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Dong! Dong!

When the intense fighting spirit beneath the sky and the earth had reached the extremity, the melodious bell rang and eventually resounded throughout the horizon. As rang, its sound lingered continuously around the place.

In the sky, some rays of light were condensed, and some space distorted. Three light shadows slowly emerged, representing the supremacy within the Daluo Territory: The Condor King, the Spiritual Pupil King, and the unfathomable Sleeping King.

As soon as these three appeared, innumerable people on the ground bowed to, and saluted, them in awe. Even the Nine Lords slightly lowered their heads. The three kings were the only ones standing indifferently, beneath the sky and the earth - their statuses were simply untouchable. After the Condor King waved the sleeve of his robe, everyone suddenly felt a stream of soft power rushing toward them, making their bodies become stiff again.

"Presumably, the rules of the Daluo Golden Pool are known to all of you. So, I'm going to say no more about that. And no one cares how you make it to the mountain peak. In here, the result - not the means - is the only thing that matters."

"There are only four spots available for the entry to the Daluo Golden Pool. Your skills will decide how you may contest for it."

Little by little, the old voice of the Condor King spread everywhere, while the atmosphere beneath the sky and the earth became terrifying, and the eyes of many powerful people present were getting sharp. Every single one of them, who was qualified for the competition, was an outstanding person in their own clan or group,and none of them would get scared facing any sort of competitors. One must undergo a cruel fight in order to take the four spots from all of these strong candidates.

"The time has come," the Spiritual Pupil King said frigidly, as the lights in his eyes flashed.

Both the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King turned their eyes on the ever-drowsy man beside them. The Condor King smiled, commanding, "Brother Meng, please unlock the Peak of the Golden Pool."

Though they were known as the Three Kings together, the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King were fairly polite to the Sleeping King, who would never intervene in the internal affairs of the Daluo Territory. They were fully aware of the fact that this man - among the Three Kings - was the one most trusted by the Lord of the Territory.

"Mmm." The Sleeping King yawned, without caring about how this act would make him look, and nodded unhurriedly.


Each of the three kings started to shoot a light ray from their hands, each of which went directly into the Peak of the Golden Pool. Afterwards, everybody witnessed that the spaces surrounding the Peak were gradually distorted, but the appearance of the Peak itself was getting clearer and clearer.


When the Peak of the Golden Pool became clearer than ever, an indescribable and majestic spirit energy swept across the entire area, and the sky, as well as the earth, seemed to be dyed in gold. A golden flood torrent poured down from the towering mountaintop, making it look like the Peak of the Golden Pool was actually made of gold.

"That is known as the Golden Pool Torrent," said Qiu Shan, who was standing beside Mu Chen. "It is extremely powerful and can be compared to the force of tens of thousands of sea waves scouring at the same time. Only the top powers at the Sovereign-level may manage to resist it with an effort. All of the mountain climbers, however, must endure and survive the impact of the Torrent, before getting to the peak."

Mu Chen nodded, looking solemn-faced. He had surely perceived the formidable power of the golden torrent. The Daluo Golden Pool was indeed mysterious…


As the brightness of the Peak of the Golden Pool reached its apex, the three kings in the air waved their hands simultaneously. The surrounding space rippled, while the clear and melodious bell reverberated back and forth. A sense of feverish excitement was seen in everyone's eyes.

"The Match of Daluo Golden Pool - begins now."

Whiz! Whiz!

Immediately after the cold voice of the Condor King came out from the clouds, numerous light beams of Spiritual Energy rushed toward the sky, and an abundance of light shadows rose straight up from the ground. One after another, they were all heading toward the Peak of the Golden Pool, with fury, at a lightning speed.

"Commander Mu, this time, it all depends on you!" The three mightiest ones among the Nine Nether Troops, Qiu Shan, Bei Mo, and Lan Hai, gave a fist-wrapping salute to Mu Chen in a grave manner. Their home, the Nine Nether Palace, had almost been forgotten over the years. Now, whether they would make a good start or not, would completely depend on how Mu Chen could perform in the match.

Mu Chen cracked a smile, then nodded without a word. He stood on his tiptoes and turned into a light streamer, skimming over the skyline. Then, under the gaze of numerous spectators, he dropped into the lofty Peak of the Golden Pool.

Sitting on the stone terrace-based throne, Jiu You stared into Mu Chen's back. Her slim hands clasped the armrests for a second. If we could only see how Mu Chen could amaze us, then…

"Sister Jiu You, do you think Mu Chen can obtain the entry to the Golden Pool?" Anxiety was obvious on Tang Rou's beautiful cheek. All of the girls knew that this match of the Golden Pool was critical for the Nine Nether Palace.

