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On the auction table, a golden scroll appeared in the hand of Master Mo Qing, arriving with a golden glow. As though it had been passed down since ancient times, the scroll seemed to be very old, exuding a long-abandoned smell.

As the golden light flowed, an awe-inspiring dragon seemed to be taking shape. Countless eyes stared closely at the golden scroll, as they could tell that it was an extraordinary item.

Under these gazes, Mo Qing waved the golden scroll gently in his hand, projecting his firm voice across the entire auction arena, "This is a scroll that contains divine technique, which was derived from the Ancient Divine Book. It is slightly incomplete, so I can only say that it is almost a perfect Divine Art. But, it does have boundless potential, so if anyone can comprehend the profoundness in it, and practice it successfully, I believe that it is going to be a power that can be comparable to a perfect Divine Art, or even surpass it."

"A divine technique that can surpass a perfect Divine Art?"

Most of the people felt shocked, as generally, a perfect Divine Art was placed within most of the top forces within a continent, deemed to be a clan treasure. As such, only the core members with high positions in the clan could practice it. And now, Mo Qing actually said that it was almost a perfect Divine Art, and that it could even surpass a perfect Divine Art?

Mu Chen also was shocked upon hearing these words. He gently knit his eyebrows, as he had not forgotten what Mo Qing had said about its possibilities, should anyone be able to comprehend and practice it successfully…

"Hehe, Master Mo Qing, do you mean that it is not easy to learn this so-called close-to perfect Divine Art?" Mu Chen had the same question in his mind, when a soft alluring voice rang out. Heart Fox Fairy from the Fox Fairy Clan was asking her question, smiling. Apparently, she was also meticulous enough to take notice.

"Heh, you are sharp," Mo Qing smiled with a nod and said. "That's true. So far, none have managed to practice successfully. In my opinion, it is even more profound and unpredictable in its cultivation level, when compared to the rest of the real perfect Divine Art."

His words caused a stir on the spot. Had no one truly ever practiced such a divine technique successfully before?

But, subsequently, they understood that, if there were anyone who could practice this successfully, the owner would not have placed the item up for auction. Such a tremendous divine technique could be the most robust technique, and as such, it could act as a trump card.

"Oh?" Liu Ming stood up with a smile. He observed the golden manuscript closely, with interest. "I have never encountered a divine technique that could not be practiced. I shall give it a try today," he smiled and said.

Although it must have been thanks to all of the resources provided by Tian Xuan Hall that Liu Ming was able to hit Grade One Sovereign at his age, it must also be explained by his own natural giftings. That is why, as conceited as he was, he did not believe that there would be any divine technique that he could not master.

Almost all of the people from the front loft cast their gazes over toward him with great interest. If what Mo Qing had said was true, such a high-potential divine technique would have the utmost benefit to the forces behind it.

"This divine technique is known as the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. The bidding will start at 20,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid." The faint voice of Mo Qing reverberated throughout the venue, and the skyrocketing bid once again made many faces twitch.

Mu Chen could only curl his lips. Even though he had a great interest in the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art, he could not afford it. The ones with substantial capital to spend must be those top powers, who had a strong backing behind them.

Although the expensive price tag of this divine technique could discourage many people, the fight had intensified in comparison to the previous auction items. Those who had not bid in the earlier phases were the big players, who had conserved their capital, waiting for this very round.

For a moment, voices calling out for bids came one after another. Countless people were quite envious and jealous of the rising price tag. Within minutes, the price of the scroll had hit almost 30,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!

The price war for the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art went on for over ten minutes, and it was almost going to end, as the last bid had just surged up to 32,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. And the highest bidder? It was none other than Liu Ming from Tian Xuan Hall.

This result shocked many people, as it looked like his primary purpose for this auction was the Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art. Otherwise, he would not have prepared such a considerable amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid beforehand.

Mu Chen was also secretly shocked. By now, he knew how lucky he was to have vied for the Void Great Solar Fruit. Luckily, Liu Ming's target was not the Void Great Solar Fruit. Otherwise, if Liu Ming had really pushed for it, Mu Chen might not have even stood a chance at all, as his capital was just too weak.

