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The earth seemed to tremble, and in the sky, the Scarlet Flame Giant that Liu Ming had transformed into, gazed in shock at the collapsing earth below. Faintly, he felt some strange waves emanating from beneath the earth.

"That fellow still has energy to spare?"

Liu Ming's eyes were chilling, as his previous attacks should have dealt severe damage to Mu Chen. The raging Heavenly Flame in his spiritual energy should have increased the brutality of his offensive attacks, and it should have dealt heavy damage when it invaded Mu Chen's body.

However, seeing the scene now…

"What tricks are you up to now?" A cold glint surged in Liu Ming's eyes.

As he let out a low growl, scarlet red flames in his spiritual energy spewed out of his mouth, like magma, transforming into magma flame dragons. The flame dragons circled the sky in a dance, absorbing the spiritual energy in the heavens and earth wildly, as their bodies expanded swiftly, unleashing their might as they roared.

Upon seeing this, Lin Jing's spiritual energy surged out, then transformed into a spiritual energy light rainbow. The rainbow soared across the sky in an attempt to resist the magma flame dragons.

However, these magma flame dragons were not directed towards her this time, and dodged her barricade agilely, bursting towards the crumbled earth below. Clearly, Liu Ming did not intend to give Mu Chen an opportunity to counterattack.


The magma flame dragons stormed down, dealing a direct blow to the collapsing earth, causing it to crumble apart. The magma seemed to melt the earth, as scarlet red flames circled the earth. Then, the earth began to melt, layer by layer.


As the violent magma continued to melt the earth, a black ray of light suddenly penetrated through the earth. As the dark light permeated the space, the violent magma was rapidly extinguished.

In the sky, Liu Ming's pupils contracted. Lin Jing's eyes blinked in surprise at the scene.

On a mountain in the distance, shock flit across Heart Fox Fairy's seductive eyes, as she gazed at the land, which was being thrown into chaos, then whispered, "There seem to be some unusual fluctuations…"  

The middle-aged man beside her also frowned, his eyes becoming more solemn as he said, "It seems to be the fluctuations of a Spiritual Array?" What's going on here?"

In the midst of their dismay, a shadow slowly floated up in the crumbling earth, then he stood in a position a few feet above the ground and raised his head, his handsome face nonchalant.

Indeed, this figure was Mu Chen. His clothes were torn and he was in an embarrassing state, but his dark eyes were as calm as still waters. He gazed at the Scarlet Flame figure in the sky silently, a dangerous light flashing in the depth of his eyes.

"What a fortunate fellow!" Upon seeing that Mu Chen was safe and sound, Liu Ming sneered coldly.

Mu Chen glanced at him, but remained silent, as he gradually lifted his hands and clasped them together in front of his chest, conjuring up an especially complex but familiar seal.

"Array, activate!"

Accompanied by Mu Chen's quiet command, the earth immediately shook violently, as huge cracks began to spread on the earth below him. Within the cracks, black rays of light emerged wildly. As the earth began to sink, mud scattered everywhere. In just a few moments, a massive deep pit, the depth of which was around a thousand feet, formed on the earth.

The massive pit was so deep, that it seemed to be endless. As Mu Chen hovered above it, Liu Ming's gaze was frozen upon the massive pit, as he saw three huge black light lotuses suspended quietly within it.

Countless rays of light emanated from the three black light lotuses, as they intertwined with each other to form an indecipherable battle array that was dizzying to others. Then, a terrifying fluctuation silently spread, permeating the massively deep pit. It was as if the three black lotuses were demonic beasts, looming in the darkness, emitting a chilling aura amid the silence.

"That's…" Lin Jing stared at the three huge black lotuses in terror.

"A Spiritual Array?"

On a mountain in the distance, the charming expression of the Heart Fox Fairy twisted in disbelief for the first time, as she stared, fixated on the massive Spiritual Array that had been formed with the three black lotuses, her ample bosom heaving lightly.

"This fellow is actually a Spiritual Array Grandmaster!" The middle-aged man gasped, failing to conceal the shock in his voice. No wonder he had felt an unusual fluctuation before, it had come from the Spiritual Array that was hidden within the ground that had been set up by Mu Chen!

"This Spiritual Array, I'm afraid it has reached the quality of a First Grade Being."

Spiritual Array Grandmasters were categorized into the three categories of Heaven, Earth, and Being. In each category, there were Three Grades, which were aligned with the Nine Grades of Sovereigns. A Spiritual Array Grandmaster, who was ranked as a First Grade Being, was equal to a true First Grade Sovereign.

