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Chapter 66 – The Change within his Body

Mu Chen’s consciousness floated without aim in the darkness. There was not even the slightest trace of light in this place. He was not even aware of time as he drifted around in a comatose state.

Although he did not know how long he drifted around, a strange fluctuation emitted out from within the darkness. A strange black flame surged out in the center of the darkness as it condensed itself.

As the black flames condensed itself, it actually turned into a giant black bird, which let out a cry towards the sky. Then, it seemed to have noticed Mu Chen’s drifting consciousness. With a sharp cry, it turned into a streak of black flames and charged over to his consciousness as it glared fiercely.


Mu Chen issued out a scream from his mouth and his body sat up like a conditioned reflex. His forehead was filled with cold sweat while his eyes were trembling.

“Little Mu woke up?!”

“The Little Lord is awake!”

Just when Mu Chen was confused about the scene earlier, delighted voices rang out from the surroundings. Only then did he lifted his head up in daze and realized that he was on top of a stretcher. Zhou Ye, Duan Wei and the others were all looking at him with a happy expression nearby.

“Is he awake?”

Mu Feng’s familiar voice rang out in surprise. Then, he hurriedly walked over and let out a sigh of relief when he saw Mu Chen safe and sound.

“Dad, what is this all about?”

Mu Chen rubbed his head and asked.

“You were affected by the flames’ impact caused by the Nine Nether Bird’s self-destruction and you’ve been in a coma up until now. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be a major issue.” Mu Feng explained. If anything happened to Mu Chen, he really didn’t know how he would face it.

Mu Chen was stunned when he heard this. He vaguely remembered that a black flame was charging towards him before he fainted.

“What about the Nine Nether Bird? Did it die?” Mu Chen shook his head as he asked.

“Yes.” Mu Feng nodded with a bit of regret. Through the self-destruction, nothing was left behind of the Nine Nether Bird. They did not obtain any harvest this time. However, at least the Liu Territory also headed back empty-handed. Thus, this could already be considered a success for the Mu Territory since the other goal of this trip was to stop the Liu Territory.

Mu Chen also felt a bit of pity. That was an existence ranked 11th on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. It was not something you could meet easily. He really didn’t know just how powerful one would be if they managed to ingest its Spiritual Beast Soul Essence.

“We have already passed through the Black Eerie Swamp and we’re currently heading back to the Mu Territory.” Zhou Ye smiled as he spoke: “It was all thanks to Little Mu for the Black Eerie Swamp’s trip this time. Otherwise, we would not be able to catch up with the Liu Territory and see that terrifying scene.”

“Ohoho, yes, there’s a successor for the Territory Lord now. Congratulations.” Duan Wei and the others smiled as he spoke. Little Mu had truly impressed them during the Black Eerie Swamp trip.

After hearing these words, Mu Feng could not help but be proud. He immediately waved his hand and said: “Everybody should increase the alertness level after we head back from this trip. Since the Liu Territory came back empty-handed, they would definitely be angry at our Mu Territory. Moreover, with their personality, they would not let this go easily.”

Everybody agreed when they heard this and then they accelerated. Although they have already exited the Black Eerie Swamp, they still felt the chills after seeing the earth-shattering scene earlier. They only wanted to get away from that place as far as possible.

While Mu Chen sat on the stretcher, he immediately rubbed his head. Then, he turned around and stared at the Black Eerie Swamp in the distant. He did not know why, but he had a strange feeling that the Nine Nether Bird hasn’t died yet.

Two days later, Mu Feng and the others returned back to the Mu Territory. The dusty group of people felt relieved while they thought back about the dangerous trip they had. They finally managed to return alive.

Mu Feng dismissed everybody and allowed them to rest. As for Mu Chen, he hobbled for a while and returned back to his room. He immediately took a big nap. It was evident that he was completely exhausted because of the past few days.

When Mu Chen woke up from his deep slumber, it was already evening. He stared blankly at the quiet night before stretching his waist.

“It’s time to train.” Mu Chen chuckled and sat cross-legged. He closed his eyes slightly and quickly entered the state of cultivation. The surrounding air trembled around him and tiny traces of Spiritual Aura from the world were attracted over. Then, it finally entered Mu Chen’s body through Mu Chen’s breathing.

