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"Demonic Blood Arm…"

Luo Li looked coldly at Xie Tianhe. The blood rays on Xie Tianhe's arms were rising aggressively. His veins were squirming like dragons. His sharp nails were like blades and looked as though they could tear the earth apart.

Luo Li had heard of the Demonic Blood Arm. In the Blood God Clan, the Blood God's Arm was a Divine Artifact that could suppress the Clan. This Divine Artifact was above Middle Rank, and it could destroy the heavens and the earth. Its power was comparable to the Luo Shen Sword that could break any seal. In the past, her father had been seriously injured by the Chief of the Blood God Clan. His Sovereign Sea had been destroyed, and then he died.

The Demonic Blood Arm was an imitation of the Blood God's Arm that the Blood God Clan had come up with. Although it was an imitation, it was powerful and was comparable to the Lower Rank Divine Artifacts. 

A killing intent radiated from Luo Li's eyes.

"Hahaha, you seem to detest the Demonic Blood Arm." Xie Tianhe looked at Luo Li's cold face and said with a smile, "Is it because your father was killed by the Wu Clan with the Blood God's Arm?

"It might as well be. Your father was killed by the Blood God's Arm, and you will be defeated by the Demonic Blood Arm. It fits both of you well." Xie Tianhe licked his lips and smiled viciously.


Xie Tianhe looked vicious. He stomped his feet and the ground cracked. With lightning speed, he appeared before Luo Li and threw a blow at her.


As Xie Tianhe threw the blow, blood rays spread out. The air before him exploded, and there was a space warp. The blow was extremely powerful.

Luo Li's face turned cold, and she held on tightly to her sword. With one hand on the hilt and the other on the end of the sword, she held forth and used it to protect her body.


A Blood Fist hit the sword hard, and the sound of metal resounded. The ground under both of them cracked, and a visible blast swirled out.  


Luo Li dashed down and waved the sword. The blade was shimmering, and a Sword Lotus formed by the sword aura appeared. Luo Li pointed the tip of the sword at Xie Tianhe and shot toward him.

"Ha." In face of the sharp Sword Lotus, Xie Tianhe merely snorted at it. He threw a powerful blow and activated the Demonic Blood Arm. His arms were so tough, they were like Divine Artifacts. To fight him head on, even Mu Chen, who possessed the Hepta Rune Lightning Physique, might not even triumph over him.


The Blood Fist hit the Sword Lotus and the blood rays exploded.

The sword aura shot up and Xie Tianhe, who was under the protection of the majestic spiritual energy, dashed out. He attacked Luo Li with the wind blast of the fist.

Boom! Boom!

Bloody fist prints whizzed furiously across the horizon. Every fist print carried with it an aggressive spiritual energy fluctuation. Xie Tianhe's power had surpassed the Three Grades of the Spirit Disaster. On top of that, he had the help of the Demonic Blood Arm. His attack had caused top powers like Wu Ling to turn pale. Wu Ling knew that if Xie Tianhe had used this powerful blow on him, he would have lost.


As the bloody fist prints whizzed toward her, Luo Li constantly retreated. Sword aura shot forth and it was so sharp, it seemed to be able to slash the space apart.

Xie Tianhe seemed to have the upper hand. The Demonic Blood Arm had merged with his arms, whereas Luo Li's Luo Shen Sword acted upon the different layers of the seal.

The students of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy were looking on with anxiety. They were worried about Luo Li, because they had seen her being forced to move back continuously. After all, Xie Tianhe had displayed astonishing power.

Xie Tianhe's eyes had completely turned red. He looked extremely vicious. The Demonic Blood Arm was ferocious, and now that it had merged with Xie Tianhe's body, it had affected his personality. Once he activated the Demonic Blood Arm, he would become brutal and have the desire to kill. However, it did not bother Xie Tianhe. In fact, he enjoyed it.

"Hahaha, Luo Li, is this what you are capable of? It seems like there is no one else in the Luo Shen Clan. Why not join my Blood God Clan now? If you are captured by the Wu Clan in the future, you will have to fight them!"

