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Hearing the kind tone from the woman in white clothes before him, Mu Chen's guard against the stranger lowered. Even though the woman had an inhospitable temperament, maybe because Lin Jing was beside her, they could finally see her gentle side.

Accordingly, Mu Chen scratched his head and no longer hesitated. "Aunt Ling."

Since Lin Jing was the little princess from the Martial Border, obviously the woman in white clothes in front of them was the Queen of the Martial Border. This identity was indeed astonishing, and if they could get support from her, it would be an amazing backing.

However, Mu Chen did not think too much about it. He approached Lin Jing not because of her identity, but because he had a pure good impression about this vital girl who seemed to be casual but was actually extremely intelligent.

As for the so-called backing that could be relied on, Mu Chen was unconcerned. He understood that a real master could only rely on himself. In this world, only one's own power was the most reliable.

The woman in white clothes nodded with a gentle laugh. Her laughter was clear and pleasing. Even though she had a daughter, she was still charming, and seeing her reminded Mu Chen of his own mother.

Both were so outstanding.

"I will take care of the business here first," the woman in white clothes said smiling as she suddenly turned her head and looked into the distance.

Mu Chen and the rest were all stunned, and their faces turned pale. There are still people around? In that case, their action this time was somewhat of a failure.

In the distance, when the woman in white clothes looked towards Heart Fox Fairy and the middle-aged man hiding on the peak, their faces changed. Immediately, they backed away separately without hesitation.

However, just as they moved, they realized that the ground around them had risen rapidly, and many stone thorns as sharp as swords extended from the surface. The stone thorns were sparkling with gorgeous colors and were obviously condensed from the purest spiritual energy, just like the spiritual energy mountain previously.

The spiritual energy stone thorns were packed closely around them. Therefore, they did not dare to move.

"Master, we have no bad intentions!" Heart Fox Fairy's plump chest rose and fell gently as she tried to make herself sound calm.

The space before the two fluctuated slightly, and the woman in white clothes stepped out from it. She stared at the two, frowning gently, as if she were deciding whether to suppress them as well.

"Master, we are from the Fox Fairy Clan. Please allow us to live because of the Fox Fairy Empress," the middle-aged man quickly pleaded with a sincere tone.

"Fox Fairy Clan?" Hearing the name, the look from the woman in white clothes suddenly turned somewhat teasing. She smiled and added, "Oh, you are under Hu Meizi from the Fox Fairy Clan."

"Master, you know the clan leader?" Heart Fox Fairy asked softly.

The woman in white clothes smiled and replied, "I have seen her once. It's just that she looked at my husband. However, her Great Art of the Fox Fairy did not seem to be charming enough."

Heart Fox Fairy and the middle-aged man's faces both turned red. They wanted to reply but did not dare to. The woman in white clothes before them was more attractive than their clan leader in terms of appearance. Although Heart Fox Fairy was also charming and alluring, she still appeared to be dim compared to her.

"May I ask, Master, who are you?" Heart Fox Fairy bit her pink lips but still couldn't help asking. The clan leader was the person she respected the most and normally, many powerful people would do anything just to make her smile. She did not believe that the husband of this woman would cause the clan leader to disregard her behavior.

"Martial Border, Ling Qingzhu," the woman in white clothes responded tonelessly.

Hearing these few words, Heart Fox Fairy's pretty face finally changed drastically. She stared at the woman in white clothes with an unbelievable look and mumbled, "Queen of the Martial Border, Ling Qingzhu?"

At the moment, she finally understood everything. Since the person before her was the Queen of the Martial Border, then her husband would naturally be the founder of the Martial Border, the super-being who shocked the Great Thousand World, Martial Ancestor Lin Dong.

On the other hand, although her clan leader was extremely picky, she would inevitably have some interests in such a hero who could amaze the Great Thousand World.

Heart Fox Fairy was speechless and whispered something, not daring to continue talking.

Ling Qingzhu did not argue with such a junior. Waving her jade-like arm, the sharp stone thorns gradually retracted, eventually sinking into the ground. The quiet, weird movement would cause anyone to feel frightened.

"Just pretend that you saw nothing today," Ling Qingzhu warned.

Although she did not care about Tian Xuan Hall, Mu Chen could not do the same. Once the news leaked, it would certainly cause him some trouble.

"Master, rest assured, we understand that." Heart Fox Fairy nodded continuously. She was very clever and naturally knew what she should say and what she should not. The Martial Border was an enormous force, and their Fox Fairy Clan could not afford to offend them.

Ling Qingzhu nodded and did not say anything else. Her body directly vanished from the spot.

As she left, Heart Fox Fairy and the middle-aged man finally heaved a huge sigh of relief. They could feel that their foreheads were covered in cold sweat.

"So scary," the middle-aged remarked, still frightened. "The power of this Queen of the Martial Border has probably reached a shocking level. Maybe even our clan leader is far behind her."

Heart Fox Fairy exclaimed in surprise, "Really? Our clan leader is an Earthly Sovereign. Maybe there is some gap between them but..."

"Her power is much more than what you can sense. I have cultivated a sensing divine technique, and I'm more sensitive towards the detection of powers. However, from what I detected just now, she is as unfathomable as the ocean. Although an Earthly Sovereign is also very terrifying, they seem to be lesser than that level..." the middle-aged man swallowed and commented.

