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Chapter 65 – Self-Destruct

The black lightning descended down from the sky above. The indescribable thunder sound emitted almost spread throughout the entire Black Eerie Swamp. The Spiritual Beasts within the Black Eerie Swamp also issued out fearful roars as they laid on the ground shivering. They did not dare to make even a slightest movement.

Everybody at the scene had shocked expressions as they watched the events happening in the sky. Even Mu Feng and Liu Qingtian, who were the strongest individuals within the Northern Spiritual Realm, were completely horrified. This power was too terrifying. If it landed on them, even their remains wouldn’t exist.


As the raging lightning descended down, a mournful cry filled with despair and resignation rang out.

“The Nine Nether Bird is going to fail!”

When Mu Chen heard this clear cry, his heart jumped. So the Divine Black Lightning Calamity was this powerful? Even such a mighty existence like the Nine Nether Bird couldn’t endure it.

In the sky, the berserk black lightning was almost suppressing the black flames completely. No matter how much the Nine Nether Bird struggled, it was unable to move forward.

The black flames were finally pushed back completely and helplessness appeared in its cry. It never imagined that it would fail again after its first failure.

The black lightning filled with destructive energy had already oppressed the Nine Nether Bird’s true body. Afterwards, a loud cry rang out from the Nine Nether Bird again. At this moment, the mysterious black feathers on its massive body began to burn up.

As the black flames raged out, the temperature in the world also began to increase significantly.

“Hurry and retreat, the Nine Nether Bird is crazy. It’s going to self-destruct!”

Seeing the black flames ignite on the Nine Nether Bird, Mu Feng’s face changed and he immediately shouted out. He instantly grabbed onto Mu Chen and darted away from the black basin, like an arrow.

Behind him, Zhou Ye, Duan Wei and the others also had ghastly expressions as they hurriedly followed. Just how terrifying would the Nine Nether Bird’s self-destruction be?

In the distance, the Liu Territory’s men also noticed this situation and their faces immediately turned pale. They frantically fled away towards the opposite direction.

At this instant, they completely gave up on the idea of capturing the Nine Nether Bird.

As the two groups of men rushed away recklessly, the black flames within the Nine Nether Bird turned increasingly violent in the sky. It flapped its large wings and then its massive body exploded at this moment.

The black flames gushed out and even forcibly destroyed the terrifying black lightning. Even the black thundercloud in the sky was ripped apart by the surging black flames.

Furthermore, the entire world seemed to have become like a steamer. The boiling temperature made the underneath forest burn up instantly.


Although Mu Feng and the others had already escaped far away from the center of the explosion, the impact emitted out from it still caused the group of men to helplessly fall to the ground.

Mu Feng climbed up and took a glance at the sky. His face became increasingly serious. At the location where the Nine Nether Bird had self-destructed an enormous black flame lotus bloomed. The black flames were like black meteorites and showered down on to the earth. It was as if the world was coming to an end.

Dong Dong!

No matter where the black flames landed at, the earth would immediately crack open. Then, the cracks would quickly spread. This black basin had instantly turned into shambles.


Mu Feng said in a deep voice. They could not afford to stay in this place anymore. If they were unlucky and were hit by a meteorite-like flame, then it would be bad news.


However, just when Mu Feng had shouted out, he could hear the burning sounds of winds breaking. He quickly lifted his head and his face changed drastically. The black flames that flew across the sky seemed to be shooting at them.

Mu Feng stared as the black flames quickly became larger within his eyes. His face was also pale. At this moment, it was already too late to escape. He hurriedly exchanged glances with Zhou Ye and took a step forward. Then with a violent cry, dense Spiritual Energy poured out from their bodies and formed a thick Spiritual Energy light barrier that protected the people behind it.


The black flames with a long black tail showered down and bombarded the Spiritual Energy light barrier.


Mu Chen and the others could feel the earth they were standing on start to crack. The boiling heat caused some minor skin irritations.

While the Spiritual Energy light barrier blocked against the impacts of the black flames, cold sweat was constantly dripping down from Mu Feng and Zhou Ye. The hands that maintained the Spiritual Energy light barrier were burned so much that they felt bursts of pain.

However, the two of them continued to maintain it. They understood that if the people behind them were to be affected by it, they would at least be seriously injured with their strength.


The Spiritual Energy light barrier trembled and twisted faintly. As this moment, a crunching sound rang out. Mu Chen and the others who were behind the light barrier hurriedly retreated as if they had met a great enemy.

“Be careful, we can’t block it anymore!”

The Spiritual Energy light barrier was becoming more and more distorted. Finally, Mu Feng and Zhou Ye were not able to maintain it and with a low cry, the Spiritual Energy light barrier shattered as the two of them were blown back helplessly.

The black flames rushed in like a torrent. Although the majority of its strength was canceled out by Mu Feng and Zhou Ye, the impact still influenced Duan Wei and the others. Their bodies grinded across the land for a hundred meters, as if they had suffered a heavy blow, before finally stopping awkwardly.


Mu Chen’s body also flew backwards and landed heavily on a giant boulder. His throat instantly had a sweet taste and he could not help but spit out fresh blood. It was as if the bones in his body were collapsing.

“Isn’t this way too powerful?”

Mu Chen wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and let out a wry smile. This was only just one of the flames in the sky. If they all were to bombard at them, wouldn’t it instantly erase them? The Nine Nether Bird’s self-destruction is truly terrifying.

Mu Chen hobbled as he stood up. But just as he was about to call out to Mu Feng and the others, his face instantly changed as he lifted his head. He saw a tiny black flame heading straight towards him.

“Mu Chen!”

This sudden turn of events was also noticed by Mu Feng. His face immediately became distorted as he charged towards Mu Chen.

With his speed, however, he was not comparable to the black flames that rushed over. So even Mu Feng could only watch as the black flames rapidly enlarged itself in his eyes.

“How unlucky.”

There was time only for this thought to cross Mu Chen’s mind. Then, he felt a burning feeling and pain instantly filled his mind. Darkness filled his vision and his head dropped down.

But the instant before his vision turned dark, he vaguely saw a light flashing within the black flame. Then, he entered the darkness as he suffered a terrible pain.

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