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Scarlet red flames engulfed the horizon. It was as if the sky were about to be set ablaze.

In the midst of the sea of flames, a gigantic flaming gun was rapidly fired. The blaze blanketed the sky and the land. The whole place was painted in a raging, fiery light. It was an extremely terrifying blitz.

However, despite facing such staggering offensive outbursts, Mu Chen did not show any signs of defeat. He clenched his hands tightly around the Great Meru Demonic Pillar and dashed forward as the majestic purple spiritual energy began soaring up into the sky. Finally, he brandished the Great Meru Demonic Pillar and whirled the flames around.

Bang! Bang!

An earth-shattering collision erupted in the sky. Mu Chen's silhouette seemed tiny before the shadows of the enormous monstrous flame gun. Under the brandishing of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, the countless strobes of flaming gun shadows were shattered into pieces.

A burning inferno pervaded the air.

The figure recoiled every time a strobe of flaming gun shadow was shattered, but he displayed no sign of evasion and faced the threat head-on. It was incredibly remarkable to see.

Below, Lin Jing continuously retreated as she gaped at the rampaging flames. However, her beautiful, button-like eyes were stupefied yet mesmerized by the silhouette whose fighting spirit was further ignited as he fought vigorously against the enemies.

Although the young man was almost her age, it felt as if nothing could extinguish his fiery passion and will to fight. He was unstoppable. Even if an unyielding mountain stood before him, it was clear that he would not hold back.

Such great tenacity seemed rather irksome.

The middle-aged man, who had been watching the battle attentively from afar, suddenly uttered, "This young man… I am afraid that he will be a tough nut to crack in the future.

"Although I have no clue about his background, I could guarantee that he has relied solely on his own capabilities and powers to achieve such outstanding results at such an age.

"This is because it is difficult for a young powerhouse who is dependant on his clan's resources to possess his level of fighting spirit and boldness."

After hearing the comments from the middle-aged man, Heart Fox Fairy softly bit her luscious red lips. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the retreating, slender silhouette in the midst of the blazing flames. She muttered immediately, "He is truly courageous, but it is not enough to rely on mere courage to win a battle against Liu Ming.

"The formidable force of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body has yet been fully unleashed."

The middle-aged man nodded slightly and sighed. "If this young man possesses the Sovereign Celestial Body, even if it is of an ordinary level, I am afraid that Liu Ming will not have any advantage in today's battle."

Heart Fox Fairy nodded daintily.


Under the brandishing of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, the terrifying force shattered the fiery rain of flaming gun shadows once again. However, the impact from the quake caused Mu Chen's arms to tremble. Fresh blood started trickling from his palms.

He took two steps back and stomped his feet to maintain his balance. The lightning that surrounded him flickered madly.

Although his expression remained calm, his eyes shone with determination. After the previous head-on battle, he finally had a taste of the powers of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. If he had not trained his Thunder God physique to the level of an Ennea Rune Lighting physique, the multiple head-on attacks would probably have been sufficient to severely injure him.

Even so, his internal vital energy was currently unstable.

A gigantic blazing red shadow was erected in the skies. Liu Ming fixed his eyes on Mu Chen. Cold light flickered sinisterly in his eyes. However, his gaze looked a little sullen.

Evidently, Mu Chen had ultimately exceeded his expectations because he was able to endure his attacks for so long by purely relying on his own powers.

"That explains the arrogance in his tone. He does have some tricks up his sleeve," Liu Ming's strident voice thundered through the battlegrounds as the gigantic blazing shadow looked down at Mu Chen, who was as small as an ant.

Mu Chen's expression remained calm. He lifted his head and looked at the oppressive-looking giant shadow. He laughed, "It is just your Sovereign Celestial Body. It is not as scary as I had imagined it to be."


Liu Ming's voice had a dash of sarcasm, but he said nothing more. His huge palm suddenly bore a seal, and following its transformation, the scorching red flames blotted out the sky and the land as they gathered in his palm.

A violent, blustering heat wave began to pervade the air.

"Why don't you try to catch this?"

Cold beams flared from the eyes of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. With a sudden thunderous clap, the heavenly flames started spreading like wildfire, and the void began to distort. A flaming palm print that enveloped almost half of the sky hurled down unexpectedly.

"Heavenly Flaming Palm of the Burning Sea!"

The palm landed and crumbled the ground beneath it. Mountains were flattened to the ground and forests were burned to ashes. The force was extremely devastating.

Looking at the current situation, Mu Chen's expression merely changed a little. At the same time, both of his hands formed a seal with lightning speed. With a slight jerk of his sleeves, earth-shattering green rays beamed out, and a black, thorny forest sprouted from the ground where the rays had touched.

Mu Chen uttered in his heart, "Wood Divine Scripture!" The black, thorny forests instantly transformed into countless beams of green rays that soared to the sky as they finally gathered toward Mu Chen. It was as if the green rays were transformed into an emerald ocean. It was filled with vitality.

