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"Mu Chen… won!"

Atop the stone platform where Nine Nether Palace was, the two sisters Tang Bing and Tang Rou stared at the Spiritual Energy Screen in a daze as the young man's silhouette continued on his way. They then regained their senses, surprise surging in the eyes, as Tang Rou cheered gleefully. Even Tang Bing, who was the more stoic of the two, smiled softly.

The capability Mu Chen exhibited had truly surprised everyone. 

The four leaders of Mangshan Mountain were rather well-known in the Daluo Territory and had good capabilities. An alliance between the four could resist even a Second Grade Sovereign, but they had suffered such a humiliating defeat at the hands of Mu Chen.

The young man's performance had everyone looking askance in fear and awe.

Among the Nine Nether Troop, Qiu Shan and the others also watched with astonishment as their respect for Mu Chen grew. No matter where it was, strength always reigned. If the Nine Nether Troop had a Commander like him, it might not be a bad thing. 

"The battle of ascending the mountain has just begun. If he fails to obtain a slot in the end, it doesn't matter how stellar his performance was." Nine Nether remained the calmest of the three as she smiled at the elated sisters.

"Even if he fails, Mu Chen is young, after all. He just arrived in the Daluo Territory, so even if he fails, it's justifiable. What's more, he would easily be victorious next time if he fails this time." Tang Rou argued and defended Mu Chen, as he had already done a good job.

Tang Bing, however, did not say anything as she stood beside them. Compared to Tang Rou, she was the more mature one, and although she knew that Mu Chen did perform well, sometimes reality was cruel. No matter how outstanding you were, only people standing at the zenith would receive the glory.

People who failed and end up as others' stepping stones would just be neglected and forgotten.

If Mu Chen failed to obtain a slot, perhaps the shock that he had caused would vanish instantly. At most, people would feel regretful for him and then promptly forget him, as he would just be considered a failure by then.

Nine Nether glanced at the two girls who had reduced their cheering, her red lips curling. She then gazed at the Spiritual Energy Screen and murmured, "However… Mu Chen won't lose that easily…"

As cheers erupted in the arena where Nine Nether Palace was, silence loomed in Blood Hawk Palace where the atmosphere was tense and unnerving. Many strong men stared at each other at a loss for what to do as they furtively glanced at the throne where Lord Blood Hawk sat without expression. They did not dare to disturb him, for they could sense the burning rage in his heart.


The armrest on his throne Lord Blood Hawk had been gripping now had small cracks running through it. His chest heaved in agitation as he tried to suppress his fury.

"Four imbeciles indeed…" he murmured, a chilling glint flashing in his eyes as he stared at the Spiritual Energy Screen. He leaned on his throne with a nonchalant expression on his face.

The fact that Mu Chen could break through the barricade of the four Mangshan Mountain Sovereigns did surprise him, but it didn't matter as long as Mu Chen failed to obtain the slot. Otherwise, all his effort would be for naught.

The battle of the Golden Pool had only just begun.

On the majestic peak of the Golden Pool, golden torrents poured down. The magnificent sight amazed yet also terrified many. Fortunately, it was not targeted at a specific person. If that had been the case, even the Nine Lords would find it hard to ascend to the peak, let alone First and Second Grade Sovereigns.

In the sea of forests that glimmered with the golden light of the Buddha, two figures stood tall, glancing towards the direction where Mu Chen and the four leaders of Mangshan Mountain had had a fierce battle.

"That Mu Chen actually defeated the four Sovereigns of Mangshan Mountain?" Wu Tian stared into the distance. They had witnessed the battle, and Mu Chen's strategies were indeed powerful. It was no wonder he could defeat the First Grade Sovereigns easily.

Wu Tian's eyebrows were knitted together, but he then smiled and said, "Things have become interesting then."

He was astonished that Mu Chen could defeat the four First Grade Sovereigns, but that was about it. With his ability now, it was not difficult to achieve because the four Mangshan Sovereigns were not a threat.

The differences between the different Sovereign ranks could not be easily compensated by quantity. 

"Looks like the heavens are giving me a chance," Cao Feng narrowed his eyes and smiled faintly.

"Heh heh, we can let others witness the vast difference between the previous and current Commanders of the Nine Nether Troop." Wu Tian smiled as he continued, "However, we can ignore him for the time being. Let's ascend to the peak first. I'll see if we can rise in position this time."

He turned to look at the depths of the peak of the Golden Pool and licked his lips, resembling a starving wolf who had his eyes targeted on a goal and would not rest until he got it.


