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The torrent of blood red light swept harshly into the world of golden light and divine light. The brutish Demonic Blood Beast appeared like a demon behind the golden light that the Golden Divine Phoenix had transformed into.

The sudden, unforeseen scene shocked the entire audience.

They could not fathom how this massive fellow barged in, as it did not belong to this battle stage...

"What... is he doing?" Some members of the audience stared with wide eyes and murmured in disbelief.


In the midst of the crowd's distraction, the Demonic Blood Beast roared ferociously, clenching its massive fists as blood red light spewed forth. A blow of the fist punched out like a crimson meteor at a speed as fast as a thunderbolt as it bombarded straight towards the Golden Divine Phoenix.

The blow was exceptionally brutal.


"Jerks! Two ganging up against one!"

"How could they bully a girl!"


While Xie Tianhe's intention was completely exposed, realization dawned on numerous disciples and immediately, curses of condemnation could be heard. Many were filled with indignation, disdain in their eyes.

No matter what the current rules were, it was a one versus one duel after all. The match was set on the basis of participants fighting with their real capabilities. Regardless whether they won or lost, they would win the respect of the people. However, Xie Tianhe's actions had tarnished the fairness of the fight when he adopted such an unorthodox and underhanded approach.

Furthermore, two grown men ganging up on a beautiful lady would fill anyone with indignation and disdain.

The people who were most outraged were naturally the girls from the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Their expressions were twisted with fury and although they did not lash out with overly harsh and crude words, outbursts of anger still rang clearly. This made the disciples from Saint Spiritual Academy look uneasy as they glanced at each other but they were afraid to refute, lest attracting the wrath of the masses.


Xie Tianhe's sudden attack came as an utter surprise to Wen Qingxuan, so when she sensed terrifying bursts of motion behind her, her expression twisted with shock.

However, Wen Qingxuan had a reputation comparable to Ji Xuan's, clearly not just because of her beauty but also due to her own strength and talent—something that even Ji Xuan would not underestimate.

Thus, even at this alarmingly dangerous moment, she was able to remain calm. Gritting her teeth, a golden wing of the Golden Divine Phoenix spread out towards the back as it transformed into a gold shield.


The huge blood red fist fiercely bombarded the gold shield. A terrible shockwave wrecked havoc, causing the space to become somewhat distorted.

Above the golden wings, the golden feathers shattered into golden spots of light.

Wen Qingxuan paled. Her defence was too hasty. Even if she could resist the brutal attack from Xie Tianhe, it would deal damage to her.


While Wen Qingxuan was distracted by countering the attack from Xie Tianhe, Ji Xuan stood in front of them, smiling nonchalantly. The shadow of the Divine Spirits, which had shown signs of dissipating, suddenly had a blinding glow again as the Divine Light converged above the shadow of a massive hand. A gigantic Divine Light Spear of about a thousand feet surfaced.

"Art of the Great Saint's Light, Descent of the Divine Spear!"

Ji Xuan pointed his fingers with a flourish. The Divine Spear held in the Shadow Palm of the Divine Light pierced down swiftly. In a flash, it appeared over the Golden Divine Phoenix, causing terrible waves of fluctuations, as if it could penetrate heaven and earth.

"Blood Demon's Seal!"

As Ji Xuan launched the offensive, Xie Tianhe smiled grimly while standing on the shoulders of the Demonic Blood Beast. His hands conjured a myriad of seals and as the seals flickered and transformed, the massive Demonic Blood Beast conjured the same seals.

Blood red light soared into the sky. Two seals, a large one and a small one both resembling blood, condensed and surged out, quickly merging in mid-air. It then immediately expanded into an abomination that was hundreds of feet in size. With a gush of bloody aura, it brutally suppressed Wen Qingxuan and the Golden Divine Phoenix as it swooped down towards them.

The attacks of the two were formidable enough to cause any master who had passed the Three Grades of the Spirit Disaster to tremble in fear. This degree of attack was considered to be comparable to that of the most powerful Sovereign!

A huge force of oppression enveloped them as Wen Qingxuan gripped the long spear tightly in her hand, but even in the face of this magnitude of danger, her beautiful eyes were still filled with pride without a tinge of fear—just like the elegant and proud Golden Divine Phoenix.

Wen Qingxuan struck the golden spear heavily on the ground as dazzling golden light poured out from within the Golden Divine Phoenix. These golden lights appeared highly viscous, like a golden liquid, solidifying at an alarmingly fast rate. In the blink of an eye, everyone saw a huge golden ball envelop the Golden Divine Phoenix.

The massive golden ball flashed with a dazzling luster, a perfect sphere without any blemish. Patterns of a golden phoenix taking flight were etched on its surface, and it was so sturdy that it seemed to be able to withstand the most powerful blows in the world.

"Golden Protection!"

When the golden ball condensed, Wen Qingxuan's soft but cold howl echoed in the sky.

Even though Wen Qingxuan compelled the power of the Golden Divine Phoenix's Soul Essence, she revealed her cards and could only trigger the most powerful defensive move while facing Ji Xuan and Xie Tianhe's joint attack.


