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In the sea of forest, bathed in golden light, Mu Chen stood in mid-air, his dark eyes looking forward with a sharp gaze, as seven figures could be seen amid the forest.  

These seven figures were standing around, about a thousand feet apart, as majestic spiritual energy surged around them, drawing howling winds. They stared at each other with dread and guarded expressions. They were clear that, if they wanted to ascend to the Daluo Golden Platform, they would have to pose as each other's greatest obstacles. 

These seven figures were all aces, who hailed from various forces in the Daluo Territory, and any one of them would not be weaker than the four leaders of Mangshan Mountain. Otherwise, they would not be able to lead the first echelon formation among the other competitors. Also, it was precisely because of their strong capabilities, that the battle would culminate in an inevitable fierce struggle between evenly-matched opponents.

No matter who wished to ascend to the Daluo Golden Platform from this direction, they would draw the enmity and attacks of these seven figures. Hence, when Mu Chen had appeared, seven glances were immediately drawn towards his, before they turned solemn, as they had recognized Mu Chen as the opponent who had exchanged blows with the four leaders of Mangshan Mountain, due to the aftermath of the fierce battle. The combat strength that Mu Chen had displayed had shocked them all.

The seven figures frowned, as they had not thought that Mu Chen would come from their direction, and they knew then that they had gained a fearsome opponent. After witnessing Mu Chen's previous battle, they all understood that, if they fought him one on one, none of them would be Mu Chen's match.

The seven figures glanced at each other knowingly, as their gazes flickered, reaching a common understanding. Although this Mu Chen was formidable, if he wanted to get through them, they would have to form an alliance to overwhelm him and get him to understand that, no matter how powerful he was, he had to adhere to the rules in their territory.

Mu Chen observed their gazes, his expression remaining calm, as he knew exactly what these seven figures were planning. However, he did not have any intention to retreat. Instead, he took a deep breath, the resolve in his dark eyes turning sharp.

So what if seven Sovereigns were out to stop him? Even a powerful Sovereign like Luo Tianshen failed to stop his tracks, let alone these characters before him? Although the path in front of him was full of prickly thorns, even if he had to bleed, he would break through fearlessly!


Mu Chen stepped out abruptly, and as the space behind him distorted, the Sovereign Sea appeared faintly. Then, as if purple flames rose, spiritual energy fluctuations started emanating from where his body acted as the core. The spiritual energy then surged and swept across the entire space, causing the sea of forest below them to crumble and collapse.


Mu Chen stepped heavily, as his figure transformed into a stream of light, surging forward to the Daluo Golden Platform.

"Stop right there!"

The seven Sovereigns roared in anger when they saw how Mu Chen ignored them blatantly, as he headed straight toward the Daluo Golden Platform.

This Mu Chen was too arrogant, does he see them as nothing?

Fury boiled in the seven's eyes, as they struck at the same time, causing a fierce ribbon of spiritual energy to sweep across the space. It appeared as if a raging dragon that was surging towards Mu Chen with a speed as swift as lightning. 

In the sky, Mu Chen's silhouette halted abruptly. He turned to glance at the ribbon of spiritual energy, a cold glint surging in his eyes. He paused in his tracks, as an obsidian beam of light soared into the sky from his crown, an ominous aura erupting from it. 

Within the pillar of light, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar emerged, then expanded profusely to a few hundred feet tall, as if it was a massive pillar that was reaching to the heavens. Mu Chen crossed his arms lightly in front of his chest. As he dealt a brutal blow with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, the space in front of him shattered, and a pervasive demonic aura caused the heavens and the earth to be shrouded in dullness.


As the Great Meru Demonic Pillar landed heavily, it shattered the seven ribbons of spiritual energy. As they erupted, they headed straight towards the three Sovereigns, who were still right in front, with a dizzying momentum. 

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar surged forward fiercely with a looming shadow and demonic aura, causing the sea of forests below to be torn apart instantaneously. Meanwhile, the three Sovereigns, who were tangled in the attack, twisted their expressions in shock, clearly aware of how terrifying Mu Chen was.  


Three Sovereign celestial bodies appeared, surrounding their bodies, their massive sizes colliding with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The collision was so devastating, it unleashed a storm that destroyed the sea of forests within a thousand feet radius.

The three Sovereign celestial bodies retreated quickly, their massive feet causing the ground to shake and develop deep pits. As they regained their stability, terror surged in their eyes. 

