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The golden flood poured down from the majestic peak of the mountain, and the whole world seemed to become brilliant with golden hues. The spiritual energy between heaven and earth fluctuated restlessly.

In the vast open space of the forest, Mu Chen stopped in his tracks, his young face calm and serene with a chilling glint in his dark eyes. 

He slowly turned his head and surveyed his surroundings as golden light permeated the area, obstructing his line of sight. However, he could clearly sense the eerie motions of four entities full of murderous intent. 

"Since all of you are here, get out and show yourselves. Why hide like rodents?" Mu Chen smirked coldly as he scoffed in disdain, his voice ringing through the forest.

"Since it's already four versus one, don't tell me you still want to preserve face?" As Mu Chen's voice rang out, the forest remained silent. However, this silence only lasted for a few moments and then the slight rustle of footsteps was heard. Four figures stepped out from within the gold light and stood at a near distance from Mu Chen.

The four wore robes of different colors, and the emblem on their sleeves was an indicator that they hailed from different forces. However, it was clear that these forces had links to the Blood Hawk Palace.

The four people just stood there in silence, but powerful waves of spiritual energy emanated from them. Even the earth under their feet collapsed slightly. Their cold gazes locked onto Mu Chen like those of venomous snakes.

Mu Chen also focused his gaze on the four with his dark eyes, and judging from the oppressive spiritual energy from them, the four were at the level of First Grade Sovereigns and had reached their maximum potential. In terms of ability, they were comparable to that of the various Commanders in Daluo Territory.

Lord Blood Hawk had indeed expended a lot of thought and effort to deal with him.

Looks like it would not be a smooth journey to reach the Peak this time.

Just as Mu Chen was stopped under the Peak of the Golden Pool, countless gazes suddenly shifted to the light glass of spiritual energy where he was, apparently aware of the situation.

As they saw the four men in front of Mu Chen, shock flitted across their gazes as murmurs and whispers sounded among the crowd.

"Those four fellows… seem to be the leaders of Beimang's Four Valleys. Judging from the scene, it looks like they are going to deal with the new Commander of Nine Nether Palace…"

"Heh, Beimang's Four Valleys seem to be on good terms with Blood Hawk Palace. Looks like Lord Blood Hawk has made it clear that he's going to suppress Nine Nether Palace, not even giving them a chance this time."

"Exactly. These four leaders have been First Grade Sovereigns for many years, even compared to the Commanders in our Daluo Territory, they are considered one of the best. Now that the four have made an alliance, I'm afraid that things are not looking good for this Mu Chen."


As murmurs sounded within heaven and earth, there were many glances cast towards the direction of Nine Nether Palace, some of them sympathetic and regretful, while some were delighted at their misfortune.

Seeing the crowd's glances, Nine Nether remained expressionless, but her eyes stared at the light glass of spiritual energy, and a cold glint flashed within the depths of her eyes.

Beside her, Tang Rou's face was full of anxiety, and even Tang Bing bit her lips, sweat pooling in her palms as she understood the precarious situation that Mu Chen was currently in. 

"It's the leaders of Beimang's Four Valleys, those four b*st*rds!"

"I remember them." Nine Nether's eyes were hooded, and her was tone nonchalant, but Tang Bing could sense subtle rage and murderous intent from her. Clearly, Lord Nine Nether already bore a grudge against Beimang's Four Valleys.

Tang Bing nodded in assent. If they had the opportunity in the future, the first they would not let off would be Beimang's Four Valleys.

"Sister Nine Nether, will Mu Chen be alright?" Tang Rou couldn't help but to ask worriedly. Although she knew that Mu Chen was not weak, there were four opponents after all, and each of them was no slouch. 

Nine Nether gazed towards the light glass of spiritual energy. Upon seeing the young man's calm expression and composed demeanor, Nine Nether smiled. Mu Chen now was no longer the inexperienced brat that she could frighten easily in the past…

"He will win."

Nine Nether sat upon the throne, crossing her long and slender legs gracefully. She turned her head slightly, her elbows resting against the armrest as her hand supported her face. Her hair was loosely tied up, and strands cascaded down casually. Confidence surged in her wild and untamed gaze.

Tang Bing and Tang Rou looked at each other, and although they were unsure why Nine Nether had so much confidence in Mu Chen, due to her trust, their anxious and tense emotions also began to relax.

In the open space of the forest, the five figures had clearly become the focus of countless people, but they did not pay attention to that as subtle murderous intent permeated the atmosphere.

The four figures were rather thin, and this was especially true of the man standing in the center among them. He looked as gaunt as a skeleton. His sunken eyes glinted eerily and were as unsettling as a venomous serpent.

