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A giant, burning with red flames, stood on the ground, as if it was going to melt the ground away. An indescribably violent scorching storm started to rage.

Liu Ming's body disappeared completely inside of the red giant. Once the sovereign celestial body was activated, it would form the most perfect defense, protecting Liu Ming, who was inside.

The sovereign celestial body provided the perfect means to both attack and defend. This was also the main reason why all of the sovereigns would use a lot of effort to seek it out.

The eyes of the red giant also opened slowly at that exact moment, fire burning within them. In the meantime, Liu Ming's loud voice, which was full of killing intent, spread in the air.

"Now, do you know what is despair?"

The sovereign celestial body provided a very significant enhancement to the combat force of any sovereign. Therefore, when Liu Ming realized that Mu Chen had not even cultivated his sovereign celestial body, he lowered his guard completely.

The sovereign celestial body that he had cultivated was called the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, which was ranked 97th among the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Although its rank was almost the lowest, it would still be very foolish for anyone to look down on it.

In the Great Thousand World, all the sovereign celestial bodies in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies ranking were incredibly powerful. After all, the cultivation method for a sovereign celestial body would be considered as top secret for any clan or force, and as such, would not be given to outsiders easily.

Thus, most of the sovereign masters could only obtain the cultivation methods for some ordinary sovereign celestial bodies. Some could even just use the most common method, condensing the sovereign celestial body with their own spiritual energy. In that case, there would simply not be any special powers involved.

For example, the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body that Liu Ming had cultivated required him to merge his own spiritual energy with the Heavenly Flame perfectly, before he could successfully cultivate it. The more powerful sovereign celestial bodies would provide the user with a shocking power that would really allow him to fight people of higher grades. Hence, after Liu Ming knew that Mu Chen had not cultivated his sovereign celestial body, he believed that the battle already had an unshakable outcome.

"The Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, right..."

Mu Chen also raised his head at that moment, in order to stare solemnly at the red giant, which was now standing on the ground. This Liu Ming obviously had more than just his mouth, as it was also evident that he indeed had a very strong power, too. With such a strong sovereign celestial body, he would probably even be among the top of all the grade one sovereigns.

"Can you deal with it?" Nine Nether gazed at Mu Chen with some worry in her eyes. Originally, she had thought that Liu Ming had only cultivated a normal sovereign celestial body. However, she did not expect that this guy could actually successfully cultivate the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body.

"You just need to stop that old man. Even if we fail, we can run away," Mu Chen said softly.

"Be careful." Nine Nether nodded gently and spoke no more. In her long eyes, some coldness was seen. Then, she moved and appeared directly on top of the giant black sparrow, after which, she flew away quickly into the distance.

Seeing the scene, the old man in black robes also smiled faintly, then moved his body, vanishing directly. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Nine Nether. As he waved his sleeves, a storm started to rage in the sky.

When Nine Nether and the old man in black robes were facing against each other, Mu Chen also started to focus fully on the red giant before him. This was the first time he was using his own powers to fight a real sovereign master.

"Take care of yourself," Mu Chen said to Lin Jing, before also dashing out. He stood in mid-air and stomped his foot suddenly. The space behind him became somewhat distorted and vague, as if it was a vast sea that could be faintly seen. And in the sea, a frightful purple spiritual energy was whizzing around.

"I'll let you see the true power of the sovereign celestial body!" The sovereign celestial body that Liu Ming had turned into reached out its giant hand, its red finger pushing down in the air.


After its finger pressed down, the space seemed to be distorted, and a red beam of light, which was a few thousand feet large, was ejected. The beam of light was exceptionally viscous, like magma. On the beam, a red flame was flaring, and it appeared to be incredibly violent.

This was formed by Liu Ming, who only pointed into the air without much effort. It was far more powerful than the strongest strike from Ji Xuan at that time! This was the real power being displayed after the cultivating of the sovereign celestial body!

Mu Chen lifted his head. Staring at the magma beam, which was now flying towards him, he took in a deep breath. His robes started to swing, even without wind, and were giving out a fluttering sound. His look suddenly became stern and cold.

He waved his sleeves, and a monstrous purple light surged in the distorted space behind him. An eye-catching purple waterfall also swept out, eventually colliding hard with the red spiritual energy.


The two smashed into each other, resulting in an earthshaking noise that spread instantly. A spiritual energy hurricane swept across, resulting in many huge cracks' bursting out on the ground below.

In the sky, Mu Chen still stood facing the wind. His body was covered with brilliant purple light, and purple flames were soaring in his black eyes. He had actually stopped Liu Ming's attack by relying on the powers of his own spiritual energy.

"You can actually block my Heavenly Flame spiritual energy?!" Some surprise appeared in the eyes of the red giant.

