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Endless light rays enveloped the vast auction site, but even so, they could not outshine those passionate eyes from the Void Great Solar Fruit, as the rareness of it was far beyond the previous Heavenly Fire Chalcedony.

Mu Chen was also staring at the scene. But, he quickly adjusted his mindset with a deep breath. Mu Chen was feeling uptight, as he observed the premises. He noticed some slight commotions coming from those lofts in front of him, as soon as he had completely gathered his vision.

Then, his heart sank. As he had expected, those strong-funding fellows were all eyeing the Void Great Solar Fruit. This natural treasure, known for boosting up the power of spiritual energy, was indeed a strong temptation to all the top powers in the Sovereign-level.

On the auction platform, Mo Qing read the movements on the ground, before he faintly said, "Everyone, we will begin our auction."

As soon as he finished making his announcement, the entire scene was silent. Seven thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was no small amount for a starting bid. Thus, not many people could participate in this auction.

Once the auction started, it was natural to observe the situation first. But, the silence did not last for too long, as someone finally shouted out a first bid.


The one who made the bid was a middle-aged man with a cold face. Apparently, he had some extraordinary combat strength, as he was surrounded by a strong presence of Spiritual Energy fluctuation. But his bid amount did not maintain for too long before it finally got overbid.


And, again.


The continuous bidding broke the silence, as the entire auction ground started to get hyped up. A few interested bidders could not hang in there anymore, throwing off their bids for the Void Great Solar Fruit.

Within a few minutes, the bid price soared to 8,500. Some people were envious about the cost of such a vast amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which was sufficient to speed up their cultivation by numerous times.

The bidding amount went up and up, the number of bidders who could afford such a price being reduced tremendously. But, almost everyone knew that the big players were coming soon.


When a lazy, yet feminine and soft voice rang out with this new bid, almost everyone looked up at the small loft ahead. A layer of tulle was lifted, and a spellbinding and dazzling face showed up from behind it.

"Look, it's the Heart Fox Fairy from the Fox Fairy Clan."

"She is actually interested in the Void Great Solar Fruit."

With an alluring face that could make any hearts throb, she invited whisperings from the ground, as they had all heard about the great beauty of this spellbinding girl. The auction ground immediately quieted down after the alluring girl named Heart Fox Fairy placed her bid. Even those, who had the previous intentions to bid, stopped, as they did not want to mess with this girl from the Fox Fairy Clan.

Mu Chen could not help but sigh at this scene, as he yelled out, "10,000!"

The commotion soared when his voice rang out with the price. Countless audiences looked into his direction with surprise, finally casting their gazes on Mu Chen, their looks filled with shock and dismay.

Everyone was guessing about his background, as 10,000 of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was simply not affordable for everyone. Although they looked at him with surprise, he remained calm, fixing his eyes on the Void Great Solar Fruit that was on the auction platform, and not paying attention to anyone else.

Up in the loft, Heart Fox Fairy shifted her peach-eyed enchanting gaze slowly to Mu Chen, looking at him with astonishment. Mu Chen sensed her gaze, then tilted his face and gave her an apologetic smile.

Heart Fox Fairy returned to him her own enchanting smile. Her beautiful eyes flickered coyly, not revealing what she was thinking about. But, judging by her actions, it seemed like she had no intention to continue her bidding.

"Heh, since our Heart Fox Fairy has no great interest in the Void Great Solar Fruit, then allow me to do so." While Heart Fox Fairy remained silent, a chuckle came from another loft that was not far away. The previous juvenile man, with a soft and cold appearance, walked in slowly, wearing a radiant smile and bowing at Heart Fox Fairy with his fist up.

"Hehe, I have too little capital to compete with all of you. If the Young Hall Master from Xuan Tian Hall has an interest in it, I will gladly withdraw," Heart Fox Fairy said, as she looked at the juvenile man, then pursed her red lips with a smile.

That juvenile man bowed to her in a gentlemanly manner once again, before he turned to the direction where Mu Chen was, with a smile on his soft and cold face, and said, "11,000."

Upon his appearance, Mu Chen frowned at him.

"He is really an annoying asshole." Lin Jing could not help but sneer, when she saw him. As this juvenile had teased her previously, she held a grudge toward him. The anger showed up on her face, as she saw that he was in Mu Chen's way now.

