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"One thousand and two hundred!"

"One thousand and five hundred!"


Although the uses of the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony were somewhat uncommon, it was a rare natural treasure after all, so quite a number of people were interested in it. Therefore, in just one minute, the price increased to around 1,700 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Lin Jing sat on the chair, dispirited. She rested her adorable chin on her palms and gritted her teeth. Looking at those who were competing for the item so intensely, she remarked bitterly, "If I hadn't left my house in such a rush, I would use the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to smash all of you to death!"

Mu Chen rubbed his palm on the jade armrest. Scanning around the hall, he observed that all those interested in this Heavenly Fire Chalcedony did not seem to be from big clans. This could be inferred from the ways they outbid one another. Those who were very wealthy would not increase the price by such marginal amounts.

This allowed Mu Chen to heave a gentle sigh of relief.

The bidding gradually continued for a few minutes. The price finally stopped at 2,300 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Seeing that the bidding had paused, the old man in white robes waited for a while and then wanted to raise his hand to announce the winner. At the moment, Lin Jing had already turned her face away in resentment.

"Two thousand and five hundred," Mu Chen finally declared with a smile.

He drew some surprised looks. Lin Jing was even more stunned. She turned around and gaped at Mu Chen, astounded. Then, she bit her pink lips and muttered something to herself.

The man who had previously raised the price to 2,300 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment, but did not call for another bid. That was because the price was already the maximum he could afford.

Looking at the situation, the old man in white robes waved his sleeves, and the ring of a bell spread in the auction hall indicating that this Heavenly Fire Chalcedony had been sold successfully.

The auction continued.

Lin Jing's clever eyes moved back and forth, but her face seemed to be somewhat bashful. Her hand twisted the folding fan continuously.

She did not go up and question why Mu Chen had purchased the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony. She did not want to be humiliated in case she was just flattering herself by thinking that Mu Chen bought the item for her.

With a bantering attitude, Mu Chen waited for quite a while. Seeing that she could actually hold back, he laughed uncontrollably and revealed, "This is indeed for you."

Lin Jing blushed and replied, "Thanks. I am also cultivating the Sovereign Celestial Body, and need a lot of similar chalcedony..."

Hearing the conversation, Nine Nether glanced at Lin Jing and a strange look flashed in her eyes. She clearly heard everything that the girl had said; a lot of similar chalcedony.

Although some of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies indeed required the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony to cultivate, there were only a few that would require that much chalcedony, such as the Heavenly Chalcedony Celestial Body, which was ranked 63rd in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies. This particular Sovereign Celestial Body needed chalcedony containing different elements, and the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony was one of them.

If Lin Jing was really preparing to cultivate the Heavenly Chalcedony Celestial Body, her background would probably be quite shocking, because a Sovereign Celestial Body that was ranked that high would have a great attraction towards grade seven, or even grade eight Sovereigns.

Moreover, although this Heavenly Chalcedony Celestial Body was weaker than those Superb Celestial Bodies whose ranks were even higher, it was most appropriate for a person who had just been promoted to the Sovereign-level.

That was because a Sovereign Celestial Body that was too powerful would definitely be difficult to control, while one that was too weak would also be inappropriate. Therefore, her family obviously had considered everything before asking her to cultivate the Heavenly Chalcedony Celestial Body.

Mu Chen did not think as much as Nine Nether did. After all, he was not too familiar with Sovereign Celestial Bodies. At once, he only asked in a surprised tone, "Your family members didn't prepare all the materials for you?"

The girl should have quite a strong family background. Although the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony was rare, it should not cause her so many difficulties.

"I rely on myself. If I needed them to prepare everything for me, how uninteresting would that be?" Lin Jing answered, supporting her chin and swinging her slender legs.

Mu Chen shook his head resignedly.

"Oh yeah. I said I would not owe someone a favor unnecessarily." Seeming to have thought of something, Lin Jing suddenly removed a jade pendant tied to a red string from around her white, slender neck.

The jade pendant was milky in color, as if a liquid were flowing inside it. On the whole, it seemed to be exceptionally simple, but there seemed to be an indescribable fluctuation emanating from it.

"This is a protective spiritual jade, and it will be automatically activated when you are in the most dangerous situation. As long as the other party does not exceed a Grade Five Sovereign in strength, it will be able to block a fatal blow for you."

Mu Chen and Nine Nether both paused in amazement, and the former was soon visibly interested. The seemingly simple jade pendant was actually so strong, it could defend the fatal attack of a Grade Five Sovereign.

