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Mu Chen quietly sat cross-legged on a hill in Nine Nether Palace. There was a golden scroll in between his palms, and golden lights continuously emanated from it.

After a long while, Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at the golden scroll. He was baffled and felt at a loss.

The golden scroll contained the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art that he had snatched from Liu Yan.  

Mu Chen had been studying it for three days, but he was unable to get anything out of it. He did not have any clue on how he could cultivate the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art.

Mu Chen's expressions kept changing. Suddenly, he formed a seal with his hands. As the seals changed, majestic spiritual energy swirled out and turned into a Purple Spiritual Dragon in his palms. The Purple Dragon roared, and the crying of a dragon resounded indistinctly.


As Mu Chen threw out a blow with his palm, the Purple Spiritual Dragon whizzed out. It struck a mountain, and cracks started to form on it.

Mu Chen stared at the cracks and frowned. When he had condensed the Purple Dragon, he had used the seal for the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. Although he had successfully cultivated it, the power was extremely weak…

Given Mu Chen's current strength, he could easily flatten the mountain. However, after using the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art, his power seemed to have weakened.

The Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was full of oddity.

"Why is this so…" Mu Chen muttered. He was baffled. This was his first time encountering such a strange Divine Technique. No wonder the owner had auctioned it off. It was difficult to cultivate.

Mu Chen pondered this while his hand held onto the golden scroll. The power of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art could not be what he had displayed. In this case, he might have cultivated it incorrectly.

However, was this not the way to cultivate Divine Technique?

Mu Chen shut his eyes and ran through the cultivation method in his mind. He immersed himself in the words and tried to find out what he had missed.

Mu Chen was in this state for two hours. Suddenly, he paused. His intuition made him stop at one of the lines in the training chant.

"Gather the energy in the Dragon and Elephant…"

Mu Chen frowned. His dark eyes were glittering. Is it referring to the gathering of the spiritual energy in the Dragon and Elephant? He had tried it before…

"Unless I have gathered at the wrong place," Mu Chen muttered. He suddenly had a thought. His mind went into the Sovereign Sea, and majestic spiritual energy continued to whoosh in the purple Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen's spirit floated up from the Sovereign Sea. He then stood on the surface of the Sea. After pondering for a while, he suddenly formed a seal, and the speed became increasingly fast. Afterimages formed, and one could not see them clearly.

"Rise!" Mu Chen's spirit shouted.  


The Sovereign Sea raged, and several spiritual energy beams shot up into the sky. The beams crossed one another's paths in the sky, and spiritual energy raged. Indistinctly, it turned into a humongous Purple Dragon.

The huge dragon occupied the horizon, and powerful spiritual energy fluctuations swirled out like a windstorm.

The huge Purple Dragon was condensed by the Dragon Seal of Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. It was powerful, but something seemed to be lacking in this dragon.

It was similar to a Divine Artifact without a spirit.

Mu Chen's spirit waved his hand, and the Purple Dragon disappeared into thin air. Majestic spiritual energy returned to the Sovereign Sea. Once again, he shut his eyes and went into deep thought.

Half a day passed by.

Mu Chen opened his eyes and looked at the purple Sovereign Sea. Purple flames were moving on the surface of the Sea.

They were the Unperishable Flame.

Mu Chen stomped his feet, and the spiritual energy shot up again. As the seals changed, a huge Purple Dragon formed in the sky.

This time around, when the huge Purple Dragon had been formed, purple flames from the Sovereign Sea swirled out and covered the huge Purple Dragon.

Crackle. Crackle.

The huge Purple Dragon was covered in purple flame. Its body speedily shrank, and it became crystal clear. From afar, it looked as though it were made of purple crystal. 

Purple flame was moving in its eyes. It was like a finishing touch which gave life to a dead object that had been formed by the spiritual energy.


When the huge Purple Dragon had shrunk to less than 100 feet, its body was dazzling like a gem. The Purple Dragon looked up into the sky and roared. The cry of a dragon resounded in the Sovereign Sea and stirred up a huge wave.

The Purple Dragon flew in the sky and roared again. Suddenly, it whizzed down into the Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen lowered his head and looked at the Sovereign Sea. The Purple Dragon was lying in the Sea as though it were in a deep sleep. Purple flames moved on its body as it slept. It seemed to be fortifying itself.

