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The heavens and the earth seemed to be quaking.

Thunderbolts were shooting all over the sky while thunder resounded. The blow that Mu Chen had spent so much time gathering his energy for was so powerful, he was taken by surprise. This blow that combined the physique and spiritual energy was perfect. They blended well together, and it was so powerful that it could kill any opponent below the Sovereign-level.

Even Ji Xuan was stunned by this blow.   


Tiny cracks formed where the blow hit. It looked like glass that had been smashed.

The terrifying lightning had been amplified in Ji Xuan's eyes. He gritted his teeth and formed a seal. Holy lights in the Sovereign Sea blasted out and speedily gathered before him. Within a short period of time, a Divine Shield of about 100 feet appeared.

"Angel's Divine Shield!"

The Divine Shield was extremely plain and primitive. It had a pair of holy wings and seemed formidable. It also seemed to be able to withstand any attack.

In the face of Mu Chen's almost perfect blow, Ji Xuan had to activate his most powerful defense.


Mu Chen had thrown out his terrifying blow as the Divine Shield appeared. The blow blasted out and hit the Divine Shield.

When the blows collided, it was as if a meteorite had landed. The heavens and the earth seemed to slow down for a while. Following that, there was a loud explosion that resounded in the entire space. A visible wave swirled out in the sky up to a few thousand feet away. The entire heavens and earth were in turbulence.

Lightning and holy lights swirled out from the spot where the blows met.

Many people squinted their eyes and fixed their gazes on that spot. Although their eyes were prickling in pain, they refused to look away.

The collision was earth-shattering.


A horrifying shockwave spread out. Instantly, a pathetic light figure was thrown down to the Golden Battle Stage.


The Golden Battle Stage had been destroyed. A deep hole a few hundred feet wide appeared. Cracks were everywhere, and very quickly, the sturdy Golden Battle Stage collapsed. A huge rock rolled down and covered the deep hole.


Many people gasped. They were obviously shocked by the array. So far, no one had ever destroyed the Golden Battle Stage, which had been specially constructed for the Spiritual Academy Competition.

"Who has fallen?"

The crowd quickly shifted their attention to the duel. Judging from the situation, the one who had fallen must have lost. The winner would emerge from this powerful duel.

The spiritual energy fluctuation was still raging crazily in the sky and it continued for a few minutes. After a while, the sky gradually calmed down, and the lightning and holy lights dissipated.


Everyone stared at the sky.

As the sky became clear, a figure slowly appeared.

The figure was in black Lightning Armor. However, the Lightning Armor had been smashed. Bits and pieces of the sturdy armor started to fall off.

"It is Mu Chen!"

Many people's eyes widened. Although his face was covered by the Lightning Armor, they could still recognize him.

Many students from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy shouted with joy. The disciples' faces were red with excitement. They looked at the figure in the sky with adoration.

"Brother Mu Chen has won!" Yu Xi said. She was extremely excited and held tightly onto Su Ling'er's arm.

"He is amazing." Su Ling'er nodded. Her face was red and her big, beautiful eyes were glittering.

On one side of the battle stage, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan lifted up their heads to look at the figure. They heaved sighs of relief. Luo Li was elated and proud of Mu Chen. Even if she had been the one to defeat Ji Xuan, she would not be so happy. Wen Qingxuan had a complex look. There was admiration in her look, but at the same time, she was reluctant to admit defeat.

Many Chiefs of the Spiritual Academies watched the scene from the sky with different expressions on their faces. However, none of them spoke.

The Chiefs of the Five Great Academies remained silent and watched quietly. Only Chief Tian Sheng clenched his fists and was no longer smiling.

The place was in an uproar. The figure in the sky gently moved, and the Lightning Armor fell off. As all of them had expected, Mu Chen appeared. His eyes had resumed their darkness, and he lowered his head to look at his fist. It was bloody. Ji Xuan's last defense was stunningly powerful. It was shockproof. If Mu Chen's physique had not advanced to the stage of the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique, his arm would have been smashed.

