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In the sky, a streamer flew past.

Mu Chen turned into a colorful beam of light and flashed across the sky. At that moment, the injury on his back had already recovered completely. Even he was surprised by the speed of recovery.

Obviously, that shocking recovery rate was due to the unperishable flame mixed within his spiritual energy. If it had been in the past, Mu Chen would definitely need to rest and recover before being able to continue his journey.

"The unperishable flame is really mysterious," Mu Chen praised in spite of himself. After that, he turned his head and looked at his rear, sighing emotionally. Clearly, he had yet to recover from the surprise that Lin Jing was actually the princess of the Martial Border.

"What? You are reluctant again?" Nine Nether appeared beside Mu Chen. Staring at him with a strange look, she added, "The Martial Border is much stronger than the Daluo Territory. You actually rejected it?"

Mu Chen smiled and explained softly, "Maybe by joining the Martial Border, I can get protection, and nobody will come and annoy me. But, so what?"

"The matchless master that I was talking about will not come from this way."

Speaking of this, the young man squinted slightly, and smiling, he said, "And... since the Martial Ancestor can go until this level, why can't I?"

"A really big ambition you have there," Nine Nether raised her eyebrows and remarked.

"Ha, it's beyond my abilities now, but if I don't even have this kind of courage, then how can I become a matchless master?" Mu Chen laughed. In his black eyes, a confident look was rising.

Hearing his words, Nine Nether also chuckled. Then, she gazed afar and said, "The next city should have a transfer spiritual array connected to the Tianluo Continent. By that time, our two-month long journey will end."

Mu Chen heaved a gentle sigh of relief. The two months were exhausting and not easy, but finally, it could end soon.

Mu Chen closed his palm, and the Mustard Seed Bracelet he had obtained from Liu Ming appeared. His spiritual energy gushed into the bracelet, which immediately started blinking with light.

Shortly afterwards, two balls of light appeared in his hand. Within the two balls of light, a blazing sun and a piece of dead leaf floated quietly, emitting a unique spiritual fluctuation.

Mu Chen gazed at them with a burning look, the corners of his lips curling up uncontrollably. In his heart, there was also excitement. Finally, he was able to gather the three materials needed in order to cultivate the "Great Solar Undying Body". It was indeed no easy task.

Mu Chen sighed in his heart. If he had chosen to stay in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he would probably have never been able to gather all the materials.

"When do you plan to cultivate the sovereign celestial body?"

Nine Nether also stared at the two balls of light and then questioned. If Mu Chen really wanted to compete to become a commander of the Daluo Territory, he would absolutely need to experience a tough fight. His competitors would all be the best in the Daluo Territory, and their powers would not be weaker than Liu Ming, who had relied on many resources to become strong.

Hence, if Mu Chen wanted to win the contest, he must at least successfully cultivate his sovereign celestial body. Otherwise, he would really be at a great disadvantage.

"The cultivation of the sovereign celestial body will take much longer than just one or two days. After we reach the Daluo Territory, I will start the cultivation," Mu Chen thought deeply and responded. The "Great Solar Undying Body" that he would cultivate was not that simple, and nobody would know what would happen during the cultivation process.

At the moment, the two were outside all by themselves and, if by that time, his cultivation drew attention and trouble, causing it to fail, it would indeed be a great loss. After all, if his cultivation was to fail, the three materials that he had prepared would be destroyed in the process.

Nine Nether nodded gently, urging, "Then let's hurry up."

Nine Nether gazed into the distance, some memories pouring out from her long, narrow eyes. She had also left the Daluo Territory many years ago, and did not know what the Nine Nether Palace had now become.

Around the two, a vast amount of spiritual energy gushed out, before each turned into streamers and flew across the sky, as quickly as a bolt of lightning. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the horizon.

Tianluo Continent, Tian Xuan Hall.

Tian Xuan Hall sat on the Northern part of the Tianluo Continent. As one of the most powerful forces on the Tianluo Continent, Tian Xuan Hall also had an extremely high status on this land, and the territory controlled by the clan was very vast. By just looking at the area, even over ten Northern Heavens Continents combined would not be able to compare with it.

Of this extensive territory, Tian Xuan Hall was the only controller. Although there were also a few other forces there, they all relied on Tian Xuan Hall for survival. Furthermore, every year, they had to hand over a large amount of sovereign spiritual liquid as an offering.

At the moment, at the center of the Tian Xuan Hall, an indescribably spectacular golden palace stood. Clouds surrounded the palace and, as it glittered with golden light, it seemed majestic and ethereal, like a wonderland.

In the deepest part of the golden palace, there was an area filled with spiritual light. At the center of the spiritual light, there seemed to be a light lotus and a person who was sitting cross-legged on the lotus quietly.

