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As if from a different space, the vast sea of purple fire swept through with a fierce aura of devastation above the Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen had experienced a bitter month of suffering. However, the majestic spiritual energy of the Sovereign Sea was now boiling hot. A kind of indescribable heat surged as if it aimed to burn him.

What an overwhelmingly fierce Unperishable Flame…

Mu Chen's spirit gazed solemnly as the scene unfolded before him and the Unperishable Flame revealed its true extent of extraordinary power. He finally realized how Nine Nether had been letting him off easy in the previous month of cultivation.

If Nine Nether had murderous intent towards him in this moment, his Sovereign Sea would have been instantly burned to nothing.

No matter how brutal you are, I will thoroughly integrate you today! Fierce determination flashed in Mu Chen's eyes as he immediately took a deep breath and waved his palm.


In the vast Sovereign Sea, tumultuous waves roared, turning into waves of ten thousand feet as they surged continuously towards the purple sea of fire descending from the sky.

It was a majestic sight to behold.


However, what seemed to be a powerful offensive attack of spiritual energy wilted in the instant of contact. A massive amount of spiritual energy was evaporated by the purple flames, transforming into curls of white mist as they rose in the Sovereign Sea.


As Mu Chen began his attacks, the sea of purple fire also began to show its fierce power. The sea of purple fire condensed and turned into pillars of fire as it burst downwards, resembling fire meteors that could engulf the heavens and earth.

Bong! Bong!

Purple pillars of fire rushed directly into the Sovereign Sea, splashing torrential waves.


As the purple pillars of fire landed, the entire span of Sovereign Sea gurgled instantly, as if it were boiling. In this boiling heat, Mu Chen could feel the spiritual energy within the Sovereign Sea being gradually evaporated.

The Unperishable Flame was no longer restraining its true power now. If Mu Chen truly wanted to integrate it completely with his own spiritual energy, he would have to conquer it.

There was no shortcut to be taken.

Let's see who can persist until the end then.

Mu Chen's expression was solemn and his gaze cold as he waved his hands without any hesitation. Turbulent waves of approximately ten thousand feet surged in the Sovereign Sea as the majestic spiritual energy transformed into massive water whirlpools that completely surrounded the purple flames.

Two kinds of forces collided harshly.


There was no violent impact at the moment of contact, but every time the spiritual energy was stained with the purple flame, it was evaporated instantaneously. Even so, Mu Chen still remained calm as he manipulated the spiritual energy to continue flowing.

The spiritual energy continued to evaporate.

The surface of the vast Sovereign Sea bubbled constantly as it boiled. Beneath the surface of the sea, deep purple permeated through it, and in the depths, curls of purple flames burned brightly.

The sea level of the Sovereign Sea descended layer by layer.

Due to the high temperature, even the space of the Sovereign Sea was beginning to distort, as if it were about to be destroyed.

On the mountain in the outside world, Mu Chen's body had become scarlet red, and his clothes had long been reduced to ashes. His face was extremely distorted. It was obvious that he was suffering from great pain, and his sweat evaporated immediately the moment it formed.

The ground Mu Chen had been sitting cross-legged on also began to crack, with the cracks spreading at an alarming rate.

Nine Nether removed her finger from Mu Chen's forehead. She looked at Mu Chen who had turned completely red, and she couldn't help but bite her red lips. At this point, she had done everything that could have been done. As to whether Mu Chen could truly integrate the Unperishable Flame, that would depend on his own perseverance…

Nine Nether clenched her fist slowly as she murmured silently in her heart, All the best, Mu Chen.

Within the Sovereign Sea, a terrifying heat continued to permeate it.

Time seemed to pass very slowly in that space as the boiling water endlessly burst, and the mighty spiritual energy constantly evaporated.

With the evaporation of spiritual energy, Mu Chen could also sense a faint feeling of weakness quietly surging up.

On the surface of his spiritual form, ripples formed constantly. As his rationality began to blur, the fierce Unperishable Flame was not only burning his spiritual energy but was also gradually eroding his spirit.

Once his rationality was completely overwhelmed, the Sovereign Sea would be turned into nothingness in the burning of the Unperishable Flame. Not only would Mu Chen fail in integrating it, but his spirit would be scorched and destroyed.

To integrate such a domineering substance was, of course, a danger unimaginable to ordinary people.