"You must be Mu Chen…"

He stared at Mu Chen, his gaunt features twisting into a grimace as he let out a ferocious smile and stated hoarsely, "You will have to stop here, as someone doesn't want you to go up."

Beside him, a man dressed in black also stared coldly at Mu Chen.

"We don't want to kill you, as that would undoubtedly offend Nine Nether Palace. However… if you choose to be stubborn, then the Peak of the Golden Pool will be a good grave for you, too."

Mu Chen glanced at the four men before him, his eyes looking towards the ground.

"If the four of you don't leave now, I'm afraid you no longer will be able to leave."

His calm voice rang throughout the forest, stunning the four men as unsettling smiles appeared on their faces, the malicious glint in their eyes growing.

"What an interesting fellow…"

"Let's kill him then?"


The cruel smirks on the four men's faces grew, and in the next instant, they vanished from where they had previously stood. 


Just as they disappeared, the space around Mu Chen had waves of fluctuations. As four specters emerged, four gaunt God of Death's palms carrying the aura of death surged as fast as lightning towards Mu Chen's vital parts.

The four of them had no intention of fighting one on one with Mu Chen. They dealt brutal blows together, clearly intending to get rid of Mu Chen as quickly as possible.


The blows of the four landed on Mu Chen's body like booming thunder, but their withered faces changed slightly as the aura of their blows made contact.

The aura of their blows passed directly through Mu Chen's silhouette.


The four Sovereigns' eyes narrowed. Mu Chen's speed was actually faster than theirs?!


A low rumbling of thunder roared suddenly as thunderbolts swooped past the four's eyes. Thunder and lightning burst out, and four massive palms transformed from thunderbolts landed on the vital areas of the four's backs.

This counterattack was extremely strange, causing even the four experienced Sovereigns' faces to become somber. They waved the sleeves of their robes hurriedly as their majestic spiritual energy formed a Spiritual Energy Screen behind them as a form of defense.


The huge palms of thunderbolts broke through the Spiritual Energy Screens with one blow, but in this moment of defense, the four figures moved and dodged the brutal attack agilely. 

The four men retreated swiftly as their gaunt faces became increasingly solemn, and murderous intent grew in their eyes.

"You do have fast reactions there."

Thunderbolts condensed in mid-air as they coalesced into Mu Chen's figure. He was shining resplendently, his body entirely silver, clearly a result of impelling the Thunder God Physique to its maximum potential. He glanced at the four men and smiled in astonishment.

After activating the Thunder God Physique, his speed had reached a terrifyingly fast stage, but the four men could still dodge his attacks, proving that their combat instincts were not weak.

The four Sovereigns stared at Mu Chen with chilling gazes. As they took a deep breath, their hands suddenly clasped together, and then a sharp spiritual energy storm rampaged that was clearly visible even to the naked eye.

Circles of spiritual energy raged in a frenzy as four massive shadows formed swiftly around the four men.

"Withered Wood Celestial Body!"

Accompanying the booming, cold voices and the shadows around the four men converged, transforming into four identical massive shadows. The Sovereign Celestial Body that the four men had cultivated came from the same origin.

The four Sovereign Celestial Bodies towered in the heavens and earth like giants, and were grayish-black in color. From afar, it looked as though they were withered wood that stood tall, and an aura of death emanated from them.

As the four Sovereign Celestial Bodies breathed, their spiritual energy transformed into hurricanes that raged and howled in the heavens and earth. Its terrifying aura caused the top powers on the entire Peak of the Golden Pool to look on solemnly with astonishment. 

"Since you refuse to take the easy way out, hand over your life then!"

The four Sovereign Celestial Bodies glared at Mu Chen with murderous rage, and their eerily chilling voices thundered within the heavens and earth as their massive palms dealt direct blows, covering the sun and enveloping the mountain and forest.


The earth began to collapse even before the blows of the massive palms landed.

Although the Withering Wood Celestial Body was not within the ranks of the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, four of them appearing at the same time still possessed immense power.

A terrifyingly oppressive spiritual energy descended from the sky as Mu Chen's body was pushed down towards the ground. He lifted his head, and the enveloping grayish-black massive palms reflected in his dark eyes as a cold smirk appeared on his face. 

Spinning one hand and clenching the other, the space behind Mu Chen began to twist and distort as the Sovereign Sea emerged with a roar. Suddenly, the temperature within the heavens and the earth increased tremendously as different colors flashed in his eyes.

"I'm afraid people like you are unworthy to take my life!" 

The young man stood as straight as a spear, his cold voice thundering through the heavens.

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