mu Chen's low voice sounded off in the sky. The palm print, which contained the giant sun, whizzed down and the flames of brightness spread. The monstrous blood rays that were originally increasing were now completely incinerated by the great solar flames in an instant.

The great solar palm print dropped down without obstruction. In the end, the palm directly grabbed the blood ball, which contained the blood from Cao Feng, and clenched hard!


A cracking sound was heard, and the blood ball was crushed by Mu Chen's palm. Before its violent power could burst out, the flames of brightness swept out and burned it completely.

In the sky, the blood rays were immediately eliminated.

Horror gushed out from Cao Feng's eyes. The rapidly dimming Blood Shadow Celestial Body turned around and dashed off. He knew that he could no longer defeat Mu Chen.

Mu Chen stared emotionlessly at Cao Feng, who had turned to run away. Waving his sleeves, the bright palm print permeated through space and landed on the Blood Shadow Celestial Body.


A frightening sound was heard. The Blood Shadow Celestial Body that Cao Feng had turned into actually exploded and turned into viscous blood that rained down from the sky, instantly turning the ground blood-red.

As the bloody rain fell, a somewhat dim blood ray crazily rushed out.

Coldness flashed in Mu Chen's eyes. The bright palm slapped out fiercely and grabbed towards the dim blood ray. Clearly, he did not plan to let Cao Feng off that easily.

The blood ray Cao Feng had turned into tried to escape, but his speed was far slower than Mu Chen's due to his severe injury. Thus, in the blink of an eye, the bright palm appeared in the sky above him and slapped down mercilessly.

Intense horror immediately surged in Cao Feng's eyes.

Everyone watched the scene, and their hearts trembled slightly. The new Commander from the Nine Nether Palace was young but rather cruel. From the look of it, he was obviously going to beat a drowning dog.

However, just as Mu Chen's bright palm was about to hit Cao Feng, Lord Blood Hawk, who had been watching the battle at the Blood Hawk Palace zone and therefore had a gloomy face, suddenly roared in anger.


Hearing his shout, Mu Chen totally ignored him. Instead, his attack became quicker and more violent.

"How dare you!"

Lord Blood Hawk's face finally turned completely dark. Although Cao Feng caused him to be extremely disappointed, he was a member of the Blood Hawk Palace, after all. If he was killed by Mu Chen before Lord Blood Hawk, that would be equivalent to slapping the faces of everyone in the Blood Hawk Palace. This was something that he definitely could not tolerate. In particular, when he saw that Mu Chen actually completely ignored his warning, he became noticeably furious.

"Supercilious kid! Let me teach you what humility is!"

Lord Blood Hawk smacked the armrest with his palm, and the whole throne turned into powder. Moving his body, he appeared in the sky directly. He pointed into the air, and a blood-red feather emerged from thin air. It passed through space and flew towards Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body like a bolt of lightning.


The blood-red feather penetrated through space and instantly caused Mu Chen to feel coldness in his heart. The feather did not look powerful, but the terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation that it contained far exceeded his.

Even though Mu Chen had the Great Solar Undying Body, he could not fight against a Grade Five Sovereign.

Mu Chen's look sparkled slightly. Then, he did an astonishing act again. He actually ignored Lord Blood Hawk's attempt to save Cao Feng by attacking him. The bright palm still slapped forcefully towards Cao Feng.

Seeing that, coldness appeared in Lord Blood Hawk's eyes. Since this is the case, you will die with Cao Feng.


The blood feather permeated through space and appeared directly behind Mu Chen. However, at the instant when it was going to hit, a feather burning with a purple flame also tore through space and appeared suddenly, colliding with it.


The two feathers collided but there were no violent spiritual energy explosions. They just corroded each other and quickly dimmed, eventually turning into nothingness.

"It's not your Blood Hawk Palace's turn to teach someone from my Nine Nether Palace!"

