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Chapter 67 – A Page of Black Paper Seals the Spirit Bird

This sudden turn of events had completely made Mu Chen’s mind enter a state of chaos and horror. His face also turned extremely pale.

The soul essence swallowing its owner?

Damn it, he had just advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage and did not have the strength to even ingest a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. How could such a thing appear within his body?

Mu Chen’s mind was completely stunned. However, he was still somewhat calm so he quickly recovered from the chaos. It was not the time for him to think why this had happened, instead, he must focus on protecting his life!

The soul essence swallowing its owner was something quite common. A few Spirit Stage powerhouses were quite ambitious and wanted to ingest a powerful Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. However, they did not realise that it was an extremely dangerous act. In order to ingest the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, you must first wipe out the consciousness of the Spiritual Beast. They would definitely have to suffer the resistance of the Spiritual Beast while they perform this act. Some of the fiercer Spiritual Beasts would even take the opportunity to counterattack and attempt to swallow its owner instead. If this were to happen, it was almost certain that the owner would die.

An extremely fierce fluctuation charged straight at Mu Chen’s mind and attempted to erase his consciousness. While facing this sort of attack from within his body, Mu Chen did not have many ways to deal with it. He immediately took a deep breath and manipulated the Spiritual Energy within his body to circulate it through his meridians. Then, he made it crash against each other.


A low and silent sound echoed within Mu Chen’s body. This tremor caused his throat to suddenly taste sweet. However, the Spiritual Energy collision also formed a Spiritual Energy fluctuation. These fluctuations quickly spread out and collided with the fierce fluctuation that was charging towards Mu Chen’s mind.

As the two fluctuations collided with each other, Mu Chen felt dizzy again within his mind. However, he bit his tongue tightly and used the pain to keep himself awake. Afterwards, he saw a black flame surging within his body.

The black flames drifted around and an elegant black shadow with wings appeared within the flames.

“It’s the Nine Nether Bird!”

Mu Chen saw the black shadow that had left a deep impression on him and his heart immediately trembled. He would never have imagined that the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that entered his body would be the Nine Nether Bird’s Soul Essence!

“It was then!”

Mu Chen suddenly recalled the instant before he had fallen unconscious in the Black Eerie Swamp. The black flame that charged at him had something hidden within it. Could it be that the Nine Nether Bird’s Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence was hidden within it? And that it entered his body through it?

“Damn it!”

Mu Chen cursed and did not feel any delight from the fact that the Nine Nether Bird’s Soul Essence was within his body. He could only feel an irregular heartbeat as it was impossible for him to ingest it with his strength right now. If that’s the case, there is only one result: his consciousness would be erased by the Nine Nether Bird. Moreover, the vicious and cunning Nine Nether Bird might even use a special method to occupy his body to be reborn again.

Mu Chen was definitely not happy to see such a scene.


Within the black flames, the Nine Nether Bird seemed to be aware of Mu Chen’s gaze and instantly let out a fierce cry. The black flames turned around and drilled towards Mu Chen’s aurasea.

It was smart. It knew that Mu Chen would not be able to stop him once his aurasea was destroyed. After destroying his Spiritual Energy, he would become a useless person.

“What a vicious beast!”

Mu Chen was shocked by the Nine Nether Bird’s viciousness. He angrily cursed as he mobilized his Spiritual Energy and attempted to stop the Nine Nether Bird.

The Nine Nether Bird within the black flames seemed to have noticed the surging Spiritual Energy. Within its sharp eyes, a hint of contempt flashed. Just what level of an existence is it? Even if it had no body, it was not something which a boy, who had just entered the Spiritual Rotation Stage, could deal with.

The black flames instantly turned a lot brighter and it flapped its wings. Then, flames directly charged at the surging Spiritual Energy. However, Mu Chen could tell that the Spiritual Energy within his body had completely evaporated away when it collided against the black flames.

To the Nine Nether Bird, this sort of blockade was simply ineffective against it. On one side, it was a super Spiritual Beast, whose name was vicious and reputed within the world. On the other side, he was a boy, who was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage. They simply weren’t at the same level.

Mu Chen also noticed the gap between the two of them. However, he did not give up because of this. Instead, he gritted his teeth and a hint of ruthlessness appeared in his eyes. If you want to cripple me, then I won’t let you be better off either!

Mu Chen moved his mind and the Spiritual Energy light wheel that was just formed slowly circulated. The Spiritual Energy that was stored within it was completely drawn out by him. Then, it charged towards the black flames approaching his aurasea mercilessly.