As Mu Chen looked at the Purple Dragon lying in the deep Sovereign Sea, he was enlightened. The Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was unlike the usual Divine Technique. It could only be condensed in the Sovereign Sea. It had to be kept in the Sovereign Sea and be fortified by the spiritual energy.   

One would need a special item like the Unperishable Flame in order to condense the Purple Dragon. It would be the finishing touch to bring the Purple Dragon to life.

"Gather the energy in the Dragon and Elephant. The Dragon and Elephant will cross paths and consume the heaven and the earth…" As Mu Chen muttered, his eyes became brighter. In the next instant, he formed a seal and shouted, "Elephant Seal!"

Boom! Boom!

Another majestic spiritual energy shot up into the sky. This time around, it was not a Purple Dragon that had been condensed. It was a huge Purple Elephant.

The huge elephant stepped in the air and looked as though it could uphold the heavens and the earth. It looked majestic.

Mu Chen merged the Unperishable Flame with the huge elephant. Its eyes were surging with flame, and it came to life.  

"Dragon and Elephant cross paths!"

Mu Chen lifted up his hand and the Purple Dragon that was lying in the Sovereign Sea whizzed up. It then collided against the huge Purple Elephant that was in the sky.

When the dragon and elephant collided, purple lights raged out. A bright photosphere appeared in the sky, and the dragon and elephant crossed their paths inside it.

Swish. Swish.

Purple lights glittered before a terrifying power burst out. The photosphere that was filled with horrifying power suddenly dimmed down. Majestic spiritual energy spread out in all directions, and the photosphere turned into spiritual energy light spots and came down from the sky. 

As Mu Chen looked at it, he turned pale. Had he failed? Was the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art so weird?

Mu Chen stared at the light spots in the sky and gritted his teeth. If this were to happen to ordinary people, they would have given up after so many tries. However, to Mu Chen, it made him more determined to succeed.

He did not believe that he could not handle this Divine Technique!

Mu Chen changed the seal again.

The spiritual energy in the Sovereign Sea started to whiz. The Purple Dragon and Purple Elephant continued to condense and cross paths…

However, it always ended up in a failure.


Mu Chen's spirit was panting hard. He had failed many times. He did not know why he would always fail at the last step. When the dragon and elephant crossed paths, they were unable to merge together and exude terrifying power.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and muttered, "This is not working…" He sensed that once the dragon and elephant came into contact with each other, they would start to disappear. It was like two fires coming together, and he could not bring about any changes.

If he could succeed in this step, he would be able to bring out the power of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art… However, this step was not easy.

Mu Chen's spirit laid on the surface of the Sea. His eyes were glittering, and he kept thinking.

The last step was the crucial step to the power of the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. Even if he had successfully merged the two powers with the same properties, it would only enhance its power slightly.

Do they need a power with a different property?

Mu Chen squinted. The spiritual energy in his body had merged with the Unperishable Flame. When he used the spiritual energy to condense the dragon and elephant, they would have the same properties.

He needed a special power that had a different property from the Unperishable Flame.

Where could he get such a power?

Mu Chen's expressions kept changing. Suddenly, a thought came to his mind.  

Mu Chen opened his eyes and formed a seal with his hands. Lightning started to flash and thunder sounds traveled out of his body. His body had turned into lightning.

Thunder sounds were heard in the Sovereign Sea, and dark lightning landed from the sky.

Mu Chen's spirit waved his hand, and spiritual energy gathered together and turned into a huge elephant. The huge elephant looked up into the sky and roared. It devoured the dark lightning.

Swish. Swish.

The huge elephant that was purple in color speedily turned dark. It then turned into a huge Black Elephant. Lightning was glittering on top of its head.

Mu Chen looked at the Black Lightning Elephant with joy. He waved his hand, and the Purple Dragon in purple flame whizzed out. It then hung itself before the Black Lightning Elephant.

Purple Fiery Dragon. Black Lightning Elephant.

Two different giants hung in the sky. Indistinctly, a destructive fluctuation rippled out.

Mu Chen's eyes shone brightly.  

The feeling is right!

This is the power of Nine Dragon and Nine Elephant Art!

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