When Liu Ming raised his bid to 32,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. After that, no one wished to vie against him anymore. Some of the top powers had pondering looks on their faces, but even they gave up eventually.

Behind the tulle on one of the lofts, Heart Fox Fairy frowned and said, "Liu Ming is really a spendthrift. Even if he is from Tian Xuan Hall, spending such a huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid must burn a hole in the pocket."

"He is overconfident indeed," a common-looking, middle-aged man said from behind Heart Fox Fairy. "That scroll of Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art is actually quite freaky, and not just anyone can practice it. Even though Liu Ming has some talents, he is still yet far from being able to practice this divine technique. Liu Ming is considered as being passable among the younger generation within the Tian Luo Continent, but when compared to his brother, Liu Yan, he is still not there yet."

"Haha, Liu Yan is the candidate for the next Tian Xuan Hall Master. He is quite famous in the Daluo Continent though," Xin Hu smiled alluringly and said.

"Missy is not any weaker than him," the middle-aged man said, laughing.

Heart Fox Fairy smiled radiantly, as she took notice of something in one of the corners at the auction ground. She rested her gaze at Nine Nether, who was beside Mu Chen, then said softly, "That girl seems to be powerful, to be able to reach her level at her age. I wonder which force she belongs to."

"For this answer, I guess Liu Ming will gladly test it out for you," the middle-aged man said.

"Oh?" Heart Fox Fairy raised her eyebrows at first, but then finally understood what he meant. She smiled and said, "Liu Ming is really not magnanimous at all. But, I wonder if he will be snookered."

The auction had ended while they shared these conversations. The Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art was finally won by Liu Ming for the amount of 32,000 Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

When the bell rang again, everyone in the auction hall sighed softly. All eyes were enviously staring at Liu Ming, who had obviously reaped the most out of this auction.

Liu Ming looked at their expressions, as they all looked at him and smiled immodestly, watching him enjoy being the eye-catchy one, as this allowed him to feel superior and different from the rest. While he was enjoying being the center of attraction, he saw that Mu Chen had stood up not far away from him, expressionlessly. Mu Chen then left immediately, along with Nine Nether and Lin Jing, without even looking in his direction.

Liu Ming watched as they left, a surge of coldness swirling deep in his eyes. His slender fingers brushed softly across the armrest of a jaded stone chair. The armrest was cut off immediately, leaving the place where it had broken off with a sleek, smooth surface.

"Elder Mu, send someone to follow them. I want to know every move of theirs. Although we cannot make our moves in this city, once they leave, I want them to know that not everyone can be messed around with," Liu Ming said faintly.

The black-robed old man nodded slowly behind him. Liu Ming smiled as he saw Heart Fox Fairy walking out from the loft. Her graceful figure and curvy outline filled his heart with warmness. He walked quickly to her, a beaming smile on his face.

Mu Chen brought Nine Nether and Lin Jing out of the auction site. He handed over the bulk of the items, and took what he had auctioned for.

Standing in the enclosed room where the auctions items were collected, Mu Chen looked at the fruit, which had a shape of a sun, and let out of long breath. No matter how hard it was, he had gotten another material. Now, he just needed his Undying Divine Leaf in order to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body.

He was looking forward to it. He wondered how powerful this Sovereign Celestial Body going to be, since it required such a rare treasure to cultivate.

"This is yours." Mu Chen kept his Void Great Solar Fruit, and threw the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony at Lin Jing.

Lin Jing took it delightfully. Although she had seen many treasures before, due to her identity, this was ultimately something she had earned for herself.

"Thank you!" She laughed.

"But it's me who got the better deal." Mu Chen smiled. After all, the Protective Spiritual Jade that Lin Jing had given was much more valuable, when compared to this Heavenly Fire Chalcedony.

"But we might need to go our separate ways soon," Mu Chen continued, gently warning.

Lin Jing shook her head and said, "We are, after all, friends, right? Will friends abandon each other in times of need?"

Mu Chen paused for a moment, before he finally smiled at the girl, who now had a joyful look on her face.

"Alright, let's go together. If anything goes wrong, we will flee together," he promised.

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