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Mu Chen stepped on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The demonic force swirled throughout the heavens and the earth. Everyone held their breath due to the oppression.

They lifted up their eyes to look at the tall and handsome youth. He had a cold look and his red eyes flickered with wrath. He looked flatly at Ji Xuan from afar and said calmly, "There was no outcome with the fight that we had years back. It is time to see who the winner is."

Ji Xuan looked gloomy and said slowly, "It seems like during the Mirror of Judgment, I should not have interfered. I have given you an opportunity instead."

Judging from the situation, Mu Chen must have chanced upon something great when he had been trapped in the spiritual energy whirlpool. His power had suddenly increased tremendously, and he had reached the Third Grade of the Spirit Disaster. He was even able to open up the Sovereign Sea and be on par with Ji Xuan.

Mu Chen disregarded what he said, and looked at Ji Xuan with increased intensity.  

"You have not disappointed me, though. Otherwise, I would be made a laughing stock for being wary of you." Ji Xuan clasped his palms together. Holy lights gathered together and a Divine Light Spear appeared. It had wings on it and looked extremely special. It was like the Wings of the Angel.

A forceful, blazing, holy light circled out with an imposing fluctuation.

"The Spear of the Angel…" Chief Tai Cang saw the long spear fluctuating strongly in Ji Xuan's hand and stared at it. He said flatly, "Saint Spiritual Academy is indeed generous. They have given the Low Rank Divine Artifact to Ji Xuan."

"Hahaha, Ji Xuan has been performing well in the Academy. He has also contributed much, which is why he has been given the Spear of the Angel." Chief Tian Sheng of Saint Spiritual Academy smiled and said, "Although the Spear of the Angel is powerful, it is still not as powerful as Mu Chen's Great Meru Demonic Pillar. It seems like the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy has put in much effort as well."

He did not think that Mu Chen had earned the Great Meru Demonic Pillar but rather, that the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy had merely given it to him.

Chief Tai Cang sneered and could not be bothered to explain. He turned to look at the two competitors in the sky. The atmosphere was getting tense. They were at swords' points.

Everyone fixed their gazes on the sky, their eyes burning with anticipation. The two people before them were the most powerful among the younger generation in the Academies. Their fight would be a fight of champions. This would be the main attraction of the Spiritual Academy Competition.


Ji Xuan had a cold look about him as he exerted great force and grabbed the long spear. The moment he moved his body, he disappeared into thin air.


However, just as he was about to disappear, Mu Chen threw out a blow toward the empty space before him.

Boom! Boom!

Black lightning surged crazily, and a majestic spiritual energy gathered around it. It shot out with a roar like a ferocious dragon. It contained a terrifying power that was capable of injuring someone who had passed the Third Grade of the Spirit Disaster.

A sharp spear tore the space apart while holy lights surged. The force was overbearing and hot, creating a warp in the space. The spear shot across and its tip hit the lightning-engulfed fist.


The sound of crashing metal resounded.

A horrifying windstorm swirled out from where the fist and spear met. A visible fluctuation spread out.

Mu Chen stayed put and looked ahead. There was a space warp, but Ji Xuan was nowhere to be seen. He could only see the spear that seemed to have traveled through space.

"What is the point of probing now?"  

Mu Chen was expressionless. He threw out a powerful blow, and it shot past the horizon like a thunderbolt. It was indescribably fast and blasted off in the sky.

Boom! Boom!

A figure had been thrown out at the spot where the thunderbolt blasted and flew backward. After several steps, he then managed to find his balance. It was Ji Xuan, holding on to his spear and looking gloomy.   


Ji Xuan gave a cold look and snorted. He looked extremely grave and suddenly formed a seal with his hands. There was a space warp behind him, and a Sovereign Sea filled with holy lights exploded. The Sovereign Sea whizzed crazily and multiple rays of holy light gushed out.

"Holy Light Art, Legions of Angels!"

Following his shout, rays of holy light started to come together and form 1,000 holy light figures. Their faces could not be seen, but there were light wings flapping on their backs. Every holy light figure radiated a powerful spiritual energy fluctuation. The fluctuation was comparable to the experts in the Spirit Stage.

