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"Xue Tianhe from the Blood Spiritual Academy hereby challenges the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy!"

"Ji Xuan from the Saint Spiritual Academy hereby challenges the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy!"

While Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe's voices were resounding in the vast golden battle stage, the space was immediately filled with uproars. Countless people were shocked. It seemed Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe had temporarily formed a coalition.

Ji Xuan vs. Wen Qingxuan

Xue Tianhe vs. Luo Li

These pairings thrilled countless people whose heart rates were even accelerated. The four of them were indeed the best of the best.

Only these types of confrontations could be considered ultimate fights.

"Come on, Senior Wen, defeat Ji Xuan!"

"Come on, Luo Li! All the students from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy support you!"

"Come on, you two beautiful girls! Students from the Nine Ridge Spiritual Academy also support you!"

"So do the students from the Spring Spiritual Academy!"


The space was filled with earth-shaking cheers. It was hard to deny that Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li overwhelmed Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe in popularity. After all, among all the spiritual academies present, except for the students from the Saint Spiritual Academy and a handful of people cheering for Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li almost got unilateral support from the rest of the students.

Apparently, compared to supporting Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe, supporting two beautiful girls made people feel much better.

Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe just smiled a bit. They were not surprised by Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li's popularity, which was much higher than theirs.

However, popularity was not a decisive factor in the battle for the championship.

In the sky, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan made eye contact and then both of them nodded. In the next moment, they appeared respectively in the golden battle stages where Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe were.

The two girls were standing gracefully on the battle stages. One girl was holding a golden war spear, and the other girl was holding a long sword. Their long hair was fluttering in the wind. This extremely beautiful scene choked up many people. The cheers, which were even louder now, were resounding again.

Being cheered by countless people, Luo Li aimed her cold and clear gaze at the figure in the blood red robe in front of her. She pointed obliquely at the Luo Shen Sword on the ground. A glint of murderous aura radiated from her always calm, pretty face.

"He he, it seems you really want to kill me." Xue Tianhe also sensed the murderous aura coming from Luo Li. He narrowed his eyes and smiled.

"Since you are in the mood to leave the Blood God Clan, it's not necessary to go back," Luo Li said in a low voice and stared at Xue Tianhe.

"No wonder you will be the future Empress of the Luo God Clan. Your bragging is really impressive…" Xue Tianhe smiled coldly and then he said, "Actually, I also have a similar plan. If I could capture you and take you back to the Blood God Clan, I'm afraid the Luo God Clan could only fall at the feet of our Blood God Clan."

Luo Li's glass-like eyes were still calm and as tranquil as a quiet pool. She looked at Xue Tianhe quietly and then closed her eyes slightly.


When she closed her eyes, the Luo Shen Sword in her hands started to emit an earth-shaking hum. Overwhelming sword aura radiated from the sword and was ubiquitous in the space.

Whiz! Whiz!

Many fresh cuts in different depths appeared on the adamant golden battle stage. These cuts were created by the sword aura roaming between heaven and earth.

Raising her jade-like hand slightly, Luo Li locked down Xue Tianhe in the distance with the tip of the Luo Shen Sword. It seemed the air in front of her couldn't withstand that fierce sword aura and twisted a bit.

Xue Tianhe fixed his eyes on the longsword in Luo Li's hand. He could sense the sting in his skin caused by the fierce sword aura, even though he was so far away from Luo Li.

As the prince of the Blood God Clan, Xue Tianhe naturally knew the strength of the Luo Shen Sword. This sword was the mighty weapon of the Luo God Clan. When it was swung by Luo Li's father, lives of countless Sovereigns of the Blood God Clan were reaped by it.

"This divine artifact is powerful. However, now you are still not strong enough to take full advantage of it, right?" Xue Tianhe smiled coldly.

Seeing his sneer, Luo Li did not reply. Her slightly closed eyes opened abruptly. A sword seal was formed by her jade-like hands. The next moment, she stabbed the Luo Shen Sword forward slightly.


It seemed her stabbing was feeble, but the power of her attack shocked many people. The fierce sword aura permeating the space condensed and was turned into a giant sword shadow, which was over 1,000 feet long when the Luo Shen Sword stabbed forward. Whiz! The next moment, the sword shadow had torn apart the space and appeared in front of Xue Tianhe.

On the ground, the sword shadow created a deep cut. The edge of the cut was as smooth as a mirror and was very intimidating.

Staring at the sword shadow rapidly flying towards him, Xue Tianhe's eyes were full of solemnity. No matter what he had said, Luo Li was still a formidable opponent.