"Forget it. This was prepared for you by your family. I will not take it away." Eventually, Mu Chen shook his head. Smiling, he added, "In addition, the price of your protective spiritual jade is probably higher than the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony."

"No way. If you don't want it, I will also not take the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony." Lin Jing was unusually stubborn. She stared at Mu Chen seriously and was obviously not joking.

This girl had her principles.

"Also, you don't need to worry about me. I still have more of the protective spiritual jade with me. Otherwise, how would I dare to secretly sneak out?" Lin Jing laughed cunningly, raising her wrist at Mu Chen. On her white wrist hung a small, simple-looking jade pendant.

Mu Chen was completely speechless. Eventually, he sighed faintly. Children from a rich family were indeed fortunate. She could wear such precious protective spiritual jades all over her body, and this made him feel like he was almost naked. If he had not obtained the Spiritual Condensing Bowl by luck, he would probably not even have the wealth to enter the place...

"Here." Lin Jing passed over the protective spiritual jade to Mu Chen.

"After all the twists and turns, actually it's me who gained." Mu Chen gave a bitter smile but was no longer hesitant. Reaching out to take the protective spiritual jade, he sighed with a complicated emotion.

"Stop sighing in despair, Mu Chen. You are really a good friend!" Lin Jing assured him, laughing. Then, she gave a thumbs-up to Mu Chen, her fingertip looking as round and cute as a pearl.

Clearly, Mu Chen buying the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony for her had caused her to have a good impression of him. After all, not everyone would spend over 2,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to buy something that he did not need for someone whom he just got to know.

Furthermore, being equally intelligent, she could feel that Mu Chen was not that rich to the extent where he could ignore 2,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. This was exactly why it was commendable.

Although the girl was young, her experience was probably beyond Mu Chen's imagination. She was bright and proud, but she was also obviously clever, and not really just casual and slow-witted.

Mu Chen kept the protective spiritual jade, but did not say anything to Lin Jing, who seemed to be increasingly lively and excited. He only lifted his head and stared at the front. While they had been talking, three or four items were already successfully sold.

These treasures included Divine Artifacts and Divine Techniques. None were ordinary, which therefore led to quite an intense competition. This caused the atmosphere in the auction hall to surge.

However, the Void Great Solar Fruit and Undying Divine Leaf that Mu Chen was anticipating had yet to appear.

This caused him to frown slightly, because he understood that the later an item appeared, the more he would have to pay for it. Of course, most importantly, the many influential characters in the attics at the front had not called out a bid even once.

At the moment, because he had unlocked part of the seals in the Spiritual Condensing Bowl, he had a total of 18,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in his possession. This was not a small amount, but he was still not very confident that he could obtain the two treasures in the end.

Time slowly passed as Mu Chen waited urgently. When seven auction items had been successfully sold, Mu Chen's eyes finally brightened all of a sudden.

That was because he saw that on the stage, an extremely eye-catching ball of light appeared in the hands of the old man in white robes. The ball of light was like the scorching rising sun and actually enveloped the entire auction hall.

A unique fluctuation started to fill the place.

The whole auction hall went into a temporary silence, and many stared with burning looks at the radiant light. In the depth of the light, they could see a fruit burning in a milky white flame, and an infinite amount of light was radiating out.

Mu Chen stared at the fruit in anticipation, and even his body straightened. His heart was filled with excitement. He finally found the Void Great Solar Fruit.

While Mu Chen was staring avidly at the Void Great Solar Fruit, some activity could also be noticed from the attics at the front. Many people were focused on the object. Clearly, their attention had been drawn.

"This is a Void Great Solar Fruit. I think that everyone has heard of it before. If you can refine it, a Spiritual Sun will condense in your Sovereign Sea. Under the radiation from the Spiritual Sun, the spiritual energy in the Sovereign Sea will be combined with the power of the Solar Flame, causing your own spiritual energy to be more powerful.

"I think I don't need to tell you directly how precious it is. The starting bid for this Void Great Solar Fruit is 7,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!"

When Mo Qing finished his speech, many shocked voices could instantly be heard. The high price had caused many people to kill off their thoughts of bidding. Nevertheless, they still stared with a desiring look in spite of themselves. After all, such a treasure that could increase the power of spiritual energy was very uncommon.

"Seven thousand drops of sovereign spiritual liquid."

Hearing the price, Mu Chen's heart also sank slightly. This was only the starting bid and to obtain the item, there would certainly be a round of intense competition. He did not know what the price would be by the time the bidding stopped.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and his look turned sharp. Anyway, no matter what happened, he would not give up easily.

If Mu Chen missed the item on this occasion, he would have no way of knowing when he could finish cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body.

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