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A massive beam of light emitted from the sword extending a thousand feet, tearing the space apart with a faint trace. The whole world seemed to be engulfed within the sword's swift and fierce aura.

The light from the sword had yet to land, but the incomparably sturdy, hard ground of gold had become riddled with holes.

After compelling the true form of the Luo Shen Sword, Luo Li's attack power had reached a terrifying stage. Even some of the elders from various Spiritual Academies, not to mention the other disciples, were startled by this formidable attack.

Xie Tianhe's expression twisted into one of aggravation. The sole of his foot sank half an inch into the ground and he was now overwhelmed by the sword's powerful aura.

He could not escape because the beam of light from the sword held him in place and the space around him was as if it had been sealed off by the sword's aura.

Luo Li clearly intended to deal a critical blow.

"With your ability, I don't believe you can truly compel the Luo Shen Sword!"

Xie Tianhe's expression twisted into something distorted. Although Luo Li could compel the true form of the Luo Shen Sword, it didn't mean that she could utilize the sword's full power. Otherwise, Xie Tianhe would have been obliterated by now.


Xie Tianhe took a step forward. His throat emitted rumbling growls like a beast, his arms flushed as blood rose up and his veins gradually turned red. Trails of blood seeped through his pores, transforming into two bloody, ferocious, demonic faces above his arms.

A strange and unnerving wave of aura radiated into the surroundings.

"Demonic Blood Arm, Demons Engulf the Sky!"

Xie Tianhe roared and a barrage of magnificent spiritual energy burst out as he clenched his fists and delivered a fierce punch.

Boom! Crash!

The air in front of him exploded section by section, and on Xie Tianhe's arms, countless crimson earthworms wriggled beneath his skin. With a blow of his fist, two bloody beams of red light burst out.

The two bloody beams quickly condensed into two monstrous mouths hundreds of feet in size that devoured the spiritual energies of heaven and earth as if they could devour all things.


The moment the two frightful demonic mouths condensed into existence, the beam of light from the sword cut them down without hesitation.


The light of the sword flashed by but no one saw it clearly. They could only see the spark of light, and then the mouths of the two terrible demons in the sky suddenly exploded. The vast golden battle stage beneath rumbled with tremors as a crack about a thousand feet long quickly spread.

Smoke and dust rose, shrouding the battle platform.

Numerous people cast glances towards the direction of the uproar. Luo Li hovered in the air. Although she had a tall and slender physique, she seemed dwarfed in comparison to the Luo Shen Sword held in her hand. However, this contrast depicted her with a different aura than usual; one that was piercingly cold and solemn.

She glanced coldly at the area enveloped in smoke and dust below. A light breeze blew it away, with many casting their gaze towards it.

On the battle platform, a ferocious crack spread and at the end of the crack where the stage was sunken, the figure of Xie Tianhe appeared.

At this moment, his upper garment was torn into shreds and his arms were crossed in front of him. A deep blade wound was embedded in his terrifying Demonic Blood Arms, spreading from fist to shoulder. The wound was so deep, the white of the bone could be seen. Blood ran down like a stream and where he stood, everything was stained red.

Xie Tianhe's expression was twisted in rage as he looked at the scars on his arms. The corners of his mouth twitched in annoyance. After utilizing the Demonic Blood Arms, his arms were comparable to Low Rank Divine Artifacts, or were even invincible but now, the deep blade mark almost cut his arms off.

Moreover, the terrifying thing was that the fierce aura of the sword was embedded in the scar. Its all-pervasive aura rendered the self-healing property of the Demonic Blood Arms ineffective...

The Luo Shen Sword was indeed intimidating.

Xie Tianhe gritted his teeth with dread and fear in his eyes. Luo Li's capability had surpassed his expectations and despite still having a card up his sleeve, it was unlikely that he would be able to best Luo Li.

It looked like it would be a daunting challenge for him to defeat her.

Something flashed in Xie Tianhe's eyes as he swept his gaze towards the other battle platform. Suddenly, his gaze turned ferocious and his hands began conjuring a myriad of seals at a speed as fast as lightning.


As Xie Tianhe's seals transformed, a violent roar burst forth from within his body.

The gush of blood red light spread across the atmosphere and converged into a gargantuan, bloody red beast behind Xie Tianhe. The beast stood with massive feet, and its body was covered entirely with bloody scales and ferocious blood red bone spikes extending out from behind its back. They were sharp, as if able to penetrate space, and its scarlet eyes were full of violence and savagery.

An ominous aura soared into the sky.

"Xie Tianhe actually triggered the Soul Essence of Demonic Blood Beast within him. It seems that Luo Li has forced him into a corner for him to resort to this..."

Many disciples exclaimed in shock upon witnessing the scene.

Luo Li glanced coldly at the massive Demonic Blood Beast, a killing intention intensifying in her gaze.