Obviously, Liu Ming could not believe in such an outcome. The spiritual energy he had cultivated was fused with the Heavenly Flame, and its power was far stronger than ordinary sovereign spiritual energy, as it was particularly overbearing. However, it was actually blocked by Mu Chen at the moment.

"So, actually, your spiritual energy is somewhat strange."

Liu Ming was very observant, and quickly discovered that the purple spiritual energy that was hovering around Mu Chen was rather special. Even the Heavenly Flame in his spiritual energy could not suppress the purple flames, which were flaring quietly.

On a mountain peak in the distance, two figures also appeared at that moment. A charming lady in a white fox fur coat stared at the battle in the distance, some surprise flashing in her pretty eyes, as she said softly, "The spiritual energy of the young man seems to be quite unique."

"It should have been mixed with a very strong type of flame," the middle-aged man beside her also remarked in surprise. "It's no wonder that, even though he has not cultivated his sovereign celestial body, he dares to challenge Liu Ming. He indeed has great abilities."

"It's too early to make a conclusion now. Liu Ming's Heavenly Flame Celestial Body is not an ordinary sovereign celestial body," the charming lady smiled and said.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man also nodded in agreement. As they spoke, in the distance, Mu Chen suddenly ascended high into the air. In the next instant, he actually appeared directly in front of the red giant, a red light manifesting from the top of his head, then soaring up into the sky. An astonishing demonic force had filled the air.

"I will not just block your Heavenly Flame spiritual energy, I will also crush your Heavenly Flame Celestial Body!"

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared in the red light. It expanded rapidly, as it moved against the wind and grew to a thousand feet large. It stood in the sky, like a primordial evil artifact.

Mu Chen's hands acted as if they were holding something, and he swung the Great Meru Demonic Pillar directly. Without hesitation, he smacked the pillar forcefully towards the head of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body. The terrifying power even caused the space to shatter, resulting in some tiny cracks to surface.

With Mu Chen's strength and the aid of the power from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, the attack was already shockingly powerful. Even Heart Fox Fairy and the middle-aged man, who were watching the battle from afar, were slightly shocked by the attack.


A cold humph came from the mouth of the red giant. He clenched his fist, and a red flame swept across, which then turned directly into an enormous red, burning spear. The spear then tore through the sky, bringing about a sea of fire, which eventually impacted hard with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.


A thunder-like metallic sound was heard immediately. The sound waves spread like a storm, causing a violent hurricane in the sky. Mu Chen was blown backwards. Every time his feet landed, it would cause the surrounding air to explode directly. While he flew backwards, the red giant actually also backed up a step, trembling, which then caused a mountain to flatten directly!

"Such an unbelievable strength..."

In the distance, the middle-aged man commented on the scene, shocked. Clearly, he had not expected that Mu Chen could actually use the strength of his body to fight directly against Liu Ming, who had summoned his sovereign celestial body.

"This young man is not simple," Heart Fox Fairy said, as some surprise also flashed across her eyes.

A fierce fire started burning in the eyes of the red giant, which Liu Ming had obviously turned into. In the next moment, he stomped his foot, the ground crumbled, and his large body dashed out like lightning.

At that moment, a red flame enveloped the sky, appearing like the radiant clouds at sunset. Obviously, Liu Ming had started to activate the powers of the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body completely.

Against Mu Chen's stubborn resistance, he was already furious.

"You actually want to use your body to fight against my sovereign celestial body. How foolish!"

Liu Ming's gloomy voice spread in the sky like thunder. Just then, the red spear turned into many spear shadows, which blotted out the sky and the earth. They brought along with them a violent sea of fire, which started to engulf its way towards Mu Chen. The entire region within tens of thousands of feet was filled with the terrifying attack.

Mu Chen stared at the incoming spear shadows, which now covered the sky. Every spear shadow seemed to be real, and the power each contained was sufficient to tear the ground apart, and even to break a mountain into pieces.

His look became increasingly solemn. Then, his hands started to form a seal.


The sound of thunder spread, and a bright lightning flashed wildly on Mu Chen's body. His body broadened, and on his chest, nine lightning runes appeared. The nine lightning runes seemed to be more condensed than before, making them appear almost real.

"Let me see..."

Lightning flashed on Mu Chen's body. His black eyes turned colder and more penetrating. He licked his lips, and the corners of his mouth curled up, filled with fighting spirit.

"How strong are sovereign celestial bodies exactly?!"

Mu Chen's hands appeared to hug something, as he controlled the Great Meru Demonic Pillar directly, then dashed out. Lightning and purple flames swept across the place. Under the monstrous sea of fire, his body was as small as an ant.

However, it was still filled with a towering fighting spirit that no one could have any contempt for!

My first battle in the Great Thousand World will start with you!

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