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The three black lotuses raced across the sky and finally collided with the huge shadow covered in magma armor. Surprisingly, at the instant of impact no deafening sounds were produced.

Black light burst out like liquid and eventually moved along the magma armor at a shocking speed, corroding the armor along the way. Wherever the black liquid touched, the magma was extinguished instantaneously and slowly abated.

There were no earthshaking explosions, but that silent corrosion contained a frightening power.

It was as if Liu Ming's Heavenly Flame Celestial Body had turned stiff. His burning eyes stared at the black light that was spreading like ink on his giant body. In the depths of his eyes, intense horror could be seen.

He realized that his Heavenly Flame Celestial Body was rapidly losing its strength in the places where the black light had spread. It appeared as if even the Sovereign Celestial Body was being contaminated.

"D*mn it, what spiritual array is this?!"

Panic surged out from Liu Ming's heart. Just then, he clenched his teeth tightly, and a deep roar emanated from his throat. The spiritual energy around him started to boil, and more magma gushed out on the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. The magma rushed towards the bizarre, spreading black light like a magma torrent.


The two powers collided hard into each other, and a white mist burst out.

The red magma released its violent power wildly in an attempt to eliminate the liquid-like black light, but the latter moved on closely like maggots feeding on a corpse. It did not appear to be powerful, but it still continued to corrode the magma torrent bit by bit at a slow yet steady pace.

Mu Chen watched the scene with a cold look. Then his seals changed again, and a low voice projected from his mouth. "Black Lotus Corrosion!"


As his seals changed, the corrosion rate of the black liquid suddenly increased. In the span of a dozen breaths, half of the huge Heavenly Flame Celestial Body was contaminated with the color of ink. The spiritual energy within these parts completely vanished.

Liu Ming's face was filled with horror. Finally, he was scared and tried to retreat but realized that his body could not move. He shouted hastily, "Kid, you dare to hurt me? Are you not afraid that my Tian Xuan Hall will chase you to the end of the world?"

Mu Chen was emotionless and ignored him. The speed of the corrosion increased.

Seeing that his threat was not only useless, but instead caused Mu Chen to strengthen his determination to kill him, Liu Ming's voice quickly became more submissive, and he said, "Wait, I admit defeat this time. I will give you the Undying Divine Leaf and the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art!"

He stared at Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen's black eyes were filled with ridicule. Mu Chen looked as if he were mocking Liu Ming's foolish act.

"Now that you say this..."

Mu Chen raised his slender palm slowly, and then clenched it with a cold look on his face. "You really are as stupid as a donkey!"

Since they had already become enemies, Mu Chen would naturally not show any mercy at all. He knew doing so would bring him a lot of trouble. The clan behind Liu Ming was indeed powerful enough to put him in a serious predicament. Thus, since he had the chance, he would not be so silly as to think that this kind of event could be settled peacefully.


The liquid-like black light spread rapidly. In the end, it moved up along the neck of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body and then spread across its face, covering the huge celestial body completely.

The Heavenly Flame Celestial Body instantly solidified. Liu Ming's mouth had been about to roar and threaten but suddenly turned stiff. The spiritual energy around him that was originally boiling calmed down quickly as well.

The once majestic Heavenly Flame Celestial Body turned into a piece of black, cold rock just like lava that had been extinguished...

No spiritual energy could be felt.

Looking at the cold, dark, stone giant, some coldness appeared in Mu Chen's eyes again. He stomped his foot and a purple spiritual energy condensing in his palm like a storm suddenly flew out.

A killing intent surged in the spiritual energy.

"How dare you!"

Just as Mu Chen displayed his killing intent, a loud roar came from the distance. The face of the old man in black robes who had been detained by Nine Nether darkened. Obviously, he did not expect Liu Ming to actually lose to Mu Chen.

The old man in black robes backed off quickly and wanted to launch an attack at Mu Chen. If something happened to Liu Ming, the hall master of Tian Xuan Hall would definitely not let him off.