However, it was apparent that, in the Great Thousand World, a Spiritual Array Grandmaster, who was ranked as a First Grade Being, was much more rare than a First Grade Sovereign. Furthermore, anyone knew that, as long as a Spiritual Array Grandmaster successfully set up a powerful Spiritual Array, a Sovereign of the same grade would be defeated.

Prior to this, Mu Chen was seemingly defeated, as he careened into the ground. However, he used Liu Ming's attack to set up a Spiritual Array covertly, as the crumbling earth acted as a cover.

"An excellent strategy and a strong sense of battle plans." The middle-aged man couldn't help but to commend the tactics in awe. In comparison to the young man before him, Liu Ming's battle strategies were like child's play.

This time, even Heart Fox Fairy nodded in assent, her beautiful eyes glinting as she stared at the young man's figure, which was still suspended above the deep pit.

"I'm afraid this battle has already reached its conclusion. Although Liu Ming possesses the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, the Spiritual Array that the boy has set up is not to be underestimated."

From the three black lotuses, he could sense dangerous fluctuations emitting. It was not as if he had not seen a Sixth Grade Spiritual Array, but still, such extremely rare Spiritual Arrays could indeed stir up a real sense of danger in him.

As they spoke, Mu Chen, who had been hovering in the air, lifted his head, glancing at Lin Jing and saying softly, "Lin Jing, step back a little."

The girl nodded, as she retreated backwards.

Mu Chen then turned towards Liu Ming, a cold smirk appearing on his face, as he remarked, "Although I lack a Sovereign celestial body, at least I have this."

His slender fingers pointed towards the Spiritual Array below them, the Spiritual Array that had been formed by three black lotuses, which was the "Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array". This Spiritual Array's most evolved form could cultivate and condense four black lotuses, and the Mu Chen in the past could only cultivate two lotuses.

However, after he had advanced into the Sovereign-stage, and received training under Ling Xi, his cultivation in Spiritual Arrays had improved by leaps and bounds, resulting in his unknowingly becoming a Spiritual Array Grandmaster. Even Nine Nether was not aware of this hidden move up his sleeve.

Flames flickered in the eyes of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body that Liu Ming had transformed into, but he no longer scoffed at the scene before him, as he could sense the fluctuations from the Spiritual Array that unsettled him deeply. He had never expected Mu Chen to be a Spiritual Array Grandmaster!

"Damn it!"

He cursed in his heart. If he knew that this would have happened, he would not have let Mu Chen out of his sight, nor let him have the chance to set up such a powerful Spiritual Array out of negligence.

"Now… Let me see if your Sovereign celestial body is more powerful, or if my Spiritual Array is superior."

Mu Chen smiled. As the seals he had conjured changed, a low roar emanated from within his heart.

"Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, activate!"


Black rays of light, appearing as if they were ten thousand feet long, surged out from within the Spiritual Array, enveloping the atmosphere. The three black lotuses within the Spiritual Array turned darker, as if formed from black ink.

As the fluctuations in the Spiritual Array grew to their most intense, the three black lotuses materialized, then left the Spiritual Array gradually. The three black lotuses slowly hovered in the air, looming around Mu Chen, twisting and distorting the space greatly.

Liu Ming glared at the three black lotuses, his feeling of unease growing increasingly stronger, even giving him an impulse to turn around and escape. Fortunately, he suppressed this desire to flee. 

"I don't believe that you can defeat my Heavenly Flame Celestial Body!"

Liu Ming stated chillingly. He had once fought with a First Grade Being Spiritual Array Grandmaster, without being reduced to an embarrassing defeat, so as long as he could withstand this Spiritual Array, he could definitely defeat Mu Chen. He was determined that he would not give him another chance, nor time, to set up another Spiritual Array!

"Heavenly Flame Armor!"

Liu Ming bellowed. Suddenly, there was a dazzling scarlet red light, which emanated from the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. Burning magma flowed out, solidified, and then transformed into a huge scarlet red armor, as if it was the strongest defense in the world.

In the face of the mysterious Black Lotuses Spiritual Array, Liu Ming had activated the strongest defense of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body to combat it. Mu Chen gazed calmly at Liu Ming, who had activated his strong defense. As his slender fingers pointed in the air, right where his fingers landed, ripples of motion spread within the space.


As his fingers landed, Mu Chen's glance turned sharp and cold, like the edge of a dagger.


The three black lotuses trembled violently, as a buzz emerged, which then caused them to conjoin and soar across the sky, like a black meteor, overcoming the restraints of space at an indescribably swift speed.

In a flash, it appeared before the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. Without any pause or hesitation, the three black lotuses clashed harshly with it. The three black lotuses had collided with the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body head-on!

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