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The space behind Mu Chen was surging, and a female figure gradually appeared. When Lin Jing shouted in surprise, the figure became clearer.

Mu Chen turned his head and looked in shock. He saw a graceful looking lady in white. She looked extremely beautiful and resembled Lin Jing. She had her hair up in a bun and looked elegant, stunning in fact.

Mu Chen was shocked to learn that the beautiful lady in white was Lin Jing's mother. They looked more like sisters.

She had chopped off the palm of the Human-demon Elder. She had said earlier…the Little Princess of Martial Border. Was she referring to Lin Jing?

Martial Border?

Mu Chen was taken aback. He looked at Lin Jing, who was in his arms. He had never expected her to have such an impressive background. Martial Border was dominant in The Great Thousand World. The founder of Martial Border, Martial Ancestor, was well-known in The Great Thousand World!

Although Tian Xuan Hall was powerful, it was nothing compared to Martial Border. Mu Chen finally understood why Lin Jing could have so many powerful Protective Spiritual Jades all over her body. She was the Little Princess of Martial Border!

"Mother, why are you here?"

Lin Jing widened her eyes and looked at the lady in white. She was elated and ran toward her.

The lady in white extended her hand and knocked Lin Jing's forehead. She snappily said, "How dare you sneak out." She looked cold, but when she looked at the girl before her, she was filled with love for her.

"It is so boring staying at home," Lin Jing covered her forehead and said in a miserable tone.

"Your father has said that he will not let you off when you get home," scolded the mother.

"Mother, you must help me!" Lin Jing looked distressed and grabbed hold of the sleeves of the lady in white and said. "I want to learn and toughen myself up. You have seen that I have nearly lost my life."

The lady in white squinted her eyes at the mention of it and suddenly, she looked cold. She lifted up her head to look at Human-demon Elder and said flatly, "You are audacious."

"Who are you?" Human-demon elder came to himself and cried out. He had forgotten about his broken palm and looked shocked.

"Are you from Martial Border?" He asked in a hoarse voice. He suddenly remembered what he had heard earlier and his heart sank.

"Mother, don't let him off. He had wanted to kill me earlier. If not for Mu Chen, I dare not imagine what would have happened to me!" Lin Jing said angrily. Since she had someone powerful to back her up, Lin Jing would not easily let this detestable old man off.

The lady in white lowered her head and looked at Mu Chen. His back was bloody, and one could even see his bones. She smiled and said to him gently, "Young man, thank you. Are you all right?"

Mu Chen felt awkward being addressed in such a manner, and by such a youthful looking lady. He scratched his head and said with a smile, "I am fine. My skin is thick, so it is no big deal."

The lady in white saw the injuries on his back, and noticed that purple spiritual energy was surging. There were unique purple flames, and as they went past the injuries, the wounds started to heal.

The lady in white was stunned, but she felt relieved. She turned to look at Human-demon Elder, whose expressions kept changing, and said flatly, "You are so merciless toward the two young ones. Have you no regard for Martial Border?"

Human-demon Elder shivered. He suddenly shot backward swiftly, and his afterimages traveled through the space. He appeared beside Liu Ming, who was seriously injured, then escaped with him.

Heart Fox Fairy and a middle-aged man stood in the distance and watched the scene. They shivered and looked shocked. Who is this lady in white? Why is Human-demon Elder, who has reached Grade Eight Sovereign, so afraid of her, enough to run away?

"Mother, don't let him get away!" When Lin Jing saw that Human-demon Elder was trying to escape, she quickly yelled.

The lady in white nodded her head lightly. She extended her slender hand and gently lifted it up.

Boom! Boom!

The land afar quaked, and a huge mountain raised up from the ground. The mountain was colorful and dazzling. If one had sensed carefully, he would know that this was no ordinary mountain. It was formed by pure spiritual energy, powerful beyond description.


A huge Spiritual Energy Mountain uprooted itself from the ground and appeared in the horizon in a flash second. It then landed heavily on a particular place. The space suddenly froze, and two figures appeared. One of them was Human-demon Elder.

He lifted up his head in shock, then looked at the huge mountain that had just landed. He cried out in horror, "Appearance of the Heaven and Earth?"

Heart Fox Fairy and the middle-aged man turned pale. They were shocked. Only those at the Earthly Sovereign could master the Appearance of the Heaven and Earth. Was the lady in white an Earthly Sovereign?