"Rest assured. Mu Chen won't disappoint us." A smile appeared on Jiu You's pretty, oval-shaped face. She apparently had great confidence in Mu Chen.

"See how I will punish him if he fails." Tang Bing gazed at Mu Chen's back, too, with a slight sense of bitterness in her voice.

Tang Bing's words made Jiu You smile again.

In mid-air, the three kings waved their sleeves, causing a series of spatial fluctuations, followed by the condensing of their spiritual energy. The energy then formed into a group of light glasses, upon which the images of all people entering the Peak of the Golden Pool were reflected.


A split second after Mu Chen had landed his feet on the Peak of the Golden Pool, the vast, overwhelming golden torrents rushed toward him all at once, as if they were going to crush everything - including mountains - into power. Under this impact, everyone, who had not yet achieved the Sovereign-level, would be torn to pieces.

The golden torrents were reflected in Mu Chen's pupils. His face, however, was rather calm. He flicked his fingers, which shot out some burning, purple-colored spiritual energy that was twisting like ribbons, breaking the torrents apart.


When a crack appeared on the torrents, Mu Chen dashed into it, like a ghost, then ran toward the peak at full speed, following the trace of the crack. At the same time, bursts of spiritual energy fluctuations were continually seen everywhere. All the people climbing up the mountain were trying as hard as they could to break the golden torrents by burning their energy and going straight to the peak.

Everyone knew that, no matter how fast they could get there, only four of them would eventually get the spots of entry. This fierce competition meant that almost everyone else was an enemy. Thus, to obtain a spot, one must reduce the number of rivals over and over again.

Because of this, the match showed its cruelty from the very beginning. As some of the competitors were attempting to tear down the golden torrents to make their way to the peak, others were hidden in the dark, seeking to launch a swift and vicious attack.

Aging bursts of spiritual energies spread across the tall the rugged mountains, with lights flashing and killers roaring incessantly.


Mu Chen stepped onto a rock with so much pressure that it immediately blew up and turned into powder. Mu Chen's body then flew past the ground, like a shadow. But right after he left the area, there was an ear-piercing sound, charging at him from the back.

However, the sudden attack Mu Chen encountered did not panic him. He made a backhand attack in return, transforming his spiritual energy into a huge palm that collided with the other source of energy in the back.


This rampant release of spiritual energy was followed by a muffled groan that belonged to a man who was knocked into the air by the shock wave. The man was then swallowed by the golden torrent, before he backed out awkwardly, having no intention of provoking Mu Chen anymore. Mu Chen also did not want to be aggressive. Hence, as he caught a glimpse of the man, he, too, started rushing out once again.

In just ten minutes, Mu Chen had already faced nearly ten attacks - of course, they were all random, and none of them was made intentionally against him. People entering this place had no allies, while the more enemies they could kill, the more opportunity they would get.

Mu Chen looked up, as he could see that about ten figures were at the forefront of everyone in the golden torrent. Those were the "the first echelon" in the match, each of whom were one of the strongest competitors, with enormous power.

Mu Chen did not squeeze himself into the first echelon, because he knew that showing all his strengths at this moment would not be the wise thing to do. Also, as Tang Bing had reminded him earlier, Lord Blood Hawk had already sent someone to target him. Loss, or even death, was right ahead, unless he remained cautious.


While Mu Chen was sunken in his thoughts, two light shadows clashed with each other, not far from where he was staying. One of them sent out a slap that tore the golden torrents, then rapidly hit the other's chest.


Blood was spat out of the mouth of the man being hit, as his body was knocked backwards into the air. The other man, who won the fight, was not following up - he glanced at the surroundings and discovered Mu Chen nearby.

The two stared at each other, both of their bodies taut with vigilance. Mu Chen calmly observed this man. Despite his rather ordinary appearance, he had a tall and strong body that made him look like an iron tower. His eyes, however, were full of caution. This man had unusual strength.

Mu Chen was a little amazed, because he felt a rare, strong fluctuation of spiritual energy on the man's body, and more surprisingly, the man did not seem to be anyone from the Nine Lords' side. Otherwise, he would have had to be from the affiliated powers in the Daluo Territory.

The tall man glanced at Mu Chen, who looked young, but made him smell a great danger, as clearly this young person, who was seemingly gentle and calm, harbored a beast hidden inside him. Thus, he posed a very big threat.

As a result, the man nodded to Mu Chen in a friendly way and left for another direction. He had made it obvious, wordlessly getting his message across: let's just go about our own businesses.

After watching the man disappear, Mu Chen slowed his pace. Inside his eyes, there was a drastic change of expression, because he now felt four insidious fluctuations of power approaching him speedily.

Those sent by Lord Blood Hawk had finally come to kill him.

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