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Daluotian, central region.

At the central region of Daluotian, which looked like a small continent, there was a towering, majestic mountain peak. The peak pierced into the clouds like a sword, producing a spectacular sight.

This peak was called the Daluo Peak, and was the most important place in the entire Daluotian region. It was not only a place where the three kings controlled the whole Daluo Territory, but also one where even the mysterious Dominator was said to be secluded within. It was like the pivot point of the whole Daluotian region, or even the whole Daluo Territory.

At that moment, the Daluo Peak was exceptionally lively. In the sky, whistling sounds could be heard continuously, as people whizzed over from afar, one by one, eventually landing on the magnificent peak.

That day was when the biannual Meeting of the Nine Lords in the Daluo Territory would be held. This was considered to be a very important meeting in the Daluo Territory, so normally, nobody would be absent.

At the highest part of the Daluo Peak, a giant palace stood in silence. The palace was emitting an ancient feeling, as if it had been retained from the olden times, causing many to feel awe.

Before the palace was a series of stone stairs, which were one hundred thousand feet long. All the figures landed below the stone stairs, not daring to fly to the top directly. Instead, they chose to walk up, respectfully using the long stone stairs.

Before the hundred thousand feet long stone stairs, there were already many people congregated. However, most of them stood in various clusters, with clear divisions between the different groups.

Where there are people, there are conflicts, and in the huge Daluo Territory, this rule also applied. For their own benefits, the different clans fought against each other. There was gratitude among some of them, resentment among others, which indeed made for a complicated situation.


As the extensive platform started to be filled with people, a few streamers suddenly flew over from the distant sky, eventually landing on the platform. Everyone's sight was projected onto the few people. When they saw the newcomers clearly, their eyes were all filled with intense surprise. Immediately, some soft whispering spread quietly.

"That's... Lord Nine Nether? She has indeed returned!"

"Yesterday, I already received some news, which seems to be indeed true. Lord Nine Nether disappeared for many years, and it was said that she went for her tribulation. By the looks of it, she has passed the tribulation successfully."

"Incredible. To think that she could pass the tribulation at her age, and turn from a spiritual beast into being divine."

"Seems like the Meeting of the Nine Lords today will be interesting. Over these past years, the Nine Nether Palace has been severely bullied by the other lords, the leading one being Lord Blood Hawk. Based on the character of Lord Nine Nether, she will not leave the matter as such."

"In the past, Lord Nine Nether had yet to pass the tribulation. The Condor King supported her, but she was of no threat still. Today, however, she has passed the tribulation and returned, so things will probably not end that easily."


On the vast platform, different kinds of whispering spread quietly. Towards those gossiping, Nine Nether acted as if she heard nothing. Lifting her face, she stared at the ancient palace at the top of the hundred thousand feet long stone stairs, her long eyes squinting slightly.

Mu Chen and the two sisters, Tang Bing and Tang Rou, all stood behind Nine Nether, looking steadily forward. Shortly after Nine Nether emerged, more whistling was heard from the sky. A few figures flew over, eventually landing on the platform.

As these figures arrived, a strong spiritual energy pressure enveloped the place instantly. The people who were walking over were obviously very powerful.

Mu Chen also glanced at them, realizing that there were about three groups of people who had just emerged. On the left, the leader was an emotionless middle-aged man. He wore black robes and his pupils were dark red, making people tremble in fear.

Behind the middle-aged man, a younger man followed closely. The man was tall and straight, and he wore a green shirt. His dashing eyebrows swung in the air, and in fact, he was pretty handsome.

Around him, there was a decent spiritual energy fluctuation. His expression was originally quite calm, but once he saw that slender and tall body, the look in his eyes started to fluctuate uncontrollably.

"That is Lord Asura, who is considered to be the strongest among the nine lords today. In time, he may even be eligible to become one of the three kings." When Mu Chen saw the two people, Tang Bing, who was at the side, said softly.

Mu Chen nodded gently, his look somewhat solemn. The feeling that Lord Asura had given him was even stronger and more unfathomable than the that which he had gotten from the old man in black robes, who was now accompanying Liu Ming.

"The person behind Lord Asura is Xu Qing, the head of the four great commanders. He is pretty powerful."

Mu Chen's eyes turned slightly towards the man in the green shirt. The eyes of the latter were totally locked onto Nine Nether. Judging from his behaviour, it seemed that Xu Qing indeed had some affection towards Nine Nether, confirming what Tang Rou had said earlier.

However, regarding his pleasantly surprised stare, Nine Nether did not seem to have any reactions at all. Only when she saw Lord Asura, did she look at him and nod gently.

Although in the Daluo Territory, it was extremely difficult to get close to Lord Asura, Nine Nether still thought that Lord Asura was clearly much better than the sinister Lord Blood Hawk. Lord Asura also saw Nine Nether, and his emotionless face moved slightly, eventually also nodding.