"Art of the Blood God, Sea that Entraps the Heavens!"

Xie Tianhe roared and blood spurted out of his mouth. Meanwhile, the Demonic Blood Beast also opened its massive jaws and blood gushed out like tumultuous sea waves.

Two streams of blood converged and surged with the wind. In the blink of an eye, they manifested into a sea of blood in the sky. The sea enveloped the world and Luo Li was in the center of the sea of blood.


The sea of blood raged in a mad frenzy and transformed into a huge blood red tornado that was about a thousand feet in size, binding and trapping Luo Li into it. The terrible force wreaked havoc in an attempt to annihilate Luo Li.

Boom! Boom!

The sea of blood continued to rage on, its turbulent movements shaking the heavens and earth.

However, just as everyone thought that Xie Tianhe was about to take the opportunity to launch a barrage of attacks, he suddenly leapt onto the Demonic Blood Beast, which retreated out of the great battle stage with large strides.

The clear cry of the Phoenix echoed in the heavens and earth as the golden Phoenix flapped its beautiful golden wings and glittered in the sun with a dazzling luster, drawing envious looks from countless disciples.

Wen Qingxuan stood poised atop the golden Phoenix and pointed the golden spear she held at Ji Xuan.

Ji Xuan was hovering upright in the air as he looked at the golden Phoenix under Wen Qingxuan. His eyes were somber but there was not much surprise in them, as he had expected this to happen.

"Haha, how fortunate of you, to be able to refine the Soul Essence of a Golden Divine Phoenix..."

Ji Xuan smiled faintly. It seemed that Wen Qingxuan had a formidable background, otherwise, it would be impossible to obtain the Soul Essence of the Golden Divine Phoenix, let alone successfully refine it.

"I could say the same to you," Wen Qingxuan lifted her gaze and remarked nonchalantly.

"It seems that you don't intend to summon your Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk?"

"Currently, I don't think it's necessary. I don't have to go that far." Ji Xuan smiled.

"Is that so?"

Wen Qingxuan's eyes turned cold, no longer polite. Her hands holding the golden war spear jerked abruptly. The golden Phoenix let out a long clear cry as it spread its wings, only to see countless golden feathers soaring into the sky, condensing into a large Golden Winged Spear that was a hundred feet long.


The Golden Winged Spear struck out at an astonishing speed and appeared above Ji Xuan's head in a flash.


The long spear in Ji Xuan's hand burst with dazzling light. The magnificent forces of spiritual energy were like a wave that swept through. He dealt a piercing blow with his spear as swift as lightning as the weapon clashed with the Golden Winged Spear.


The crisp sound of the collision between metal and gold rang in the air as shock waves wreaked havoc, flinging Ji Xuan's body into the air.

Despite hurtling into the air, a faint smile was still etched on Ji Xuan's face. However, his gaze gradually turned eerie. His hands suddenly cast a myriad of seals and spiritual energy fluctuations erupted out from his body.

"Art of the Great Saint's Light, Descent of Divine Spirits!"

When Ji Xuan's deep rumble permeated the heavens and earth, the dazzling divine light appeared and a massive shadow beam of divine light close to a thousand feet across was seen in the sky above Ji Xuan. The shadow of the divine light was akin to a direct blow of a palm headed towards Wen Qingxuan. The blow was immensely strong, seemingly having the boundless power to shatter the mountains and fill the sea.

It was apparent that Ji Xuan was starting to deal critical blows when facing a formidable opponent like Wen Qingxuan.


Wen Qingxuan looked at the shadow of the divine light, one that would instill fear and dread in others, but she merely snorted coldly. She did not retreat at all and with a light jerk of the golden spear, the golden Phoenix soared into the sky. Both Phoenix and lady, as if they had transformed into a dazzling golden beam, skyrocketed upwards with an indescribable speed, clashing head-on with the divine light.


Heaven and earth seemed to tremble violently. The pervasive divine light and gold light made the sky begin to show signs of distortion.

The spread of the spiritual energies caused shockwaves to emerge, shaking heaven and earth.


The shadow of the Divine Light and the Golden Phoenix were clashing violently, two terrifying forces attempting to devour the other. However, it was apparent the Golden Phoenix was gaining the upper hand, as the shadow of the Divine Light gradually faded under the erosion of the golden light.

Ji Xuan's face remained indifferent, although a callous and cold expression flitted across his gaze as he gave a small nod.

Amid the sea of divine light and gold light, a blood red aura suddenly came into the mix.

The expressions of countless people changed dramatically in shock, especially the girls from the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, as their beautiful faces twisted in anger.

At this moment, a beam of crimson blood light surfaced behind the golden Phoenix, a gargantuan Demonic Blood Beast stepped forward with an air of ferocity as its huge fist mercilessly swung down.

What was originally a duel between the two now had unforeseen circumstances!

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