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As Nine Nether left, the atmosphere at the stone platform was still rather frozen. Many people had thoughts flashing in their eyes. It seemed that the Meeting of the Nine Lords this time would probably not be peaceful.

Lord Blood Hawk squinted slightly and stared at Nine Nether as she departed. Some cruelness flashed in the depths of his eyes. Immediately, he smiled slightly and said, "Ha, I did not expect that after she left for a few years, her temper would become so bad.

"But I want to see who can take back the things that I have already swallowed!" He gave a forbidding smile and did not take Nine Nether's threat seriously. Although he knew that the Condor King had Nine Nether's back, he was not afraid. After all, the Condor King was only one of the three kings and could not control everything in the Daluo Territory by himself.

"Let's move!"

Lord Blood Hawk waved his hand and also stepped onto the hundred thousand foot stone stairs, moving up quickly.

Lord Asura, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the rest only watched on the sidelines and did not interfere with the resentment between the two parties. Among the nine lords, Nine Nether always had a weaker foundation and did not have any allies. On the other hand, Lord Blood Hawk was quite reputed, so in previous conflicts, Lord Blood Hawk had always gotten the upper hand. It was just that this time, they did not know what the outcome would be.

Behind Lord Asura, Xu Qing glanced at Lord Blood Hawk's back and frowned helplessly.

Lord Asura seemed to have noticed Xu Qing's view and said tonelessly, "If you don't have the abilities, don't think about speaking out for a woman. You still don't have that capability yet."

Hearing that, Xu Qing gave an awkward smile.

"Moreover, with Nine Nether's strength at the moment, it's not your turn to worry about her. Now she is probably close to becoming a Grade Five Sovereign. Together with her Divine Beast body, even Lord Blood Hawk, who is a Grade Five Sovereign, can't beat her."

Lord Asura stepped forward and a toneless voice passed into Xu Qing's ears. "Also, you should know well that Nine Nether is not like the other ordinary girls. She is aloof and proud. You are still a long way from being able to move her. At least you need to get rid of your status of being a mere commander."

Xu Qing nodded slightly and then followed behind Lord Asura to move towards the palace.

The other lords also stepped onto the stone stairs.

Walking up the stairs, they realized that the ancient palace was already open. Nine Nether brought Mu Chen and the other two, and stepped into the palace. Inside, there were many oval stone platforms whose size increased with the distance from the entrance.

The stone platforms extended along the sides of the palace, and the center of the palace was completely empty. At the highest part of the stone platforms, there was a huge throne on which one could look over everybody else in the palace. However, there was no one on the throne at the moment. Even though this was the case, there still seemed to be an invisible pressure emanating from the throne and enveloping the entire palace.

Obviously, the throne belonged to the real ruler of the Daluo Territory, the elusive Dominator.

Below the throne, there were three golden lotus platforms. There were three people sitting silently on the lotus platforms, and faint halos were emanating from their bodies. The space around them appeared to be distorted.

In the middle was a rather skinny old man. There always seemed to be light converging in his eyes. It was as if his look could penetrate a person's heart. It was so sharp that it was frightening.

The person on his left was also an old man with white hair. However, his skin was as smooth as an infant's, and no wrinkles could be seen on his face. Even his white hair was shiny, and he did not look like a dying old man at all. His eyes were completely dark and did not have any white at all. The darkness would cause anyone seeing it to tremble with fear.

On his right was a man who looked sleepy. His age could not be told from his appearance, but he looked very lazy, as if he were half-asleep.

Entering the palace, Nine Nether first looked at the skinny old man at the center. Finally, a smile appeared on her always cold face.

"Ah, little Nine Nether, you are finally back. Great." The skinny old man's penetrating look stopped on Nine Nether as he smiled happily.

The old man with white hair and infant-like skin also squinted and glanced at Nine Nether. Some surprise flashed in his eyes.

The sleepy man also opened his eyes slightly to take a look, after which he continued to tilt his head lazily.

"The person at the center is the Condor King. He has some relationships with the Nine Netherbird clan, so he is considered as sister Nine Nether's senior and always takes care of her," Tang Bing said softly to Mu Chen.

"The person on the left of the Condor King is the Spiritual Pupil King. He supports Lord Blood Hawk and some of the rest. Lord Blood Hawk dares to be so arrogant largely because the Spiritual Pupil King is supporting him."

Mu Chen changed his focus and looked at the old man with white hair and black eyes. The latter also seemed to have noticed, and his eyes turned slightly towards Mu Chen. It was as if a strange light was circulating in his black eyes, causing people to be deeply attracted and unable to withdraw themselves.

Suddenly, a somewhat icy hand gently grabbed Mu Chen's palm. The cold feeling caused him to instantly become clear-headed. At once, he was shocked and fear filled his eyes.

The Spiritual Pupil King was indeed quirky.

Seeing that Mu Chen had regained consciousness, Nine Nether let go of his hand and reminded him, "Don't stare into his pupils. The divine technique that he cultivates is in his eyes."