"Mu Chen, just win against him with the bids! Even if I had no Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, at most, I would sell some things for it!" Lin Jing gritted her teeth and said angrily.

"Don't worry, if he wishes to play with us, we will just play along with him." Mu Chen smiled with ease, as a cold radiance surfaced in his eyes. Although this juvenile had some status in Xuan Tian Hall, he did not believe that he had the capability to use a few ten thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

After all, Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was not just some plain water! In any case, he was determined to get this Void Great Solar Fruit.

A new bid rang out from Mu Chen: "12,000!" Mu Chen was resting on the chair, projecting his calm voice across the vast auction premise. Many people felt astonished, with their jaws dropping, as they had not expected this from Mu Chen.

On the loft, the juvenile was squinting both his eyes, which flickered with a deep cold radiance. He was feeling annoyed by the interference of Mu Chen, as he could tell that Mu Chen was not in league with the lady in white.

Moreover, Mu Chen only possessed the strength that could barely make it to the Sovereign-level. If it wasn't for that beautiful lady standing beside him, who he was wary of, he could have thrown him out. Who knew that Mu Chen would reach out for a yard, after taking an inch by going against him?

"Young Hall Master, the purpose of your trip to this city is not the Void Great Solar Fruit." just before the juvenile man could bid again, the black-robe old man behind him suddenly spoke.

"I know." He knit his eyebrow slightly in response, yet raised his hand and called out, "13,000!"

"I just want to see how far can this ignorant fellow will go, acting up in this way!" He had a chilly smile on his face. To him, Mu Chen was just making an empty show of his strength.


Before his 15,000 new bid even completely tapered in the air, as his voice ended, Mu Chen outbid him with a direct bid of 2,000 worth of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. This astounded everyone on the floor, including the Heart Fox Fairy, who also looked at Mu Chen with astonishment. This young man clearly had superior generosity and courage.

The face of the juvenile turned slightly pale, and his eyes turned cold again. He looked at Mu Chen icily, but the latter kept his gaze only on the Void Great Solar Fruit, which was on the auction platform.

He twitched his mouth, suppressed his killing desire, and wanted to bid again.

"Little Hall Master!" The black-robe old man frowned, as he shouted in a deep voice.

The cold juvenile clenched his fist and bit his lips. He swallowed the words he wanted to say in the end, but his eyes were even colder and scarier than before.

He said with a low and cold voice, "Elder Mu, keep this fellow in your mind. The things that I want are not things that can be snatched by anyone."

The black-robe elder nodded his head slightly, a cruel smile curling at the side of his lips, and said, "Little Hall Master, don't worry. Just take it as a sign that he is kind-hearted enough to spend such a huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to buy that Void Great Solar Fruit for you."

The cold and angry expression on the juvenile faded off slightly, as he began to smile chillingly, keeping his silence. When Mu Chen raised his bid to 15,000, no one wished to bid against him, as they probably had been struck dumbfounded by his boldness. After a short wait, the Void Great Solar Fruit was finally auctioned successfully by Mu Chen.

When Mo Qing announced the auction results, Mu Chen finally placed the stone in his heart down. But, he immediately sensed a cold gaze being directed at him, so he looked back quickly, staring at the juvenile in his loft, with those same cold eyes.

If it were not for that fellow, who had come in and stirred up such a mess, Mu Chen would not have needed to raise the bid price to such an extent. And, if it were not for such an amount having been spent, he would have some allowance remaining to bid for the next item, the Undying Divine Leaf. But, now he had exhausted a significant amount of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, so it would be too hard on the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, should he attempt to bid for the upcoming Undying Divine Leaf.

"That fellow probably wants to kill you now," Nine Nether suddenly spoke, as a surge of coldness flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Mu Chen nodded. Although the black-robe elder beside him had a strength of Grade Five Sovereign, it was still hard to win against Nine Nether, as she was ultimately the real divine beast. As for the juvenile man, his strength should be at Grade One Sovereign. So, even if they were to fight, Mu Chen was not afraid of him at all.

After he had spun his thoughts in his mind, Mu Chen turned his focus to gaze on the auction platform. At this moment, Master Mo Qing had taken out the ninth auction item of the day.

As Mu Chen had expected, the ninth item was the last ingredient that was required for his cultivation of The Great Solar Undying Body: the Undying Divine Leaf.

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