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"Greetings, Commander Mu Chen!"

When Qiu Shan and the other two had no choice but to admit their defeat, the Nine Nether Troop finally lowered their heads. The sound of their neat voices resounded like thunder throughout the plaza.

With a calm expression, Mu Chen looked over at that army, which resembled black clouds, before turning his attention back to Qiu Shan and the other two. He then said, "You are all seniors of the Nine Nether Troop. For the past few years, despite going through the toughest times in Nine Nether Palace, you never left. Accordingly, as the new commander, I will reward those who have gained merit."

When he spoke to this point, he paused. Only when he saw the shock in Qiu Shan and the other two's gazes, did he continue to say, "I have a scroll, which holds the method to practicing 'Heavenly Flame Celestial Body', and I will teach it to you later."

"Heavenly Flame Celestial Body?"

Qiu Shan and the other two's expressions changed instantly. They stared at Mu Chen in slight disbelief. "The Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, which is ranked 97th?"

Not only emanating from them, but there were also bursts of outroar coming from within the entire Nine Nether Troop. Clearly, they knew about the title of this Heavenly Flame Celestial Body.

Their gazes turned fiery right away. Although this Heavenly Flame Celestial Body was only ranked toward the end of the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body, it was still on the list. Thus, it was evidently tougher than those others, which could not even get on the list.

Even in the Daluo Territory, a Sovereign Celestial Body of this rank was not something anyone could practice. But now, Mu Chen was using it as a reward. Such a reward could not be seen as a small one.

"Thank you, Lord Commander!"

Due to the enticement of that Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, Qiu Shan and the other two's expressions became more excited. They immediately cupped their fists and thanked him with a respectful tone.

Finally, their feelings of unfairness dissipated completely. After all, someone who was able to reward the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body so easily, albeit with even their young age, must have a verve incomparable to their own.

Mu Chen waved, before sweeping his eyes over everyone and saying with a deep voice, "Hereafter, within the Nine Nether Troop, as long as someone possesses an outstanding war achievement, not only can they obtain enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to sprint towards the Sovereign-level, they also stand the same chance to acquire the method to practice the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body after their successful sprint. Of course, you will have to look at your own good fortune, as to whether you can successfully practice it or not."


There was once again a burst of outroar within the Nine Nether Troop. Many people licked their lips with fiery gazes. For the past few years, they too were aware of the plight of the Nine Nether Palace. Thus, they usually used their Sovereign Spiritual Liquid carefully. Although no one actually said anything, everyone had the same hopes of obtaining some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in order to accelerate the speed of their practices.

Furthermore, in order to sprint towards the Sovereign-level, one would require a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which needs a long time to store. But Mu Chen's words dispelled their biggest concerns. In addition to that, was the enticement of obtaining that Heavenly Flame Celestial Body afterwards.

"But the Nine Nether Troop is always recuperating. How are we to obtain war achievements?" There were still some perceptive people within the Nine Nether Troop, who asked this with a small voice right away.

It was then that everyone snapped out of their thoughts and nodded. For the past few years, due to the decline of the Nine Nether Palace, the Nine Nether Troop never had the chance to go to war. Although the territories belonging to the Nine Nether Palace were being continuously conquered, the Nine Nether Palace was without a master. Thus, despite feeling sullen and hateful, they did not dare take any action.

"The past should be left in the past…" Mu Chen said lightly. "From today onward, we will take back what truly belongs to the Nine Nether Palace. We will fight back against those who still dare to oppress us. So, we must leave those days of recuperation behind us. Those who are not satisfied can leave the Nine Nether Troop, as from today onward, the Nine Nether Troop will be the sharpest spear of the Nine Nether Palace, which will be directed at all our enemies."

He said this calmly, but it was enough to make the whole Nine Nether Troop dumbfounded. Then, their bodies began to tremble in excitement, with some of them even becoming teary-eyed, due to their toilsome endurance for the past few years.

In Daluotian, the Nine Nether Troop had held the lowest social status. No matter where they went, they would attract disdainful looks. In fact, some malicious people would refer to the Nine Nether Palace as the Women's Palace, and to the Nine Nether Troop as the Women's Troop. All this was due to the fact that, for the past few years, every time the Nine Nether Palace was being provoked, they would choose to simply grin and bear it. In the end, they even readily surrendered their place in the Daluo Golden Pool.

After a long period of time, even they felt slightly numb. That was why, when they heard what Mu Chen said, it seemed to encircle around the Nine Nether Troop's determination, and they were suddenly uncontrollably overwhelmed by their emotions.

"As the Commander commands!"

All of the Nine Nether Troop stood still and, just like thunder, they lowly roared in an orderly fashion.

On the high platform, Tang Bing, who was watching this scene, couldn't help but bite her red lips with her pearly white teeth, as her beautiful eyes gazed at that slender shadow. No matter how strong she was usually, she was still ultimately a woman. Thus, she lacked a sense of bloodlust in her bones, which only men had. When it came to defense, Mu Chen would most certainly be inferior to her. But when it came to offense, clearly she would be inferior to Mu Chen.

Although the Nine Nether Troop gave her great respect, it was still rare to have a moment such as this, where they were overwhelmed by their emotions.

"How about it?" Nine Nether asked with a smile.

Tang Bing nodded lightly, before saying with a smile, "Elder sister Nine Nether has good judgment. Mu Chen is definitely much stronger than Cao Feng."