However, just as he backed off, a cold "humph" was heard. In the sky, a violent gust of wind swept across, and a cloud wing burning with purple flames fell down from the sky. It struck down towards the old man in black robes like a bolt of lightning as if it were tearing the sky apart.

The terrifying fluctuation falling from above caused the expression of the old man in black robes to change. He did not dare to ignore the attack because of the frightening purple flames.

If he was hit directly, even if he was a Grade Five Sovereign, he would definitely suffer a significant injury.

Therefore, the old man in black robes could only grit his teeth and slap his palm out. It turned into a huge hand made from spiritual energy and collided with the falling cloud wing.


A violent spiritual energy storm spread.

The instant the old man in black robes was stopped by Nine Nether, Mu Chen had already appeared in front of the extinguished magma giant. His palm, which contained a large amount of spiritual energy, smacked onto the chest of the giant like a bolt of lightning.


Violent spiritual energy raged below Mu Chen's palm like the tides.


Under the impact of the spiritual energy, cracks started spreading rapidly across the stiff chest of the magma giant. In just a few breaths' time, its whole body was affected and in the end, it actually burst into pieces with a loud bang.

Crushed black stones flew out all over the place. In the magma giant, a dim light also shot out in panic, and the figure within spat out a great deal of blood. Eventually, he was ejected into a mountain, and the terrifying power even caused the peak to shatter into pieces. The figure was quickly covered by the rocks.

Mu Chen stood in midair and stared emotionlessly at the wrecked mountain. Moving his body, he appeared above the mountain, after which he waved his sleeves, and all the rocks were thrown out.

The rocks flew away, exposing the battered and bloody figure inside. He lay among the broken rocks looking weak and pale, and stared with a horrified expression at Mu Chen slowly descending toward him.

"Seems like your Heavenly Flame Celestial Body is not as strong as you have imagined," Mu Chen said tonelessly as he stared at the horrified Liu Ming.

Liu Ming's eyes were filled with viciousness.

Mu Chen ignored his look. Waving his hand, the Mustard Seed Bracelet on Liu Ming's wrist fell into his palm. Although he did not open it, he knew that the Undying Divine Leaf and the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art would be inside.

"Angel of fortune. You're really a good person, thanks." Mu Chen waved the bracelet in his hand at Liu Ming and gave a mocking smile.


Liu Ming was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood. He stared at Mu Chen with a vicious look and said with a hoarse voice, "You really think that it's so easy to kill me? I am the next hall master of Tian Xuan Hall!"

His voice was filled with viciousness and ridicule.

Mu Chen frowned slightly, and a killing intent flashed in his eyes. Without any hesitation, he slapped out his palm, and a terrifying spiritual energy torrent rushed fiercely towards Liu Ming's head.

Seeing what was happening, Liu Ming suddenly roared, "Human-Demon Elder, you still don't want to show up? You want to wait for me to be killed by him?!"

Mu Chen's eyes narrowed slightly, but his palm went down faster and more forcefully.


However, when his palm was about to hit Liu Ming's head, he could no longer lower his palm. It was as if the space around Liu Ming had become frozen.

Mu Chen's expression drastically changed.

"Such a cruel kid... If you kill him, I can't answer to the hall master," an old and toneless voice sounded off abruptly near Mu Chen's ears. He raised his head slowly. In the sky above the rubble, an old man in a gray shirt who was as skinny as a dry corpse was standing in midair. Mu Chen did not even know when he had appeared.

The old man in the gray shirt stared at Mu Chen with his gray pupils. His stare would cause anyone to feel uncontrollably frightened.


The old man in the gray shirt who had appeared all of a sudden not only caused Mu Chen's expression to change drastically, but also caused the looks from Heart Fox Fairy and the middle-aged man, who were observing the battle secretly on a distant peak, to change helplessly.

"It's the Human-Demon Elder, one of the three elders from Tian Xuan Hall... He has actually been secretly protecting Liu Ming all along. How unexpected!" Heart Fox Fairy said with a solemn look on her face.

