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"How dare you!"

Chief Tian Sheng's furious roar spread across the sky. It was as if his words alone could cause the earth to shatter. The spiritual energy all around started raging, causing an immense level of pressure, as though a seal had been formed from his speech.

This Chief Tian Sheng was indeed the Chief of the Saint Spiritual Academy. Even his bellow alone was already much more powerful than the Ancient Dragonhawk.

Under the terrible pressure, Mu Chen was like a small boat in a turbulent sea that was going to be capsized in the next second. His face was filled with solemnness.


In the sky, the Nine Netherworld Bird quickly shrank and a charming figure dashed down, standing in front of Mu Chen and blocking the pressure for him. She stared at Chief Tian Sheng with her cold eyes. Although she could feel that the latter had an unfathomable power, no fear could be seen in her charming eyes.

"Humph, Chief Tian Sheng, considering your current position, you actually want to fight a student. I think you are really snubbing the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy!"

Chief Tai Cang also gave out an angry roar. Stepping forward, he appeared directly opposite Chief Tian Sheng. As his burly body stood in midair, he took away all the pressure from Chief Tian Sheng.

In the entire place, all the students were too scared to speak. Even the chiefs from the other spiritual academies did not dare to interfere. After all, whether it was Chief Tian Sheng or Chief Tai Cang, their strength was among the very top in the whole place.

"Humph, you are just trying the poison the well. Chief Tai Cang, you are giving him unprincipled protection. This boy is really ruthless. Ji Xian already lost, but he still wanted to kill him!" Chief Tian Sheng said in a cold tone, his face turning livid from rage.

"This kind of battle is meant to be dangerous. Just now when Ji Xuan attacked, he also did not show any mercy."

Chief Tai Cang sneered and said, "Also, according to the rules, as long as a person does not admit defeat, the fight will continue to the end. Chief Tian Sheng, just now you intervened without a proper reason and already broke the rules. At present there are so many chiefs here, I'm afraid you have to give an explanation!"

Chief Tian Sheng paused for a while and continued in a low tone, "Just now, Ji Xian already wanted to admit defeat. But Mu Chen was so aggressive, he did not even give him the chance!"

"Chief Tian Sheng, this is not a few kids playing around. We are having the final championship round!" Chief Tai Cang said as the corners of his mouth lifted, forming a mocking smile.

Chief Tian Sheng's face went completely dark. As his face turned gloomy, the space behind him started to distort vigorously. Clearly, because of Chief Tai Cang's sharp words, he was unable to back down with good grace.

"You are just distorting the reasons. I think Mu Chen should not get the championship," Chief Tian Sheng said with a dull look.

"Impossible!" Chief Tai Cang refused to give in. With an icy expression, the space behind him similarly started to severely distort. Vaguely, it was as if a huge shadow 10,000 feet in diameter was slowly forming outside his body.

The giant shadow was pale blue all over and seemed to be emitting a chaotic mist. As it breathed, wind and clouds formed. Meanwhile, an indescribable pressure spread and the entire space became turbulent.

"Chief Tai Cang, are you trying to challenge me?" Chief Tian Sheng sneered. Around him, a shadow radiating holy light gradually appeared as well. The endless light filled every corner of the space.

The two chiefs actually summoned their sovereign celestial bodies. If they really started fighting, the tiny space would probably not be able to withstand the forces.

All the students were dumbstruck. Under those huge sovereign celestial bodies, they felt that even breathing became extremely difficult.

Mu Chen also looked at the two giants standing solemnly in the air. These were real sovereign celestial bodies. Once they were used, they could shatter the sky and crack the earth without much effort. Everyone would indeed long for that power.

While Chief Tai Cang and Chief Tian Sheng were standing in sharp opposition, the chiefs from the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, Martial Spiritual Academy and Azure Sky Spiritual Academy finally frowned and said, "In front of so many students, you two still act without any composure. I'm afraid it will destroy the reputation of the Five Great Academies."

In the sky, the two sovereign celestial bodies that were sending out terrifying pressure faded and eventually disappeared. Clearly, the two also knew that it would be embarrassing if they started fighting.

Chief Tian Sheng's face gradually calmed down. He said, "Chief Tai Cang, I think it's still too early for you to be so complacent. On the stage now, there are still people not from your Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy."

Below, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan both appeared beside Mu Chen. The latter heard the speech and immediately said, smiling, "Chief Tian Sheng, do you think I have the power now to fight with Mu Chen for the championship? Also, I am very supportive towards Mu Chen getting the championship."

Wen Qingxuan was extremely smart and could clearly tell Chief Tian Sheng was saying that to Chief Tang Qiu from the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy in an attempt to provoke her. Hence, she spoke right away to prevent that from happening.