They now understood the fear that the four leaders of Mangshan Mountain had felt. This young man before them was bound to deal fatal blows, without mercy, if he decided to get serious.

They lifted their heads to see Mu Chen hovering in mid-air, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar emanating an ominous demonic aura behind him, as if it was a Primordial Demonic God. Flames burned in the slender young man's dark eyes, as his handsome face remained expressionless, but his gaze caused their hearts to tremble in trepidation.

His was a gaze of pure determination that nothing could waver. To continue on his journey, the young man was willing to pay the price of even his life, and any opponent that stood in his way would be burned to ashes below his feet.


Taking advantage of the moments of their shock, Mu Chen moved swiftly and appeared atop of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, just as the pillar transformed into a beam of lurid light and surged out. Although his speed was extremely fast, if the seven Sovereigns were out to stop him, they could have done so easily.

However, no one dared to take action, for they could sense the malicious aura from Mu Chen that they dreaded, and the latter's determined gaze let them understand that, once they took action, the young man would begin a battle that would only stop when one party was dead. 

They had expended much effort to reach this phase of cultivation, and thus valued their lives highly. Although a slot to use the Daluo Golden Pool was highly valuable, it was insignificant compared to one's life.

Furthermore, even if they had ascended to the Daluo Golden Platform, they would have to face the powerful Four Great Commanders. Thus, it would be unwise to battle with such a persistent and fierce character now.

The gazes of the seven figures flickered, as hesitation and conflict surfaced in their eyes. Mu Chen, however, ignored them.

As he stood atop the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, the winds howled, causing his robes to billow. Flames seemed to be surging within the young man's gaze.

Below the peak of the Golden Pool, many people watched the scene unfold with bated breaths, as Mu Chen rushing into the circle of seven Sovereigns was a shocking visual.

Tang Bing and Tang Rou gripped their hands together tightly, as their hearts jumped to their throats. However, while they felt extremely anxious, they also felt that Mu Chen in this current stage was so outstanding, that they could barely shift their gazes away. That young man might have been younger than them, but his courageous spirit easily crushed Sovereigns of the same grade.

Under countless gazes, Mu Chen barged into the circle of seven Sovereigns, but he did not pause at all. His expression remained calm, as he activated the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to surge forward, brushing past the seven Sovereigns.

Even till the end, the seven Sovereigns did not take action. And, when Mu Chen passed by them, they heaved a quiet sigh of relief in their hearts, as the young man's eyes made them understand that, if they had really wanted to take action, even if they could stop Mu Chen today, they would end up paying a heavy price.

They could not imagine why a young man had such a determined and sharp gaze, but many years of cultivation had allowed them to understand: this was a ruthless character, who they could not afford to provoke. Hence, they could only purse their mouths and feel a sense of relief. This young man would achieve extraordinary accomplishments in the future, and they would not be able to stop his footsteps.


As Mu Chen passed through the circle of seven Sovereigns, the crowd below the peak of the Golden Pool gasped in shock and bewilderment, as many strong men were astonished and in disbelief. Also, since they were not involved in the situation, they naturally could not understand the actions of the seven Sovereigns.

In the sky, the three Kings gazed at the massive Spiritual Energy Screen. As they glanced at the young man standing atop the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, their expressions flickered.

"This Mu Chen has a promising future,so it looks like a strong character has finally appeared in our Daluo Territory."

The Sleeping King, who had always been watching with bleary eyes, opened his eyes wider, revealing that they were as deep as the dark sky, surging with wisdom. He glanced at the slender figure, then stated airily.

Condor King and Nine Nether were on rather good terms, so he just smiled. Then, the Spiritual Pupil King stated nonchalantly, "There are too many prodigies in this world, and impressive characters are as many as the stars in the sky. At the end of the day, there are too few who truly stand out."

Upon hearing this, the Sleeping King smiled cryptically, as he shut his eyes and reverted back to his laidback demeanor.

Atop the sea of forests, Mu Chen, who had now passed through the seven Sovereigns, waved his sleeve, summoning the Great Meru Demonic Pillar back into his body. He then leapt into the air with a tap of his feet, his figure surging out.

Then, in only a few moments, the resplendent shimmering Daluo Golden Platform appeared before him. He stepped out slowly, his feet landing on it, the sensation causing him to smirk. He had finally reached the Daluo Golden Platform.

Now, as long as he passed through it, he could reach the Daluo Golden Pool.

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