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Mu Chen's hand looked like an eagle's claw. When Mu Chen caught Ji Xuan by the throat, many people were still in a daze. They were looking at the previous spot where Mu Chen had been. They now widened their eyes at the stunning sight before them.

Mu Chen stood upright, grabbed Ji Xuan by the throat, and lifted him up. Ji Xuan, who had earlier displayed great power, was now like a vulnerable baby. He looked pathetic and weak.

The entire place was in total silence. The scene was too shocking, and no one dared to make a sound.

No one had expected such a turn of events.

Ji Xuan, who had had the upper hand a while ago, was now suppressed by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's counterattack was direct and swift.

The onlookers were astonished by Mu Chen's strength. He had reached a terrifying level that had way surpassed Ji Xuan's, even though Ji Xuan had tapped into the power of the Ancient Dragonhawk.

What is going on?  

Everyone could see that Ji Xuan's face had turned red. He struggled crazily, looking humiliated and vicious. He nearly exploded out of anger. All these years, he had been invincible and had surpassed those who were of his age. The people respected him, and he had always triumphed over his opponents. He had never expected himself to be in such a pathetic state.

This was not something Ji Xuan could swallow, given his pride. He would rather die than to be humiliated.

"I will tear you up into pieces!" Ji Xuan roared. A majestic spiritual energy fluctuation surged and swirled out like a windstorm. It was like a ferocious dragon sweeping toward Mu Chen.

In the face of such a forceful attack, Mu Chen simply glanced at it. He flicked his fingers and a purple flame swirled out. The spiritual energy fluctuation was eliminated the moment it came into contact with the purple flame.


Ji Xuan pointed his sharp, curved nails at Mu Chen's eyes.


However, before he could plant his nails on Mu Chen, Mu Chen attacked him with a powerful blow to his chest. Ji Xuan moaned. His chest seemed to cave in and blood was spewing out. Once again, he flew backward pathetically.


While his body was still in the air, Mu Chen appeared before him. He looked at Ji Xuan coldly and attacked him with another heavy blow. Intensely hot purple flame surged on his fists, causing a severe space warp to form.

Mu Chen's fist landed mercilessly on Ji Xuan's body. The high heat caused Ji Xuan's body to turn red, as though it were about to burst into flames.


Ji Xuan spat out a mouthful of blood and landed hard on the collapsed battle stage. He laid down there with blood flowing continuously out of his body. His handsome face was twisted, and he looked horrifying.

He stared at Mu Chen, who was still in the air. His eyes were filled with bitterness and resentment. He looked as though he wanted to chew Mu Chen up. His body was shivering, and he muttered, "How can he… how can he have such great power?"

Ji Xuan had been about to win, but the turn of events had taken everyone by surprise.

"This power does not belong to him. Moreover, he has a stronger physique than you, which is why he can have greater power." A cold voice sounded in Ji Xuan's heart, "You have borrowed my strength, but you have barely reached Grade One Sovereign. However, he has the power of Grade Two Sovereign. Naturally, you are no match for him."

"I want to kill him. I want to kill him!" Ji Xuan's eyes turned red.

"Yes, you can. Let me control your body and I can easily kill him." The cold, scheming voice laughed.  

Ji Xuan gritted his teeth. Under normal circumstances, he would not have agreed to such a deal. However, as he looked at Mu Chen, who was looking down at him with disdain, he was filled with bitterness and resentment. He had lost his mind. He should have been the one to receive the glory from the people. He would not lie down like a dead dog.

He could not lose to Mu Chen!

He had said that he would trample on Mu Chen!

Ji Xuan shivered and said in resentment, "Kill him for me!"

"Hahaha, I will grant you your wish." The eerie voice burst out in laughter.

Ji Xuan slowly closed his eyes.  

His body had stopped bleeding, and the disordered spiritual energy fluctuation had gradually stabilized. He slowly opened his eyes, and they were no longer filled with bitterness and resentment. They now looked eerie.

Ji Xuan slowly stood up and twisted his neck. He was enjoying the body that was becoming familiar to him. He laughed out loud and said, "I can finally control the body…"

He lifted up his head, looked at Mu Chen, and said with a smile, "Thanks to you."

Mu Chen frowned as he looked at Ji Xuan. Although there was no strong spiritual energy fluctuation, Mu Chen felt a sense of danger. Ji Xuan seemed so strange now, and no longer looked the same.

"Are you the Ancient Dragonhawk?" Mu Chen asked.

"You are smart." Ji Xuan smiled and said, "I have promised to kill you… So sorry about that."


