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On the top of the peak, Mu Chen opened his eyes abruptly. One of his eyes was suffused with purple flames, while lightning flickered in the other, making him look extremely mysterious and somewhat eerie. 

He stood up quickly and swayed his sleeves. Two beams of rainbow-like rays radiated from his palms with lightning speed. They then transformed into a purple dragon and a black lightning elephant in the sky.

As the colossal creatures pervaded the sky, the waves of spiritual energy within the world started fluctuating vigorously.

"The convergence of the dragon and the elephant!"

Mu Chen formed seals on both of his hands. The roars of the dragon and the trumpets of the elephant thundered in the air. The two Herculean creatures appeared, then zoomed past in the sky like comets, before colliding into each other.


A terrifying burst of spiritual energy blasted across the place. Two elementally different forces heavily collided into each other. At that very moment, the space began to distort and purple flames and black lightning ricocheted around. Then, a disc that was several meters wide gradually appeared.

The disc was separated into two sides — black and purple. The purple dragon lurked around it, while the lightning elephant stood upright. The scene looked as majestic as a Dragon-Elephant Sacred Pearl. The convergence of the two terrifying powers had led to a horrific transformation that would make one's hair stand on end.


The space seemed as if it was unable to resist such forces, as hairline cracks started to spread across the sky...

Mu Chen's expression turned solemn at that very moment. This force seemed to be a little out of his control. The Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was truly frightening.

On the surface of the Dragon-Elephant Disc, a violent energy started to bounce around frantically, to the point that it looked as if it was going to shatter itself into pieces.


The Dragon-Elephant Disc began to vibrate at a higher frequency, before it then emitted a loud buzzing sound. As Mu Chen witnessed the scene, he quickly snapped his fingers. The Dragon-Elephant Disc then transformed into a raging beam of rainbow-like rays and sped into the distance.


Mu Chen lost control of the Dragon-Elephant Disc. His mouth twitched the moment he realized that the Dragon-Elephant Disc was heading in the direction of the Nine Nether Palace. The beam of ray zoomed across the sky, then started to fall toward the Nine Nether Palace.


A beam of light started radiating from the Nine Nether Palace; it appeared on the sky and started transforming into a human-like figure. The radiating figure turned out to be Nine Nether. She was stunned at the sudden attack, but she immediately identified the source of it. An exasperated expression suddenly appeared on her beautiful face.

"This fellow."

Nine Nether grumbled a little, then immediately held her fair hands out. A majestic wave of spiritual energy spiralled out and transformed into a pair of giant wings of rays. The wings acted like a shield, purposed for the protection of the frontlines of Nine Nether Palace.


The Dragon-Elephant Disc bombarded the wings of rays vigorously. A terrifying wave of spiritual energy blasted into the air. It looked like a grand firework display from a distance.

The people in the Nine Nether Palace also lifted their heads up. They were stupefied by the sight.

Most of the impact from the burst of spiritual energy after the explosion of the Dragon-Elephant Disc was resisted by the wings of rays. However, as the impact faded away, the wings of rays shattered into pieces, only to reveal Nine Nether's beautiful face! She looked a little stunned.

Mu Chen's offensive attack had actually broken through her shield! Although this was merely a spontaneous act, she still had the abilities of a Grade Four Sovereign. Her status was three grades higher than Mu Chen's. Hence, even if he resorted to all sorts of tricks, it would still be rather difficult to compensate the gap between their abilities. 

Nine Nether's beautiful eyes lit up. She took a step forward and immediately appeared on the peak, right before Mu Chen. The latter just laughed a little, as he quickly tried to explain himself. "It's just a slight mistake."

"What was that?" Nine Nether did not put the blame on Mu Chen. Instead, she asked him this out of sheer curiosity.

"It's the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art that we got from the auction," said Mu Chen with a smile. He had no intentions to keep it a secret from her.

"Oh? You have managed to cultivate it?" Nine Nether arched her brows slightly. Her beautiful eyes widened in astonishment. She had studied its cultivation technique, but she was still stuck in a hopeless tangle. Mu Chen had actually successfully cultivated it? 

"Well, I sort of found my way around it." Mu Chen nodded his head. He did not hide anything from Nine Nether. He told her all about the information that he had discovered. 

After hearing Mu Chen's new discovery, Nine Nether's brows furrowed slightly. She said, "The Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art cannot be directly exercised. It has to be cultivated in the Sovereign Sea. Plus, to put it another way, we still have to use two distinctly different forces to change the elements of the dragon and the elephant."

Mu Chen nodded his head. This was the most essential and difficult part of the process. Had he not trained his Thunder God Physique, he would not have possessed the power of lightning, which was essential to cultivate the Dragon-Elephant.

"You only managed to possess the powers of lightning with the aid of the Thunder God Physique. Hence, I'm afraid that it would be rather difficult for you to rely solely on these powers to successfully cultivate the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art," murmured Nine Nether. Although Nine Nether had yet to manage successfully cultivating the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art, she had still seen and learned a great deal over the years.

Mu Chen nodded his head upon hearing Nine Nether's statements. His brows furrowed. Presently, he merely cultivated the rudimentary stage of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. Thus, he could still manage to withstand the impact by relying on the mere powers of lightning from his Thunder God Physique. However, once he had accomplished this even further, his current powers of lightning would not be sufficient to withstand the demands of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art.

If one was able to cultivate the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art to perfection, they would be able to extricate nine dragons and nine elephants. However, Mu Chen could merely extricate a dragon and an elephant currently...

"What should I do then?" Mu Chen stared at Nine Nether, scratching his head over the vexing question.