The golden ball condensed into form and at the same time, the two startlingly powerful attacks from Ji Xuan and Xie Tianhe intensely followed. As many watched on anxiously, the blows fiercely bombarded the golden ball.


The moment the blows made impact, earth-shattering noises resounded. Golden shock waves wrecked havoc, causing the clouds in the sky to be violently torn to pieces.

Ji Xuan and Xie Tianhe hurtled into the air with the impact of the terrifying shock waves. The Divine Light's shadow shattered as it disintegrated. Even the Demonic Blood Beast suffered a wound, a gaping hole in its huge chest, as it roared in pain.

In this moment, all eyes were on the glimmering golden ball as it stood upright.


Alas, the calm before the storm only lasted for a moment. A crack began to spread out at an alarming rate on the surface of the golden ball, causing dramatic changes on everyone's faces.


In a short breath's time, the crack extended through the entire gold ball and as its withstanding power reached its limit, it exploded abruptly.

With the explosion, a mournful cry of the Phoenix echoed through the heavens, as the massive body of the Golden Divine Phoenix faded into the void. A slender figure flew out, clearly affected by the impact.


A mouthful of blood spewed out from the slender figure in mid-air, her beautiful face deathly pale. Either Ji Xuan or Xie Tianhe alone was enough to fight on par with her. Now that the two aces had suddenly joined forces, Wen Qingxuan was naturally no match for them.

"They are such b*stards!"

Upon witnessing this scene, numerous disciples began cursing up a storm again.

In the sky, the Chiefs of the Five Great Academies witnessed this situation but no one commented. However, the Chief of the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, Chief Tang Qiu's expression was particularly sullen but she did not say anything, either. The rules of this championship battle were no matter the means used, the last person standing would be the champion.

No one had expected Xie Tianhe to suddenly attack Wen Qingxuan. Now, it seemed that this fellow obviously knew he alone was unable to best Luo Li. Hence, his plan was to help Ji Xuan defeat Wen Qingxuan quickly, so they could form an alliance to defeat Luo Li.

In the sky, Xie Tianhe looked coldly at Wen Qingxuan, who had been grievously injured. He exchanged a glance with Ji Xuan and a chilling glint surfaced in their eyes. They were aware how strong Wen Qingxuan was, and now that they had caught the opportunity to act, they had to utterly incapacitate her to the point where she could no longer fight. They could not afford to give her time to counter attack.

Therefore, they ignored the cursing from the masses and attacked again. Two powerful and brutal blows of spiritual energy swept out in a barrage, aiming straight for Wen Qingxuan, whose spiritual energy was in turmoil due to the impact from before.

Seeing their actions, infuriated cursing from the audience intensified, ringing through the arena.

Wen Qingxuan was in mid-air and she was aware of the fierce offensive attacks of the two men. Despite wanting to defend herself, her spiritual energies were in utter turmoil, and she could not control and tap into her energy. She heaved a faint sigh and closed her eyes in despair.

Upon witnessing this, some of the more delicate girls from the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy teared up, their eyes red.


Just as the crowd sighed and lamented, suddenly a startling sword aura soared into the sky. Everyone lifted their gaze and saw that the vast sea of blood in the distance was torn apart violently by a massive beam of light from the sword.

The sea of blood subsided and a beautiful silhouette appeared swiftly in a flash of lightning and stood behind Wen Qingxuan. She stretched out her hand to support the latter's slender waist. The Luo Shen Sword in her hand suddenly swept out as the light of the sword raged, tearing apart the two fierce beams of spiritual energy.


This unforeseen circumstance once again came as a shock to countless disciples. Earth-shaking cheers echoed throughout the heavens and earth, as the girls of the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy stared in a daze at the beautiful girl in the sky supporting Wen Qingxuan. In the next moment, stars twinkled in their eyes as they screamed with ecstasy.

"Wow, it's the girl named Luo Li!"

"That was awesome!"

"She's so cool, I like her so much!"


As countless screams resounded from the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, they immediately made other male disciples around them almost faint as darkness flashed across their eyes, their faces resentful.

In the sky amid the excited screams, Luo Li loosened her grip around Wen Qingxuan's slender waist. Her beautiful face was cold as she gazed forward where Ji Xuan and Xie Tianhe stood. Her eyes filled with a chilling murderous intention.

"Are you alright?"

Luo Li turned her head to look at Wen Qingxuan, whose face was still pale.

"I'm okay. Let's do it together."

Wen Qingxuan gritted her teeth as she struggled to make a move. Alas, her spiritual energies were too turbulent and were somewhat out of her control as she staggered to her feet.

"You are hurt too badly. Take time to recuperate, I'll hold them back," Luo Li stated slowly.

"No, you can't!" Wen Qingxuan remarked hurriedly, as she was all too aware of how strong Ji Xuan and Xie Tianhe's alliance was.

Luo Li did not say anything further as she slowly stepped out, her hand gripping the Luo Shen Sword. Her usually serene and stunning face was now solemn and deadly. The sharp and powerful aura of the sword permeated the heavens and earth.

Wen Qingxuan looked at Luo Li but suddenly discovered the latter's long silver hair, which was as dazzling as the silver river in the galaxies, gradually turned to black.

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