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The huge, beautiful mandala flower petals swayed, and the flower started to bloom. Purple lights were rippling quietly but had caused a terrible space warp.

The purple lights lingered around like a screen and covered the Ancient Dragonhawk.

The Ancient Dragonhawk that had seemed ferocious a moment ago was now panic-stricken. The mysterious mandala flower had a life-threatening impact on him.

The feeling was stronger than when Nine Nether had first appeared.


The Ancient Dragonhawk flapped its huge wings and hit the purple screen. The horrifying shockwave caused the purple screen to ripple.

The Ancient Dragonhawk had lost its mind. Mu Chen looked at it flatly and changed the seal of the lotus.

Swish! Swish!

Purple vines suddenly sprang out of the beautiful mandala flower. They looked mysterious and seemed to be formed by runes that had gathered together. The vines were full of thorns.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The purple vines swirled out and filled up the heaven and earth. They twirled around the Ancient Dragonhawk with lightning speed.


The Ancient Dragonhawk shrieked as the purple vines twirled around it. Its earlier horrifying fluctuation had suddenly weakened, and it seemed to have been subdued.

As Nine Nether watched the scene, she curled her lips. She knew the power of the mysterious mandala flower. When she had first hidden herself in Mu Chen's body, she had a bad experience with it.

Mu Chen was more powerful than before and with the help of Nine Nether, he could truly summon the mysterious mandala flower. The Ancient Dragonhawk was in deep trouble.

Boom! Boom!

The spiritual energy fluctuation surged vigorously, and the Ancient Dragonhawk sensed something was amiss. It struggled crazily to break free from the purple vines but to no avail. The more it struggled, the deeper the thorns pricked into its flesh, causing blood to flow out.

"Seal!" Mu Chen shouted. His face turned grave, and he speedily changed the seals. 

Swish! Swish!

Multiple vines started to retract, and the Ancient Dragonhawk was pulled toward the mandala flower.

Although the movement was slow, it was extremely firm and was not affected by the Ancient Dragonhawk's struggles.

As it was moving closer to the mysterious mandala flower, the Ancient Dragonhawk became very fearful. It quickly said, "I admit defeat. I will not interfere in your feud with Ji Xuan anymore!"

Mu Chen looked calm and shook his head. It was too late for the Ancient Dragonhawk to surrender. Mu Chen would not show mercy at the crucial moment.

The purple vines moved faster and ultimately pulled the huge Ancient Dragonhawk into the purple mandala flower. The petals started to close up and turn into a bud. It totally covered the Ancient Dragonhawk.

Mysterious purple light patterns loomed on the surface of the bud like a mystical seal. It had sealed up all the Ancient Dragonhawk's fluctuations.

Dong! Dong!

Occasionally, the bud would shake vigorously. The Ancient Dragonhawk seemed to be struggling inside, but it was unable to break loose.

Many people looked at the huge beautiful bud in the sky. They were in a daze. No one had ever expected the mighty Ancient Dragonhawk to be subdued…

That was a powerful Grade Four Sovereign Spiritual Beast!

Some of the Chiefs did not have the confidence to subdue it, but it had been tamed by a youth.

Upon seeing what had happened, some of the Chiefs of the Academies who were more composed became silent. They looked at one another in shock. After a while, they looked at the tall youth with complex expressions on their faces.

This youth was extraordinary.

Mu Chen waved his palm and the huge bud shot back. The Nine Netherworld Bird opened its huge mouth and swallowed it.

Although Mu Chen was able to seal up the Ancient Dragonhawk with the power from Nine Nether, he could not refine it. He would need Nine Nether to help him with it.

Given Nine Nether's strength and the power of the Unperishable Flame, she would have no problem killing the Ancient Dragonhawk.

Ji Xuan was sitting on the ground with his eyes shut. As Nine Nether swallowed the bud, he opened his eyes. His face was pale, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood. He looked depressed and shocked.

Although the Ancient Dragonhawk had been controlling his body, he was well aware of what had happened.

He stared at Mu Chen in disbelief. Mu Chen had… defeated the Ancient Dragonhawk! Ji Xuan had been able to feel the Ancient Dragonhawk because of their lodging relationship, but now he had lost touch with it. It must have been trapped.