"You mean..." Heart Fox Fairy's eyes narrowed as she muttered, "This Queen of the Martial Border... has also been promoted to Heavenly Sovereign? The power of the Martial Border is so shocking?"

Generally speaking, as long as a clan had one Heavenly Sovereign, it could become a superpower in the Great Thousand World. From the looks of it, the Martial Border could possibly have more than one.

"If the Martial Border is not strong, why would the Ice Spirit Clan, one that has such a long history, view it as their backing? Moreover, it is said that the Martial Border has two queens, and both are extremely powerful. This is only one of them..." The middle-aged man sighed, feeling scared of the horrifying strength of the Martial Border. Even if the woman in white clothes was not a real Heavenly Sovereign, she was definitely at least halfway into that level.

"How did that kid have a relationship with the Martial Border? And it even alerted the Queen of Martial Border to come out herself..." Heart Fox Fairy felt somewhat incredulous. This kind of being would not show up at all under normal circumstances, so why would she appear just like that?

"That girl in white clothes looked quite similar to her..." The middle-aged man pondered for a while, and then the two gazed at each other, realizing what was happening.

"Seems that Liu Ming is really so unfortunate this time. But that's good as well. Tian Xuan Hall has suffered a huge loss this time, and it is quite a piece of good news for us." Heart Fox Fairy smiled and did not dare to stay any longer. Moving her body, she started flying away into the distance at a high speed. The middle-aged man quickly followed.

Mu Chen, who stayed at the same spot, saw the woman in white clothes appear again and realized that they had actually been secretly watched. This caused him to feel somewhat embarrassed, as he was always very cautious but had made a few mistakes this time.

On the other hand, Lin Jing pulled Ling Qingzhu's arms and giggled. Her clever black eyes kept rolling around, but before she could come up with something, Ling Qingzhu already flicked her smooth forehead with her finger.

"Stop thinking of a trick. Your dad already said that I must bring you back. Otherwise, next time your dad will appear instead of me," Ling Qingzhu said, smiling.

Lin Jing's face immediately turned mournful. "Mom, just let me stay outside for a while," Lin Jing begged.

Ling Qingzhu smiled and shook her head. Obviously, it was non-negotiable.

Lin Jing lowered her head in depression, but she then quickly lifted her head to look at Mu Chen in anticipation and suggested, "Mu Chen, how about you come to the Martial Border with me. It's very fun there.

"Also, I will protect you there. Certainly no one will annoy you!"

Hearing her words, Mu Chen immediately felt somewhat awkward. The Martial Border was a superpower in the Great Thousand World, and many experts tried to join but were rejected. However, he was not interested in it because he did not come to the Great Thousand World to find a strong backing...

Perhaps, under the protection of the Martial Border, there would indeed be nobody who would trouble him, but this was not what he wanted. In addition, if that really happened, he felt that he would not even have the courage to go and meet Luo Li.

Hence, towards Lin Jing's invitation, he only shook his head slightly and said, "The Martial Border is good, but the place does not suit me."

"Why?" Lin Jing pouted with dissatisfaction.

Ling Qingzhu, on the other hand, looked at the young man once more with her charming eyes. In his eyes, she could see some kind of persistence; that persistence caused her to smile helplessly.

That was because a long time ago, when she was his age, she also saw a young man with this kind of persistence in his eyes. Afterwards, that young man became her husband.

"In the future, if you need help, you can come to the Martial Border," Ling Qingzhu stated softly. Not only did Mu Chen's rejection of the invitation to the Martial Border not cause her to be displeased, but it also made her feel satisfied, and she appreciated his attitude. Thus, while she was usually unfriendly, she now actually took the initiative to extend an invitation, which was very uncommon.

Mu Chen nodded seriously and responded, "Thank you Aunt Ling. If there is ever such a day, I will surely go there.

"Lin Jing, you just behave yourself and stay in the Martial Border first. When you are strong enough, I will play with you again. Now, we will part here." Mu Chen grinned at Lin Jing and said no more. He folded his hands sincerely at Ling Qingzhu and turned to leave.

Nine Nether also nodded gently at Ling Qingzhu and then followed him.

Seeing that Mu Chen had disloyally abandoned her, Lin Jing immediately stamped her foot in anger.

Ling Qingzhu watched Mu Chen leave and smiling, she remarked, "This young man is indeed interesting."

"He's an idiot." Lin Jing pouted. He chose not to go to the Martial Border even though I invited him. Doesn't he know that there, any guidance he receives will be a hundred times better than learning blindly by himself?

"He is not an idiot."

Ling Qingzhu rubbed Lin Jing's head. In her cold eyes, some warmth and appreciation could be seen.

"He's a young man with a huge ambition… This ambition is similar to the one your dad had when he was young. It's just that we don't know how he will do in the future…"

"You actually compared him to dad?" Lin Jing opened her eyes wide. In her heart, her father was the greatest person in the world. One time, in order to save Aunt Bing, her father went to the Ice Spirit Clan alone and turned the place upside down. Whenever she recalled this, she would feel that her father was really incredibly powerful and handsome.

At the moment, there was obviously an indescribable difference between Mu Chen and her father.

Ling Qingzhu smiled brightly. Lifting her eyes, she said softly, "Who knows what will happen in the future..."

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