Mu Chen's rationality blurred increasingly, but he hung onto a last thread and kept a clear mind. He knew that once his rationality was submerged, the price he would have to pay would be near destruction.

It was a price he could not afford to pay—he had promised the girl, thus he could not stop here.

With the slow passage of time, the space in the Sovereign Sea was completely distorted due to the high temperature. As the fog obscured the sight, people were unable to see Mu Chen clearly.

In the boiling Sovereign Sea, Mu Chen's spirit quietly sat cross-legged. His spirit had become much dimmer than before as he continued to close his eyes tightly.

At this moment, he was too blurry to be able to sense any external interference. However, in the innermost of this blurry vagueness, there was still a trace of clarity left.

The trace of clarity was like a light boat in a turbulent sea. With the ups and downs of the waves, it seemed it would soon overturn but despite the odds, it never fell down, and neither did his tenacious will.

In the face of such a fierce Unperishable Flame, Mu Chen had no means of retaliation but to retreat and defend. His only advantage was his persistence that developed through experience as he refused to admit defeat.

He knew that victory would belong to the party who could persist longer.

Mu Chen had unwittingly forgotten the concept of time. He could only rely on his lingering thread of clarity to recall that he seemed to have spent a long time, maybe a hundred years…

In this seemingly long time, Mu Chen's rationality seemed to have become somewhat confused, and in the end, he was vaguely immersed in that confusion, unable to wake up.

What am I doing?

Am I in the process of cultivation? Did I fail?

I wish I could just sleep like this…

In his blurry thoughts, confused waves of fluctuations rang. Even Mu Chen's lingering clarity was floating precariously in the dark, facing danger as it was uncertain when it would be swallowed up.

At the peak of the mountain, Nine Nether stood in the sky as she stared anxiously downwards. The mountain was now red, and the grass and trees had turned to ashes long ago. The source of destruction was Mu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged at the top of the mountain.

She could see that the pain on Mu Chen's face had disappeared and seemed to be replaced by confusion. Instead of letting her heave a sigh of relief, it had produced a more intense fear and worry in her eyes.

She knew that if Mu Chen could not rely on his clarity to snap out of the trance, then he would probably be immersed in that mental realm of confusion, unable to find his true self.

Nine Nether gritted her teeth as she lifted her hands but ultimately put them down. In the short duration of a day, she wanted to intervene with powerful means countless times, but she was afraid it would inflict heavy damage on Mu Chen.

Nine Nether closed her eyes as she murmured in her heart silently, Mu Chen, you promised her that you would become a top Sovereign…

In Mu Chen's confused mind that was desperately trying to regain lucidity, fluctuations began to ripple as a voice seemed to ring in its deepest depths.

It was so far away but utterly sobering.

"I promised her that I would become the top Sovereign…

"So, how could I be defeated here?

"Wake up now."

As the last three words sounded quietly, the ripples surfacing deep in his heart spread as threads of clarity expanded and occupied his entire heart and soul.

The prior confusion was swept away in that instant.

On the Sovereign Sea, the spirit shivered as its tightly shut eyes slowly blinked open.

He gazed quietly at the Sovereign Sea shrouded with thick fog and purple mist, and then stood up slowly. His sleeve robes swung gently, and the raging wind blew away the purple mist.

The mist dissipated, and the vast sea unfolded in a clear display.

The Sovereign Sea had become purple, and on its surface, purple flames floated gently, the original boiling sea quietly calming down.

Beneath the surface of the sea, turbulent purple flames lurked silently.

Mu Chen's spirit gazed at the calm Sovereign Sea, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Have I succeeded…

He slowly spread out his hands and saw the magnificent spiritual energy pouring in from his feet. The silhouette of the spirit, which had shrunk quite a bit, immediately recovered to its original state, and the surface of the spirit's body had traces of purple light flowing on it with purple flames rising in its eyes.

The spirit appeared to be more refined than before.

Mu Chen stretched out his palm as he saw an overwhelmingly purple spiritual energy within the Sovereign Sea sweep out and finally gather in his palm. Indistinctly, it seemed to transform into a ray of purple flame. It was an indescribably strange force that rippled and spread.

Mu Chen gazed at this ray of purple flame, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

He could feel that although there had not been any surge in the spiritual energy within his Sovereign Sea, it was now several times as strong as it had ever been!

He had successfully integrated it with the Unperishable Flame!

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