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The dazzling flame of brightness came down from the sky like a torrent. Where the flame of brightness passed, the monstrous blood rays that filled the sky were destroyed completely, at an incredible speed, as if they were snow that had come into contact with lava.

In just a few breaths' time, the dark sky became extremely bright. In the distant sky, the huge giant walked over by stepping in the air. The scorching sun behind its head was remarkably spectacular. Everyone watched the scene, dumbstruck.

"That's... that's Mu Chen's sovereign celestial body?"

"What celestial body is this? With such fluctuations, this is definitely not an ordinary sovereign celestial body. But by the looks of it, it also does not seem to be one of the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies..."

"So weird..."

Throughout the place, many whispers could be heard. The voices were mixed with shock and uncertainty. Clearly, the mysterious sovereign celestial body had caused them to become quite puzzled. In the sky, the three kings also stared at the mysterious sovereign celestial body in surprise, their eyes sparkling.

"This sovereign celestial body does not seem to be in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies ranking," the Condor King said in surprise.

The Spiritual Pupil King frowned slightly, then said tonelessly, "Although the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies ranking is authoritative, the world is too vast and huge, and it contains many strong sovereign celestial bodies that are not in the ranking. Furthermore, some people are very talented and can condense some special sovereign celestial bodies, due to good luck."

Hearing this, the Sleeping King also nodded and said in a light tone, "That's right. There are too many wonders in the world, and the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies do not represent everything. However, although the sovereign celestial body is powerful, it still depends on the strength of the user himself. If the difference between the grades of two people is too huge, even a very strong sovereign celestial body cannot make up for the gap."

He paused for a while, glancing at the two sovereign celestial bodies that were facing each other in the sky. He then smiled and added, "But from the looks of it, the mysterious sovereign celestial body is enough to decide the outcome."

Even though Mu Chen was only a grade one sovereign, his combat force was no weaker than that of Cao Feng, who was a grade two sovereign. At the moment, both of them had summoned their sovereign celestial bodies. As a discerning observer, the Sleeping King could naturally tell that Mu Chen had an absolute advantage.

Hearing that, the Condor King also smiled, while the Spiritual Pupil King frowned, but did not say much. He was not very interested in the battle, because it was between two people of such low grades. Although Cao Feng was under Lord Blood Hawk, if he was considered to be so useless, he would have no more value, and could thus be abandoned.

In the sky, Cao Feng stared in horror at the mysterious giant, who was walking over in mid-air. He felt as if his heart was rolling in mountains of wild waves, because he could feel the pressure that penetrated across the space. The pressure was sufficient for him to know that the sovereign celestial body cultivated by Mu Chen was certainly stronger than his Blood Shadow Celestial Body.

"How can it be..."

Cao Feng roared in his mind. He naturally knew how precious such a strong sovereign celestial body was. Even though he had risked his life for the Blood Hawk Palace over these years, he had only managed to obtain the cultivation method for the Blood Shadow Celestial Body. However, the sovereign celestial body cultivated by Mu Chen was actually stronger than his Blood Shadow Celestial Body!

"It must be Nine Nether who gave it to him!" A flame of envy gushed out from Cao Feng's heart. His feelings towards Nine Nether were extremely complicated, as he felt both admiration and inferiority.

In the first place, he betrayed the Nine Nether Palace, partially because he knew that he did not deserve to be with Nine Nether at all. Therefore, he wanted to work hard. Precisely because of this, he could not control his rage and killing intent, when he discovered that Nine Nether had actually found another person to replace him in the Nine Nether Palace. He wanted to prove to Nine Nether that he was definitely irreplaceable.

"You think that you can win over me, just with this sovereign celestial body? Idiotic nonsense!" Killing intent surged in Cao Feng's eyes, rising like the tides. Then he roared suddenly, his hands quickly forming a seal.


The appalling blood rays swept out wildly again. Giant columns of blood-red light burst out from the Blood Shadow Celestial Body suddenly, as viscous as blood.

"Sword of the Blood Shadow, spirit-slayer!"

All the blood-like viscous columns of light merged together wildly, then actually turned into a huge blood sword, which measured about a thousand feet large. On the sword, blood flowed down in streams.


The huge blood sword seemed to be distorted. It was like a shadow that was emitting a peculiar, ghastly fluctuation. In the next instant, the blood sword actually disappeared into thin air.

In the distant sky, the space behind the Great Solar Undying Body, which Mu Chen had turned into, suddenly cracked open. A blood ray flew out like a shadow, and without bringing about any fluctuation, it quietly struck down at the head of the Great Solar Undying Body.


However, just as the shadow-like blood sword was about to land its strike, a huge hand, which seemed to be burning with great solar flames, moved through the air to grab the blood sword.