Mu Chen nodded gently.

"The third one is known as the Sleeping King... Over the years, I don't think I have ever seen him completely awake. Hence, the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King will decide on most of the matters in the Daluo Territory," Tang Bing continued as she glanced at that always sleepy figure with a strange look.

Amazement could also be seen on Mu Chen's face, and his expression was similarly strange. In the world, there is actually such a weird person?

"Don't belittle him. It is said that he was the first to follow the Dominator to develop the Daluo Territory. He is unfathomable. Even the Condor King is somewhat afraid of him," Nine Nether said softly.

Mu Chen nodded slightly. The three kings before him were probably no weaker than the Human-Demon Elder from Tian Xuan Hall. They were all at least Grade Seven Sovereigns.

"Then how about the Dominator?" Mu Chen asked curiously.

"The Dominator has not appeared for many years," Tang Rou said softly. "The Dominator is the most mysterious person in the Daluo Territory. It is said that he is in seclusion to cultivate, but nobody knows where he is."

Mu Chen smiled resignedly. The Daluo Territory was indeed unique.

Nine Nether waved her hand, and brought Mu Chen and the other two towards a stone chair, after which she sat down. The other eight lords also brought their people in gradually and sat down in order.

"Ha, after so many years, the seats here are finally all filled." Looking at the fully occupied seats below, the Condor King smiled slightly and announced, "Since everyone is here, let's start the Meeting of the Nine Lords."

The region under the Daluo Territory was extremely vast, and was also contiguous with many other similarly powerful forces. There had been continuous battles among them. Many issues that required discussion would be settled during the Meeting of the Nine Lords.

Because Nine Nether had left the Daluo Territory for many years, she did not say anything during these topics. Instead, her slim fingers lightly tapped on the stone platform. Her eyes were partially closed and coldness could always be seen on her face.

Mu Chen, Tang Bing, and Tang Rou stood in silence without looking sideways.

The discussions about the battles continued for about two hours and then finally ended. The Condor King changed the topic and said, "These issues have been settled. Next, let's talk about the contest for the Daluo Golden Pool, which will be held two months from now."

Just as he finished speaking, the atmosphere in the palace immediately became more serious, and the looks from the various lords also turned solemn. Clearly, they understood that this was the highlight. After all, the Daluo Golden Pool was rather attractive.

At the moment, Nine Nether also opened her charming eyes. Her icy look was projected onto Lord Blood Hawk, and her cold voice spoke first. "In this Daluo Golden Pool contest, the Nine Nether Palace will also participate."

Everyone in the place was alarmed, as they knew that Lord Nine Nether, who had just returned, was starting to launch a verbal assault.

Hearing her words, Lord Blood Hawk smiled and said, "Haha, Nine Nether, you have been away for a long time, so you are unaware of many things. The quota your Nine Nether Palace had was sold to our Blood Hawk Palace long ago."

Immediately, anger appeared on Tang Bing and Tang Rou's faces. This person is indeed shameless.

"Sold to you? Did I agree? Lord Blood Hawk, leader of the Blood Hawk Palace, you should know that for this kind of thing, it only counts when the leader of the palace agrees, right?" Nine Nether sneered.

"Since I didn't agree, that doesn't count. Otherwise, how about I give you 2,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, and you also sell the quota from your Blood Hawk Palace to my Nine Nether Palace?"

The corners of Lord Blood Hawk's eyes twitched, and his look became much more dour. Then, he gave a forbidding smile and said, "I didn't imagine that you had grown a silver tongue after leaving for a few years."

His palm gradually tightened on the armrest of the stone chair, and a huge spiritual energy pressure burst out as he stared at Nine Nether with a fierce look.

Seeing that, the corners of Nine Nether's pink lips also curled up to form a cold smile. Suddenly, her hand smacked onto the large stone table, and a crack instantly shot out under her palm, flying towards Lord Blood Hawk like a sharp sword.

"How dare you!"

Seeing that Nine Nether actually dared to attack first, Lord Blood Hawk's look became frosty, and he also smacked his hand down suddenly. A blood ray crack also shot out from his palm and collided directly with the incoming crack.


The huge stone table immediately started to shake violently. However, before the shockwave could burst out, a gentle power rushed over and ablated the two forces.

The Condor King waved his sleeves and said tonelessly, "No fighting is allowed in the discussion hall."

Lord Blood Hawk gave a cold humph. He stared at Nine Nether with a dour look and mocked, "Even if you get the quota, so what? Your Nine Nether Palace has no commanders, so you are not eligible to participate in the contest for the Daluo Golden Pool."

A commander must be a Sovereign. In the Nine Nether Palace, apart from Nine Nether, even the girl Tang Bing had yet to step into the Sovereign-level.

"Who told you that our Nine Nether Palace has no commanders?"

Nine Nether raised her eyes, and her rosy lips curved up into a mocking smile. Then, she pointed at Mu Chen beside her, and her cold voice spread throughout the entire place.

"From today onwards, he is the new commander of our Nine Nether Palace!"

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