Cao Feng raised a brow. "You intend to target Zhou Yue?"

Wu Tian was ranked third among the Four Great Commanders, and if he defeated Zhou Yue, he would be able to rise a rank. However, Zhou Yue was a great Commander under Lord Mountain Cracker, and had had illustrious battle achievements over the years. He was considered an influential figure in the Daluo Territory and was a formidable opponent.

Although Cao Feng's ability had improved by leaps and bounds due to leaning on the resources of Blood Hawk Palace, he was aware that in this short period of time, it was difficult for him to shake up the positions of the Four Great Commanders. However, if it was Wu Tian, he might have the ability to do so… 

"I'm pissed off at this third position."

Wu Tian grinned, revealing his white teeth. With a flourish of his sleeve, he said nothing more and surged forward like a majestic eagle, tearing the golden torrents apart and flying as swift as lightning towards the peak of the mountain.

Upon seeing this, Cao Feng followed closely, and they saw some strong men along the way. The latter, however, did not dare to target them, as both were members of the Four Great Commanders, and that would be akin to courting death.

Just as Wu Tian and Cao Feng were about to continue ascending the mountain, another two figures stood in the deeper parts of the mountain. They were the other two of the Four Great Commanders: Xu Qing, who was ranked first, and Zhou Yue, who was ranked second.

They glanced at the place where Mu Chen had battled previously, surprise flashing in their eyes. However, they didn't comment on it, though interest colored their features. It looked like the battle of the Daluo Golden Pool would see some unexpected odds…

Just as everyone was still recovering from their shock at Mu Chen's battle, Mu Chen, as the key character, was heading to the peak at top speed.


In the majestic golden torrents, a dragon's roar could be heard as the silhouette of a dragon soared through the space. It circled in the golden torrents, its speed surpassing that of some of the top powers ahead.

The expressions of those top powers changed as they hesitated, but they did not take action, as they had no confidence in besting someone who had defeated four Sovereigns from the Mangshan Mountains.

This silhouette of the dragon was of course transformed from Mu Chen. He had obtained the Physical Divine Art, Dragon Soaring Art from the Sovereign White Dragon. This Divine Art had helped Mu Chen a lot in the past, but as his abilities increased, the effect of the Dragon Soaring Art weakened until he successfully advanced into the Sovereign-stage…

After advancing into the Sovereign-stage, Mu Chen could finally maximize the highest potential of the Dragon Soaring Art, which was Dragon Soaring. At this stage, he could transform into a dragon's silhouette and lend its divine strength to tear apart space in short distances. He could evade the all-enveloping barricade of the four Sovereigns of Mangshan Mountain exactly because of this power of the Dragon Soaring Art.

Mu Chen now was confident that if he activated the maximum potential of the Dragon Soaring Art, even a Second Grade Sovereign would be unable to catch up to him.

It was this speed which allowed him to surpass the second echelon formation, and catch up with the first echelon formation.

After experiencing the previous battle, he no longer had to conceal his abilities, and everyone would have to consider carefully before targeting him after his display of power.


The space distorted wherever the dragon's silhouette passed through as it appeared a thousand feet away in a flash. Within the dragon's silhouette, Mu Chen's swept around his surroundings as he neared the peak of the Golden Pool.

He could sense that this arena had 20 or more spiritual energy fluctuations in total, and each of them was immensely powerful in comparison to the Sovereigns he had met before.

People who could enter the first echelon formation were clearly the aces among all the participants.

Mu Chen lifted his head and glanced into the distance as a platform shimmered with gold light. Gold light circulated atop the platform as if crafted from gold. He knew that that was the Daluo Golden Platform, which was the only pathway to the Daluo Golden Pool.

One was only qualified to ascend to the peak by passing through the platform.

With a tip of his foot, the silhouette of the dragon surged forward, but just as he soared a hundred feet, he stopped abruptly as he transformed into his human form while the form of a dragon dissipated.

Mu Chen stood silently in the air as he narrowed his eyes and surveyed his surroundings. Many figures separated by a distance from each other also stood silently in this vast sea of forests.

These figures had eyes as sharp as eagles and peregrines, and powerful waves of spiritual energy circled them like a prelude to howling winds.

These characters were all qualified to reach the Daluo Golden Platform, however, there were not many positions there. Thus, if one wanted to reach the platform, they would have to depend on absolute power to get there.

Mu Chen gazed at the billowing robes and sharp eyes. As he licked his lips, a fiery combat instinct and desire blazed in his dark eyes.

This is the last step. No one can stop me!

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