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A glowing light ball appeared in the dry hands of Master Mo Qing. It was a palm-sized, dark yellow dead leaf with veins running through it. The leaf was not very eye-catching, and if it had not been taken out by Master Mo Qing, no one would have ever recognized it as the rumored Undying Divine Leaf.

On this vast land of the world there was a kind of deity tree known as the Undying Divine Tree. The lifespan of this tree was unbelievably long. Even while the universe underwent numerous catastrophic disasters, the tree remained standing between heaven and earth.

This type of deity tree only sheds a leaf once every thousand years. Thus it was named the Undying Divine Leaf. It was rumored that the leaf could produce a "leaf substitute" allowing someone to be reborn once.

That was why many top powers were chasing after the Undying Divine Leaf. After all, in this world there were many unique treasures but an individual only had one life.

Hence, whenever the Undying Divine Leaf appeared, top powers fought for it without any hesitation regardless of the price.

In the auction, the eyes of the participants were filled with passion and greed. If fighting in this place were an easy thing to do, someone would have lost their mind and resorted to thieving.

On the auction stage, Master Mo Qing looked into eyes that were filled with greed and calmly said, "The Undying Divine Leaf starts off with the bidding price of 10,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid."

When he finished speaking, no one moved. Only the sound of breathing could be heard. Most of the common people would not be able to afford the huge amount of 10,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

This divine artifact... could only belong to the richest people.

Mu Chen was too stunned when he heard the starting bid, and could only give a bitter smile.

"What should we do now?" Nine Nether frowned. She also had not expected this price. Moreover, it would rise exponentially after a few rounds of bidding.

The remaining Sovereign Spiritual Liquid they had couldn't handle another game of price wars.

Mu Chen fell into silence for a time and then said, "Let's observe first. If it is really out of our range, I have some worldly treasures and some divine artifacts won from the Spiritual Academy Competition. We can still convert them to some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid."

Mu Chen rubbed his forehead. He finally realized how important Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was in this Great Thousand World. He did not feel the importance of it when he was in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, but now he began to realize that without Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it was hard to move around in the Great Thousand World.

The Spiritual Condensing Bowl he had contained a significant amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, but the seal on it was so strong that even Nine Nether could only decode part of it.

Nine Nether shook her head, too. Although she had saved up quite an amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, she had had to use it to pass her tribulation, so she could not be of much help now.

Lin Jing was standing quietly to the side and said, "Perhaps I can contribute something to exchange for some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?" Although it only cost Mu Chen 1,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for her Heavenly Fire Chalcedony, she felt guilty about it.

Mu Chen smiled and said nothing.

While they were talking, the auction for the Undying Divine Leaf had begun. As he expected, those big players sitting in the loft in front were the interested bidders.

They came with strong backings and a large amount of capital, thus within a short amount of time, the auction had hit its climax.

The auction price soared to an amount of 15,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Mu Chen observed the auction calmly. When the bids hit a new high, there were three remaining bidders. Out of the three, two of them were the juvenile man and the Heart Fox Fairy from the Fox Fairy Clan. The last one was an elder in a grey robe. He was kind-looking with a hideous black skeleton embroidered on the sleeves of his robe.

Nine Nether explained the identity of the grey-robed elder. "He should be someone from the Skeleton Demon Mountain. Skeleton Demon Mountain is the lord of the Skeleton Continent. They have strong supreme power, but they still lose out a little to Daluo Territory and Tian Xuan Hall overall."

Mu Chen nodded slightly. Tianluo Continent was, after all, a supercontinent. It was not easy to become one of the top forces on it, and therefore, it could not easily be compared.

Of course, Skeleton Demon Mountain was not an ordinary force, either. Otherwise, the grey-robed elder would not have vied with Tian Xuan Hall and the Fox Fairy Clan directly.

As Mu Chen observed the grey-robed elder, the latter raised the price another 2,000 with his husky voice, instantly causing an uproar from the ground. "Seventeen thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

"Heh heh, this is my last call. If you have any bids higher than this, I will let go as a token of respect to the Fox Fairy Clan and Tian Xuan Hall." The grey-robed elder spoke smilingly to the juvenile man and Heart Fox Fairy.