One could easily form mountains and rivers, and even change the shape of the earth with the Appearance of the Heaven and Earth. It was mystical. Mu Chen could destroy the terrain as well, but even he was unable to create a stretch of terrain out of nothing.

Boom! Boom!

The Spiritual Energy Mountain pressed down and sealed up the space. Even Human-demon Elder was unable to move. He could only look at the mountain whizzing toward him and suppressing down heavily on his body.   


Human-demon Elder's body was paralyzed. His bones seemed smashed, and fresh blood was spewing out. He landed together with the mountain, and was then suppressed under the ground.

The Spiritual Energy Mountain landed on the ground and was extremely tall. It was the tallest in this piece of land. Human-demon Elder was unable to move under the mountain.

Mu Chen gasped as he saw the scene. This was the first time that he have ever seen the attack of an Earthly Sovereign. It was quick and powerful.

The elderly man in black, who was fighting with Nine Nether from afar, had noticed what had happened, and was frightened out of his wits. He immediately scurried off, as he could not be bothered with the mannerism of a Sovereign Master.

However, the moment he tried to escape, he felt a horrifying power coming at him from above. His body seemed to be hit by a heavy object, and he fell to the ground, creating a large hole.

The huge Nine Netherworld Bird speedily reduced in size, then turned into a slender lady. Nine Nether flew toward Mu Chen and landed beside him. She looked shocked upon seeing the lady in white, who had suddenly appeared.

"She is Lin Jing's mother," Mu Chen struggled to his feet and explained to her.

Nine Nether nodded and quickly helped to support Mu Chen.

"Mother, what do you intend to do with these people?" Lin Jing asked happily.

"Suppress them for five years," the lady in white said lightly. She waved her hand, and the elderly man in black was suppressed under the Spiritual Energy Mountain. The mountain then started to sink under the ground and disappeared.

Mu Chen was shocked to see that the spot where the Spiritual Energy Mountain had sunken in was now flat. No one would have known that three evil people had been suppressed underneath it.

Human-demon Elder might be able to survive the five years of suppression, as his strength had reached Grade Eight Sovereign level. However, his strength would have diminished by then. As for Liu Ming, he might not be able to survive.

However, Mu Chen would not take pity on them. If not for Lin Jing's mother, he could not imagine what would have happened to him and Lin Jing.

"Mother, you have come at the right time!" Lin Jing held the arm of the lady in white and said with a smile.

"Do you think you can sneak out of Martial Border with your skills?" The lady in white sneered at Lin Jing and asked. "If I had not followed you secretly, you would have been brought back by your father."

Lin Jing looked dejected upon hearing this. She had thought that her plan to escape was perfect, but now realized that she had actually failed.

Mu Chen was thankful that he did not have any ill intentions toward Lin Jing. Otherwise, he would have been killed by her mother, who was hiding in secret. This Great Thousand World was indeed filled with danger.

Mu Chen sighed within himself. He knew that Liu Ming was powerful, but he had not expected him to be under the protection of such a powerful elder. Mu Chen had nearly failed terribly.

"Young man…" The lady in white looked at Mu Chen and said.

"Senior, please call me Mu Chen," Mu Chen scratched his head and said. He felt awkward to be addressed in such a manner.

Upon hearing this, the lady in white smiled. Her smile was captivating. After secretly following Lin Jing for the past few days, she knew how Mu Chen had treated Lin Jing. Hence, she had a good impression of him and smiled at him, which was a rarely seen sight.

She then said gently, "I shall call you Xiao Mu then. Give me the Mustard Seed Bracelet that you got earlier."

Mu Chen immediately took it out and handed it over to the lady in white. Given her status, he knew that she would not be interested in such trivial things.

The lady in white was pleased with his forthrightness. After taking the bracelet, she injected a light from her palm for a while.

"This Mustard Seed Bracelet contains a mark made by an Earthly Sovereign Master. If you take it away, he will sense it. I have removed the mark now, though, so it will be fine," the lady in white said, as she returned the Mustard Seed Bracelet to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen broke out in a cold sweat. He had not examined the Mustard Seed Bracelet, and he certainly had not expected an Earthly Sovereign Master to leave a mark on it. It must have been the master of Tian Xuan Hall.

"Thank you, Senior," Mu Chen said gratefully.

The lady in white smiled and shook her head. She lovingly stroked Lin Jing's head and said, "You have saved Lin Jing. So, if you don't mind, you may now call me Aunt Ling."

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