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Mu Chen was stunned for a moment when he heard the voice. After a while, he recollected himself and muttered in disbelief, "You… Nine Nether? Have you come around?"

However, there was no reply. His heart sank. Is this an illusion?

"Hahaha, you seem to have missed me." As Mu Chen was feeling disappointed, a playful laughter sounded again.

Mu Chen rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. Nine Nether had slept for about two years, and now finally, had come around…  

"You have finally awakened," Mu Chen said and smiled wryly.

"What to do? You are about to lose your life. I do not want to die with you on the day that I have completed evolving," Nine Nether said with a smile.

Mu Chen curled his lips. His relationship with Nine Nether was extremely complex. They had been bound by bloodline. To a certain degree, they had an extremely intimate relationship. Although most of the time Nine Nether was in a deep sleep, they were very close to each other.

"Looks like you are having a serious problem." Nine Nether smiled. Although they were communicating inwardly, Mu Chen could sense a picture flashing across his heart. A girl in black was sitting on a huge black egg that had cracked, gently shaking her long slender legs. She tore a piece of eggshell and put it into her mouth. She looked wild and beautiful, and was basking in her eggshells.

"It is an Ancient Dragonhawk. Its strength is at Grade Four Sovereign."

Mu Chen nodded and asked softly, "Are you able to handle it?"

Nine Nether rested her palms on her cheeks and said lazily, "It is just a shaggy bird that is unable to transform itself. It is able to reach the Sovereign-level simply because it has lived a long time. But, Spiritual Beasts are still spiritual beasts. It is unable to evolve and it basically stops here."

"Which rank are you now in the Sovereign-level?" Mu Chen asked cautiously.

"Hmm, around Grade Four," Nine Nether said and smiled.

"Grade Four Sovereign?" Mu Chen gasped and was stunned. The Ancient Dragonhawk had cultivated for so many years to reach Grade Four Sovereign. However, Nine Nether had gone into a deep sleep for less than two years, and she had advanced to such a high level. He could vividly recall that before Nine Nether had completely evolved, her strength was comparable to his.

"I am the most extraordinary talent in my Nine Netherbird Clan in these 1,000 years. My blood is the purest. Don't you ever compare me to the shaggy bird," Nine Nether said lazily. She did not find it shocking, just as a matter-of-fact.

Mu Chen kept mum. If he had said it out loud, those people who had thought highly of themselves would not have been able to take it.

"This fella is also at Grade Four Sovereign… can you handle it?" Mu Chen asked.

"Under the same rank, a divine beast triumphs over a spiritual beast," Nine Nether said casually.  

"Powerful!" Mu Chen said with admiration.

"I will lend you my power for the time being. It depends on how much you can take." Nine Nether swallowed the last piece of eggshell and gently patted her hands. She formed a seal with her hands and purple flame swirled out. A terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation exploded.

Mu Chen stood motionless on the collapsed battle stage. He looked dazed as he was communicating inwardly with Nine Nether.

"It seems like you have given up."

Ji Xuan stood in the air and slanted his head to look at Mu Chen. He said with a smile, "In this case, I shall let you experience what it is like to be devastated. The confidence that you have shall no longer exist."

Upon saying this, Ji Xuan looked even more vicious and ruthless. He stepped forth and his ghostly figure appeared before Mu Chen. He laughed softly and lifted his sharp nails, which were filled with purple lights. He tore the space apart and pointed his sharp nails at Mu Chen's heart.

This was a venomous attack.

Many disciples could not bear the sight and looked away. The disciples from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy turned pale.

"It is over!" Ji Xuan laughed viciously. Purple lights were getting brighter on his fingers, and the wind that blustered around his fingers was so strong, it could tear apart anything that came in its way.

His fingers whizzed past and landed on Mu Chen's chest with lightning speed.


There was an abrupt sound, and those who were staring at the battle stage suddenly looked stunned.  

Ji Xuan, looking vicious, suddenly changed his expression. He stared in disbelief. Mu Chen had stretched forth two fingers and gently caught the ferocious fingers that were blustering with wind. The action looked weak, but it had stopped Ji Xuan from moving forward.

Someone suddenly broke out in shock and said, "How is this possible?"

Mu Chen slowly lifted his head. His dark eyes were surging with purple flame.

"You can stop your arrogance," Mu Chen curled his lips and sounded a little hoarse. In the next instant, he lashed out his leg, which was blustering with wind. It was as heavy as a hammer. Before Ji Xuan could recollect himself, the leg had landed on his chest.


There was a muffled sound, and Ji Xuan's body flew backward like a bullet, causing a long scratch on the ground. He smashed the huge rocks along the way into powder.

There was a dead silence in the entire place.

The scene had caused many people's jaws to drop.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, who were about to strike, were stunned as well. They stared at Ji Xuan's pathetic figure that had been thrown out. The change was so sudden that they were unable to react to it.

Ling Xi, who was outside the battle stage, squinted and stared at Mu Chen. She looked shocked and sensed something indistinctly.


Ji Xuan balanced himself and spewed out a mouthful of blood. He looked dazed for a while. When he came to himself, he shouted in disbelief, "This is impossible!"

Mu Chen lifted his head and looked flatly at Ji Xuan. He slowly opened up his hands and a huge Purple Fire Pillar shot forth from his body to the sky.  

High temperature spread over the heavens and the earth, and the ground under Mu Chen's feet started to melt.

The purple flame was overbearing.

Everyone could feel that the spiritual energy fluctuation from Mu Chen's body was getting more powerful. Within a short period of time, he had reached the Sovereign-level…

Once again, many people were taken aback.

The Chiefs of the Academies, who were watching in the sky, were shocked. They started to look grave as they could feel that Mu Chen's spiritual energy fluctuation had seemingly reached the level of Grade Two Sovereign. He was much more powerful than Ji Xuan, who had barely reached Grade One Sovereign.

"Mu Chen also has a hidden trump card." Some Chiefs looked at one another and smiled wryly. Is this the top disciple among the Five Great Academies? He was indeed powerful, and even the Chiefs felt threatened.

Chief Tai Cang looked stunned, but he quickly recollected himself. He was elated and looked at Chief Tian Sheng, who had been smiling earlier. Chief Tian Sheng now had a gloomy look on his face.

Purple flame swirled out, and there was a pair of huge purple wings on Mu Chen's back. He slowly spread out his wings, and his dark eyes had turned purple. A clear chirping sound resounded in the heavens and the earth.

"Is this the power of the Sovereign…"

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fists. He could feel the power within his body and immersed himself in the feeling. Just one move and he could easily destroy the place.

Even the Spirit Disaster was not comparable to this power.

"It seems like you have a very strong physique since you can take on so much power," Nine Nether's voice sounded in Mu Chen's heart. She had thought that Mu Chen's limit was at Grade One Sovereign. However, he could withstand Grade Two Sovereign.

"I have not been idling these two years," Mu Chen said with a smile.  

"You are indeed more powerful than before." Nine Nether acknowledged it. Mu Chen was much more powerful than before. At the least, he was able to catch up with her. It would not have been possible, previously.

Mu Chen laughed softly. He then slowly lifted his head and looked coldly at Ji Xuan, who was looking pale. Mu Chen's eyes were burning with purple flame. He stomped his feet and the purple flame raged. He then disappeared into thin air.

A voice rang out as he disappeared into the flame that had swirled out.

"It is time to end this fight."

Ji Xuan was shocked and moved back aggressively.


A palm that was burning with purple flame pierced through the space and caught Ji Xuan by the throat.

The gap was obvious!

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