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The space behind Mu Chen twisted violently, and within this distorted space, the vast Sovereign Sea roared. Its majestic spiritual energy then surged out, resisting the oppressive pressure entirely.

Mu Chen lifted his head, the light of the four massive palms reflecting in his eyes. His hands conjured up seals, a brilliant spiritual light surged out within his body, and in that beam of light, the roar of a dragon thundered. 


The four massive palms crashed down, as swift as lightning, heading towards where Mu Chen was standing. The earth trembled, before huge cracks spread extensively through the ground, causing the land to collapse.

Countless gazes focused on the light glass of spiritual energy, as they thought: The new Commander of Nine Nether Palace should be done for at this point! The alliance of four First Grade Sovereigns at their most powerful was, after all, not to be underestimated.

Nine Nether's expression remained calm, while Tang Bing and Tang Rou paled. Four Sovereign celestial bodies stood tall in the heavens and earth, as they stared at the collapsed ground. However, their expressions changed when they did not see any sign of Mu Chen.

"Be careful!" The four shouted.


However, just as they shouted, the space behind them was torn apart suddenly, as the silhouette of a dragon, which had been formed from Buddha's light, surged out from within the crack of the space. The expressions of the four Sovereigns twisted, as terror flashed in their eyes.

With the ability of First Grade Sovereign, how was it possible for Mu Chen to maneuver spatial cracks? That was only a feat that people, who had surpassed Fifth Grade Sovereigns, were capable of.

However, Mu Chen clearly did not intend to provide an explanation for their queries. The dragon surged out of the spatial cracks, transforming into a slender figure, as light shimmered throughout the entire space. He conjured up seals with a cold expression, as the roars of a dragon and elephant thundered within the Sovereign Sea.


Two beams of boundless light, one purple and one black, surged out from the Sovereign Sea. They were as swift as thunderbolts, and transformed into a massive violet dragon and black elephant.

Mu Chen clasped his hands together, as the purple flame surrounding the violet dragon and the black thunder surrounding the thunder elephant clashed together violently. A terrifying spiritual energy burst out, causing the four Sovereign celestial bodies to dissipate.


Mu Chen's hands trembled slightly, his expression somber. The seals were changing at a dizzying speed. Within the frenzy of spiritual energy, a Dragon Elephant Disc of approximately a few feet condensed and appeared.

The disc was purple and black, and it had patterns of dragons and elephants standing majestically upon it. Then, an indescribable wave of terrible spiritual energy emanated, causing the space to burst into tiny cracks.

"Kill him!"

The four leaders of Beimang realized the horrifying power that the Dragon Elephant Disc possessed, and their hearts sunk in terror as they shouted.

"Withered Wood Fingers!"

The four roared simultaneously, as immense spiritual energy raged, transforming into four energy light beams that resembled withered wood. The spiritual energy surged towards Mu Chen with a speed as swift as thunderbolts.

As Mu Chen lifted his glance, a cold flint flashed in his dark eyes, and the changing seals froze. 

"Dragon Elephant Disc!"

His slender finger pointed in mid-air, as the Dragon Elephant Disc transformed and soared out as a beam of light. Wherever the disc skimmed through, a long trace appeared, as the space was torn. Attacks from both parties surged through the horizon and collided together violently, as the crowd watched on.


A storm of spiritual energy raged fiercely, all of which could been visibly seen. As the forest below was destroyed instantly, wild and unparalleled spiritual energies eroded each other continuously.

"That Mu Chen actually blocked the attacks from the four Sovereigns?" Some gasped in shock, because where the frenzy of spiritual energy had swept, the purple and black beam of light did not show signs of weakening.

"This Mu Chen does have powerful means!"

"To become the new Commander of Nine Nether Palace, he's not simple indeed."


"Mu Chen blocked it!" Surprise surged in Tang Bing's and Tang Rou's gazes.

"Both of you have been underestimating Mu Chen." Nine Nether smiled, as she had experienced the power of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art first-hand, and if the four fellows before her thought that this could withstand Mu Chen's attacks, they were simply too naive. 


Just as this thought crossed Nine Nether's heart, blinding purple and black light burst out in the sky, as purple flames and black thunder permeated the places of impact, causing the four huge fingers that resembled withered wood to explode and disintegrate into smithereens. All of this came about as effortless as breaking a dead branch from a tree, causing many people's eyes to widen in shock.

"Retreat!" Terror surged in the eyes of the four leaders of Beimang, as they shouted hurriedly. 

The four Sovereign celestial bodies retreated, a thousand feet in distance flashing by with the movement of their feet. 

Mu Chen stared at the four hastily retreating figures, a cold smirk appearing on his face. If the power of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was limited to this, it would be undeserving of the rank of Perfect Divine Art.


With a flick of his fingers, the rampaging purple flames and black thunder condensed and converged, entwining with each other like two beams of light. Then, with a whoosh, they disappeared within heaven and earth. In an instant, it appeared before the Sovereign, who was the gauntest, and his face twisted in terror, as he realized he had become Mu Chen's target.

