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Chapter 68 – Spiritual Flame Array

When Mu Chen woke up in the morning, his mind was still somewhat confused. If it wasn’t for the black paper’s purple mandala flower within his aura sea and the trapped Nine Nether Bird, he would have thought that what had happened last night was all a dream.

“Damn beast.”

Mu Chen gradually accepted the situation after a long time. He fiercely rubbed his face and cursed furiously. Although the Nine Nether Bird was caged by the mysterious black paper, he still felt uneasy. After all, the Nine Nether Bird was too powerful. It may be extremely weak right now, but what would he do if the mysterious black paper could not stop it after the Nine Nether Bird had recovered its strength in the future?

This thing that was left within his body was like an unstable bomb. It could turn him completely helpless at any time.

Only after he had tasted the fierceness and ruthlessness of the Nine Nether Bird was Mu Chen aware of how naive he was of hoping to ingest it. With the Nine Nether Bird’s pride, Mu Chen could guarantee that this damn beast would fight to the bitter end if anyone attempts to forcibly ingest it.

What’s the point of holding this sort of Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence?

Mu Chen eventually calmed down after furiously scolding the Nine Nether Bird deep down inside. The situation has already happened, no matter how much he vents it out, he can’t change anything. Fortunately for him, the Nine Nether Bird was currently trapped by the black paper, so he had some time to think of a way to deal with the Nine Nether Bird.

He got up from his bed and slightly organized himself before leaving the room. Then, he walked to the place where he would learn about Spiritual Arrays from Mister Wen Ling. After the Black Eerie Swamp trip, Mu Chen had understood how amazing Spiritual Arrays are and his interest in it increased significantly. Moreover, the ones that he was able to arrange were only tiny Spiritual Arrays, they weren’t even considered Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays.

In the training room that he would usually practice in, Mu Chen did not see Mister Wen Ling. Presumably, he had arrived too earlier. However, he was not impatient and sat down cross-legged on the cushions. He then revealed a pondering expression. Right now, he had officially advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage and could feel that the Spiritual Energy density within his body had increased significantly. Furthermore, he had become more proficient in his control over Spiritual Energy.

“I wonder how many Spiritual Seals I would be able to condense?”

Mu Chen muttered to himself as a hint of expectation flashed through his eyes. He immediately stretched out his palm and his palm spun. Dark black Spiritual Energy gushed out from it and surrounded his palm completely. Mu Chen was completely satisfied about the speed and the density of the Spiritual Energy. As expected from the Spiritual Rotation Stage, the efficiency of mobilizing Spiritual Energy greatly surpassed the Spiritual Movement Stage.

The dark black Spiritual Energy on Mu Chen’s fingertips quickly gathered and changed. 8 Spiritual Seals seemed to be condensed in succession at a fast pace. Then, a 9th Spiritual Seal quietly condensed when Mu Chen moved his fingertips.

Mu Chen stared at the 9th Spiritual Seal, but he did not stop at this. The dark black Spiritual Energy continued to condense and a 10th, 11th Spiritual Seal flashed. In the end, the amount of Spiritual Seals stopped at the 12th Seal.

Mu Chen watched the 12 Spiritual Seals on his palm. He was just barely satisfied with this result as he could feel that this wasn’t the limit for him. However, he had just advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage and required a little bit of time to stabilize. When that happens, he believed that he would be able to do better.

Mu Chen smiled for himself when he saw his own progress. He clenched his hand and the 12 Spiritual Seals vanished. Afterwards, sounds of footsteps could be heard outside the door. Then, the door was pushed open and Wen Ling entered.

“Mister Wen.”

Seeing this, Mu Chen hurriedly got up and greeted Wen Ling.

Wen Ling gestured with his hand and stared at the boy in front of him. A smile was plastered on his strict face as he said: “I heard from the Territory Lord that you used tiny Spiritual Arrays at the Black Eerie Swamp. You’ve learned quickly.”

Wen Ling was asked by Mu Feng to teach Mu Chen about Spiritual Arrays and the latter was able to quickly enter the doorway for Spiritual Arrays. This gave him quite a bit of face. However, he must admit that the majority of it was because Mu Chen had quite the talent in the aspects of Spiritual Arrays.

Mu Chen smiled embarrassedly. The tiny Spiritual Arrays that he used could only trick Spiritual Beasts with low intelligence.

“You probably have to practice by yourself for the next two days.” Wen Ling looked at Mu Chen and said: “Your father is planning to construct a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array within the Mu City. This level of Spirit Convergence Array isn’t something that I could arrange by myself. Therefore, your father paid a great price to invite 3 other Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters to help. During this period of time, I would have to work together with them to see if it will work out.”

A “Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array”. Mu Chen was slightly surprised. In the entire Northern Spiritual Realm, the only Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array was in the Northern Spiritual Academy. As for a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array, only the Liu Territory had it. Even the Mu Territory only had a Rank 1 Spirit Convergence Array. This must be what his dad has been brooding about. After all, a Spirit Convergence Array is a symbol to show how powerful a force is. For the Liu Territory to be able to become the strongest territory out of the nine territories, the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array had to play a part in it.

