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Nine Nether stood in the air, and a terrifying oppression spread out. The heavens and the earth suddenly darkened, and spiritual energy surged crazily.

Everyone's faces changed under the oppression, including the Chiefs of the Academies, who were in the air watching the battle stage. They could have been enjoying themselves, but they looked grave. They were shocked upon seeing the lady in black with the perfect slender legs.

"It is the Nine Netherworld Bird… this lady is powerful. It is amazing that she is able to completely evolve at this age."

"A Grade Four Sovereign Nine Netherworld Bird… Amazing."


The Chiefs of the Five Great Academies looked at the scene before them. Chief Tian Sheng of the Saint Spiritual Academy was expressionless, but he clenched his fists.

Chief Tai Cang was stunned for a while, but he quickly looked elated and muttered, "This fella's trump card is shocking…"

The Ancient Dragonhawk that had taken over Ji Xuan's body looked shocked. He said to Nine Nether in a hoarse voice, "You… have you advanced from Spiritual Beast to the Divine Stage?"

The Ancient Dragonhawk's voice was filled with shock and envy. It was the dream of the Spiritual Beasts to advance to the Divine Stage. Evolution was a shortcut for the Spiritual Beasts, and every Spiritual Beast with an ordinary bloodline had the chance to evolve. In the Great Thousand World, there were some ordinary Spiritual Beasts that had become famous when they broke the shackles and transformed.

Although the Ancient Dragonhawk's bloodline was not ordinary, it was not easy for it to evolve. Nine Nether had failed many times before she succeeded. No one would be able to understand the difficulties that she had gone through.

The Ancient Dragonhawk had tried before, but to no avail. It had tried to go through the Thunder Tribulation but had failed badly. It was nearly turned into ashes, but as it was well prepared, it managed to stay alive. After the Thunder Tribulation, it dared not try again. This was because the power of the Thunder Tribulation would be enhanced according to the power of the one going through the tribulations.

No one would be able to extend any help, and the individual had to depend on its own power to go through the tribulations.

When the Ancient Dragonhawk saw that Nine Nether had successfully evolved, it was envious. Nine Nether had not reached maturity, yet she could have such an achievement and surpass it…

The Ancient Dragonhawk's soul shivered—it could feel the oppression from Nine Nether's bloodline.  

The oppression was from the superior to the inferior.

In the world of the Spiritual Beasts, the Divine Beasts were above them.

Nine Nether glanced at the Ancient Dragonhawk and said casually, "If I were you, I would have run away." She was like a queen, looking at her humble subjects.

The Ancient Dragonhawk fixed its gaze at Nine Nether. Its eyes were red and fierce. Although the oppression was pressing on it, the Ancient Dragonhawk possessed the bloodline of the dragon and was proud.

It would never run away. Although its opponent had successfully evolved, her strength was comparable to the Ancient Dragonhawk's. She might not have the upper hand. The Ancient Dragonhawk had gone through many life-and-death battles and considered Nine Nether to be inexperienced.

"I have survived multiple difficulties, unlike you. You think you can frighten me off merely with a word? You are still not up to it," the Ancient Dragonhawk said slowly. Its eyes were extremely fierce.

"If you want to fight, I don't think you will see the outcome that you want."

Upon saying this, a purple light swirled behind the Ancient Dragonhawk, and a huge figure appeared. It was the Ancient Dragonhawk's actual body. A huge spiritual energy fluctuation raged between the heavens and the earth.

"Heavenly Dragon Roar!"

The Ancient Dragonhawk opened its ferocious mouth, and the heavens and the earth darkened. Its huge mouth was like a wind tunnel, and horrifying spiritual energy surged out. It then turned into the earth-shattering roar of a dragon.

Following the roar, a Heavenly Dragon appeared. It was mighty and bigger than the actual body of the Ancient Dragonhawk. An indescribable might spread out and dispersed the Might of Divine Beast exuded by Nine Nether.

The sound waves consisted of the power of a real Heavenly Dragon.

The Ancient Dragonhawk was truly powerful and not intimidated by Nine Nether, even though she had successfully evolved. His attacks were merciless because it knew that Nine Nether had reached the level of Divine Beast.

It could not underestimate this rival.

The entire heavens and earth quaked at the dragon's roar.

The Heavenly Dragon formed and shook its body. It tore the air apart and sprang toward Nine Nether. The heavens and earth seemed to be crushed by the array.

