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Before the palace, Nine Nether's face was filled with frost and her eyes with fire. Clearly, she was enraged.

Beside her, Mu Chen also frowned slightly. It seemed to him that Lord Blood Hawk was really an immoral person. The things he did were so contemptible.

Nine Nether's plump breasts rose and fell gently. She controlled her anger, and her voice gradually calmed, but the coldness in it could not be hidden. "From now on, Nine Nether Palace will take back the quota. Tomorrow, I will attend the Meeting of the Nine Lords to let them know that I, Nine Nether, am back. I'll see who dares to cause Nine Nether Palace trouble in the future.

"For those who have taken things from our Nine Nether Palace, I will make them return it all!"

Tang Bing and Tang Rou both nodded, their eyes filled with joy. Nine Nether had passed the tribulation and returned. Since she became much stronger and was no weaker than the other eight lords, Nine Nether Palace finally had someone to rely on.

Nine Nether looked at Tang Bing and asked, "Bing'er, now in the Daluo Territory, how many commanders are entitled to compete for the quotas in the Daluo Golden Pool?" If Mu Chen wanted to enter the Daluo Golden Pool, he had to fight and win against the other contestants. Therefore, she also had to let Mu Chen know how strong his opponents were.

Tang Bing looked at Mu Chen, who was standing beside Nine Nether. Her eyes were beautiful. If they were filled with aloofness, she would seem extremely unapproachable. However, once her eyes had other emotions in them, they would instantly become very pretty and clever. They would even seem to be somewhat charming and as a result, very attractive.

As she looked at Mu Chen, her eyes were filled with doubt. The pressure that she felt from Mu Chen seemed to be significantly weaker than that of those reputed commanders in the Daluo Territory.

She was very doubtful whether Mu Chen really had the power to compete with those talented commanders.

However, although she was uncertain, she still answered seriously, "Now in the Daluo Territory, there are a total of 18 commanders, and they all belong to the other lords. Nine Nether Palace had one in the past but..."

The one in the past she was talking about was obviously Cao Feng, who had left Nine Nether Palace.

Nine Nether nodded slightly, and her face was completely calm. "Among these 18 commanders, the most reputed today are the four great commanders."

Tang Bing seemed to smile as she said, "The head of the four great commanders is Xu Qing who is under Lord Asura. He was already promoted to Grade Two Sovereign long ago. I think maybe sister Nine Nether will have some impression of him."

"Xu Qing?" Hearing the name, Nine Nether was temporarily stunned, and she said with surprise, "That ordinary kid has become so strong?"

"Hehe, sister Nine Nether, I heard that this Xu Qing has always liked you. Over these years, many outstanding girls in Daluo Territory have shown their admiration to him, but he has never been moved." Tang Rou covered her mouth and giggled softly.

Nine Nether flicked her slim finger on Tang Rou's smooth forehead and said, "Nonsense. I didn't have much contact with him... Bing'er, you can continue."

"Among the four great commanders, the one who is ranked second is Zhou Yue under Lord Mountain Cracker." Tang Bing paused for a while and then continued, "At the third position is Wu Tian who is under Lord Blood Hawk. He was brought back by Lord Blood Hawk a few years ago from the outside into Daluo Territory. Within just a few years, Wu Tian climbed quickly and soon became one of the four great commanders. That speed is indeed shocking."

Nine Nether nodded and asked, "Then who's the fourth?"

Tang Bing's rosy lips twitched slightly, and she eventually answered softly, "The person who is ranked fourth is also under Lord Blood Hawk..."

Nine Nether squinted slightly and said tonelessly, "Cao Feng?"

Tang Bing nodded gently.

"Seems like he has found the correct support. In just a few years, he has climbed to such a level," Nine Nether said calmly. The young man was indeed very talented. Otherwise, he would not have been promoted to a commander of Nine Nether Palace in the first place.

"The first three in the four great commanders should all be Grade Two Sovereigns. As for Cao Feng, it is said that he is at the peak of Grade One Sovereign and can enter Grade Two any time. So among the Grade One Sovereigns, he can beat almost everyone."

Tang Bing glanced at Mu Chen and continued, "There are only four quotas for the Daluo Golden Pool, so if he wants to get one, he must defeat one of the four great commanders."

Mu Chen nodded gently. Tang Bing's meaning was clear. Among the four great commanders, the weakest one in comparison was Cao Feng. Thus, if he wanted to obtain the entitlement to enter the Daluo Golden Pool, he must defeat Cao Feng.

Clearly, Tang Bing did not think that Mu Chen would be able to do that. Even though she hated Cao Feng, he became one of the four great commanders because he indeed had some capabilities.

Nine Nether turned her head, smiled at Mu Chen and said, "How? Are you confident? If you are not, we will give up this time."

Mu Chen stared into Nine Nether's eyes. In the depths of her seemingly calm eyes, there was clearly some slight anticipation. If he said that he was not confident and would like to reject the contest at the moment, she would probably be somewhat disappointed in him.

"I don't yet know how strong those so-called four great commanders are, but… I wasn't even afraid of Earthly Sovereigns, not to mention some Grade Two Sovereigns." A smile appeared on Mu Chen's handsome face as he laughed.