She pouted slightly, revealing a rare sense of femininity, before saying, "But this fellow may be a bit too generous. How can I give out so much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?"

Tang Bing could be considered as the housekeeper of the Nine Nether Palace, as she was in charge of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. In the past, she had to live through her days, using them only sparingly. She was unlike Mu Chen, who was like a lion with his mouth opened wide, for he let out grand promises, such as being able to sprint towards the Sovereign-level, as well as guarantees in obtaining Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

"He probably wants to fuel war by warfare," Nine Nether said, while she lazily stretched. A cold color flit through her beautiful, long, and narrow eyes. "It's just like what Mu Chen said. From today onward, the Nine Nether Palace will be changing their ways, whereby we will take back everything which once belonged to us."

Tang Bing nodded silently, for even she had a slight hope in her heart. Of course she had hoped to be able to see a Nine Nether Palace that was filled with vitality and bloodlust, where any enemies who came would receive their terrifying revenge.

For the past few years, the Nine Nether Palace had been bullied terribly. It wasn't that she did not feel angry about it, but they were in such uncontrollable circumstances that Lord Blood Hawk would always force them to make mistakes, so that they would then have an excuse to disband the Nine Nether Palace. Thus, no matter how wronged she felt, she would never give the opponent a chance.

Mu Chen was rather satisfied with the eruption of enthusiasm by the Nine Nether Troop. He nodded, and without saying another word, he turned back to glance at the high platform. He knew that he now had completely acquired the respect of the Nine Nether Troop.

"I did not expect you to be so familiar with this carrot-and-stick trick," Nine Nether smiled happily and said, while looking at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled. This trick of his could not be considered as new, but it was certainly effective.

"The Nine Nether Troop is not bad," Mu Chen complimented. He was extremely satisfied with this Nine Nether Troop. It was not weak, whether it be with regards to their vigor or their strength. Their only defect was their slightly low number of people, but they still had a lot of potential.

"Of course," Tang Bing smiled. There was a hint of proudness in her eyes, which she failed to conceal. This was because of the fact that, for the past few years, she had focused all her attention on this. Otherwise, how could a Nine Nether Palace that had lost Nine Nether be able to support themselves until Nine Nether had returned once again?

"But it seems to have brought trouble to elder sister Tang Bing," Mu Chen said lightly.

After the Nine Nether Palace lost Nine Nether, from the fact that Tang Bing was still able to train the Nine Nether Troop to the point they were now, and never stopped enduring through the many provocations, it was obvious that she must have sacrificed a lot. Indeed, it must have been extremely difficult for a girl like her to have done this.

No wonder everyone in the Nine Nether Troop treated her with the greatest respect, including Qiu Shan and the other two. Mu Chen could see that, if they revered Nine Nether, then they must have had an immense and sincere respect for Tang Bing.

Tang Bing was slightly startled. She looked over at the smile on the beaming face before her eyes, feeling a light bump on the seemingly soft area of her heart, as well as a sour sting on her pretty nose. Just because she never spoke about the unjust treatment she had received for the past few years, it didn't mean that it didn't exist.

It was just that, after losing Nine Nether, someone had to support the Nine Nether Palace on their shoulders, and she was that model. Thus, she could only show her cold and rigid side, while trying her best to strive on until Nine Nether's return.

"Don't worry, elder sister Tang Bing. In the future, if anyone dare come and cause trouble in the Nine Nether Palace again, I will beat them until they cannot be recognized by even their own parents," Mu Chen said with a smile. The grin on the youngster's handsome face at this moment was gentle and brilliant. It made Tang Bing's pretty face flush slightly. She even lost her usual coldness and rigidness, as she nodded lightly.

"But don't think that, just because you said a few complimenting words, that you don't have to consider the huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid which the Nine Nether Troop will need. We need so much that you won't be able to take them out, even if you sold me." Tang Bing regained her original colder expression quickly, as she looked over at Mu Chen, saying so with a smile.

Mu Chen nodded. This was definitely a problem. The territories of the Nine Nether Palace's subordinates were severely eroded, and the remaining Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in his hands could not last for long. Thus, if they wanted to continue on for a long time, they would have to rely upon themselves.

"I can only rely on all of you for this sort of thing. But, I will keep my eye on Lord Blood Hawk," Nine Nether said with a smile. According to the rules in the Daluo Territory, the King could not take any active battle action and only servants could enter into combat. This was also the reason that Lord Blood Hawk was not even in the slightest bit afraid of them, because he refused to believe that the small amount of people in the Nine Nether Palace could defeat his Blood Hawk Palace, which was filled with a galaxy of talent.

Mu Chen nodded and stretched. He gazed into the distance with a sharp eye. "After the battle of Daluo Golden Pool, we should begin to take back what we have lost."

"How are your preparations going?" Tang Bing asked curiously. After all, this was the first time, after so many years, that the Nine Nether Palace would be participating in the battle of Daluo Golden Pool. It was assumed that the other sects must be keeping a close eye on them.

"Everything is in order."

Mu Chen smiled faintly. His bright eyes were filled with confidence. After completing his practice of The Great Solar Undying Body, he was no longer afraid of any opponents of the same level.

But the battle this time was of extreme importance to him and the Nine Nether Troop. Thus, he could not treat it lightly, despite his capabilities.

Mu Chen lightly touched the Mustard Seed Bracelet. Suddenly, he recalled a secret divine art named 'Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art', which was in a scroll that he had snatched from Liu Ming.

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