The huge hand grabbed the blood sword and clenched forcefully, causing the blood sword to shatter instantly. Blood burst out, then immediately evaporated into nothingness.


Throughout the place, many people exclaimed in surprise. No one had expected that such a weird attack from Cao Feng would actually be blocked by Mu Chen so easily.


Cao Feng roared uncontrollably. His blood sword was condensed from the blood of many powerful people and spiritual beasts. Its hardness was no weaker than ordinary divine artifacts, but it was crushed into pieces by a single hand from Mu Chen's sovereign celestial body.

Flames of brightness surged in the eyes of the Great Solar Undying Body that Mu Chen had turned into, appearing emotionless. He stared at Cao Feng, as if he was looking at an ant from above.

After truly activating the Great Solar Undying Body, he could feel the wildly skyrocketing power in his body. It was far greater than the power of Cao Feng at the moment. After all, the Great Solar Undying Body was one of the fundamental celestial bodies needed to cultivate the Primordial Immortal Body. Its powers were far beyond the expectations of most people.


Mu Chen's look was emotionless. He clenched his giant fist and punched out. Brightness bloomed, and a sun-like fist print whizzed overhead. Flashing, it penetrated across space, then appeared in front of Cao Feng, striking down forcefully.

Against this kind of fierce attack, Cao Feng only managed to cross his arms before him to guard himself. Then, he felt a terrifying power burst out on his arms.


A low roar spread across the sky. The huge Blood Shadow Celestial Body actually trembled, forced to take a step backwards. Every time he landed, he would leave a deep footprint on the ground below.


The Blood Shadow Celestial Body stomped his foot suddenly. The ground cracked open, and only then did he stabilize his body. Meanwhile, Cao Feng's eyes were already completely filled with savage rage. The fact that he kept retreating had caused the killing intent in his mind to reach its maximum.

"I must kill him!"

Cao Feng bellowed in his heart, as he could not tolerate being defeated by Mu Chen. Over these years, he was even willing to stoop to betrayal, if it meant gaining greater power. If he was to fail here, all the hard work from these years would have been worthless. Therefore, he must kill Mu Chen!

Cao Feng's eyes were blood-red. He raised his arms high, and a scarlet spiritual energy gushed out from his palms like the tides. This time, there was actually real blood gathering in the spiritual energy. It was the blood from Cao Feng's body.


The viscous sound of water could be heard. A blood-red ball, about a thousand feet large, converged between the hands of the Blood Shadow Celestial Body quickly. The surface of the blood ball wriggled continuously. Many blood thorns extended out, then retracted back again.

An extremely violent and frightening fluctuation spread across the sky silently...

On the Daluo Golden Platform, Xu Qing, Zhou Yue and the rest, whose faces had already been filled with solemnity, saw the blood ball between Cao Feng's palms, and their expressions changed uncontrollably.

"This person is mad!"

They cursed in spite of themselves. They could naturally sense that Cao Feng had actually drawn out all of the blood in his body. Obviously, he had a real intention to kill, and wanted to eliminate Mu Chen completely!

However, he would have to pay a heavy price for this. Even if he won, he would definitely need more than half a year to recover gradually.

At the Nine Nether Palace zone, Tang Bing and Tang Rou both clenched their fists, as nervousness could be seen on their faces. Even Nine Nether also frowned, her face filled with coldness. Clearly, she had underestimated the extent to which Cao Feng wanted to kill Mu Chen.

She straightened her body slightly, ready to move out. Obviously, once Mu Chen was in danger, she would save him.

"Demonic Blood Ball!"

Cao Feng's furious roar spread in the sky. Monstrous blood rays burst out, as the enormous blood ball instantly turned into a beam of blood-red light, striking towards Mu Chen, quick as a bolt of lightning.

Where the blood ball passed, all space was cracked apart, forming many fissures. The ground below was also torn brutally, resulting in an abyss-like fracture.

Mu Chen stared at the Demonic Blood Ball, which was flying towards him at an astonishing speed. Facing such a horrifying attack, he still did not dodge at all. His fist simply clenched slowly.

"I'll show you the true power of the Great Solar Undying Body."

Mu Chen muttered in his heart. Just then, his look suddenly became exceptionally penetrating, as an endless amount of light erupted from the center of his palm. There, it was as if a blazing sun was partially visible.

"Great Solar Palm!"

A deep voice sounded off suddenly in Mu Chen's heart. The huge hand that seemed to contain a sun slapped out abruptly. It directly penetrated across space, before it collided fearlessly with the ball that contained all of the blood from Cao Feng.


The two hit, brightness enveloping the place. Everyone widened their eyes at that moment.

Both had risked their lives in the fight. So, who exactly was stronger?

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