Ji Xuan looked pale and muttered, "How can this be…" He was no longer high-spirited and instead looked dismayed.  

He could not accept his defeat!

All these years, he had been a high flyer among his peers. He had even surpassed their talents. Although he had considered Mu Chen a great rival, he had never held him in high regard. He knew that he had a powerful trump card that could suppress all of his peers!

However, he was thunderstruck by the outcome.

Every time he used his trump card, the youth would suppress it and turn the tables around.

The youth whom he had framed and caused to be expelled from the Spiritual Road had surpassed him once again. 

Ji Xuan looked at Mu Chen, who was standing on Nine Netherworld Bird. Mu Chen's body was shining, and he became the center of attraction.

Ji Xuan was filled with envy and hatred. The glory and brilliance should have been his!

He was unable to accept it!

As Ji Xuan was gritting his teeth, a cold shiver suddenly ran down his spine. He saw Mu Chen looking at him flatly with a cold killing intent.


In the next instant, Mu Chen disappeared.

Ji Xuan was struck dumb with amazement. He knew what Mu Chen was about to do. He wanted to eradicate him completely!

"I admit…" Ji Xuan gritted his teeth and turned pale. He had to admit defeat. If he did not do that, Mu Chen would definitely kill him, given his character.

Although Ji Xuan's pride would be hurt, he was not an impractical person. It was better to lose his pride than to lose his life. He could always make a comeback. However, if he lost his life, everything would be over.

He was confident that as long as he lived, he would make Mu Chen regret what he had done!

However, Mu Chen knew his opponent well. He would not give Ji Xuan the chance to make a comeback.

Before Ji Xuan could say the last word, Mu Chen swiftly appeared before him. A majestic spiritual energy exploded and his fingers were bursting with colorful rays. He bent his fingers and like the blade of a sword, stabbed quickly into Ji Xuan's chest.


His fingers pierced through Ji Xuan's chest and blood splashed out. Ji Xuan's body flew backward. Mu Chen's gaze was still. He caught up with Ji Xuan and threw out another blow. He was filled with immense killing intent.

"You have gone too far!" Chief Tian Sheng of the Saint Spiritual Academy shouted angrily. He stood up in the sky and the whole place darkened. An indescribable oppression came down on Mu Chen and he was unable to move.


However, Chief Tai Cang stood up as well and dispelled the oppression. He looked coldly at Chief Tian Sheng.

Mu Chen looked expressionless and was unaffected by the intervention of the two reputable people. He took the chance and continued his attack. He delivered a powerful blow to Ji Xuan's body.

The blow was overbearing and lightning surged.


Lightning shot past and Ji Xuan's chest caved in. He spewed out a mouthful of blood together with some smashed internal organs. His body flew backward in a pathetic state, but his look remained bitter and was filled with resentment.


The bitterness and resentment were soon overtaken by fear. He saw the Nine Netherworld Bird in the sky, opening up its mouth. A stream of violet fire swirled out and engulfed him.

High temperature covered Ji Xuan's body and everyone saw him turning into ashes.


As the ashes dispersed, a tiny light spot shot forth. It was Ji Xuan's Sovereign Sea. Although his body had been destroyed, his spirit could hide in the Sovereign Sea. As long as the spirit existed, he would be able to cultivate the body.


However, as the light spot shot forth, purple flame landed on it and burned it up. The light spot exploded and a terrifying spiritual energy raged out.

A devastating scream resounded in the heavens and the earth.

"Scumbag!" Chief Tian Sheng roared out angrily. He waved his hand and a powerful spiritual energy current formed. It whizzed into the raging spiritual energy and caught hold of the gloomy light spot.

The current protected the light spot and retreated quickly. It ultimately landed in the hands of Chief Tian Sheng. He looked at the light spot that was now almost illusory. It was Ji Xuan's spirit, and it had been seriously injured, almost to the point of dissipation.

Chief Tian Sheng turned pale. Ji Xuan's spirit had been seriously injured and was irreparable. Even if he could cultivate in the future, he would not be able to achieve much.

"All of you are too much!" Chief Tian Sheng looked extremely angry. He gave Mu Chen and the Nine Netherworld Bird a glowering look. His gaze was so cold, it caused the temperature of the heaven and earth to drop.

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