The person seemed like a huge rock. His breathing was extremely regular. As he breathed in and out, the sound of wind and thunder could be heard in the palace. A great amount of spiritual energy whizzed around, like a spiritual sea.

All of the sudden, the person who was immersed in cultivation opened his eyes. The look from his eyes seemed to have penetrated space, and a furious expression appeared.

He extended his hand, where a simple-looking jade pendant lay in his palm. At the moment, the light from the jade pendant was gradually turning dim.

"The spirit seal of Ming'er is weakening... How dare him, there is actually a person who dares to hurt the son of me, Liu Tiandao!" The look from the person's eyes turned fierce. A low voice caused a forceful wind to blow through the palace.

With the flick of his fingers, the unsophisticated jade pendant floated into the air. The person changed the seals, and the spiritual light enveloped the jade pendant in an attempt to detect the location of Liu Ming.

However, after the attempted detection continued for a while, there were still no responses seen from the jade pendant, hence, no messages were sent out.

"Not detectable? How can it be?!" the person exclaimed in surprise. He then stood up suddenly, as the spiritual light around him weakened. It was a middle-aged man in green robes. The man's eyes were as brooding as the starry sky, and as he moved, a terrifying pressure was released.

The person was the hall master of Tian Xuan Hall, who was also a very reputed expert on the Tianluo Continent: his name was Liu Tiandao. At the moment, his face was somewhat gloomy, and his eyes blinked slightly. He knew that Liu Ming must have gotten into a predicament. Furthermore, the person who attacked him was definitely very powerful as well. Otherwise, it would be impossible that his detection was cut off.

"I want to see, who exactly dares to attack my son!"

Liu Tiandao gave a threatening, icy humph. Then, he waved his sleeves and a huge Eight Trigrams Light Disc flashed out. Next, he flicked his fingers and crushed the spirit seal directly. A beam of light shot out and dashed into the Eight Trigrams Light Disc.


The Eight Trigrams Light Disc started to turn at once. Countless mysterious light patterns flew out and enveloped the beam of golden light. The space above the Right Trigrams distorted slightly, as if it was searching for something across space.

The space there became more and more distorted, and eventually, a small spatial crack was torn out. Seeing the scene, Liu Tiandao stepped into it, his body disappearing right away.

The Continent of Trade, where Liu Ming was suppressed.

The space here suddenly started to distort. After a while, a person stepped out from the air and appeared in the sky. His sharp look scanned the place and, finally, locked onto the ground.

In his eyes, spiritual light converged. It was as if he could see through the ground and detect the spiritual light mountain underneath it.

"Appearance of the Heaven and Earth? It was actually an Earthly Sovereign who made the attack?" Liu Tiandao's expression changed slightly, after which, rage could been seen in his eyes. He humphed and waved his sleeve. Then, immediately, the ground below split apart.

As the ground split, the magnificent spiritual light mountain also appeared. Liu Tiandao moved and landed on the spiritual light mountain. Then, his hands formed a seal and a light ray shot out, eventually covering the spiritual energy mountain.

He planned to ablate the spiritual energy in the spiritual energy mountain, so that it could return to its original form. However, as time passed, Liu Tiandao's face gradually turned blacker, because he realized that his method was not quite effective.

That was because there seemed to be a resisting power inside the spiritual energy mountain. It was the willpower of the mysterious expert, who had made the attack.

"Such a cruel method."

Liu Tiandao's face was very icy. The person who had attacked seemed to have made up her mind that she would suppress Liu Ming at this place. Based on the strength of the latter, he would definitely die, should the suppression continue.

Although Liu Tiandao was also an Earthly Sovereign, he actually could not ablate the spiritual energy mountain within such a short period of time. If he was to break it by force, he would probably injure Liu Ming, who was suppressed beneath it. It seemed that, this time, Liu Ming had offended a person he should not have.

"It doesn't matter who you are. Even if my son is wrong, it's not your turn to suppress him." Liu Tiandao's look changed. Then, he humphed, waved his sleeves, and turned around to leave. Since the mysterious expert wanted to challenge him with her mind, he would fight till the end.

He firmly believed that, once he went back to get the divine artifact from the hall, the willpower remaining in the spiritual energy mountain would not be able to fight against him. As Liu Tiandao left, the ground was restored to its original state after some rumbling. The huge mountain was once again buried under the ground.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether, although they were responsible for all of these events, still knew nothing about them. The two reached the next city with their fastest speeds, after which, they activated the transfer spiritual array.

At the moment when the spiritual array was activated, Mu Chen took a deep breath, in spite of himself, his eyes sparkling with intense anticipation.

Tianluo Continent, here I come.

My journey to becoming a master will start here.

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