In the past, Nine Nether was only a small kid in his eyes, but this time, after she returned, even he felt some pressure. It seemed that, over the years, she had become much stronger.

The man in the green shirt, who was behind Lord Asura, saw that Nine Nether did not look at him at all, and could only give a bitter smile. However, the look from his eyes became increasingly bright, as if he had found his motivation all of the sudden.

Mu Chen turned his eyes to look at the second wave of people. The leader was a very husky middle-aged man, who had a pair of large palms, which revealed dragon-like veins, as if they could crack open a mountain.

"That's Lord Mountain Cracker... also a strong person among the nine lords," Tang Bing said tonelessly.

Mu Chen nodded lightly. Just then, his eyes moved suddenly, because he saw that behind Lord Mountain Cracker, a similarly burly and tough man was looking in his direction, his eyes wavering. Obviously, he was not looking at Mu Chen, but rather, his attention was fixed upon the emotionless Tang Bing, who was standing beside him.

"Hehe, that's Zhou Yue, the second among the four great commanders. He seems to be fond of my sister. In the past, he snuck into the Nine Nether Palace to peep at my sister secretly. Later, he was discovered by my sister, who took a sword directly and chased him out." At the side, Tang Rou snickered.

"Seems that your sister is quite attractive." Mu Chen felt somewhat amused. This Zhou Yue clearly had some affection towards Tang Bing, but judging from Tang Bing's behavior, she did not seem to be interested in him.

Tang Bing raised her eyebrows, glancing at Mu Chen with her eyes wide open. The latter smiled at her, but she could only turn her head away, feeling annoyed. She realized that Mu Chen was quite thick-skinned, and knew that he would not feel at fault, no matter how much she stared at him.

"Ha, isn't this Nine Nether? We didn't expect that you had really returned. It's such a joy."

Just as when Mu Chen was looking at Lord Asura, a seemingly somewhat hearty but actually gloomy laughter was heard. Then, Mu Chen saw a group of people coming directly towards them. Many people around started to look at them.

The group was led by a middle-aged man with blood-red hair. His eyes were extremely penetrating and gloomy, as if he was an eagle staring at its prey from above, ready to give it a fatal blow at anytime.

At the moment, he smiled and gazed at Nine Nether. As his blood-red hair swung in the breeze, it smelled of blood wafting across the air. This time, even without Tang Bing's introduction, Mu Chen already knew that the newcomer must be Lord Blood Hawk, whose relationship with Nine Nether was very bad.

At the side, Tang Bing and Tang Rou stared angrily behind Lord Blood Hawk, where there was a man in a white shirt. The man's appearance was quite handsome, but at the moment, his face was slightly stiff. His look was evasive, and he did not dare look at Nine Nether, who was just in front.

Seeing this, Mu Chen already knew that the person must be Cao Feng, who had left the Nine Nether Palace...

Beside Cao Feng, there was another man, who was smiling and looking at the twin sisters, whose eyes were filled with anger. Intense desire could be seen in the depth of his eyes. Then, he licked his lips gently, as if he wanted to swallow the twin sisters into his stomach.

This person was Wu Tian, who was ranked third in the four great commanders...

Nine Nether did not pay attention to Lord Blood Hawk, standing before her. Her eyes passed him and glanced at Cao Feng, who was standing behind Lord Blood Hawk, her face being calm.

"Ha, Cao Feng, this is your old master. Isn't it a bit rude not to greet her?" Lord Blood Hawk clasped his hands and laughed at will.

Only then did Cao Feng raise his head and give a stiff smile. "Greetings, Master Nine Nether."

Nine Nether looked at him, her eyes gradually turning calm. Not even much disappointment could be seen. Even though she was somewhat sad upon hearing the news the previous day, when she saw him again, it felt like he was a stranger. She only felt somewhat sorry for him, because the young man, whom she saved from the battlefield in the first place, had slowly changed for the worse.

It seemed that not everyone could always keep their original self on the road to becoming a master, at least not like the young man beside her, who always had a gentle smile on his face, but was full of stubbornness and perseverance in his bones. Watching Nine Nether's gradually calming eyes, and feeling that it was as if she was staring at a stranger, Cao Feng clenched his fist firmly in his sleeves, uncontrollably.

He lowered his head slightly, his face becoming somewhat gloomy and distorted. He was very displeased about the fact that Nine Nether was so calm about his betrayal.

Nine Nether withdrew her look and finally glanced at Lord Blood Hawk. In her icy eyes' glare, there seemed to be frost condensing. Then, she turned around and walked directly towards the palace. Her cold voice even caused the temperature of the surrounding air to drop.

"Blood Hawk, whatever you have swallowed from my Nine Nether Palace, be prepared to vomit out in the future."

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