Nine Nether thought for a moment. She smiled and said, "It is rather difficult, but it seems pretty easy as well. All you need to do is to fuse some sort of lightning elemental energy."

Presently, Mu Chen's spiritual energy had coalesced with the powers of the Unperishable Flame. If he could fuse it with another type of lightning elemental energy, he would then possess a spiritual energy of two different elements. As such, his spiritual energy would be a perfect fit for the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art.

Mu Chen could not help but roll his eyes. He went through a torturous process when he attempted to fuse his spiritual energy with the Unperishable Flame. The process of fusing another special energy would be extremely difficult and dangerous. It was definitely not as easy as one-two-three.

There were many Sovereign Masters, who did not have the courage to fuse two distinctly different elemental energies together throughout their lives. This was due to the fact that, if the two energies were to be in conflict with each other, the impact would definitely be extremely severe.

"Although this might be a strenuous task to an ordinary person, I believe that you might have what it takes, as you have trained the Thunder Body Physique. Your body and the spiritual energy inside of it have a certain level of adaptability to the powers of lightning. Thus, as long as you find a lightning energy that is on par with the powers of the Unperishable Flame, you could give it a try," said Nine Nether, a serious tone in her voice.

"A lightning energy that could rival the power of the Unperishable Flame…" Mu Chen smiled wryly. The Unperishable Flame was not like any sort of common power that could be sourced and cultivated easily. It would be difficult to find the perfect lightning energy to match its powers.

"There's no need to rush. Just take your time to find it. If fate allows it, you'll definitely be able to find it," Nine Nether pat Mu Chen's shoulders gently, attempting to console him.

Mu Chen nodded his head. This was the only mindset that he could currently have. However, it was fortunate that he was not pressed for time. He still had sufficient time to figure out a way to make the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art work. "

"The Daluo Golden Pool Contest is going to start in three days." Nine Nether stared at Mu Chen with her dazzling eyes. Her lips then puckered into a smile. "The reputation and honor of the Nine Nether Palace is in your hands this time."

"I'll obey your commands, Your Highness." Mu Chen smiled as he saluted her. A burning spirit of enthusiasm flickered in his jet black eyes. This was his first battle since his arrival in the Daluo Territory.

It felt just like when he had first arrived at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. He was not known for anything back then, just like the present him in the Great Thousand World. However, he knew that one day, when he was able to stand out from the various talents and prodigies in the Great Thousand World, he would finally be able to fulfil the promises of the girl who he yearned for deeply. He kept anticipating for that day to come.

On the mountain peak, the young man raised his head and stared at the zenith. His lips curled up into a smile. He looked confident and charming.

Luo Li, one day, I'll fight them all for you...

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Dong! Dong!

On the third day, the morning light spilled through the dark night and illuminated the ground. The sound of beating drums gradually rumbled across the world within the Daluo Territory. Everyone was filled with a fiery will to fight. At that very moment, it was as if the spiritual aura in the world started moving around restlessly.

A colossal figure swept across the sky. The piercing howls of the wind reverberated across the heavens and earth. 

The Daluo Golden Pool Contest was considered as being one of the grandest occasions in the entire Daluo Territory, as various sects would aggressively compete against one another, just to stand out from the rest. Thus, in order to achieve excellent results, various sects would send their best powerhouses for the contest, along with the expectation that they would be able to increase their sects' prestige in the Daluo Territory.

Evidently, the Daluo Golden Pool was one of the main draws of the contest. The fact that the Golden Pool's magical powers could further refine the Sovereign Celestial Body to perfection was a selling point for numerous Sovereign Masters. 

In the depths of the Daluo Territory, there was a towering, verdant mountain. The peak of the mountain dazzled in gold. It was extremely eye-catching. This was where the Daluo Golden Pool was situated.

The mountain was also known as the Peak of the Golden Pool. It was a forbidden sanctuary in the Daluo Territory. On ordinary days, laymen were forbidden from entering the mountain. The mountain would only be open to the public when the Daluo Golden Pool Contest begin.

Presently, their fighting spirit lingered at the foot of the Peak of the Golden Pool. Loud cheers filled the air.

A sea of people flooded the place. It was an incredibly remarkable scene.

Nine gigantic stone platforms stood erect at the foot of the mountain. The stone platforms were incredibly wide, and one of them towered up into the skies. Eight centaurs with incredibly powerful presences stood quietly. Their overwhelming presences were rather terrifying.

Eight figures sat quietly on the thrones, which were situated right on the stone platforms. From a bird's eye view, they looked as ferocious as wolves and eagles. Many powerhouses did not dare to look them straight in the eye. No doubt, the nine kings of the Daluo Territory were rather prominent figures.

Among the nine stone platforms, the last one was left empty. Everyone was clearly aware of it, but none of them were surprised by the sight. They knew that the site belonged to the Nine Nether Palace. However, over the years, the Nine Nether Palace had always been absent. Thus, everyone had gotten used to it.

In the eyes of many, the Nine Nether Palace had long ceased to exist in the Daluo Territory. They were merely regarded as an empty-title.


As everyone secretly curled their lips in disdain, a huge explosion suddenly erupted in the sky. Many people lifted their heads up, as ominous dark clouds gathered overhead, before finally smashing onto the barren stone platform.

Thousands of black armor-clad army troops stood still. Despite being silent, their fiendish aura caused many raised eyebrows.

At the very front of them, a slender young man with a dashing face lifted his head up calmly. His gaze pierced right across the eight stone platforms. There was no hint of fear in his jet black eyes.

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