Many disciples surrounding the Golden Battle Stage were stunned. Ji Xuan was indeed powerful. He had cultivated such a mysterious Divine Technique. It was a miracle. He had shown how powerful that technique was compared to the Sovereign-level and Spirit Stage. It could not be displayed through other means other than real power. If Mu Chen did not open up the Sovereign Sea, he would not be able to fight against Ji Xuan.


Ji Xuan looked coldly at Mu Chen and shook his spear. The holy light figures whizzed out, formed a powerful array, and surrounded Mu Chen.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Angels of the Holy Light grabbed a hold of their Divine Light Spears and shot toward Mu Chen.

"Back off!"

Mu Chen's eyes were cold. He stomped his feet, and multiple scarlet lights shot out of the Sovereign Sea, blasting at the Angels of the Holy Light.

As there was about to be a collision, Ji Xuan curled his lips and gave an evil smile. He formed another seal and shouted, "Funeral of the Angel!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An earth-shattering explosion took place, and the Angels of the Holy Light exploded. A terrifying holy light windstorm covered up Mu Chen. The windstorm was about 1,000 feet high, and there were huge cracks on the Golden Battle Stage.

Many people turned pale seeing this powerful array. It was rare to see such a fierce fight in the Spiritual Academy Competition.

The holy light windstorm raged crazily. Everyone fixed their gaze on the windstorm and was afraid of being hit by it. They felt that Mu Chen should be at his wit's end.

The holy light windstorm gradually died down, but everyone was still staring at the spot where it had been. Suddenly, there were screams of shock and Ji Xuan, who was in the air, looked stunned as well.

After the windstorm had dissipated, Mu Chen remained standing in the air.

His shirt had been shredded, and there was thunder water flowing down his body. Nine lightning runes were glittering around his chest. Thunder emanated from his body continuously. Other than the shredded clothes, Mu Chen was not damaged. Ji Xuan's horrifying attack had not hurt him at all.

Some of the onlookers swallowed hard and said in shock, "What a powerful physique…"

Mu Chen stood shirtless in the sky. His skin was bright like silver. Although he did not look muscular and was a bit thin, he gave one the feeling that he would be unmovable, even if the heavens and the earth fell apart.

Mu Chen's eyes looked bright. Even the demonic force from his body was unable to suppress the force from the thunderbolt. He grasped his palms and looked at Ji Xuan, as though a divine being were looking at an ant.

"If this is only what you are capable of, let me do it." Although Mu Chen spoke lightly, his words were accompanied by thunder, and resounded in the heavens and the earth, causing a fluctuation.

Boom! Boom!

After Mu Chen had spoken, some of the onlookers sensed that the sky had darkened, so they lifted up their heads to look. Dark thunder clouds suddenly surged and covered a radius of 1,000 feet. The dark thunder clouds caused everyone to hold their breath.

A silver thunderbolt writhed around like a huge dragon in the thunder clouds. It emanated an oppressive power.


The thunder clouds writhed about and suddenly, an enormous lightning bolt pierced through the clouds and shot downward. The thunderbolt did not hit Ji Xuan, but instead blasted down hard on Mu Chen.


A majestic thunderbolt struck Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen absorbed it into his body.

Swish! Swish!

The black lightning water on Mu Chen's body started to solidify. In the blink of an eye, black, vicious-looking Lightning Armor appeared on his body. While Mu Chen had been covered by the armor, his body seemed to have grown many times. He had become a Lightning Giant.

The fluctuation in Mu Chen's body was increasingly terrifying.

"I can kill you with one blow."

A pair of bright eyes looked at Ji Xuan from under the Black Lightning Armor. Booming sounds resounded in the heavens and the earth. Mu Chen stepped forth and in the next instant, he appeared above Ji Xuan. He threw out a blow that consisted purely of ultimate power.

Thunderbolts danced crazily in the sky. The spiritual energy in the scarlet Sovereign Sea whizzed out and entered Mu Chen's arms.

The power of the Sovereign Sea and the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique gathered together and turned into a simple blow.


Just one blow, and the space broke out.

Ji Xuan's expression changed. Even the Chiefs of the Spiritual Academies, who were in the sky, looked extremely grave. This blow that Mu Chen had thrown had displayed the true power of a top Sovereign!

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