The moment he said this, Mu Chen had already thrown out a blow. Purple flame swirled out, and a huge, flaming purple palm pressed down on Ji Xuan.

Ji Xuan looked at the attack from Mu Chen and said, "You only have the power of a Sovereign. You are far from being a real Sovereign." He threw out a backhand blow, and it collided against the flaming purple palm. It did not look powerful, but it destroyed the flaming purple palm when it hit.

When the people surrounding the battle stage saw it, they were stunned. They were baffled by the turn of events…

Mu Chen moved multiple steps backward. He looked grave. Ji Xuan was no longer the same. His power had reached the real Sovereign-level.

"You won't be able to escape."

A space warp suddenly formed behind Mu Chen, and Ji Xuan appeared. He smiled flatly and said, "I will let you have a taste of a real Sovereign."

He pointed two fingers in the air, and a dark purple spiritual energy fluctuation swirled out. The spiritual energy was cold and dense. It was filled with sagacity, and it was more supreme than Ji Xuan's spiritual energy.

"Form Sword!"

The dark purple spiritual energy shot forth and turned into a huge, sturdy purple sword. It tore the space apart and speedily stabbed toward Mu Chen's head.

Mu Chen backed away quickly and formed seals. A majestic spiritual energy shot forth and attacked back.

Bang! Bang!

Wherever the huge sword passed, it destroyed everything in its way. Its destructive force stunned everyone.

Mu Chen's expression changed. The huge sword was not horrifying, but it was extremely oppressive and he was unable to move.


When all the attacks had been destroyed, the huge sword appeared before Mu Chen. Just as it was about to slash down on him, a tiny hand appeared from behind Mu Chen's back and gently flicked its fingers. Purple flame swirled out and burned the huge sword into ashes.

Ji Xuan was shocked and looked behind Mu Chen.

Everyone shifted their gaze and looked at the graceful figure behind Mu Chen. Although they seemed used to seeing unexpected events, they were still caught in shock.

"Who is that?"

The figure became clearer. It was a lady in black. She was pretty, and her eyes looked wild. She seemed untamable. She had a small waist, long slender legs, and she looked attractive.

As the lady in black appeared, chirping sounds resounded in the heavens and the earth. Purple flame was swirling behind her. A huge, indistinct shadow appeared. It looked like a huge black bird. Its chirping sound shook the heavens and the earth.

"That is… Nine Netherbird!"

Some of the Chiefs of the Academies muttered and looked stunned.

"It is also its actual body… Mu Chen has a Sovereign Spiritual Beast in his body as well. The youngsters nowadays are amazing."

"Are Mu Chen and the Nine Netherbird lodging as well?"


Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were shocked when they saw the beautiful, unfamiliar lady.

Wen Qingxuan glanced at Nine Nether and said, "Who is she? Why is it that I have never seen her before? Has Mu Chen been unfaithful to you?"

Nine Nether had long slender legs, and she looked beautiful and wild. Even Wen Qingxuan found her gorgeous.

Luo Li thought for a while and said softly, "I think she is Nine Netherbird. She is bound to Mu Chen by bloodline. However, she has been in a deep sleep for the past few years."

"Bound by bloodline?" Wen Qingxuan was shocked and said, "Nine Netherbird is a proud Sovereign Spiritual Beast. How can it possibly be linked with mankind? What has Mu Chen done to it?"

Nine Nether did not bother herself with people. She looked flatly at Ji Xuan and said, "I have not wanted to bother myself with you, shaggy bird. But you are too much. Since you like to stick your nose into the fights of others, I shall play along with you."

"I see that you are from the Nine Netherbird Clan." Ji Xuan looked at Nine Nether and sneered. "Judging from the lifespan of the Nine Netherbird Clan, you have not reached maturity. Do you still dare to challenge me?"

According to the Spiritual Beasts Ranking Chart, the Ancient Dragonhawk was ranked higher than the Nine Netherbird. Thus, the Ancient Dragonhawk was not intimidated by the appearance of Nine Nether.

"How can you believe in the chart?" Nine Nether curled her lips and said. It shared the same thought as the Primordial Nine Netherbird. A purple flame formed on her fingers and she tilted her head to look at Ji Xuan. She slowly said, "Moreover, I am not a Nine Netherbird now, but a…"

Nine Nether's eyes looked wild. The purple flame darkened, and an indescribably horrifying oppression swirled out from her body. It filled the heavens and the earth, and changed the color of its surroundings.

"Nine! Netherworld! Bird!"

That was a powerful oppression from a divine beast!

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