This girl was chosen among all the youngsters of the Luo God Clan to play the leading role in the future. At that time, she would be the Supreme Empress of the Luo God Clan.

Xue Tianhe could look down upon Mu Chen, but he would never underestimate Luo Li.

"Blood Spiritual Wall!"

Stomping his feet, Xue Tianhe moved back immediately. Meanwhile, he rapidly formed spiritual seals with his hands and then he slapped his palm towards the ground.


Scarlet spiritual energy rose skyward like waves and was turned into a blood red light curtain in front of him that was over 10,000 feet long. The blood red spiritual energy was raging inside the light curtain.


When the blood red light curtain had just been formed, the fierce sword shadow arrived and then collided with the spiritual energy wall without hesitation.


A visible shockwave spread out. The air in the surrounding area exploded because of the compression and created billowing waves.

Standing in the air at a height of about a foot, Xue Tianhe stared at the magnificent spiritual energy wall. The next moment, his complexion changed abruptly.


Visible cracks were rapidly spreading on the magnificent spiritual energy wall. Bang! A sword shadow directly penetrated the spiritual energy wall and stuck Xue Tianhe, who had no time to dodge.


Xue Tianhe was directly blasted. His feet created a deep scratch over 300 feet long in the ground before he restored his balance. At this moment, he was folding his arms in front of his chest. His two arms were scarlet, like red hot irons. Violent but abnormal strength was radiating from his arms.


A deep sword cut emerged in his arms. Fresh blood was dripping on the ground.

Their fight happened in a flash. However, the formidable strength displayed in the fight had frozen everyone's blood. They realized that Luo Li's attack could even defeat an expert who had reached the level of the Third Grade of the Spirit Disaster.

Her attacking thrust could be so powerful!

The earth-shaking cheers resounding between heaven and earth quieted a bit. Many experts were shocked in their minds because all of them had sensed the fierceness of Luo Li's attack.

Among the four people on the battle stage, Luo Li was apparently the least famous one. After all, on Luo Li's team, Mu Chen was always on the front line. In the fight for the top eight, Luo Li won her fight easily. Therefore, many people didn't know her. She was extremely beautiful but always in a low profile. Actually her strength was… considerably formidable.

When Mu Chen was on the team, she was always quiet and calm, hiding her sharpness. Once Mu Chen was not on the team, she would become irresistible and as sharp as her Luo Shen Sword with the seals removed.

At this moment, Luo Li was displaying her sharpest cutting edge.

She was just like a scarlet flower blossoming proudly.

"The Luo Shen Sword indeed deserves its reputation…"

Looking at the bloody wounds on his arms, Xue Tianhe's face darkened horribly. He turned to Luo Li and smiled coldly, "However, in order to deal with you, I have also made preparations!"

After spitting out his words, he rubbed the sword cut slowly with his palm. His arms, which were already scarlet, turned dark red. Dim flames leapt up from his arms. Being scorched by the blood red flame, the sword cut closed up at an alarming rate.

After the emergence of those weird blood red flames, many blood red ancient runes appeared on Xue Tianhe's arms. Along with the emergence of these runes, his arms abruptly swelled up. Blue veins were creeping in his arms like dragons. Waves of formidable strength burst out from his arms.

Now Xue Tianhe's arms were not only stronger but also longer. His palm was just like the sharp claws of spiritual beasts, totally different from the arms of a human being.


Xue Tianhe laughed viciously and punched the ground with his fist. Then to everyone's surprise, his punch created a crack on the hard ground of the golden battle stage. The crack was moving directly towards Luo Li's feet with continuous explosions.

Luo Li narrowed her beautiful eyes slightly and stabbed the Luo Shen Sword directly into the ground. The sword aura burst out along the ground and intercepted the crack. The next moment, the golden rocks on the battle stage were crushed.

Luo Li raised her head slightly and looked at Xue Tianhe's weird, blood red arms. Raising her pretty brows slightly, she said evenly, "This should be the Demonic Blood Arm, a low rank divine artifact of the Blood God Clan, right?"

Xue Tianhe was quite capable. It seemed he had merged the Demonic Blood Arm into his arms, so that he could exert the full power of this divine artifact.

"The Luo Shen Sword is powerful. However, you can't fully use it now. So today…" The sneer on the corners of Xue Tianhe's mouth was becoming even more ferocious and cold.

"I will completely defeat you, the future Empress of the Luo God Clan, with this Demonic Blood Arm!"

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