Chief Tang Qiu's face was still filled with grace, but she briefly gazed at Wen Qingxuan. Obviously, she knew what the girl was thinking. However, she could only say reluctantly, "The Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy indeed has no right to take the championship. I think we should just go according to the rules."

Chief Tian Sheng's lips twitched slightly. Eventually, he could only control his unhappiness. Waving his sleeves, he sat back. It was evident he could understand that at the moment, it would be impossible to prevent Mu Chen from getting the title.

"I quit," Wen Qingyun raised her arm and said, smiling.

Luo Li beamed as well and extended her hand.

Thus, Mu Chen became the only one left on the stage. The champion had obviously already emerged.

In the sky, the other chiefs all nodded, except Chief Tian Sheng. Looking around, all the chiefs from the other spiritual academies nodded, indicating that they were approving the final result.

"Since all of you have made your choices, let us, the Five Great Academies, announce officially that the champion for this Spiritual Academy Competition is...

"Mu Chen from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy!"

When Chief Tang Qiu's graceful voice rang out, there was an instant of silence. Then, thunderous cheers broke out everywhere.

Even the space seemed to vibrate.

Apart from some disappointed students from the Saint Spiritual Academy, most of the students from the other spiritual academies gave out overwhelming applause and cheers. Many gazes filled with respect were directed at the slender figure on the battle stage.

Although the young man was not from the same spiritual academy as they were, the power he had displayed earlier really made them have heartfelt admiration.

He was not only the brightest person in this Spiritual Academy Competition, but probably the best in hundreds of years.

"Brother Mu is the best!"

Among the cheers all over the sky, the most excited ones obviously came from the students from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Their faces were bloated with joy and their looks were full of enthusiasm as their cheers filled the place.

This was the best result that the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy had obtained in the Spiritual Academy Competition since its establishment.

At the gathering point of the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, Tang Qian'Er's eyes glazed as she stared at the figure glittering in the cheers. Compared to three years ago, he was becoming brighter by the day and was still gradually releasing his amazing potential.

Seeing that he was becoming more famous, she sincerely felt happy for him. However, as she looked at the three similarly bright, pretty figures standing beside him, her smart eyes dimmed uncontrollably and she bit her lips lightly.

The young man in front of her was no longer that timid young boy who would grab her hands tightly and follow her shouting, "Sister Qian'Er." In the future, he would only become brighter and one day, he might even become famous in the whole of the Great Thousand World. Towards this, she did not at all feel ridiculous or arrogant...

Because she believed in him.

"Mu Chen, carry on the good work. You are becoming more and more amazing now. If Uncle Mu knows about this, he will definitely be overjoyed. You are the pride of the Northern Spiritual Realm." Clenching her little fist, a light, touching smile appeared on Tang Qian'Er's charming cheeks.

Standing on the battle stage and hearing the cheers in the sky, Mu Chen finally relaxed from his previous nervousness. The moment he started loosening up, his body trembled.

Beside him, three arms extended simultaneously, wanting to support his body. But when they saw each other doing so, their arms immediately stopped.

Mu Chen did not fall down. It was only that his face was somewhat pale. Obviously, he had depleted a lot of energy in the previous battle.

Glancing at Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, the Nine Netherworld Bird did not start a conversation. Instead, she moved her body and turned into a beam, dashing into Mu Chen's body.

"Congratulations, champion," Wen Qingxuan said, grinning.

Mu Chen allowed himself a wry smile but did not even have the strength to reply to her tease.

Looking at Mu Chen's status, Luo Li felt rather distressed. Hesitating for a moment, she still bravely extended her hand and grabbed his palm gently. The warm feeling instantly made Mu Chen slightly more energetic. He grabbed Luo Li's hand instead and held it tightly, not willing to let go.

"Oh! Oh!"

At the gathering point of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, many students saw the scene and gave out a jealous roar. Even their eyes were filled with envy.

Luo Lu's face blushed lightly. The shy look on her lovely face even made the sky look more beautiful.

Under the countless wolf-like stares, Luo Li plucked up her courage, looked at Mu Chen and said softly, "You did it. Congratulations."

In order to reach this day, maybe he had been putting in his very best since the moment he left the Spiritual Road. Outsiders could only see him soaring in the sky but not the price that he had to pay for it, the price that made her feel distressed.

Gazing into the girl's glass-like, clear eyes, Mu Chen tightened the grip on her hand. He lifted his head and sunlight shone onto the young man's handsome face.

"Luo Li..."


"Believe me... One day, I will become the strongest in the world. For you, I will turn the world over."

On the girl's elegant face, an extremely gentle smile appeared. She nodded lightly and her hand also held on to Mu Chen's tightly.

"I will wait for you."

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