As the two attacks annihilated each other, a cold, clear voice also spread in the sky. Everyone turned their heads and looked over to see Nine Nether standing alone in front of her throne. Her icy appearance, swaying hair, and the purple flames that surrounded her all made her look stunningly beautiful and dignified.

Lord Blood Hawk stood in midair and stared at Nine Nether with a freezing look. He was so angry that he smiled instead and said, "What high-sounding sentiments. After disappearing for a few years, your temper has changed for the worse."

"If you are not willing to let this go, we can fight. I have disliked you for a very long time as well. If I can defeat you, I can take this opportunity to annex your Blood Hawk Palace into my Nine Nether Palace," Nine Nether said as the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

"Annex my Blood Hawk Palace? Alright, show me what you've got. I'll see how much you have to actually dare to say such things!" Lord Blood Hawk gave an angry laugh.


However, just as Lord Blood Hawk finished speaking, a miserable shriek suddenly sounded off. Mu Chen's palm had already smacked hard onto Cao Feng's body without hesitation. Cao Feng's chest caved in directly as he spat volumes of blood and fell vertically like a bird whose wings had been broken.

Dash, dash!

As he was falling, two gusts of strong wind passed by. Then, Cao Feng's arms were cut off. He immediately gave out a sharp, miserable scream again.


Cao Feng landed hard on the ground which sank underneath him. Lying on the ground, blood flowed out from his body, and his breath was weak. Nobody knew if he was still alive.


Everyone gasped quietly and stared at Mu Chen who was in the sky with a frightening look. The cruelty that Mu Chen had displayed caused them to feel somewhat scared even though they had experienced hundreds of battles.

This man was young but his means were high-handed.

In the sky, the Great Solar Undying Body that Mu Chen had turned into also dissipated. His own body appeared, and he stared coldly at Cao Feng. He said tonelessly, "This is what you owe the Nine Nether Palace. In the future, you will not have any relations with the Nine Nether Palace."


Cao Feng, who was already extremely weak, spat out a mouthful of blood after hearing this. His eyes dulled, and he finally lost consciousness.

The entire place fell into silence.

Just then, deafening cheers suddenly spread from the Nine Nether Palace zone. Everyone from the Nine Nether Troop looked excited, and their eyes were completely red. Over these years, Cao Feng's betrayal had been a pain in their hearts. In the Daluo Territory, many people mocked them because of it, but they could only tolerate it. However, at the moment the issue had been completely resolved because of the arrival of their new Commander, Mu Chen.

They finally had a heartfelt admiration towards Mu Chen. The new Commander that master Nine Nether had brought back was indeed far stronger and more convincing than Cao Feng.

"Sister, Mu Chen won!" Tang Rou grabbed Tang Bing's arm and cheered joyfully.

A smile could also be seen on Tang Bing's mouth, and joy filled her pretty eyes. She stared at the slender young man in the sky, and her lips curled up slightly. Luckily, you did not disappoint me. Otherwise, I would not let you off easily.

While the Nine Nether Palace was cheering loudly in the sky, however, Lord Blood Hawk's face was so dark, it seemed to be raining. He stared at Mu Chen with a frightening look and said, "Such a cruel kid!"

A horrific killing intent gushed out from his body and towards Mu Chen like a mountain. Clearly, he really wanted to kill Mu Chen.

Feeling the overwhelming killing intent that was rushing over, Mu Chen's expression also changed slightly. A Grade Five Sovereign was indeed very powerful.


As the killing intent gushed over, a fragrant wind also came. Nine Nether's slim body appeared before Mu Chen. As her hair swayed, she helped Mu Chen to completely block the killing intent.

Nine Nether's face was cold. Clenching her fist gently, a purple flame surged in her palm like a snake. She slowly lifted her long, narrow eyes and stared at Lord Blood Hawk with a freezing look. An icy voice spread in the sky.

"If you are still unwilling to give up, let me fight you."

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