He maintained this state of cultivation for approximately an hour. Then, all of a sudden, he opened his eyes. Within the dark night, his black eyes revealed amazement and hints of joy.

This is because he noticed that the Spiritual Energy within his aurasea had actually reached a state of being completely full. This represents that he had already reached the pinnacle of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. It also meant that he could charge at the Spiritual Rotation Stage!

“It was actually this fast.”

Mu Chen was delighted. He originally thought that it would take at least another two weeks or so. Never did he expect that the Black Eerie Swamp trip would have brought him that much benefit.

After a while, Mu Chen gradually suppressed the joy within his heart and clenched his palms as an exquisite jaded box appeared within his hand. Within the jaded box lies a round emerald shape elixir. It was the Accumulation Elixir that he had received as a reward during the Northern Spiritual Field Training.

This elixir would provide great assistance to the ones charging at the Spiritual Rotation Stage. He had never used it because he was waiting for the best moment to use it. And now, it was time.

Mu Chen picked up the emerald-like elixir and sniffed the faint fragrance emitted by it. His head immediately cleared up and he no longer hesitated as he threw the Accumulation Elixir into his mouth.


The Accumulation Elixir immediately melted and turned into rumbling Spiritual Energy. It seemed to pour through Mu Chen’s body like a flood.

Mu Chen quickly closed his eyes as he circulated the Great Pagoda Art. He steadily ingested the dense Spiritual Energy bit by bit and poured it into his aurasea.

With the influx of the large amount of Spiritual Energy, many changes appeared in his aurasea. The clump of Spiritual Energy that was like a nebula slowly shrank. While it was shrinking, Mu Chen could feel the Spiritual Energy within his body becoming purer and fiercer.

It requires a lot of Spiritual Energy for one to charge at the Spiritual Rotation Stage. Luckily, Mu Chen had the Accumulation Elixir. Therefore, he was about to omit some trouble during this step. He stabilized his mind and slowly ingested the elixir’s medical power as he sent it all into his aurasea.

Within his aurasea, the originally palm-sized clump of Spiritual Energy had turned into the size of a chicken egg. However, the edge of the clump had become rounder. Moreover, the black Spiritual Energy had become increasingly abstruse.

The clump of Spiritual Energy was still compressing itself while Mu Chen continued to send Spiritual Energy within his aurasea.

This process lasted for around ten minute before the compression finally stopped. The chicken egg-sized clump of Spiritual Energy had become the size of a pigeon’s egg.

Mu Chen could sense the change happening within his aurasea and quietly entered with his mind. He noticed that a pitched-black light wheel gradually floated on top of the pigeon egg.

The Spiritual Energy light wheel was many times smaller than the clump earlier. However, Mu Chen could sense how dense the Spiritual Energy within it was.

It had far surpassed the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase!

Mu Chen stared at the small and delicate Spiritual Energy light wheel as joy welled up from his heart. He had finally broken through the Spiritual Movement Stage and advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Just by this, he had reached the basic acceptance conditions for the “Five Great Academies”.

Although he did not feel surprised that he achieved this step, the feeling of becoming stronger was extremely wonderful. Perhaps the guys from the Spiritual Road had completed the final step and obtained a power far beyond his, but so what?

I, Mu Chen, was not inferior to any of you in the Spiritual Road. And I can do the same in the Great Thousand World!

Mu Chen pursed his lips and a sense of pride and persistence emerged on the boy’s handsome face.

After he had successfully condensed the spiritual wheel, Mu Chen had completely relaxed. But just when he was about to exit this state, a familiar cry rang out from within his mind.


This cry was not loud, but Mu Chen seemed to have been struck by lightning when he heard it. His entire body stiffens as a fizzing sound rang out within his mind.


Just when Mu Chen’s mind lost its capability to think when it heard this cry, he discovered a fierce fluctuation appearing from within his body. Then, it directly charged at his mind as if it was trying to devour his consciousness!

The soul essence swallowing its owner?

This situation stunned Mu Chen as his body instantly turned cold. Then, horror appeared within his eyes.

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