"Heavenly Divine Wood Wheel!"

Mu Chen's seal transformed again. The emerald ocean started whirling at high speed before it transformed into an enormous Green Wooden Wheel of Rays. Mu Chen pointed his finger at the void, and then it disappeared into thin air. All that was left in the space in front of him was a long black trail.

He sneered!

The speed of the Green Wooden Wheel of Rays was indescribably quick. In a flash, it appeared beneath the flaming palm and started attacking it head-on without any sign of hesitation.

The battle was surprisingly silent. The high-speed spinning Green Wooden Wheel of Rays unleashed its extremely terrifying abilities of spatial piercing. With a slight touch, it was able to impale the flaming palm and instantly dash toward the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body.

"Go away!"

A chilling scream emanated from the insides of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. A giant fist charged forward as it ignited a rampaging sea of flames in its violent attack against the Green Wooden Wheel of Rays.

Squeak! Squeak!

A shrill sound resonated in the air. The Green Wooden Wheel of Rays and the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body remained in a deadlock. The impact between the two powerful forces had distorted the space around them.

Thump! Thump!

Such a deadlock caused Liu Ming to rage in burning fury. Mu Chen had defended his attacks again and again. In his eyes, this was a form of humiliation. Flames started blazing madly in his eyes. A scorching red blaze immediately shrouded his humongous body before surging forward like a Fire Dragon and devouring the Green Wooden Wheel of Rays.


Unfortunately, the Green Wooden Wheel of Rays was still unable to resist such brutal attacks. It exploded into pieces and was finally burned to dust.


Although Liu Ming gained better ground with this single move, he did not give Mu Chen any respite. As he struck his two fists, a tsunami of scarlet red transformed into two Blazing Red Fire Dragons and began to surge violently toward Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's body retreated again. Beams of majestic purple spiritual energy lashed forward in an attempt to block the attacks from the Blazing Red Fire Dragon, but the attempts were to no avail as they ended up getting burned into ashes.

At that very moment, Liu Ming was obviously unleashing the full powers of the Heavenly Fire Celestial Body.


The Blazing Red Fire Dragon moved at lightning speed. Mu Chen avoided the attacks several times but in the end, he was unable to retreat any further. The Fire Dragon surged toward him and knocked down all the spiritual energy from his body.


Mu Chen's body received a critical hit. He started falling down before violently crashing into the ground. The violent impact caused the ground to crumble.

"I thought you were strong? Do you want to try it again?"

Upon seeing how Mu Chen was finally severely injured, Liu Ming started laughing coldly. He stared at the sinkhole. His eyes shone with a desire to kill, and he showed no sign of holding back. As he gripped his fist, a towering, flaming longspear began to gather in his arms. In a swish, it pierced through the void and charged toward the sinkhole.


However, just as the gigantic flaming spear was about to pierce through the sinkhole, a beautiful feminine figure suddenly appeared in midair. Her slender hands started forming a seal, and majestic beams of spiritual energy gushed out as it formed a giant water shield. Whirlpools swirled on the water shield.

"Shield of Flowing Waters!"


The flaming longspear impaled the water shield and erupted in a violent energy wave. However, most of the energy was devoured by the whirlpools on the water shield.

After the flaming longspear disappeared, Lin Jiao's tiny figure merely trembled a little. Meanwhile, the water shield exploded with a loud bang as it had reached its limit.

"Oh? Another person who has not cultivated the Sovereign Celestial Body, but I will not hold back just because you are a woman." Looking at the current situation, Liu Ming smiled sinisterly. As he waved his palms, a colossal flaming longspear formed again and started charging toward her.

Lin Jing peered at the sudden attack. She clenched her jaw but had no intention of retreating. She took a deep breath, and an azure river began gushing out of her mouth. An extremely vast spiritual energy wave emanated from the river.

The river was rather peculiar. It seemed like it was made up of some form of spiritual energy, but at the same time, it emanated energy waves similar to those of a Divine Artifact...

The azure river surrounded Lin Jing like a perfect shield.

Boom! Boom!

Beams of flaming longspear ripped open the void. Rogue waves splattered as the rain of flaming longspears was rapidly fired upon the river. As the shield took in numerous terrifying attacks, Lin Jing's face started looking a little pale.


After the azure river devoured the final beam of flaming longspear, it began to turn dull, and finally transformed into a mere stream as it returned into Lin Jing's mouth.

She lifted her face and stared coldly at the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. She scoffed, "So, is that all you've got?"

"I wonder if you can last any longer!" Liu Ming snickered coldly, and his gaze was filled with the overwhelming desire to kill. Lin Jing had acted beyond his expectations. However, she clearly could not compete against his Heavenly Flame Celestial Body.

The girl in front of him was merely putting up a desperate fight.


However, just as Liu Ming was prepared to kill her, he froze and abruptly turned his gaze toward the sinkhole where a disturbing fluctuation of energy silently appeared.

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