Chi Chi!

The black flames continued to head forward and wherever it passed, the Spiritual Energy evaporated. Even when Mu Chen did everything to stop the black flames were they only delayed for a moment. It was evident that it could not stop the Nine Nether Bird.

Within ten short breathes, the black flames have already broken through all the Spiritual Energy barriers that Mu Chen had placed up. Outside of his aurasea, the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes seemed to have emerged on the black flames as it revealed a touch of pride.


Under Mu Chen’s furious gaze, the black flames moved and entered his aurasea. A burning pain instantly emitted out and caused Mu Chen’s face to become distorted.

He could see the Nine Nether Bird heading towards the Spiritual Energy light wheel that was just formed after entering his aurasea. It roared and attempted to destroy it.

The Spiritual Energy light wheel embodies all the Spiritual Energy that Mu Chen had condensed through his life. If it was destroyed, Mu Chen’s efforts in training would instantly be wasted.

It was obvious that Mu Chen’s schemes were completely powerless in face of such an existence. This difference was not something that schemes could help make up for. Thus, he could only angrily stare at the Nine Nether Bird charging at his Spiritual Energy light wheel.

“I’ll go all out against you!”

In the final moments, Mu Chen let out a furious shout. He did not care and forced his Spiritual Energy light wheel to self-destruct. This was the only thing he could still do. Although he would pay a great price, it would still be better than the Nine Nether Bird erasing his consciousness!

The Spiritual Energy light wheel erupted out lights. This sort of Spiritual Energy had also suddenly become particular violent. But just when it was the moment when Mu Chen was going to fight to the bitter end against the Nine Nether Bird, a bell-like sound echoed within his aurasea.

Under this strange sound, Mu Chen’s rampaging Spiritual Energy light wheel that was about to explode actually calmed down a bit.

Mu Chen watched this scene and stared at the surface of the Spiritual Energy light wheel. At that location, a page of black paper was quietly lying down. It seems that the sound was issued out from that place.


Mu Chen wanted to cry, but tears did not flow out. After he obtained the mysterious black paper which he could not detect, it had always remained in his body. Never did it show any effects, but who would have expected that it would suppress the final ability that could take out the Nine Nether Bird’s life in this critical moment.

As the Spiritual Energy light wheel was suppressed, the black flames formed by the Nine Nether Bird were close at hand. The black flames caused the Spiritual Energy light wheel within his aurasea to show signs of becoming distorted.

“It’s over.”

Seeing this scene, Mu Chen let out a sigh of despair.


Just when the fierce black flames were about to smash into the Spiritual Energy light wheel, a black light screen descended down.


The black flames that were almost always harmful were actually knocked back. Then, a hint of surprise appeared in the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes within the black flames.

Mu Chen was also stunned when he saw that scene. He hurriedly looked at the thin page of black paper. This was because a thin layer of a black light barrier descended down from it.


A strange sound that sounded like Sanskrit started to come out from the page of black paper. Then, dark purple lights emerged on the surface of the black paper that had always remained motionless.


When these lights appeared, it actually formed into a dark purple light barrier and enveloped the black flames formed by the Nine Nether Bird within it.

This unforeseeable development surprised the Nine Nether Bird. It hurriedly charged at the light barrier. But what shocked Mu Chen was that the light barrier was completely unmoving against the Nine Nether Bird’s charge.

It was not the end after the light barrier was formed. A purple light started to gather beneath the Nine Nether Bird and gradually extended outwards. It actually turned into purple mandala flowers.

Obscure, dark gold engravings seemed to be covered on the mandala’s flower petals. A hint of horror instantly appeared within the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes when it saw the mandala flower and it let out a frightened cry.

The mysterious dark purple mandala flower was like a cage and it bounded the black flames formed by the Nine Nether Bird. Then, it slowly drifted away and landed on top of the thin black paper.

A mysterious flower cage completely trapped the Nine Nether Bird within it.

As the Nine Nether Bird became trapped, the rampage within Mu Chen’s aurasea gradually subsided. The black flames also began to fade and it turned into a baby fist-sized mini Nine Nether Bird.

It struggled angrily, but it could not escape the dark purple mandala flower. Therefore, it could only stop and close its fierce and hateful eyes as it prepared to gather strength for an opportunity.

Mu Chen was completely stunned as he watched this strange battle within his aurasea. Only after a while did he finally recover from his shock. Then, he stared blankly at the dark purple mandala flower on top of the page of black paper.

It was resolved like this?

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