Heart Fox Fairy gave a lazy smile and shook her head gently. "The Elder Gui Ku has already raised the price to such an extent, how would I be able to afford it? I will let the Young Hall Master, Liu Ming from Tian Xuan Hall, follow up with you."

The juvenile man chuckled when he heard that. Looking confident, he smiled. "If that's the case, I shall not reject the order. I will not let people snatch away so easily the things that I want for myself."

As he was saying this, he cast a look in Mu Chen's direction with icy coldness deep in his eyes.

"Twenty thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid," Liu Ming said and looked at the elder from Skeleton Demon Mountain with a smile.

There were more deep breaths from the spectators in the auction. Looking at the amount he bid, it seemed like Tian Xuan Hall was determined to get this Undying Divine Leaf. A weaker force might not even have 20,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as their annual profit.

The sudden increment of 3,000 changed the grey-robed elder's expression. He could only fall back to his chair. Apparently, an amount of 20,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was over what he could afford.

No matter how valuable the Undying Divine Leaf was, it was still unbearable to part with 20,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for it.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen as the auction was about to end. The latter squinted with coldness filling his pitch-black eyes. He shook his head after a short while.

Obviously, he had given up.

"If you miss this chance, there is no guarantee when you can see it again. Your Sovereign Celestial Body will have to wait endlessly." Nine Nether knitted her willow-like eyebrows.

"It is still early to say so," Mu Chen said and smiled.

"What do you mean?" Nine Nether was confused.

"Because someone is as greedy as a wolf, and I am sure he would want to take Void Great Solar Fruit along with him," Mu Chen said calmly. "If someone is eyeing us, why can't we do it, too?"

"Are you thinking about fighting it out with them?" Nine Nether was shocked. She did not expect Mu Chen would have the guts to do it.

"Not me. But they will," Mu Chen said softly. "Are you confident in handling the old man?"

He was referring to the black-robed elder sticking by Liu Ming's side.

"Well, he has the strength of Grade Five Sovereign, which is a level higher than me. But the combat strength of my Divine Beast is much stronger, so he won't be able to do anything to me. But I'm afraid I cannot kill him, either," Nine Nether said.

"That Liu Ming is of Grade One Sovereign strength, and he must have cultivated his Sovereign Celestial Body. On the surface, he may seem to be stronger than me, so if he gets that elder to hold you up, he would think that he could easily finish me off."

Mu Chen laughed and continued, "Judging from the way he bids, he is someone of arrogance and likes to seek revenge for the smallest grievance. I have caused him to lose face just now, so I'm sure he won't let me off. Seems like it will not be easy to leave this place by then."

"Let them try." A cold radiance flickered in Nine Nether's eyes. If that lad really dared to take them on, she did not mind letting him go for gold only to come up short.

Mu Chen smiled, but there was no warmth in his smile. He did not want to make a fuss out of it, but that did not mean he was afraid to. If Liu Ming really made a move, he would have the perfect excuse to "borrow" the Undying Divine Leaf.

He was not afraid of failure. At most he could ask Nine Nether to run with her actual body. Given the speed of Nine Netherworld Bird, even the black-robed elder with the strength of Grade Five Sovereign could never lay a finger on them.

While they were talking, the auction for the Undying Divine Leaf had come to an end. Liu Ming won the auction without much trouble. The skyrocketing amount of 20,000 was sufficient to keep people away from it.

On the auction table, Master Mo Qing waved his sleeve, and a bell rang. The Undying Divine Leaf now officially belonged to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming laughed with satisfaction upon seeing this. He stroked the armchair's handle slowly and narrowed his eyes. He cast a glance in Mu Chen's direction and mumbled, "This brat who dared to fight with me is really courting his own death."


Another bell rang in the auction house. This time, numerous participants sat up straight. Even the veils were drawn back on those lofts as multiple gazes stared closely at the auction table.

They knew the next upcoming item was the highlight of the entire auction for the day.

There were many strong forces who had actually come to this auction for it.

Mu Chen looked up at the same time and stared at the auction table curiously. He also wanted to know what kind of treasure could be lined up behind the Void Great Solar Fruit and Undying Divine Leaf.

Master Mo Qing held up his hand under the fiery gazes. A golden glow appeared on his palm, drawing the attention of all the participants.

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