Nine Nether looked coldly at the soundwave that Heavenly Dragon was pushing toward her. The moment she moved her body, she was standing on Nine Netherworld Bird's head.

A loud, clear chirping sound resounded in the heavens and the earth. When the Nine Netherworld Bird opened its mouth, purple flame swirled throughout the heavens and the earth.

Nine Nether sucked the purple flame into her mouth and gently blew out.

A violet flame shot out like a stream of fire.

The void burst as the stream of violet fire flashed past it. The temperature was so high, the heavens and the earth became extremely hot and even caused the spiritual energy to heat up.

"Unperishable Flame," Nine Nether shouted.


The chirping sound became louder, and the stream of violet fire turned into a delicate Fire Bird, about a foot tall. The Fire Bird flapped its wings and swept across the sky.

Everyone saw the Fire Bird hit directly against the Heavenly Dragon, which was a few thousand feet tall.

The violet Fire Bird looked tiny before the huge Heavenly Dragon.

Although the two were out of proportion, the outcome was astounding.

As the collision took place, the Fire Bird turned into a stream of fire. Its force was irresistible. It broke through the Heavenly Dragon's defense and pierced through its body.

A violet flame spread out from the Heavenly Dragon's body. The flame was so horrifying, it burned the huge Heavenly Dragon into ashes.

The Ancient Dragonhawk shrieked out and roared angrily, "Unperishable Flame!"

It had been rumored that only the Ancient Undying Bird possessed the Unperishable Flame. They would not die or be extinguished. This was much sought after by the top powers. However, this flame was overbearing. Those who could not fit well with it would have their Sovereign Sea burned up if they breathed in even a bit of it.

This Unperishable Flame could only be evolved by the Divine Beasts that possessed the unadulterated bloodline of the Undying Bird. It had never crossed the Ancient Dragonhawk's mind that Nine Nether could possess such soul-flame.

Nine Nether looked calm and stretched forth her long fingers. She pointed in the sky and 10 streams of violet fire shot forth. As they intersected, they were like Flaming Pythons with a horrifying fluctuation that shocked even the Chiefs of the Academies. They then shot toward the Ancient Dragonhawk.

When the Ancient Dragonhawk saw the fire, it quickly moved back. It flapped its wings vigorously, and multiple purple dragon scales shot out and formed huge Dragon-Scaled Shields.

Swish! Swish!

The powerful Flaming Python shot forth and destroyed all the Dragon-Scaled Shields. It then blasted the Ancient Dragonhawk's body.


The Ancient Dragonhawk's flesh and blood splattered to the ground and was burned.

Deep groans resounded throughout the area.

They were accompanied by shock.

Although Nine Nether was at Grade Four Sovereign as well, her combat force made the Ancient Dragonhawk fearful of her.

The Ancient Dragonhawk gritted its teeth and intended to admit defeat by controlling Ji Xuan's body. It was smart. It knew that as long as it admitted defeat in the Spiritual Academy Competition, Nine Nether and Mu Chen could not do anything to it or Ji Xuan.

However, just as he was about to admit defeat, cold lights flashed in Mu Chen's eyes. He had been observing the fight. Ji Xuan was extremely talented and cunning. With the help of the Ancient Dragonhawk, he would achieve much in the future. If Mu Chen let go of this chance to get rid of him, there would be trouble.   

Mu Chen would not let Ji Xuan off and give him the chance to make a comeback and create trouble.

Mu Chen lifted his head and as he moved, he appeared on top of the Nine Netherworld Bird's huge body. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. The mysterious black sheet of paper in his aurasea suddenly shook.

Mu Chen said in his heart, "Nine Nether, lend me your power again!" In a short while, billowing power started to surge.

The mysterious black sheet of paper was the Immortal Page. It shook more and more vigorously. Purple light patterns spread out and brightened up the paper's dark surface.

Mu Chen opened his eyes and speedily formed a strange seal, like a lotus.

Purple lights exploded, and in the next instant, an extremely beautiful purple mandala flower appeared.

"The Immortal Seal!"

Mu Chen looked cold. He pointed in the air with his fingers, and the huge purple mandala flower disappeared into thin air. When it reappeared, it was on the body of the Ancient Dragonhawk.

The Ancient Dragonhawk's expression suddenly changed and looked extremely frightened.

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