Xie Tianhe roared out in laughter. His attacks became more and more aggressive. Under the attacks of the bloody fist prints, Luo Li seemed to be losing her footing.


Luo Li slashed her sword down and split a bloody fist print in two. She looked coldly at Xie Tianhe, who had turned violent. She curled her lips and was filled with killing intent. "Since you wish to see my actual strength, I will let you have a taste of it! I will fulfill a dead man's wish."

There was coldness in Luo Li's eyes. She speedily stretched out her slender finger and wiped the Luo Shen Sword.

Fresh blood started to spread out on the sword. After being tainted with blood, ancient obscure runes appeared on the sword.

The runes were like chains that bound the Luo Shen Sword. When the runes came into contact with the blood, they melted away.

As the runes melted away, a blue ray shot up into the sky. A horrifying sword aura covered the heavens and the earth.

Swish! Swish!

The bloody fist prints that had been attacking Luo Li broke up several feet away from her. The edges of the cracks became smooth like a mirror before turning into lights.

The expressions of the Chiefs of the Spiritual Academy changed as they watched from the sky. They could feel a powerful sword aura that frightened them as well.

The five Chiefs looked toward the source of the sword aura.

Xie Tianhe was stunned for a while. He stared at the spot where the blue ray had spread out and felt uneasy.

A horrifying sword aura covered the heavens and the earth, and then the blue ray finally dissipated. With the dissipation of the blue ray, everyone suddenly squinted their eyes.

Luo Li was standing in the air. A heavy blue sword that was about a foot long hung in the air. The blue sword was transparent and seemed to be made of ice. There seemed to be a blue ice bone within the sword. The ice bone was filled with vicious-looking bone spikes that were at the cutting edges of the sword's blade…

The heavy sword seemed to be as tall as Luo Li. It was wide, and as Luo Li stood before it, she looked tiny. The sword hung quietly before Luo Li. A terrifying sword aura that covered the heavens and the earth radiated from the sword.

This heavy and vicious-looking sword was the same slender and graceful looking sword that Luo Li was holding onto earlier. This was the Luo Shen Sword's true form.


Xie Tianhe looked gloomily at the heavy blue sword and was terrified. He gritted his teeth and said, "You have finally shown the true form of the Luo Shen Sword. Do you think you can control it with your strength?"

The sword was a nightmare for the Blood God Clan. For thousands of years, many Sovereigns had died under the sword.

However, although the Luo Shen Sword was extremely powerful, not many people could control it. Without its acknowledgement, even top Sovereigns would not be able to hold it.

Previously, Xie Tianhe was not afraid of Luo Li because he had thought she would not dare to display the Luo Shen Sword's true form.

However, what he had seen was far from what he had expected.

Luo Li looked coldly at Xie Tianhe, and then slowly stretched forth her slender hand. She held the icy blue sword.

Buzz! Buzz!

As Luo Li held the sword, it shook violently and let out a crisp sound.  

Luo Li remained calm as the Luo Shen Sword shook. She grabbed hold of the hilt tightly, and her palm was pricked by the sword aura radiating from the sword. Blood was flowing out from her palm.

As fresh blood flowed down, it covered the blue sword.

Luo Li felt as though her arm would be cut off by the sword aura. However, she remained calm and stubbornly held onto the hilt. She had no intention of letting go.

The sword continued to buzz for a while. When the blood had almost covered the entire sword, it stopped buzzing.

Because she had lost so much blood, Luo Li looked a little pale. She lifted up her head and looked flatly at Xie Tianhe, who looked ghastly.

"Now, I will let you experience how it is with the true Luo Shen Sword."

Upon saying this, Luo Li dashed out. In a split second, she appeared above Xie Tianhe. Holding onto the heavy blue sword, she slashed down hard on him.

The sky seemed to tear apart as Luo Li slashed the Luo Shen Sword down. A sword ray of about 1,000 feet tore the horizon apart with its destructive cutting edge. It was merciless.

Xie Tianhe's face instantly turned pale.

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