"Don't worry. Our Nine Nether Palace will definitely have a share in the Daluo Golden Pool."

Nine Nether raised her eyebrows slightly and did not speak, but a smile appeared on her face. To the side, Tang Rou also stared curiously at the confident Mu Chen, while Tang Bing's face was filled with judgement. His courage was indeed remarkable but... the eligibility to enter the Daluo Golden Pool would not be obtained by mere courage.

Nine Nether did not say anything else. She turned around and walked directly towards the palace. When she entered the palace, her footsteps paused and a soft voice was heard. "Since you said so, no matter how difficult it is to obtain the quota to participate, I will surely get it for you!"

After she finished speaking, she stepped into the palace. Tang Rou glanced at Mu Chen curiously and quickly followed her.

Mu Chen leaned against a pillar. Watching Nine Nether leave, he also smiled gently, and it could be seen in his eyes that he was somewhat touched. Since they left the Northern Heavens Continent, Nine Nether had always been planning for him. She knew his goal, so she had been trying her best to pave the way for him within her abilities.

That was the way to becoming a matchless master.

"Seems that sister Nine Nether is very good to you." Tang Bing crossed her arms and stared at Mu Chen. The iciness had returned to her eyes. Although she was wearing a somewhat loose cultivation suit, this action still caused a plump curve in her chest to be shown under her shirt.

"What's your relationship with sister Nine Nether?" Tang Bing started to question Mu Chen. Over the years, she had always been in charge of Nine Nether Palace, so she looked somewhat formidable. Her inquiring look would also cause much pressure.

However, her contemplation was obviously quite useless against Mu Chen. He smiled at Tang Bing and answered, "It's the kind of relationship where I will not let her get hurt even if I get severely injured."

Mu Chen did not say much more. He changed the topic immediately and said softly, "Sister Tang Bing, if Nine Nether wants to take back that commander quota, will it be very troublesome?"

Tang Bing frowned and replied, "There are only nine lords in the Daluo Territory, and each lord only has one such quota. Lord Blood Hawk took away the quota from our Nine Nether Palace and over the years he has benefited much. Do you think he will give it up easily?

"Even though sister Nine Nether is supported by the Condor King, he alone does not have the final say in the whole Daluo Territory. Otherwise, Nine Nether Palace would not have had such a hard time over these years...

"So the Meeting of the Nine Lords tomorrow will probably not be peaceful." Tang Bing paused. She stared at Mu Chen with her charming eyes and added, "Sister Nine Nether is very good to you. I hope that you will not be another Cao Feng. Otherwise, whether sister Nine Nether would stop me or not, I will definitely not let you off!"

Mu Chen touched his nose and laughed. "Sister Tang Bing, when you threaten someone you look quite beautiful."

At the moment, Tang Bing's already large eyes widened even more uncontrollably. She stared at the smiling young man in front of her, feeling slightly angry. This guy... she was talking to him seriously, and yet he dared to tease her?

Because she was very serious and strict, the people in the palace were all scared of her and would not dare to speak to her like that. Therefore, facing Mu Chen's tease, she could not recover from the surprise for a while.

"Rest assured, sister Tang Bing, that Cao Feng..."

Mu Chen breathed out gently. Just as Tang Bing was starting to raise her eyebrows, he smiled but some coldness could be felt from it. "I will not let him off."

Although Nine Nether did not seem to have many emotional changes when she heard about Cao Feng's betrayal, Mu Chen could still see some sadness in her eyes. Clearly, the feeling of being betrayed was difficult.

Tang Bing was stunned. Staring at Mu Chen, she hesitated for a while and then said, "It's good enough for you to have such a thought. Cao Feng is not that simple. You should try to be more careful."


Mu Chen smiled and nodded. Then, he scanned around and said, "Sister Tang Bing, show me around. Next time, I will also be a member of the Nine Nether Palace, so I need to get familiar with the place."

Tang Bing looked at him with an annoyed expression but did not reject his request. She turned around to leave and Mu Chen followed her, smiling.

The next day.

It was still early in the morning, but there were already many people waiting in front of the hall in the Nine Nether Palace. The closed palace gates opened slowly, and a slender figure stepped out.

The figure was wearing close-fitting black armor. The armor was attached closely to her exquisite body, revealing her attractive shape. On the armor, there was a light pattern resembling a Netherworld bird soaring in the air.

The figure was, of course, Nine Nether. But at the moment, as compared to the past, she had more of a heroic and vital beauty. Her long hair swung in the air and dignity radiated from her face.

"Greetings, my lord!"

Before the Nine Nether Palace, the thousands of its members instantly knelt down on one knee. Their neat and excited voices spread throughout the place.

Nine Nether scanned around and only nodded slightly. Behind her, Mu Chen, Tang Bing, and Tang Rou all stood in silence.

"Let's go. We'll meet those whom we have not seen for a long time. We'll tell them that anyone who has taken something from our Nine Nether Palace had better return it!"

Coldness surged out from Nine Nether's eyes. She waved her hand, and her body turned into a beam of light and flew out. Behind her, Mu Chen and the other two quickly followed, all looking combative.

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