Rather than injuring ten fingers, completely breaking one finger would deal more damage. Although Mu Chen' s Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was immensely powerful, his cultivation was, after all, still shallow, so it was impossible to defeat all four Sovereigns easily, but it was sufficient to defeat one. 

"Technique of Withered Wood!"

The gaunt Sovereign roared, as withered patterns spread on the Sovereign celestial body. Looking from afar, it looked as if it was a withered wood standing tall within heaven and earth.


However, Mu Chen paid no attention to that, as the purple flames and black thunder light beams transformed into a violet dragon and thunder elephant, colliding on the massive Sovereign celestial body violently, with a brutal manner that threatened utter annihilation.


In the moment of impact, a terrifying shockwave raged, like a volcanic eruption. Then, the Withered Wood Sovereign Celestial Body disintegrated and exploded. A floundering figure shot out, blood gushing as he fell harshly, the collision causing a huge deep pit in the ground. After the impact, his breaths were weak, as he was clearly severely injured, to the brink of death.


The crowd gasped, as no one had imagined that, within moments, Mu Chen would have defeated a Sovereign, who could employ a Sovereign celestial body.

"Big Brother Withered!"

The remaining three Sovereigns had shocked expressions, before their eyes flashed with growing murderous intent, and they stared at Mu Chen, as if they wanted to devour him.

"We are going to tear you apart!" 

The three men roared, as massive Sovereign celestial bodies surged towards Mu Chen, the spiritual energy within heaven and earth shaking and rampaging with their fists.  


Mu Chen's dark eyes were still cold, as he saw the three men attacking again. Lifting his hands, he watched as the forest below him crumbled, and a Spiritual Array formed by three black lotuses appeared.

"Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array!"

Mu Chen's seals changed, as the three black lotuses soared and merged together in a row, bombarding the Sovereign celestial body violently. 


A beam of black light spread like ink drops, and the Sovereign celestial body that resembled a withered wood turned black, like cold stone, then exploded, disintegrating with cracks.


As the Sovereign celestial body was destroyed, the Sovereign fell, blood spurting out, revealing the severity of the injury. The two Sovereign celestial bodies that had rushed out stopped abruptly, fear surging in their eyes. They could not imagine how they had suffered such heavy casualties in just mere minutes.

Of course, not only did they not comprehend this, but even the crowd, who had been watching the battle, were dumbfounded, and they could only stare in shock. Mu Chen's strength seemed to be, at best, equivalent to those of the four leaders. However, why was his combat power so terrifying, that he could annihilate two people within mere moments in two rounds?!

In the sky, the two Sovereigns did not dare approach, as they did not know what other tricks the young man had hidden up his sleeve. If history repeated itself, the two men, who had gone before, would have acted as their warnings.


Their gazes flickered, and they roared. The two moves, which Mu Chen had used to easily defeat the Sovereigns earlier, were too great a deterrent, and they were thoroughly horrified. The two Sovereign celestial bodies retreated, losing their desire to battle entirely.

"I'm afraid it's too late to leave now!"

Upon seeing the two retreating figures, Mu Chen scoffed coldly. Since he had made his move, he would not show mercy. Moreover, this was not Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, so being too soft and indecisive was an utterly foolish thought.

He conjured seals once again, as a beam of light surged out from his crown violently, and a Pagoda roared and expanded, trapping and suppressing the third Sovereign celestial body within. Atop the Pagoda, a golden dragon roared, as golden flames surged. Within a few moments, the third Sovereign celestial body was burned to nothing, and a charred figure fell helplessly, with little trace of life. Another Sovereign had been defeated!

The last leader was now scared out of his wits, as he scrambled to escape desperately. From a distance, it seemed as if a giant had rushed out to the peak of the Golden Pool, as he dared not stay at all.

Mu Chen looked at the desperately escaping figure, and did not pursue him, but rather just heaved a sigh of relief. Continuously displaying three aces up his sleeve had exhausted him, and he could barely withstand it, as most of the spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea had been expended.

However, he was immensely satisfied that he could defeat three First Grade Sovereigns with such a swift speed. His figure descended slowly from mid-air, his dark eyes sweeping across some areas, as the figures retreated hastily, not daring to show any hostile intent. Mu Chen ignored them, as he flew towards the peak of the Golden Pool, thinking that no one would dare mess with him now.

At the bottom of the Golden Pool Peak, countless people gazed at the travelling figure in the light glass of spiritual energy. The commotion within heaven and earth quieted into silence, and shock was etched on everyone's faces. They had now realized the terrifying tricks up Nine Nether Palace's new Commander's sleeve, as

one versus four, with the one killing the three, was certainly a result to be feared.

In the sky, the Three Kings gazed at the young man's silhouette in the Spiritual Energy Screen, astonishment flashing in their eyes. Even the unfathomable Sleeping King had opened his eyes.

This young man… was not at all simple.

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