Mu Chen was oblivious to the uproar and fixed his gaze on the collapsed battle stage. Ji Xuan must have been seriously injured by the blow, but Mu Chen could not understand why he felt so uneasy.

The shouts continued for a while and gradually stopped. Many people turned to look at the Golden Battle Stage that had collapsed. If Ji Xuan did not appear, the result of the fight of the champions would be out…

There was dead silence.

Mu Chen stood in the air, his eyes glittering. Suddenly, he clenched his fists. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar shot up to the sky and carried a demonic force with it. It smashed down hard on the Golden Battle Stage.


The Battle stage had already collapsed, but at that instant, it was crushed. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar smashed down onto the hole in the Golden Battle Stage.


Golden rocks turned into powder and there were cracks all over.

This blow that Mu Chen had thrown out was merciless. Many people were stunned. It was a deadly blow.

Mu Chen did not bother with what was going on in the minds of the onlookers. When the Great Meru Demonic Pillar fell, his eyes suddenly narrowed and he looked solemn. The spiritual energy that had dissipated started to surge again. The lightning on his body started to shimmer as well.

The disciples were shocked that Mu Chen was fully armed. Immediately, they collected themselves and stared at the Golden Battle Stage that had collapsed. Is Ji Xuan able to continue with the fight?


A deep sound traveled from under the Golden Battle Stage. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar suddenly shook.

Dong! Dong!

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar shook more vigorously, and suddenly, it shot up to the sky and attacked Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's eyes turned cold. He tapped his feet and appeared on top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. He stomped on it and suppressed it. He became wary of the dark hole in the Golden Battle Stage and stared at it.  

Everyone fixed their gazes on the hole as well and held their breath. Their hearts were thumping fast.

Purple lights started to appear from the dark hole and then spread out. A figure slowly floated up and landed gently on a huge rock.

Everyone gasped upon seeing the figure.

It was Ji Xuan. However, he looked different than before. There were purple lights on his body and strange purple light patterns on his face. His eyes had turned dark purple, and they were sharp and cold. He looked hostile.

There was a pair of purple eagle's wings on his back. As the wings flapped gently, a space warp formed around it.

Ji Xuan's face looked indifferent. He folded his arms before him, and lifted up his head to look at Mu Chen with disdain.

Mu Chen squinted and looked at Ji Xuan. He looked so different and strange now. Mu Chen could feel prickly pain on his skin. He sensed grave danger that could put his life at risk.

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li turned pale as they looked at Ji Xuan. They felt something was amiss.  

The Chiefs of the Academies were taken aback as well. They looked at Ji Xuan with astonishment.  

Other than Chief Tian Sheng, Chief Tai Cang and the other Chiefs looked at him with their eyes glittering.

"Something is not right with Ji Xuan," Ling Xi said and looked gravely at Ji Xuan.

"Sister Ling Xi, what is the problem with this guy? He suddenly become very scary," Sun'er said timidly. She was extremely sensitive and could indistinctly feel that Ji Xuan had become more horrifying than before.

Ling Xi did not reply, but fixed her gaze on Ji Xuan.

Ji Xuan slowly curled his lips into a ruthless smile. He gently stomped his feet and a fluctuation spread out. Everyone was shocked to see that the Golden Battle Stage had turned into powder…


The sharp cry of an ancient eagle resounded in the heavens and the earth. The cry was piercing to the ears. Everyone saw a huge purple eagle about 1,000 feet tall appear behind Ji Xuan. The eagle had the head of a dragon and the body of an eagle. A terrifying fluctuation emanated from its body as it raged at the heavens and the earth.

Many people looked on with fear. They could sense that the huge, ancient eagle was not an illusion. It was real!

Ji Xuan did not possess the Soul Essence of the Ancient Dragonhawk. He possessed its actual body!

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