However, a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array wasn’t something that could be easily constructed. Even for a few Rank 2 Spiritual Array Masters, they would not be confident that they could arrange it. Moreover, constructing a Spirit Convergence Array requires a large amount of rare materials. Thus, it was extremely costly. It would be a heavy blow to the Mu Territory if it were to fail. This is why Mu Feng did not recklessly attempt it and endured it all these years. From the looks of it, his dad finally couldn’t endure it any longer.

But even if they invited another 3 Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters to work together with Wen Ling, it was still hard to say if they would succeed on arranging the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array.

“Yes, Mister Wen. If you’re busy, it’s fine if you focus on your affairs.” Mu Chen nodded his head.

Wen Ling gave a nod. It seems that he was quite hard-pressed because of the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array. He did not plan on saying anything more and intended to leave as he turned away.

“About that, Mister Wen.” Mu Chen suddenly spoke up. He looked at Wen Ling, who was puzzled, and hesitated before saying: “I think I have some understanding about the tiny Spiritual Arrays now. I wonder if Mister Wen could give me a scroll of a Rank 1 Diagram Array so I can study it?”

After hearing that Mu Chen wanted to study a Rank 1 Diagram Array, Wen Ling frowned. His face became serious again: “It’s good that you have talent, but did you forget the words of how I told you not to be arrogant? A Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays requires at least 15 Spiritual Seals. The complexity of it also far surpasses a tiny Spiritual Array. If you would like to study on a Rank 1 Diagram Array, then you should wait until you formed 10 Spiritual Seals”

Before he even finishing speaking, he suddenly paused. Surprise emerged on his strict face because he saw the boy lifting up his palm. Then, the required 10 Spiritual Seals he mentioned emerged on his fingertips.


Wen Ling was stunned as he stared at the 10 Spiritual Seals on Mu Chen’s fingertips. He only recovered from his shock after a while before staring strangely at Mu Chen. Just for how long did this guy come in contact with Spiritual Array Cultivation? He could actually already form 10 Spiritual Seals. Isn’t the talent he displayed in this area too terrifying?


Wen Ling let out a dry cough and concealed the shock on his face as he said: “Since you’ve already reached it, then I’ll allow it.”

While he said this, he pulled out a red Diagram Array from within his arms and handed it over to Mu Chen: “This scroll is a rather simple Rank 1 Spiritual Array. Its name is the Spiritual Flame Array. This Spiritual Array requires at least 15 Spiritual Seals in order to arrange it. It’s fine if you’re going to study about it, but do not attempt to arrange it. Otherwise, it would not be fun if the Spiritual Array backfires on you.”

Mu Chen nodded as he excitedly accepted the red Diagram Array.

Seeing this, Wen Ling let go of his hand and immediately left. He still had to discuss with the other 3 Spiritual Array Masters that were invited regarding about how they should construct the Rank 2 Spiritual Array. This was a hassle. However, it might be a good opportunity for him. He might be able to find a catalyst, which would improve himself, and allow him to advance to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master.

Seeing Wen Ling depart, Mu Chen carefully opened up the scroll for the Rank 1 Spiritual Array. Then, a red light flashed as a faint heat emerged. Mu Chen focused his mind and concentrated his eyes on it.

Red lights were flashing on the Diagram Array. Light beams would extend out and intertwine with each other and form a rather complex outline.

Mu Chen could not help but smack his lips as he stared at the Diagram Array, which would make ordinary people dizzy. The Rank 1 Spiritual Array was indeed a lot more complex than a tiny Spiritual Array. However, it made him even more interested.

Mu Chen was immersed in the “Spiritual Flame Array” and studied the complex Spiritual beams outline within it.  Only after a while, he slowly retracted his gaze. Although he was quite eager to test it out, he would not attempt it recklessly. After all, this Rank 1 Spiritual Array requires at least 15 Spiritual Seals and it was evident that he had not reached the level right now.

“It seems that I should properly condense for a while.”

Mu Chen was content as he put away the Diagram Array. Then, he closed his eyes and attempted to condense more Spiritual Seals.

During the next few days, Wen Ling was busy with the matter of constructing a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array. He did not have much time to teach Mu Chen and the latter was happily at leisure. He would spend the entire time attempting to condense Spiritual Seals.

His efforts brought a great effect. As Mu Chen had gradually adapted to the Spiritual Rotation Stage, his control over his Spiritual Energy had become more proficient. Thus, on the fifth day, he had successfully increased the amount of Spiritual Seals to 15.

After the amount of Spiritual Seals had reached 15, Mu Chen could not conceal the excitement within his heart. Then, the excited youth brought out the “Spiritual Flame Array” once again. Right now, he had finally become qualified to attempt a true Rank 1 Spiritual Array.

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