The middle-aged man also looked very scared. The Human-Demon Elder was reputed even on the Tianluo Continent. He was a Grade Eight Sovereign and also had a high status in Tian Xuan Hall.

"That kid can't escape this time." The middle-aged man sighed with some sympathy. Since the Human-Demon Elder had appeared, the battle was basically over.

A Grade Eight Sovereign was far beyond what they could handle at the moment.

Mu Chen stared at the old man in the gray shirt, his eyes narrowing. In the next instant, he backed off quickly and shouted, "Lin Jing, run!"

In the sky not far away, Lin Jing saw the scene and quickly retreated.

"Since you want her to leave, I will not let that happen." The old man in the gray shirt smiled. He stepped out and appeared directly in front of Lin Jing. Then his skinny hand gently slapped towards her.

Lin Jing's face turned pale. A Grade Eight Sovereign was not someone she could fight. Therefore, she could only grit her teeth and wait for the terrifying attack to land on her body.


However, when Lin Jing closed her eyes, a figure quickly rushed over, held her in his arms, and dashed out.

"Since you want to save someone, you will give your life first." The old man in the gray shirt sighed gently. It was as if his skinny palm penetrated through space and hit directly onto Mu Chen's back as he held Lin Jing in his arms.


Mu Chen spat out a mouthful of blood. His back was badly mutilated, and even his bones could be seen. If he had not trained the Thunder God Physique to the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique level, the slap would probably have made his body explode.

"Mu Chen!" Lin Jing quickly said in an urgent tone. She opened her eyes to see the scene and some blood spilled onto her face.

Mu Chen fell down, battered. However, as he was about to land, he still held the girl in his arms, and his mutilated back hit the rocks. Immediately, the sharp pain caused him to spit another mouthful of blood.

In the distance, Nine Nether saw the scene, and her eyes instantly turned red. She expanded her wings and wanted to rush over but was stopped by the old man in black robes. At once, she started to attack crazily and actually caused the old man in black robes to be thrown into a panic.

"Mu Chen, are you alright?" Lin Jing asked urgently, not caring about the bloodstain on her white face.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and shook his head. He pushed Lin Jing and shouted, "Run!"

"No!" Lin Jing quickly held on to Mu Chen's sleeves. She knew that if she left at that moment, Mu Chen would certainly die.

"You!" Mu Chen was angry, but the sharp pain caused him to take a deep breath.

He did not expect the situation to end up like this. Ultimately, he had belittled the power of the clan behind Liu Ming. He really could not deal with such a powerful being at the moment.

"Seems like I have made a bad plan," Mu Chen said bitterly.

The old man in the gray shirt appeared before Mu Chen and Lin Jing and said with a smile, "Since you dare to kill the next hall master of Tian Xuan Hall, you are indeed not smart.

"I'll send you to hell now."

The hand of the old man in the gray shirt penetrated through space again and slapped towards Mu Chen's head.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth firmly. Some insanity could be seen in his eyes. He was about to do whatever he could and use his secret trump card, the "Immortal Page." Even if he could not escape, he would not wait to be killed.

However, just when the skinny palm of the old man in the gray shirt was about to hit Mu Chen's head, the space there seemed to flash. It was as if a bright beam of light flew across.


A dry hand fell down quietly onto Mu Chen's body.

The old man in the gray shirt seemed to be temporarily stunned. He stared at his hand. It had been suddenly cut off. His mouth moved but no voice was heard. He did not seem to have recovered from the shock.

He lifted his head slowly. Behind Mu Chen, the space distorted gradually, and then a partially visible figure appeared.

When the figure fully appeared, a clear voice was heard. "You dare to kill the little princess of the Martial Border? You are also very stupid."

Hearing the familiar voice, Lin Jing raised her head abruptly. Surprise filled her red, intelligent eyes. Then she shouted uncontrollably, "Mother?!"

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